DJ Station

DJ Station

Bangkok’s biggest gay nightclub

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Bangkok’s biggest and most popular gay club with three dance floors open every weeknight - and packed to the doors at weekends.

A highly popular and professional drag show usually kicks off proceedings at 11.30pm after which the dance floors get busy. Mainly international music the entrance fee of 300 Thai Bhat includes two drinks.



DJ Station
Based on 727 reviews
Goh Jinting
06:01 02 Apr 24
Visited bkk twice and I came here on BOTH visits on ALL my nights here!!! 😆 You can say I am obsessed… Absolutely love the vibes! Always there for the kpop section 😄👌🏻💯
Zoltán B.
15:27 28 Feb 24
DJ Station in Bangkok is an absolute gem for anyone looking to experience the vibrant nightlife of the city. From the moment you step inside, you’re greeted with pulsating beats, energetic crowds, and an electric atmosphere that’s simply infectious. The venue boasts top-notch DJs spinning a diverse range of music, ensuring there’s something for everyone to groove to. The staff are friendly and attentive, making sure your night is nothing short of spectacular. With its fantastic sound system and dazzling light displays, DJ Station offers an unforgettable clubbing experience that keeps you coming back for more. If you’re in Bangkok and craving a night of dancing and fun, DJ Station is the place to be!
Srey Lim
12:46 14 Jan 24
Super cute spot. Perfect place if you’re in the mood to dance. I love the concept of different “bars” that play different music. It can be crowded but you’re able to go upstairs to take a break from the crowd.
Ronald Tecson
11:49 12 Jan 24
First time going there and I went by myself and I had so much fun! I had 5 drinks, definitely would go back to dance and drink
Wins Lam
06:52 12 Jan 24
It was a fun Thursday night. We got there around 10pm and paid 300b which includes 2 drinks. It was quite quiet at that time. By midnight admission is $500b and the place is mostly packed on the ground floor. Shows are good and we had a blast!
Lubov Cholakova
11:42 04 Jan 24
I was there twice and it was amazing both times. The staff is super nice and polite and I've enjoyed every minute of it! Thank you for making my holiday season unforgettable.
04:55 26 Dec 23
Rude staff and hostile customers. Overcrowded, people pushing you over to walk by, unfriendly patrons, I was physically pushed out of my chair, if I wasn’t cool headed about the situation I would have smashed a bottle right over his head. Rude staff, I will never come back here and recommend no one to ever come to this place.
new gen
10:14 19 Dec 23
It’s a fun concept having multiple bars and dance floors in an alley. The show is okay and then there are other dance performances in other places. The drinks aren’t that great or strong, so may be stick to beers. I think GOD or G Bangkok is more fun
Bimo Satryo Wibowo
13:51 14 Nov 23
If you're on the lookout for an unforgettable night out in Bangkok, DJ Station is the place to be. This iconic nightclub offers an experience that seamlessly blends energetic vibes, fantastic music, and a diverse crowd that knows how to have a good time. The music spans various genres, catering to different tastes and ensuring there's something for everyone. It's the perfect destination for those seeking an electrifying night out in Bangkok. With its vibrant atmosphere, diverse music selection, and friendly crowd, DJ Station stands as a testament to why it's one of the city's premier nightlife destinations.
Ben Handley
08:42 20 Sep 23
First time to DJ Station.Was a lot of fun.I didn't really understand why everyone was carrying those massive drinks round. I felt uneducated, and in hindsight should have bought one.Had a great time. Would come back again for sure. 👍👍👍
Diễm My Trần
09:24 10 Sep 23
A must when you come to Bangkok. This place is like the biggest gay club in the city where you can enjoy all types of music genres. We had the most fun here. The tickets were only 300 baht/ person, and the people were super nice. 10/10 experience!
Andreas Ropertz
14:21 16 Jul 23
Wonderful venue to get entertained and in touch with locals and also tourists. Nice choreographed shows
Trần Minh Tú
14:20 10 Jul 23
