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Huge parties - Massive performances - ARIA house DJ's - Friendly staff and an atmosphere like no other.



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The Emo Kitty
04:02 21 Apr 24
loved going to cube, just curious where the fun dude from the bar went? really disappointed haven't seen him there, would always go to him to get my drinks. dude would dance along to whatever music was playing always picking up the empty cups making sure the place was clean and tidy. honestly the life of the party in my opinion.. just not the same.
18:53 17 Feb 24
Security guy with heabs wrinkles on face is an absolutely miserable person, he hate ppl.what’s the point ppl go to night clubs to have drinks and release their stress, but this guy kicks out ppl , if he doesn’t like them, and kicks out like an object not as human, I felt extremely disrespectful the way he kicked me out with multiple pushes…o was literally full of tears that why I’m going to places where they treat me like animal…I rang 13144 , explained them all and they gonna inquire it……if you face similar must report it…..let’s make Canberra a place to go out for human not being treated like animal 😊
Zoe Swan
14:36 19 Jan 24
we love this place. vibes, music, the price of drinks, the staff, me and my mates have become quite comfortable coming here. but please please for the love of god fix your ventilation/air conditioning systems. my friends and i have not been able to spend more than half an hour here at a time over the last few months because it is unbearable. do what moose does and blast the air con more than you think is necessary because it’s better for it to be cold than stinking hot. 🫶🏻
15:00 09 Jan 24
Came here for NYS and it was horrible, my partner went to order drinks at the bar was belittled and ignored for 3 Cruisers that were twist off?!?! The place is just shady all over, drinks were made without proper measurements making standard drinks even more stronger which is dangerous for patrons and we were told not to vape or smoke until the RSA marshal had left. Bar staff removed their shirts making it easier for sweat to drip down onto bar equipment and drinks. A girl we met was later roofied but the venue showed no signs of concern or even an attempt to call an ambulance. If you value a good night out stay clear of this place.
amber pehar
11:27 29 Dec 23
going here was actually traumatizing. i politely asked a staff member to refer to me by my correct pronouns (fae / faeself. it's not that hard), and they (don't want to assume their gender) thought i was a cishet woman who was making fun of them and asked me to leave. the vibe here is fatphobic too, like the energy was way off... not slay
13:12 09 Dec 23
Being told my requested song was too gay for all the straight women in the venue made me leave the establishment instantly. This is meant to be a safe place for gays not for straight girls on a hen night. I can see why this place has such made reviews.
Anish Bhattacharyya
15:59 26 Oct 23
Horrible club , even worse are the bouncers . No respect , can’t speak politely. They abuse , they belittle you into believing the fact that you are no one. When they can’t handle , they call the police for absolutely no reason. Worst club in canberra. Worst bouncers. Homophobic staff. If you ever go clubbing in canberra, this is the worst
Praveen Chandran
13:11 21 Oct 23
Not at all LGBTQ friendly(especiallythe securities).... can't believe these kind of clubs even exist in Australia. So disappointing for Canberra being the capital of Australia where these sort of people live here.
rop kamuren
07:18 30 Sep 23
So disappointed. The worst part is the security just let two guys assault me and threaten to stab me right next them at the entrance. I had to call 000 for cops to walk me to the cab rank. I’ll definitely be filing an official complaint and hoping to get the CCTV footage of the incident for further follow up.
00:38 30 Jul 23
Great service every single time, a safe atmosphere for queer people and cishets alike, space to dance, great drinks, and amazing performances on nights with shows
anti woke
08:14 30 Jun 23
It’s LGBT friendly but too many people that use electric vapes and didn’t seem to have ventilation of fresh air. I will not ever go back there again. But I give them credit for music and the music was not way too loud. lots of creepy guys but they keep there hands in there pockets. 👍
Muhammad ali
19:44 24 Jun 23
Definitely the best place to hangout , good vibes no judgement, staff is super easy going 5 star for staff and people and service
Romeo Emile
16:28 16 Jun 23
Expensive drinks, rude staffs and unfriendly atmosphere. Very unwelcoming for visitors!
Daniel Harcourt
05:25 30 Apr 23
I went alone to Cube as my ancient friends said no. I got to meet the delightful manager and his partner. The beat was mostly perfect for a good dance. As well as reasonably priced drinks free entry. A great crowd. Well done Cube.
