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Cruz 101

Manchester's Gay Night Club - bringing you the biggest party, every night!

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Manchester's Gay Nightclub - Bringing you the biggest party, every night!
Open Wednesday - Sunday, Cruz 101 offers a range of Gay clubbing nights with music policies from Pop & Chart to Vocal & Commercial House offering only the very best DJs from the UK and beyond!

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Cruz 101
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Cody Carter
07:33 26 Apr 24
This is not a safe place. They allow notoriously vile people who do nothing but hurt the community into their establishments. They then allow them to get so drunk they make other people feel incredibly uncomfortable. This individual is also very well known for filing inside both men's and women's restrooms. I would not recommend. They put your safety and privacy at risk. What if somone who is not openly out was caught on film there and broadcasted to 400k people on social media? It's not a good look on the bar to allow this tiktoker. STEP UP!!
Oliver Webster
08:30 21 Apr 24
Every bouncer stepped up and offered 100% professionalism, kindness and humility when my epileptic mate passed out. They did not disregard my advice; they were gentle and respectful, and medically competent re epilepsy. I cannot fault them on patience and care. Their hour-long support was followed by the good work of the village angels. A mention to Paige and John who were darlings, but especially to Alison who really showed talent in her field, from listening with respect, to understanding of the needs of our friend. She was so patient and down to earth. Thank you sincerely for flawless work in unusual circumstances (for us at least) x
Jimber Zoilo
17:30 19 Feb 24
Unprofessional and extremely aggressive bouncer!I gotta vent about the absolute dumpster fire of an experience I had at Cruz. This guy needs to be shown the door himself because he's single-handedly ruining the vibe of this place.Not only was he unprofessional, but he was also downright aggressive. I get it, you're supposed to keep the peace, but there's a way to do it without acting like you're auditioning for a role in Fight Club.And let's not even get started on his attitude. This dude had the nerve to act like he was doing me a favor by letting me into the club. Newsflash, buddy: you're not the gatekeeper to heaven, you're just a glorified bouncer. And a bad one at that.Every other review I've read echoes my sentiments. It’s very clear It's not just me feeling the same way. Fire him or train him the right way.
Tracy cummins
15:42 01 Feb 24
Why do you not protect your Gay Community from people who lie on TikTok about being sexually assaulted and then admit on a live that they lied. Surely this person should be barred, as most other venues have done
sharon harman
13:02 02 Jan 24
Despite the high cost of entry and drinks prices the club itself is a great place to be after hours and to end the night. Door staff are always pleasant and helpful however when you get to the bar it’s a different story. Staff stand staring at you when it’s not busy not serving you or stood talking and laughing dirty looking you. Im a regular in the club however lately feel as though the bar staff have made me feel extremely unwelcome. They’re there to do a job however seem to think they’re above their position and glare at you. From now on I will be reconsidering where I spend my £12 entry fee and £10 per drink which is a shame as it’s always a good night here
Sam B
15:02 18 Dec 23
Such a great night there upstairs great for sing along tunes and then downstairs playing bangers.Was from away so didn't know the area and the lady bouncer was so helpful and friendly she made the night, definitely be coming back.
12:02 09 Dec 23
Bouncers are rude and inappropriate who think they’re the be all - disgusting narcissistic bullies. Club ain’t that great either.
person F
03:08 13 Oct 23
The time says closing at 5am. Came at 4am been refused saying that they closed where as they are actually still open. And this is not the first or the 3 times?? Is it because I am not White
Ajai Gonzales
10:49 10 Oct 23
Lovely venue and music but some bartender are very rude and horrible. For once the female security were outrageous and unprofessional. They ran into the bathroom ,mistakenly accused me and my friend for having something on us but couldn’t tell us what. Mind you there were 3 drag queens in the stall doing drugs which they knew about cctv(in the bathroom ). They searched and found nothing. Also didn’t apologise, continued clubbing and then while leaving tired to trip my friend up.
Rob Duffy
08:56 28 Jul 23
Great club nights in a large space - staff speedy at what they do and the prices are not bad. Good tunes and vibes!
Charlotte Baker
16:11 15 Jul 23
We’d planned on coming here for our works night out and the doorman was so rude. He said none of you lot are coming in here you’re not regulars or members.I’m sorry but it’s not a Freemasons club so why does he get to say we can’t come in. Then was told I had a bad attitude by this “man”. Spoiled my night shame really as have always enjoyed nights here previously.
chris rankin
04:05 05 May 23
Door staff shocking! I’m new to the area and got knocked back, they said not letting in! Went back 1/2 hour later for them to let village staff in (who were in my company) for them to knock me back saying I’m not a member!!(gay), I run a pub across the road and they said I’m not included- I thought all hospitality stuck together!! Not the case in this club!! Disappointment!