Cool vibes during the weekend. Don’t expect 5 star space. Just come and enjoy. Mostly it depends on who u going with.Ticket are 400Baht for 2 drinks included. Go to the first bar on the left and ask for a jug. Its hugeeee.Not suitable for people who are claustrophobic .
13:42 27 Jun 23
Fun bar in BKK. I went on a Saturdays at 10.30pm. Was getting busy and by the time the drag show started it was packed. Several different bars which makes it interesting. Two floors too. The k-pop room wss very cute. And the two drinks vouchers on entry help too. Barman noticed i was new and served me immediately. Everyone else was helpful. Only gripe is that it was so overcrowded in the main alleyway that it took maybe 4 minutes to walk through what is like 50m
Roshan parmar
11:00 10 Jun 23
Big place. Some parts are air conditioned some are not. Lots of gays including locals and westerners. Drinks are cheap. 400 baht to enter comes with 2 drinks. Drag shows in the main room, karaoke in another. Bit of a free for all can get crowded. But, for basic gays here is a good place to start.
Tugsan Tezil
19:50 24 Apr 23
Enjoy a local thai dance club! This place is amazing! Several pubs with different music genres have a common open space in the middle. Very kind people all over. Best in Bangkok.
Frans Kok
17:47 16 Apr 23
Lucky escape from this fire hazard! Sunday night a fire started at DJ station and was handled professionally by their staff. They had a lucky break that this happened on a quite Sunday night and not the nights before where it was packed. It did make me realise there is no crowd control and only one narrow exit through the alley.
Olliver von Salzen (オリバー)
19:15 03 Apr 23
And what we know as standup comedian in Europe, is here so to speak standup dance, anyone who wants can join, no matter man, woman, old or young, fat or thin just great, that's what I call tolerance 👍👍👍The place to be to have fun, Fay or not!
Robert Smith
15:12 24 Mar 23
This is the most popular gay club in bangkok. Unlike other parts of Asia where clubs are only opened or crowded on weekends, this club is always filled with people from all over the world for a good party. There are a few rooms with different music, top 40s, house and even one that plays thai music. Prepare to show ID to enter, a copy of your id from phone is accepted too. Entry price comes with 2 drinks and there is drag performance. Guys here are mainly Asians with some white guys but people are generally friendly. Safety is a concern as there doesn’t seem to be a backdoor so if in emergency, everyone will can only escape from the entrance.
Wael Mashini
15:42 24 Nov 22
Came here for a night out with my boyfriend and had a great time. It can get very crowded on the weekend and hard to move around. Despite the amount of people here we managed to have a lot of fun. Watching the incredible K-pop fans dancing was one of the highlights! Really fun experience in Bangkok!
Atkins Ten Cate
09:04 22 Nov 22
Big place. Some parts are air conditioned some are not. Lots of gays including locals and westerners. Drinks are cheap. 400 baht to enter comes with 2 drinks. Drag shows in the main room, karaoke in another. Bit of a free for all can get crowded. But, for basic gays here is a good place to start.
Ben Liu
02:21 15 Nov 22
Exciting retro and K pop music during the weekends. B400 for 2 drinks. Usually get crowded before midnight and ends at 2am.
Pia Suwannalert
12:14 06 Nov 22
The best gay bar in BKK (Silom area). You are required to pay for a 400 baht entry fee (can be redeemed for 2 drinks ). A minimum spending of 1,000 baht can be paid by credit card. The place is a bit wild, still you need to experience once you are in BKK.
Edward Kwan
04:32 06 Nov 22
Always had a legendary great time when I go. There's many different spots to hang out and I prefer to hit the second floor, above the main dance floor which is usually way too packed to even dance.They do have issues with credit card/NFC payments so bring loads of cash if you want to keep the tap flowing.
Ahmad Faizal
12:25 26 Oct 22
Nice place to go but a bit dissapointed with the Drag Queen Show which is a bit too short probably due to limited budget. Had so much fun watching people here. Music is okay, don’t expect much. If you are white, can easily find someone to hookup with for the night. Beware of pickpocket.
