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E15 Club

London’s friendliest gay sauna is located in the East End of London

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Set in the East End of London (Stratford), its central location is easily accessible by Central or Jubilee Line Tube, DLR, National Express Train or the 257 or 69 bus. With a diverse clientele ranging from all ages and races, the E15 Club is the perfect place to relax and chill out before, after or even on a day off from work.

As you enter the premises, you are greeted by friendly staff who are more than happy to give you a quick tour of the club. The ground floor amenities consist of a coffee bar where we sell various hot and cold drinks and snacks, changing area, leather sofa’d terrestrial TV lounge, steam room, power showers, large dry sauna, infra-red saunas, toilets and a garden for all smokers – or, if you just want to catch a breath of fresh air.

Ascending up to the first floor, you are presented with subtly lit rest rooms each with their own door and lock for privacy. There is also a seated video lounge and another toilet on this level.

Down in our darkened basement, your senses are heightened. With a large seated video lounge along with a massage table and two ordinary beds to use at your disposal.

We regularly run promotions and themed nights like our Bears Day. We also have a loyalty scheme which is easy to join. Become a loyalty member and pay for 9 visits and get your 10th visit absolutely free.

All in all, the E15 Club is a pleasant experience and is the perfect place to relax and unwind.



E15 Club
Based on 83 reviews
Matt Bond
14:28 22 Mar 24
The website mentions nothing about it being cash only, when all other places now accept card, what a waste of time. Won’t be returning.
Jay A.
08:33 09 Mar 24
I wouldn't recommend this club.E15It isn't clean and the receptionist give out one towel,and asks to pay for another?What can I say!Staff are rude and...
Sharing is Caring
11:19 20 Dec 23
Felt like the opening scene of a horror movie when I first entered. The was a man cleaning the wall with a mop and the carpet, yes carpets made a disgusted sucking sound when you trod on it. Never again!!!!
10:00 29 Jul 23
Has a great time - really friendly staff no attitude. Some hot guys - younger guys turned up later in the afternoon. Comfortable and clean facilities (not brand new but certainly ok). Had fun and will be back.
Paul Mackie
18:18 30 May 23
Spent an excellent 5 hours here. It is a friendly, clean, welcoming place with a great crowd of customers. I went on a warm Bank Holiday Sunday and really appreciated the excellent patio area outside. Several nice guys were there enjoying the sun and happy to chat. The changing area is spotless with a clean floor and secure lockers. The towels were good quality and the showers clean and stocked with nice gels. The staff were very friendly and helpful. Cleaning was continuous. The lounge area is comfortable and spacious and furniture comfortable and clean. The rest rooms were good and plentiful and no extra charges for using them. Nice to find a real dark room too! Customers were of all ages and types. No body fascism or bad attitude here. Although the jacuzzi was not working the sauna and steam room were fine. Entry fee was below similar places and it is very accessible from central London. The Elizabeth line practically delivers you to the door at Maryland Station! Will definitely be going back.
Jim Totten
17:15 23 May 23
Came on tuesday 18.00h for off peak time. Was told that its not busy and they closing in 1h. Misleading info. Do not recommend.
19:30 03 Feb 23
Back after a little break. Nice people, clean and warm. I enjoy the sauna so much.clean fresh towels. Would recommend a visit anytime
Vimcent Hencakk
21:47 31 Dec 22
I’ve been coming here for Bears day off and on for several years. Not that it’s the club’s fault, but there’s often a real shortage of bears on these days, which is a shame.What is most annoying about this place is the lack of general upkeep. The toilets and showers have been in disrepair for years - the same screws have been missing from a toilet door lock for as long as I can remember, and although there are only 3 showers, one of them doesn’t work properly and has never been fixed. The sofas and chairs are tatty, the carpet is filthy. All stuff that’s easy to fix, it just involves spending a few £££. Worst of all, the jacuzzi disappeared before lockdown and apparently will not be returning. No explanation as to why, and certainly no reduction in price. One of the best places in the sauna to cruise, now gone. Facilities now a bit thin on the ground - a couple of TV lounges, a darkroom and a few cabins, plus a sauna and a steam room that’s out of order as often as it’s open. If the current owners aren’t prepared to invest even a basic amount to keep the place clean and functioning, perhaps they should sell it.
15:17 28 Dec 22
Been 3 times now last time wasnt told how busy it was and was empty - Tv up stairs could do with some sound. If u go happy hr i find they tend to want to wind down by 7.30 wen you have until 8pm to finish then start cleaning etc . Dry steam needs to be hotter. Start are VERY NICE AND FRIENDLY nice place to chill and be you xx
07:15 09 Nov 22
Has a great time - really friendly staff no attitude. Some hot guys - younger guys turned up later in the afternoon. Comfortable and clean facilities (not brand new but certainly ok). Had fun and will be back.
Paul Wilson
16:24 01 Nov 22