Chad Collier
01:34 23 Apr 23
To pay money to go here is a waste, if I could give 0 stars I would... Customer service is not their strong suit especially with the bouncers that blatantly don't care about the LGBTQI community, causing problems that could have had a simple outcome. I was manhandled out for having a drink on the dance floor and when I asked the doormen for my jumper they told me I needed to email the venue to get it another time when I simply could have just had it in 30 seconds now I have to email the venue to receive my jumper.. absolutely pathetic venue that don't know how to do business unless it's shady
james robertson
09:48 31 Mar 23
best bar house night club for forever! 84 billion worth of nightclub the golden nightclub as it is known playing the dark tunes known as chitty chitty bang bang albany park see how dark it gets
Miss MM
21:40 14 Mar 23
Aggressive doormen with no critical thinking skills that don't know their legislation. Turning away 40-50 year olds without physical ID and not accepting photographs of ID by saying it's "law".Clean your act up Cube.We took our money elsewhere and funnily enough had no issue accessing other venues with no need to show ID because we clearly are over 18 and it's not in the licencing legislation.However, if you have an organisational policy stating that everyone must show a physical ID, kindly put a sign up showing this policy at your door and add it to your website. Be transparent about your policy if it indeed exists.
kusum bidari
07:25 26 Feb 23
This actually turned out best in the area, Good music, good vibes, drinks special until midnight and the best lights among all the clubs
Gavin Wicks
19:28 08 Sep 22
It was a standard good clubGood musicPolite staff
choya Ang
02:40 27 Aug 22
very good place for night out. friendly staff. nice music with lots of cool people around. yes i definitely gonna recommend cube as the best place for night out.
Nathan Mclauchlan
15:27 13 Aug 22
Avoid, visiting on a whim, was immediately verbally assaulted by staff while paying cover. Clear staffing issues.
R Truman
16:44 26 Jul 22
To call this a gay club would be a blatant insult on the queer community. If you're queer, don't go here. It's not safe. Everybody that goes here, works here and is security here couldn't be more damaging. Canberra needs a better and more represented queer venue and this is not it. I've been away for ten years and came back for a curiosity visit. It was bad for a "gay" club ten years ago and today it is nothing more than another unsafe trashy bar. In conclusion, cube is not a queer friendly space. AVOID
Cole Stockman
01:54 15 Jul 22
Generally OK place, but at closing time the staff were extremely aggressive verbally to all of the patrons - constantly yelling at everyone to “GET THE F&$@ OUT!” as soon as the house lights came on - I have never seen this sort of poor behaviour from the staff of any venue I have ever been. Remember that we, the public, are your customers and pay your bills. I won’t return
Jess Smith
23:17 13 Jun 22
Blatant display of biphobia - during Pride Month as well! 10/10 would not recommend!
Craig Gasperski
15:06 25 Apr 22
new owners are pathetic dont waste your time
Riley Mc
05:12 20 Apr 22
good club best vibes 💯However, am not a fan of the warm water from the water tap. please get cold water would make me buy more drinks too, more sales for you.idk if your hot water is a scheme to get us to leave earlier, so you can close earlier but you guys would make more drink sales and have better dancers on the floor if you served cold water so sounds like a win to get cold water
Qumber Ali
10:49 18 Feb 22
For me its the second best club after Mooseheads Canberra
10:37 07 Feb 22
probably the rapiest nightclub in canberra
Dakota Niakay
17:16 31 Dec 21
Generally a nice place. Although I understand masks can be tricky and that people can be a challenge, I am not a fan of how some staff yell at customers for pulling masks down at the bar but also get angry at us because they can't hear us. Do you want us to wear a mask or not? I asked for a drink twice before pulling my mask down to ask a 3rd time only to have a "no mask no service" sign shoved in my face. And while I understand the rule and do my best to comply it is not fair for staff to treat customers badly because they can't hear us.
Fletcher Bean
04:43 20 Jun 21
If you want pure club music, this is the joint to visit. Just an overall decent club to visit for a night out.
Live Happy with Lina
13:34 23 Apr 21
What’s his name? The staff with glasses and asked me to help with reaching an empty beer when his hands are full of glasses? He is handsome!
Brad Zubek
16:04 07 Mar 21
Really bad music. No actual songs and doof doof. Try more pop.
Arjun Gupta
10:00 11 Feb 21
Perfect gay club
Brad Donda
00:38 28 Aug 20
There's not even a cube in here?
Rebecca H
21:22 28 Jan 20
Not just for the young but the older persons as well. Drinks are extemely affordable and the staff are super friendly attending to any needs you may have. I highly recommend them for a fabulous night out.
Praveen A
23:38 17 Aug 19
Awesome place for a night, arty interiors, you guys have one of the best sound systems and the lighting to dance with. 🤓🙏 and ample seating to rest.

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