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Eagle Bar Manchester

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The Eagle Bar located in the heart of Manchester’s gay village, offers a unique experience for men from all over the UK and beyond. Each of the different segments of this incomparable venue aims to explore the depths of your mind, and promises to deliver a truly diverse night out in a relaxed environment.

Complimenting Manchester’s industrial history, with a nod towards a plush Victorian style, The Eagle has been designed by a team who have taken time to consider the needs and requirements of you the customer, paying extensive attention to detail, maximising the potential for an unforgettable night out.


The Eagle Bar
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Anne Bennett
20:00 09 Jun 24
Eagles 8th june ,fantastic,want to see them again!!Backstage Area Club very,busy but met lovely people Some travelled miles After show area Back stage bar shut 11pm but area open till 1am? Seats fantastuc the place was electric fans singing along Venue super for these concerts
03:53 21 May 24
Great leather style fetish/cruise bar. upstairs lounge is more conventional cocktail bar. Downstairs is more a fetish style place. Nice first bar, and dancefloor was great at the weekend. Also lots of events and a darkroom to explore too.
00:37 07 May 24
Open my favourite bars in Manchester, great service, friendly staff and moreI was shocked on my last visit when a double vodka and coke was £8.70 this was considerably more tham other bars I visited on the same evening
12:09 05 Apr 24
Very friendly atmosphere and is a good change of pace from the usual Canal street manchester gay village areas. It can be a bit intimidating at first but once you break through the initial nerves, it can be very fun to visit.
Jordan Estates
08:23 02 Apr 24
Really good interesting place. Brilliant acts and shows, Sunday Service is excellent. Very relaxed atmosphere, people having fun. Will definitely visit again.
22:27 31 Mar 24
My first time in the bar to see a show.It's Easter Sunday.You would think they would be prepared.This wouldn't be the case.Majority of the beer was unavailable.I decided on 1664 at and excellent price of £4!Later in the night I get another 1664 and was charged over £6+!Only to find out I came during happy hour!I didn't know this and considering they practically had 1664 and a knockoff peroni available...i would of appreciated to still be charged £4 for the inconvenience.The whole place and show is great but just stung and the bar which made it bitter unfortunately.
James Read
01:57 17 Jan 24
Great place! An essential venue for the queer community in Manchester. Drinks are pricey, but that’s to be expected in a city centre bar!
David Eagleton
09:39 16 Jan 24
Great little cocktail bar on the back streets of Manchesters Gay village.A great range of quality cocktails at good prices. They offer two for one deals on Thursdays as well as complimentary cheese and crackers 👍🏻🍹🍸🧀❤
James Adeniji
15:03 15 Dec 23
Local to Manchester so been many times with friends and visitors to the city. But I lost it last weekend when a group of us were singled out and asked to buy a drink or leave…. I was gonna scream racism as we were a group of black guys but based on other comments, looks like this is some silly unwritten policy they have. If members must buy a drink, charge at the door and give them a token for the bar!Whatevs… Prob never going back there or anywhere else in the village…
ian miller
20:45 05 Dec 23
Travelled from Liverpool only to find the happy hour is only on limited drinks. And not any drinks I wanted. Bit disappointed.. £6.30 for a pint of NOT Guinness. Going back to Liverpool. Friendlier and cheaper town.
Tyler Millican
02:49 20 Nov 23
Sunday 11/19/23. Karaoke with bears, I loved it. I’m from Chicago (USA), with my travels it is clear that all eagles are not the same or even affiliated (seemingly, for the most part) BUT the Manchester Eagle was great, nice staff, most BEAUTIFUL pup and staff member, a cherry on top! Met some cute boys from Liverpool and left with them. There is an upstairs that is maybe formal and affiliated but downstairs is pretty chill and bear/eagle vibes. Thanks!
brian herdman
18:06 22 Sep 23
I may have made a mistake as it was late evening so re edit. It is open after being notified by owner. Can't comment on ratings as closed on arrival. Went to rear of building to collect beer coolers so can't say what it's like inside.