Paul Harris
14:10 29 Apr 23
Was an event happening in the main room so we had to go into a smaller room which was amazing but when the event finished we were moved to the main room, way too open and bright that i ended up leaving. Door staff weren't very nice. No smoking area had to go outside and across the road. Wouldn't go again!
Horny Lad
04:39 06 Mar 23
Door staff are very rude and disregard gender status. It was very offensive to see them openly laugh at a friend who recently felt comfortable enough to share their gender identity. Should probs regard the recent reviews if you’re a trans person wanting to attend because they are definitely not trans friendly
Marnie Ahmed
06:12 14 Feb 23
Had some issues with the cloakroom, we passed both our tags to the cloakroom attendant and he only came back with my friends stuff (which was a coat and scarf that he’d put through the sleeves), we think the attendant mistakenly picked one set of 2 items and thought that was the stuff from the 2 tags. My friend tried to explain this, and the attendant refused to check and called security and a manager over saying my friend has been aggressive. Initially they said that I couldn’t get my coat because I didn’t have the tag (even though the reason I didn’t have it was because we’d literally given it in to the attendant). But luckily I knew exactly what number it was, and begged security, explaining I wouldn’t be safe walking round the streets in my outfit (we’d just come from a LGBTQ+ rave) without a coat. Luckily they allowed me to have the coat back, but said my friend would need to go. I totally get mistakes happen, but there’s no need to pretend customers are being aggressive to cover your back. It definitely could have been resolved without escalating to a huge issue, the response was very heavy handed and disproportionate to what had actually happened.
Lily Garnett
19:11 29 Jan 23
Extremely Rude door staff!!! As returning loyal, customers of Cruz 101, my friends and I usually love a good night out there however this is one of many times the door staff have been arrogant and disrespectful. Asking strange questions, such as ‘have you been here before, I don’t recognise you’, ‘where were you before this’, their patronising tones and looks were enough for us. And have put us off returning, which is sad as we love it usually. We don’t know if this was a pre judgement from the staff, thinking we weren’t ‘gay’ looking enough for them or just wanted to be difficult and rude. For the amount of times we’ve paid way too much to get in here because we enjoy it, has been changed due to the older men that work at the door. If you get in, it’s your lucky day.
Fran Dc
04:54 11 Dec 22
Racist / Xenophon club!I went with a group of friends and the first thing I was asked is where I was coming from. I automatically assumed it was about the place I came from before that which I responded to. The bearded guy at the door looked at my friends, mostly black and Latino, and said it was actually not the place for us.. I was shocked.. When I asked very politely where we should have come from his answer was that he didn't need to respond to that and that we should have said the right thing... I'm still not clear what that is. I understand there is a vetto power but I would understand this should be based on a criteria and that wasn't explained to me. It felt completely arbitrarily and, weirdly, everyone who was foreigner seemed to be rejected at the door...many people got the same feeling so maybe management should look at that...
Charles Joseph
16:58 29 Nov 22
Door staff very unprofessional. Never seen a door staff that physically swear and raise middle fingers at customers aggressively, this has happened on a few occasions, a tall big door staff there. Don't think cctv's work there or maybe they manipulate it, as the door staff is always confident when insulting customers. Don't think this venue welcomes all people. And we are suppose to be promoting equality and accepting everyone in the society, I wish people would practice what they preach. That door staff is not fit for purpose, door staffs should have an excellent customer service. Documentary someday would proof otherwise
Kolin Richmond Hughes
08:19 05 Nov 22
Love love love Cruz 101 lovely John and Graham at the door.. awesome light show great sound and always beautifully clean. fantastic place to dance ya bona lallies away and as Kylie once sang "your Disco needs you" and its good to know Cruz 101 is there for all the LGBTQ community
almalba almalba
11:50 30 Oct 22
I do not recommend this club at all. My first night out in manchester ever with my friends that live here and after queuing for so long the bouncers didn’t want to let us in because they didn’t like our halloween costumes and bc he doesn’t recognize our faces. After trying to convince him he said he will beat us up and carry us out.
Vampiro Yoshi
04:18 15 Oct 22
(My review pertains exclusively to Cruz 101 as a venue for Drag Race viewing parties, it's decent for regular drag shows)Terrible acoustics so you can't even hear the episode, no subtitles which makes that issue even worse, the beam in the middle of the stage blocks some of the screen, and the screen itself has a pretty low resolution and a weird aspect ratio so is stretched unnaturally.The pre Drag Race performances were fun and worth the £6 alone, but I'd choose somewhere else for my next viewing party cause it made me leave 5 mins into the episode and watch it at home instead.