Eduardo RC
01:56 17 Sep 22
Something you have to experience at least once, I have been a few times, heaps of fun, 400 baht entry includes 2 drinks, pretty reasonable when you think about it, bring cash as most places in Thailand prefer cash instead of credit cards.
Asisten Liburan Travel Consultant
12:12 08 Sep 22
Famous club in Patpong, mostly for Gay community. If you open bottle you get free of charge for 4 people.They have seperate dance floor and one of them used by many K-Pop lovers who like to dance and show off their skill.And they have Drag Queen show for few minutes too.But I hate the uncomfortable seats.
#hashtag Travel ideas for everyone
16:04 29 Jul 22
Well that club was a waste of time. They wanted 400 baht which is $12 it’s buys to drinks but they don’t take credit cards. Has to be 2000 baht $60 for that lol. No thanks I’ve been to bangkok 8 times and they still in big places don’t want credit cards so there’s no trace on money.
Benzji bou
09:52 04 Jun 22
Fun gay bar in Bangkok should try
A New American Life ຊີວິດແບບອະເມຣິກາໃຫມ່
02:21 24 May 22
My friend got picked pocket and his iphone was stolen on the dance floor. Other than this, everything else is good. Fridays and Saturdays are very crowded, couldn't even walk in the alleyway. I would recommend going there on weekdays, like a Thursday and Sunday where is it less people and you would enjoy it more. Entrance was 300 Baht, includes two drinks. Not bad.
Cemre C
16:54 04 Mar 22
Fully reopened and packed on Friday night! 300 THB after 10.30pm including 2 cocktails
Ady Nugraha
16:57 17 Feb 22
Thursday dj was so off. Never come on weekday 🥵
Jan Stowisek
12:09 15 Jan 22
Always fun to visit in Bangkok. Relaxed atmosphere with a good mix of locals and tourists.
09:56 13 Jan 22
Last time great party
11:02 26 Dec 20
Great club, cheap drinks, i had so much fun there.
Tam Terence
03:19 15 Mar 20
Trust me. The juice is awful in thereAnd they don't have mocktail
08:24 23 Feb 20
We really loved the location. Many people though, but in a very positive mood! Would recommend to every gay (and friends) to try out. Considering quality of drinks, 400 bath entrance fee, incl. 2 drinks, is really ok!For whatever reason, the club closes Saturday evening out of a sudden at 2am. Expected Bangkok nights to last longer!!Still highly recommend it.Haven’t found out yet if there is a (similar) location where you could dance all night long.
Keith PSB
08:05 15 Jan 20
DJ Station is a very fun, multi-level club with lounges, karaoke bar, and two dance areas with mostly Top40 and Pop. Very courteous staff. Filled nightly with very friendly and sexy locals and foreigners alike. I always meet fun, descent people. Over 90% gay (and every straight person I've seen there always has a blast). Recently renovated. Cover charge varies, usually 300-400 Baht, and includes 2 drinks. Most drinks run 150 Baht. Respectable and entertaining drag show nightly from 11-11:30. Closes at 2am with easy transportation and food options awaiting outside. Safe coat check. Free cell phone charging on 3rd floor. Highly recommend for T-dance enthusiasts. At closing, take a short walk to G. for house music.
Surakit Danusathienpong
17:12 04 Jan 20
EDM gay club on Silom. Cabaret show start at 11pm every nights. More crowded on Fri and Sat after midnight and will close around 2am. Entrance fee is 400THB on Fri and Sat. And 300THB on Sun to Thu. (pay at front of alley) to get 2 drinks. Just renovate all bars at end of 2019.
Salvador Cornelio Marí
02:48 23 Oct 19
Quite boring, and the new dance floor design is definitely not good for dancing. Also it has became too expensive. I would say the club in front of it is better now.
Louis L
17:36 15 Apr 19
Great club for the weekends. They have WiFi on the 3rd floor and air conditioning is good unless it’s super crowded. Usually midnight is the busiest time, but if you hang out a little longer, the crowd becomes more tolerable. Entrance fee is 400 baht which includes 2 drinks.
Thean Beckerling
07:53 27 Feb 18
Amazing fun place. Such a great concept to have a bunch of bars and dance floors in one place. The ultimate pub/club crawl!

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