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Eagle Houston

The definitive home to the Man's man

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The definitive home to the Man's man. Leather, Bear, Muscle or Jock - you'll find them all here. Home of Billboard’s #1 remix company Dirty Disco, Houston Leather Pride, Eagle Eats and the Houston Bears.



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Lou C.
08:39 28 May 24
Eagle Houston is not just a gay bar, but it's an entertainment center. It has 2 dance floors, wraparound patio with seating, friendly bartenders and great...
Tim C.
11:38 13 May 24
First time going here since its previous location. I like the whole multilevel theme of the place but the music is kind of stereotypical given that it's a...
Yelper Lou MC
03:31 01 May 24
I came to Eagle Houston for a group function. The employees were polite and service was good. It has lots of patio space and nice bars downstairs. I shall return.
Luis R
06:07 28 Apr 24
This place is amazing. But they need to do a better selection on who they hire. David is the rudest bartender you can ever find in the gay bar. The only reason why I am giving a bad review is because of him. Pls go to a different place they would treat you nicely somewhere else. I went there on 4/28 at 11pm and he was so rude that I went to another place . Why would there hired these kind of people ??? Specially in a gay bar
Angie N.
11:20 24 Apr 24
I like going here for the second floor's music and the Mexican shots. The service is usually pretty decent. However, the last time I was here, the bar...
Stanley F.
06:19 10 Apr 24
Not a fan. Tried going out several times with friends and inevitably we end up passing through the Eagle. It always smells like a urinal, the floors are...
Victoria Gordillo
02:42 30 Mar 24
If you want ice thrown at, you don’t come to this bar. This man threw ice at me and my friends because we were barely in front of the bar for even five minutes and there was a drag queen show so we had to make room and he kept throwing ice at us when there was no line. My friends and I are going to report him. It was upstairs, and he was a white bald man.
Yelper Lou MC
03:03 09 Feb 24
I came to Eagle Houston for a group function. The employees were polite and service was good. It has lots of patio space and nice bars downstairs. I shall return.
02:48 04 Feb 24
I was amazed by the high classy bar, more than many others and the var tender you need to ask for is Victor. Gentle, polite and for me that I don't drink alcohol he prepared some awesome drinks. He really is all out for the client. Good music and fun place to be.
Connor Fredericks
16:40 15 Jan 24
Great spot, cheap drinks and the upstairs is great for dancing. Good outside seating if you want a more chill vibe too.
Jamill W
12:42 27 Dec 23
I love this place!!! The Eagle has great service, drink specials, bartenders, unique shop inside, nightly entertainment and a really cool and great food truck. ❤️🏳️‍🌈❤️🏳️‍🌈
20:59 30 Nov 23
Beware going anywhere near this establishment. I have an outstanding insurance claim due to an incident that was the bar's responsibility and after two months, nothing is resolved despite emailing and calling. Their broker over at FNBIA - Bar Insurance has ghosted me. Shouldn't be that hard to do the right thing and treat people with respect.
Tiffany Lynn
05:42 05 Nov 23
John and Gil are lovely and I feel totally comfortable and safe with them there I love coming there!! Great time
Eric Anderson
03:05 06 Sep 23
It’s a hard choice between the $6 budlites, or the $10 married liquor. Everyone else in montrose had $3 or $4 budlites. I don’t know how TABC doesn’t fine them for married call battles with top shelf bottle or wells. Never know what you’re going to get. The only thing you can guarantee is a high tab at the end of the night.
Mine D
13:12 18 Jul 23
The staff that works there is rude, when it ends at 2:00 am they throw you out like a dog, they have no respect for people, they yell at you in a very bad way that you have to leave the place, they are definitely rude and disrespectful, I was in line to enter the bathroom and one of those who works there didn't respect his shift and got in front of everyone claiming that he worked there and they sent the police to take us out for no reason, they abused, they took more advantage because we were women. They are definitely rude and disrespectful, this bar has no respect for its customers. I definitely give them a zero and terrible mistreatment of customers.🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
Isaiah Driggers
19:23 27 Jun 23
This place was POPPIN. What can I say. Good Music, lots of dancing and good times. Overall just a blast.
Victor Lawerence Alexander
06:49 24 Jun 23
Went into the eagle Houston tonight for pride with my good friend Mark! I'm here on tour stayed and extra day just to hang out tonight. My buddy Mark who frequents the club regularly pointed out his favorite bartender who was wearing a neon green egale shirt. I complamented him on the color he told me the shirt was on sale in the store. I said awesome I'm going to go grab one he gave me the thumbs up. I proceeded to stream my Instagram live as I do all over the country in lgbtq establishments to promote the businesses. Next thing I know I'm being asked to leave by the younger black security guard. Drinks purchased by my friend Mark Cameron need to be refunded because there was absolutely zero reason to destroy our vibe.I still have zero clue why I was asked to leave. If you guys have a no filming policy then that should have been stated. I'm highly offended and this is not the eagle standard I'm accustome to across the country. I will make sure that I let every single one of my followers and individual in the community know just how I was treated un justly during pride Houston 2023 in Houston.Go to south beach or Jr's instead. They welcome all lgbtq and the venue is nice. I will be calling my ppl at atl eagle in the morning to tell them my experience.My feelings are hurt and I would like and apologize 😔