21:31 26 Aug 23
Great place. Don't like, stretch or roll your neck or anything. They'll ask you to leave. Its a little weird. I was having a great time until I was told it was time to go. All I did was roll me head to crack it and was told I had to go. I don't actually understand. Maybe someone can explain this for me. I'd barely drunk anything And was having a great time until this.
Joe Smallman
03:14 26 Aug 23
Excellent venue in all respects but the bouncers were incredibly rude. They informed me that I would be able to smoke outside, so I left a full drink in the entrance. When I tried to get back in, they told me I would have to queue again (30m+) in the pouring rain despite having already done so. Incredibly poor service. Feel free to get in touch to resolve this poor service.
Fabiano Raso
08:24 24 Jul 23
I love The Eagle! I come here every single time i’m in Manchester and always have fun! Don’t understand the low reviews, this is for me the best Eagle bar in the UK!
Jack Wensley
14:04 23 Jul 23
Love the eagle. Staff are helpful and usually freindly. Great vibe. Great events. Security are also on point.
Marcel Keijzer
11:15 21 May 23
Great place to drink, relaxed, contact with mindlike people, kinky partys, Nice staff
17:34 22 Apr 23
I am bit confused on whether this is a church or a puritan club, but I’m pretty sure it’s not one of “The Eagle” bars where men can enjoy themselves with other men.Actually, if you attempt any sort of physical contact with somebody, the “moral” security guards kick you off straightaway…but they will also kick you off if you stop buy drinks or drinks too much, if you are disabled, or simply not one of the “usual” customers.I visited the Eagle bar in NYC and that’s definitely a place where men can enjoy themselves literally at every corner.Maybe, for the next Sunday Service they should invite a proper priest and ask them for a Mass?
Rob Duffy
07:43 11 Apr 23
Great private bar in central Manchester. Well run and a good place to go - mixture of atmospheres, the main bar area is very chilled and certainly something for everyone here!
Stephen Turner
11:05 09 Apr 23
Great venue. Great staff and great drag queens.... Plus I joined in on the afternoon game show and won £150.00.yay
20:41 27 Mar 23
If I could give this piece of sh#* less than one I would. Went tonight to a quiet bar to be told by some camp queen behind the bar that it was members only. Funny that as I’ve been lots of times on this night before. Obviously the cost of living crisis isn’t affecting this company. Wouldn’t even bother. Only came because the goose was closed anyway. Joke of a company
Ian Curtis
20:11 15 Feb 23
We go in every weekend, the staff are quick and professional, they play a range of music and have different theme nights depending on what you're looking for.A good men-only bar.
Richard Welch
16:41 04 Feb 23
Friendly staff, quick service and good music. The themed nights are always fun with a diverse crowd
Mark Chils
08:03 27 Jan 23
Regular punter here. Great venue hosting wide range of gay men's groups in social bar upstairs and two clubrooms downstairs.
Charles W.
11:53 26 Jan 23
the place was nice but it was unsettling how one of the workers was homophobic
13:50 31 Dec 22
Nice vibe, well worth a visit. You have to join as member, but process it very straight forward.
Shlomi Cohen
09:34 03 Dec 22
The venue itself is fine it's usually a great atmosphere with friendly people but sadly one of the bar staff is going to ruin it for everyone else. People go out to have a nice evening not to hear bar staff making comments about whether they should be allowed in the venue or not..Definitely won't bother going there again you've lost my custom and just to let you know people not being able to attend your venue isn't the end of the world 🙂People like him are the reason Canal Street is failing!
James Bando
15:15 18 Nov 22
Popped in for a drink. Nice enough place - more local only friendly. Would not recommend. Could be better on the weekends perhaps?
Paul Harper
14:13 14 Nov 22
Gay bar in Manchester's Gay Village, set just one road back from Canal Street. I went there for their "Sunday Service" drag show at 4pm on a Sunday. There is plenty of room to move around and ample seating, served by friendly and efficient staff with a good choice of drinks. I had a marvellous time watching Lady Imelda and Belinda Scandal, and the shows change every week which keeps it fresh and fun. I'll definitely be going again. Recommended.
Richard Renn
09:13 06 Nov 22
Three different bar areas, each having its own appeal. Great entertainment. Fun crowd.
Sam Tennant
19:59 29 Oct 22
Great bar. Probably the best in Manchester's Gay Village.