Lucy Smith
02:21 07 Oct 22
Would rate it 0 if I could. Me and my friends always come to gay village and have a great night out. Been to many other bars before coming here- was recommended it by someone we met. Bouncer was obnoxious, rude and asked us where we went previous to this (don’t know why this really mattered) then told us we weren’t ‘gay enough for here’. What does that even mean??? Won’t ever even try here again absolutely awful. Time the bouncer gets a proper job
Aviv Sela
06:25 30 Sep 22
Bouncers are really rude and on a power trip. They are Asking loads of weird questions to decide if they will let you in.
luca Dedici
19:03 13 Aug 22
Door staff are unprofessional! Stopping me from going back inside the club! Claiming that I was there last week ? When I last went there was very long ago definitely mistaken identity but still he was beyond rude just making stuff up at the door he also did it another time when I was with a girl choosing who he wants to let him from his own judgement! And that's way off extremely rude!
Laura Smith
02:44 22 Jul 22
Bouncers are really rude and on a power trip. Asking loads of weird questions to decide if they will let you in. Very arrogant. Ended up walking away.
Francisco Filizzola
02:09 26 Jun 22
Absolutely rude staff . I was queuing to go inside and I offered my friend to take my spot and the security staff ( bald man ) just touch me and agressively hold me and push me away l. What a disrespect .
Katie Collingwood
02:07 05 Jun 22
Came from Mansfield with 3 girls, went to watch Divas drag show and was told to go to Cruz.. Some short little bouncer obviously had small man syndrome told me "your not coming in like that" like what... I was dressed sophisticated... Because I had a badge on that said happy birthday! If there's rules fair enough but his attitude was shocking.
Peter Broomfield
21:06 21 May 22
Booked 2 tickets for a themed pet shop boys night after the concert.Music was brilliant, bar staff very friendly management and djs pulled out all the stops to give me and my wife one of the best nights we have had in a long while.We danced all night in a safe friendly environment where everybody made us feel welcome.We will Definately be going back great effort guys you made our night special.
Janice Broomfield
20:40 21 May 22
When I read that there was a Pet shop Boys night on at Cruz after the concert I was worried as there were some bad reviews and having not been before but I bought 2 tickets and had the best night ever !! The doorman was friendly & helpful as were all the bar staff and everyone made us feel welcome. No issue with the toilets or anything else. Would certainly go again. Thanks for a great night
06:37 28 Apr 22
Went for a Drag show and it was amazing. Super intimate show wise, a few obnoxious people in the crowd but what can you do. Lovely drinks however relatively expensive.
01:10 17 Apr 22
Rundown,dated and overpriced?. The bouncers and the bar staff are simply vile❗️The club is filthy and the toilets stink and are usually overflowing with urine, I paid a lot of money to get in and was treated like scum🤬The club is huge so unless you go at the weekends you’ll feel like you’re in a grotty football stadium on your own. Manchester deserves better than this nightmare of a club. I’d give it no stars if I could
21:36 15 Mar 22
Idk about you lot, but I had a great nightI love this club
Keiran Samuels
00:11 20 Jan 22
Good, but the DJs don’t play enough R&B music. The energy’s always great when those kind of songs come on. If people wanted pop music, they’d go to bar-pop or GAY.
Reece Y
11:47 30 Nov 21
Fantastic night in what can only be described as the best gay venue in the village. Wouldn’t even bother going anywhere else. Staff are very friendly and always make you feel welcome.
Dan C
23:41 25 Nov 21
Very nice service at the entrance, especially security.I had some nice nights here, bar service ok. Toilets ok, quite big mirrors but I like that. You can get a hand stamp and always go out and come back again without paying again.
Jason Darby
04:51 14 Nov 21
Went with 2 friends but knew some people who’d come from another club. We were called liars for saying we were not with them, then the bouncer said he’d “spark me clean out” repeatedly and another threw hot tea at me. NEVER GO HERE.
Ellyse Carline
16:39 07 Nov 21
Door staff were very unprofessional and rude, was turned down at the door and told to move out of the queue with no explanation. Will not be returning again, used to love this club too.
Lucinda Siu
02:59 04 Oct 21
So, my first time going to a club. Thinking it would be fun with my friends and got rejected at the door because I asked how can we get in. 🤷🏻‍♀️Not even bothered to help out or anything, told us to go away. Arrogant people 🙄
Jamie Goodliffe
17:29 30 Aug 21
Perhaps the most expensive entry to a club I’ve seen at £20. Two rooms, very long wait at the bar (45 mins), very hot downstairs.Good selection of music early on upstairs but wasn’t a fan when it turned to cheese at about 3:30am.
Marvin L.
17:15 13 May 17
Haha it's pretty obvious yelp isn't big in Manchester, sadly. This place is pretty dead for an 8£ cover on a Saturday night. No shit. 3*s for staying...
Alfie B.
06:58 21 Jan 10
Should you cruise on down to Cruz 101? Or should it be condemned to room 101? Answer: If you're gay, its great. If you're straight, its great! Cruz 101...
Haaay East Bay l.
02:25 14 Jan 09
I would say that Cruz 101 is only the third-trashiest gay club in Manchester. I think the first most has the word "Granny" in it, and the second-most has...

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