Keith Bowers
01:49 03 Jun 23
I enjoyed the club everytime I visited and I will be there for pride party for the 23,24,25 and how much is it for the pride v.i.p pass
Miao Miao
02:13 30 Apr 23
Want to have a good time? Eagle is one of the best spot. Cory is the best bartender ever!
Michael Deayala
08:08 26 Mar 23
Omg, fix the lighting upstairs for god sake’s. Considering all the money the gays bring you, decent lighting is a minimum and extremely resolvable request.
03:20 25 Feb 23
I was here 2 years, I always go to leather store inside the bar. I was very disappointed. It is not a leather store anymore, very feminine, very queen type of store.. disgusting 🤮🤢
Tamara B.
02:26 31 Oct 22
Had a great time last night in Montrose for Halloween with no thanks to this place. In our party of 10 the door men wouldn't let three ladies with medium...
James N
08:42 05 Sep 22
This is the most disappointing “Eagle” bar I’ve ever been to. Not a macho/leather vibe at all. Music was not good and upstairs closed at 10pm on a weekend - even staff were surprised.
Casey R.
14:11 02 Sep 22
I really honestly love the welcoming to the bar and made me feel warm and fuzzy 🙂 and that's the honest truth
Ashley Wayne
09:13 11 Jul 22
Attentive friendly staff. Absolutely LOVE this bar. I've met Amazing people that I've stayed in touch with.Being a single straight gal, I have an awesome time at this bar. I can actually carry on meaningful conversations, dance the night away and never stop smiling!!!
Jeremy D.
04:56 08 Jul 22
Had so much fun here! We came on a Sunday night, where they were playing Spanish music, and it was a blast! My friends and I have never been out together to...
Cindy V.
18:24 25 Jun 22
I usually have a blast here, but during Pride weekend out of all the days out of the year, they declined us entry because my purse was too big!!!???I...
Ariel S.
15:40 20 Jun 22
Y'all this is one of the best ‍ bars to go.I only go Mondays for karaoke (omg I love how I sound on those lol )orSunday for Latino Night dance music...
Asusena R.
22:41 28 May 22
Went there a week ago and the best thing about this place is the DJ on Thursday! His mix on Latin music was on point and transitions 10/10. Overall the...
Ak_247 Aaa
23:11 02 May 22
One of the best gay bars in Montrose or may be the best one.. highly recommended 👌🏼
Natasha L.
05:24 19 Apr 22
Fun and lively spot to include on your Montrose stroll. Simple tasty drinks with a DJ to assist the entertainment.
R. Theodora Appleton
13:56 18 Feb 22
Eagle was my first stop in Houston! Conveniently located near our AirBnB, this was naturally the first stop. Bartender Cairo served my friends and I immediately and provided a number of recommendations to us when we asked. The bar offers several themed events during the week and has a great atmosphere. I will definitely be back!
Sheira Hope
19:52 31 Jan 22
I don't visit often but when I do, I have a great time. The dance floor is always packed. I don't know what they do to their soda fountain but they have the crispest best tasting bar diet coke. It is almost as good as McDonald's. The only negative is there is a set of steep death stairs in the outside patio, I have a fear of tumbling down them and breaking my little neck after a couple of beers.
Sevynn “Nubian Queen”
04:01 22 Dec 21
Was an awesome bar. I loved the atmosphere. You can chill outside and inside with 2 floors. There's also a food truck in front. I loved it. I even got a chance to dance alittle.
Sridhar R.
08:44 15 Dec 21
I went alone, multiple times. The food truck is really good, bathrooms are clean and the staff is nice. Don't go alone, I got bored being alone. Oh the...
Kenneth T
21:13 31 Oct 21
We had the best time here. We was downtown decided to take a ride over here. We stayed almost all night. What a great time. Thank you for an excellent time.
Wayne B.
12:24 31 Oct 21
I'm a NYC club kid from the limelight days. Mark spins better classic disco and high energy dance music than any dj still spinning. The cocktails and adult...
Efrain Sarabia
15:16 07 Sep 21
I have to give it 3 stars. It is a good place to be and everything nice environment but once you close out, they put an extra tip then what you put on the ticket. That is not cool at all.
Raul “Uncle Roy” Lopez jr
15:24 12 Jun 21
Great place to get drinks and beautiful people to look at.
Deidra B.
14:57 13 May 21
We checked It out hitting a few of the local bars remaining in Montrose. It was clean and bartenders were nice and friendly. This was a weekday after a...
Jonas Harris
18:44 14 Mar 21
Great food and even better service. The Chorizo/Beef Sliders are my new favorite but the Cowboy Quesadillas are an awesome everyday option.
Penguin Scott
21:37 10 Mar 21
Never heard of mixing ground beef with chorizo for mini burgers, but dayum, this place turns that dish out on special occasions and it is the bomb! The menu is full of great fusion dishes, it was hard to decide. The prices seem to match the portions and I'm eager for a return to Eagle Eats to try another dish. Or I may just be stuck on those mini burgers for a while! (Hopefully soon to be a regular menu item.)

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