James Galbraith
18:36 14 Oct 22
14th October 19:30 got kicked out for "having a woman with us". Literally just walked in, bar worker assumed our friends gender and said we must leave. Management - check CCTV if you don't believe us!
Malcolm Burrows
08:30 05 Oct 22
Great place with lots going on , drinks pricey
michael boardman
01:18 01 Oct 22
Your door staff have just turned a gentlemen away because he “can’t stand up on his own”Course he can’t because he needs the aid of a walking stick which he had on him, he is also tea total. Absolutely disgusting
Caern Valentine
20:22 14 Sep 22
What's not to love. There is even a quoter bar upstairs. Really enjoyed the variety.
richard birch
19:25 19 Aug 22
Was a bit quite when I went but it was 6pm,gets busy later.
23:14 04 Aug 22
Great bar if you're into bears and daddies. In the heart of Manchester gay village.
Danny T Kong
23:03 16 Jul 22
Given you need a membership and if you cancel it for a good reason, you are not allowed to reapply and certain door staff in particular are very unwelcoming
Kyle Hilton
05:12 10 Jul 22
Told I could only come inside if I had a jockstrap on but no-one else had one on I'm offended I was misgendered multiple times
Joshua Hubbard
00:46 10 Jul 22
It's like being inside a bin that's got a few fairy lights inside it
hamza pazeer
23:28 06 Jul 22
Not sure how I feel staff was hostile :/ visiting from Newcastle 23 bit weird would recommend bar pop xo
neill bustin
15:48 07 May 22
Got pick pocketed not only by some strang aggressive guy who wouldn’t take no for an answer , and then by the bar staff , £10 for a glass of waterDon’t bother it’s full of scank
Lucas William Lax
23:30 26 Mar 22
They wouldn’t let anyone in without becoming “members”. When trying to explain we were only visitors the bouncer said “then none of you are allowed in”. I’ve gone to many Eagle Bars in the US. None of them are like this. Fail.
James McHugh
16:15 02 Jan 22
Thus venue is a Jewel in Manchester Gay villages crown, there is always something going on.The door staff are very friendly and always have a laugh and socialise with the customers, which makes you feel very at home in the venue and you can always guarantee that any trouble is stamped out straight away. Everytime I come here there I have not seen any trouble and the atmosphere in the venue is very positive.
Kolin Richmond Hughes
02:44 30 Dec 21
Love the place the vibe the music Men only safe place of the Tom of Finland variety.
Dave Mikhailov Hill
21:57 09 Nov 21
By far my favourite bar... 🙂
JCB xiii
01:28 07 Nov 21
An okay bar, they've recently improved the beers on offer (previously it was mainly bland lagers, but their range of spirits has always been fair). Bar staff are generally attentive.I've been coming here since it opened, although I'm no longer a local so I visit infrequently. The last time being a Friday a few weeks ago, where I was out of the blue asked to leave by a bouncer. When I asked why, he said that he didn't know but the bar manager wanted me out. The bouncer was polite and was actually apologetic - I was about to head home anyway, but given this incident it's no longer a venue that I'd intend to make a special trip for.
Dan C
10:07 30 Oct 21
Great place, a bit away from Gay Village. Security is fine and behaving normally. Bar service very nice. I will definitely come back here for good drinks. All good 🙂
Matthew L.
15:29 05 Dec 19
Been in eagle before good atmosphere but the leather scene that used to be popular seems to be disappearing which is a shame as its part of the eagles...
Lee B.
13:11 20 Mar 15
The Eagle is the perfect place to meet either socially or for a special occasion. A men only bar which is great and means no stag or hen parties which is...
James C.
11:21 22 Jan 15
A great men only bar in the gay village for no nonsense men who like men. Great friendly bar staff, drinks offers and good music. At busier times the bar...
Pawel W.
03:41 29 Nov 14
This is o e for my favorite Canal Street bar. Man only that's mean only real Gay Man aloud. Normal bar price with Sunday drag Queen party Inc free shots....
Stuart T.
05:38 25 Oct 10
This is a great bar, in the basement of an office complex on Bloom Street. It's situated just round the corner from Coyotes for those that know the area....

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