Well what's to say. Just turned up at The sauna first time in ages, man behind desk was lovely and very honest for a sauna let me know only 6 people in and jacuzzi not available neither of which bothered me not a problem so far, however when I offerred to pay with Scottish currency he refused as per the policy of the owner. And when told reasonably politely that I found such a policy offensive ( most Scotsman wouldn't have been as polite) I was told I shouldn't be offended as it was their right to refuse, good luck next time a less polite Scotsman turns up with that line. So I would have loved to have increased their numbers and came away with a positive review but unfortunately I cant recommend a business with this attitude to customers prepared to spend their hard earned currency as a refusal does offend funnily enough. And if it's any help the nice man behind the desk seemed to think telling me they refused Irish notes should somehow make it less offensive so to the Irish on here your not welcome either.
Noel Scott
06:20 25 Sep 22
What can I say ! This place is a real find . Visited recently when I was in London . My first visit was on a Thursday afternoon and though it was quiet it was so relaxed and although there weren’t many there I had a great time . Was back again on the Saturday and the place was heaving with people . Found everyone so pleasant . Once again I had a wonderful time .Why can’t other clubs be like this - lovely clientele and a wonderfully attentive staff who work tirelessly to ensure everything is right . I still have a few more days in London and just might find the time to return there before I leave . Can’t recommend highly enough . Tony at reception is a gem .
13:45 13 Aug 22
Visited here recently, was my first time. Nice place all in all.Was a bit on the quiet side but the staff were very polite in letting me know it was which I found very thoughtful as well as them being welcoming.Half the reason I was there was to relax/unwind which I did but I would have ultimately loved the jacuzzi to have been readily available to sink into (it wasn't this particular time) so I'm hopeful it will be next time 🤞🏻...Thanks for a pleasant first visit though👍🏻!
John Sones
11:50 05 May 22
Great Sauna ,very friendly,no Covid restrictions now,Bear night first Tuesday of the month started again ( Free Buffet)new towels in circulation,give it a try,getting younger people in now quite a mixture.
El Othmani Lavandou
20:00 03 May 22
Love this place clean & tidy …. Great guys & very friendly staff , especially the manager Tony I’ll be deft going back again 👏
16:26 01 May 22
This place is gem. Excellent value for money. Very friendly very clean and a very chilled no attitude atmosphere. Been coming here on and off over 10 years. Tony is a diamond.. many thanks
Mac B
15:10 28 Apr 22
I've been going here a few years ,staff have always been friendly & helpful, yes some updating needed but it costs £££ss, perfectly acceptable in my opinion & reflected in entrance fee they have done a good job in whats been a horrible few years , well done staff, thank you,Malcolm
mukhtar Shakar
15:28 25 Apr 22
I been going to this place since 2002. I enjoy my time there the staff are friendly and polite, its very clean and tidy the staff comes round hourly to clean i give top marks for there hygiene. There refreshments room is breath of fresh air its make u feel good. High quality privacy u have and the minutes u leave us locker is been cleaned even down to key u used. I think this is the best club in this town I recommend it to everyone in the community.
Philip Long
10:40 24 Feb 22
I visited the sauna last Tuesday. I was met by a very polite and professional woman at the door (don't let this put you off). She was very good at explaining the facilities. I found the place really clean. I had a lot of fun. I would recommend it as it is very different from the London saunas which can be very pretentious. I found most guys very relaxed and friendly. I have seen previous reviews about staff being rude etc but I found the total opposite but perhaps if you are polite to the staff then this is replicated. Back on Sunday for my second visit.
Andy Nicholls
17:00 06 Feb 22
I have been coming here for many years and while it is true that a refurb would benefit..this place has a staff who are and have always been, polite , respectful and can have a laugh with.Although there is always a mature clientele I have found that the old boys can do things that the twinkies havent even tried yet!.Big up to Tony n Paul always cheerful and a lovely craic!!!
nick jones
22:53 22 Jan 22
Didn’t get chance to try this place. I got as far as reception!Upon arrival I was asked for proof of covid jabs. I produced texts from NHS prooving my appointments but told it wasn’t good enough for entry. I left and had a look on my phone remembering I’d got an NHS app and returned. All ok I thought. Back in I went and showed my NHS app, seemed ok until questioning why it doesn’t state on the website a covid Pass is required for entry. The receptionist said it wasn’t on the website as it could put people off coming! Rather than letting people know beforehand it could be a wasted trip as entry isn’t guaranteed.He then went on to question why the dosage was showing different to his own. I simply said your having a laugh now. And that was it. He went off into a rant winding himself up and finally said you’re not coming in.Now at NO point was I rude, argumentative or remotely aggressive.I have never been refused entry anywhere so to be told I wasn’t coming in was just bizarre. I now understand why a friend told me it’s not very good and I would suggest anyone going to this sauna would think again.
Johnny Chomsky
20:34 30 Oct 21
First time here was the great experience. If you are looking for an informal and relaxed time and fun too of course then I would recommend this place for sure. Oh and bring cash as they do not take cards at the moment
