Eagle Amsterdam

Eagle Amsterdam

Opened in 1979 to give men a safe space to indulge in their different fetishes

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Nestled in the vibrant Warmoesstraat, the Eagle remains one the most visited men’s bar in the city, offering a unique blend of dance, social, and underground adventures across its three-story building.

On any given night, particularly during the bustling weekends, patrons flood its dance floor, fueled by the beats of live DJs and enhanced by an advanced light and sound system. The ground floor serves as the social hub with a well-stocked bar, while those seeking a bit of respite from the dance frenzy can ascend to the Chill-Out Lounge on the second floor, which overlooks the dance area and provides a somewhat quieter space to mingle.

The real intrigue of Eagle Amsterdam, however, lies beneath in its darkroom. This basement level is a maze of pleasure, featuring glory holes, private cabins, and ever-changing setups that promise a fresh experience with each visit. It's this dynamic and explorative aspect that makes Eagle a standout venue, not just in Amsterdam but in the broader European gay nightlife scene.

Whether it's a wild weekend party or a more subdued weekday gathering, Eagle Amsterdam encapsulates the essence of gay nightlife—liberating, diverse, and unabashedly fun. With its history of inclusivity and its reputation for thrilling encounters, Eagle Amsterdam is a must-visit for anyone seeking the quintessential Amsterdam gay bar experience.



Eagle Amsterdam
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Luca Morreale
18:43 08 May 24
Nice place, the dj set was really good. Sadly was a kinda of a night with not many people. But I guess it depends if there are other parties around.Maybe I was also too “over the top” with my outfit. I gave the impression to be an escort (I’m not 😂).So guys, you lost a chance 😜.I will come back anyway 😉
Mitsian M.
02:50 05 May 24
Very nice people and stuff! It’s a space to feel free and safe. Highly recommend!
Sun Rise
21:43 28 Apr 24
Horrible the people who work there. One of them start complaining while we were like three seconds in that according to him we need to hang our jackets and buy drinks. In fact we already paid for their wardrobe and one of us was already at the bar for ordering drinks... Still don't know where that man exactly was making a problem of. Pay better attention maybe in the future? Because this not how you treat your costumers. About the customers: they all were over the age of 40. So not a good place for young bi or gay people. I met one boy kind of my age there. One old Brasil man touched me without any permission but made him clear not to do it. At the end of the evening one of the boys I was with and didn't really know lost his t-shirt because the atmosphere is much about sex, he decided during the night to take off his clothes a bit and then lost it. He asked the staff but they didn't even bother to look. While I saw him taking off his t-shirt so the change is big his clothes is still laying there somewhere in their club. Because of this bad experience at Kingsday I would never visit this place again.
James Westrus
07:42 21 Mar 24
Visited Eagle Amsterdam for the first time last week. I’m not necessarily much of a party animal, but I thought I’d swing by. Great atmosphere and I love the space; there’s of course a dancefloor and they have a darkroom which is great, complete with cabins amongst other things. Overall I’d definitely recommend the place if you’re looking for a fun night out.
Bas Raijmakers
04:33 21 Mar 24
If you’re craving for a space where you feel right at home and -most importantly- safe in company of like-minded patrons: go! The place is like an airport, I lived two streets next to it and not an evening was the same. Proud to know it is still there and knowing it is still there gives me goosebumps.Will return to the Nest very soon. Thanks Michael and the guys for the time of my life there! It will never be forgotten.🦅 🖤
07:35 20 Feb 24
I went to your place on Sunday night yesterday. It had been more than 5 years since the last time I was in your facilities. Although I fooled around a little, the treatment I received from the barman that night was quite disappointing. He was rude to me from the beginning, but things turned sour when I went to get my second drink. I wanted to pay with my card. I had in my pocket my hotel room card and my bank card. I used by mistake the hotel card first (it didn't work obviously) and then I used my bank card, but I didn't have enough funds. I ended up asking the barman to give me my bag so I could pay in cash. He did. Afterwards, I am pretty sure the barman called the police on me. I saw not long after asking for my drink two guys who seemed policemen disguised as clients, one of them took a picture of me. I think the barman thought I was some kind of pickpocket. This is not the first time I experience something like this in the Netherlands. Being a brown foreigner that goes to these places by himself seems to be problematic to many people, it seems that for me to be there, it must be becasue I am either a thief or a escort. The saddest part is the barman was a mixed black guy. I am not longer suffering this kind of discrimination silently. I hope this becomes an opportunity for Eagle's Bar Amsterdam to improve and do not racially discriminate or profile.
M Lewis
16:50 16 Jan 24
Possibly the best gayclub in the Low Countries! It's a small space and the drinks are quite expensive, but that's totally worth it for the hot audience and the great parties. A lot of dirty dirty things have happened between me and my friends in their basement. 😛 don't hesitate to go if you're in the scene and looking for a good time 👍
Dave Silver
19:44 25 Dec 23
Always almost empty. They had to put a curtain up at the front entrance to block you from seeing it’s empty until after you buy a drink. If you want dancing go to The Church. If you want a darkroom go to Dirty Dick’s nextdoor or The Cuckoos Nest. Don’t waste your money here because what once was a well run busy bar is now part disco and part sex club that does neither well. And the staff is unfriendly to boot. Finally, to repeat, the place is always empty.
Gary H.
14:09 30 Nov 23
This has it's up-side and downsides. The "Eagle" name is well known around the western world as a gritty mens bar. In Amsterdam, this one is in the heart of...
A P.
09:01 17 Apr 19
Visiting from New York...I thought I'd be able to go to the Eagle in Amsterdam (desperately wanted a safe queer environment to go have a drink with another...
Saul S.
11:44 15 Mar 19
Great place to have a Beer people are very friendly But come on guys if you are going to charge 8 euros for an small drink don't do it in a plastic cylinder...

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