Hook Rise South KT6 7LD
14:07 29 May 21
HiI been there , really enjoyed in very reasonable price. One request to Management if they hire some girls for entertainment that would be greatful for more relaxation.
Eric Jay
22:37 30 Aug 20
Kevin and I loved it
17:10 21 May 19
Just got back from the Saunabar in Portsea Place. The steam room was not working. Without a quibble they knocked £2 off the Entrance price. Pity such fairness isn’t shown by the E15 Club when facilities are removed or not working properly!March 2019After having visited this sauna regularly since its opening I have been BANNED for being too outspoken on the management of the place!For some time now (several months in some cases), some of the facilities have not been in full working order. One of the three showers has the shower-head removed so it cannot be used and the remaining showers either scald/freeze you as the tank thermostat is not working properly. The doors to the sauna and steam room have not been closing properly with loss of heat/steam and a drop in temperature/draughts (with the unnecessary side effect of of wasting costly electricity), the infrared sauna has been closed for months and the Jacuzzi is just about at blood heat. In any event, we have already been informed that Jacuzzi it is too expensive to maintain and will be removed in April 2019!Most of these problems (new magnetic door catches/shower head etc.) could be resolved with the outlay of a few pounds - you don't require a plumber to screw a new shower head on!Because of these problems I had resorted to telephoning before I visited to find out exactly what was in working order and then deciding whether to go or not.If the ‘wet area’ is one of the reasons you visit this sauna, I suggest that you do the same and telephone first before making the journey and being disappointed.Perhaps, if a concessionary reduction had been made whilst these facilities were not 'up to scratch' this could have compensated a little, but instead the basic prices have continued to rise. It is still one of the cheaper gay saunas in London, but the majority of the others do have full working facilities and ONE is considerably cheaper.So after so many years as a faithful customer who has voiced his concerns to the management, who obviously do not like CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM, the time has come to sadly say goodbye.September 2018The E15 is the old-man's Shangri-La. About 70% of the clientele are over 50. This is not to say that younger guys don't go there, but they are usually interested in the ‘mature’ men. It also pays to get there around noon if you are looking for older men.The sauna is on three floors - the reception, changing area and the wet area, which includes a sauna, infrared sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi are all on the ground floor. You can buy non-alcoholic drinks and food at the bar. The basement area has a video room and a dark room. On the top floor there are various cubicles, a further dark room, g.h. room and another video room.No sex is allowed on the ground floor but there is plenty of action in the basement and top floor areas. The place is very clean and the staff are continuously ‘mopping up’. The cubicles are looking a bit ‘dowdy’ on the top floor and a repaint and re-carpeting would be a great improvement.There are some themed days with a ‘Bear's Day’ on the 1st Thursday of the month and on Saturday evenings at 9pm the wet sections are closed and the place becomes a ‘Tranny Club"The busiest days are usually on Tuesdays (Special price day at £11 for all day) and the weekend. There are also special prices the earlier you arrive before noon (apart from Tuesday), but the special low price only apply if you are prepared to leave after five hours. There are also £2 reductions for those holding a Freedom Pass other than on Tuesdays.This sauna has been going for quite a few years now and is well worth a visit if you are looking for the mature.
Shtwaan E.
17:36 22 Jan 19
Staff was formally polite, and that earns my one star. Everything else bad. Like it's still 1975 and the clientele should be grateful for anything better than the gutter. The towels as worn-out and dark as others described. The sauna area deserted because of the oh-so-reasonable regulations – I expected tumbleweeds to roll in. The two other levels are simply disgusting. There's no nicer way to put it: they reek with the stench of rotten spunk. I could go on about how that translates into the visual or tactile domain, but I rather not.
Josh Len
09:41 09 Aug 18
I went to the club for the first time last Thursday and had a fantastic experience. It is significantly more low key and domestic feeling than a lot of the bigger London Saunas but that’s a good thing; there is no attitude, no posers, no pressure.The age range is definitely generally 40/50+ but that suited me.If you’re looking for younger guys, the more central saunas are better.It was kept clean throughout the day and the young cute bloke working there was very friendly and helpful. Will definitely be back.My only complaint would be that the towels are a bit tired. Otherwise, 10/10.
Phil Lewis
00:30 07 Aug 18
AVOID very old place towels are absolutely disgusting! They also have a WOMAN in her 50’s working there in the locker room area watching you get dressed and undressed. AVOID I’m never going back. Place was EMPTY
00:39 30 Apr 12
Gay sauna where the clients veer to the older age but there is always plenty of action. Good jaccuzi. Dark rooms that are really dark with plenty of action....

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