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EROS-the Center for Safe Sex is a gay male community center focused on the health and well being of men who have sex with men. EROS is based on a community center model with all gender events in our lounge, gallery and classroom, play spaces for men, non-sexual massage, steam room, sauna showers.



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07:08 20 May 24
The place could be great if it weren't for these details:- When we arrived, there were only 2 people inside, and they should have told us. We did arrive an hour before closing, but they should have mentioned it when we asked.- Despite knowing it was almost empty, they still charged us. They said it was half-price, but paying $25 to find only 2 people inside for an hour seems a bit much. This goes back to my first point: they should have told us if it was worth going in. I understand they want to make money—that's why they started the business—but misleading customers isn't right.If you plan to go, make sure to check how many people are inside and avoid going too late. I haven't been there when it's busy, but it looks like it could be a good place.
Jim D.
13:05 12 May 24
Dear Ken,I am just wondering is there a particular time or day that older people visit the club? Thanks for your assistance.Jim
Janna Yisrael
17:42 28 Apr 24
Doug was a Sweetheart, really made an out of Towner welcome!!! I more than enjoyed my stay. The atmosphere was an awesome layout! Many Thanks!
Eric E.
21:16 03 Apr 24
The old building was so much more cooler and had way better atmosphere plus they had opened at noon pre pandemic and now they changed their hours at new...
Jose Cabrera
02:19 25 Mar 24
This place is a rip off!!! They will charge a full membership fee just because you lost your card, pathetic! Not to mention it’s literally right in tenderloin; as you walk around you have a higher chance of getting shot (not excluding by fenny), stabbed, or run over by reckless drivers! The front desk person is totally unhelpful, fake, and clearly disinterested in his job or in customer service. Terrible, terrible place. This place does not treat their customers well.
Eric E.
17:41 19 Feb 24
I've been a visitor for the last few years and I think they really changed a lot since its old location. I wished they opened at 11am on holidays and...
17:33 01 Feb 24
too early to close hiw come lol hahhahahahahahahhaahhaahahahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahah
Richard A.
07:00 17 Jan 24
I would give this place 12 stars if I could. The new venue since I returned to SF Bay area after an eight year absence, I can say there is nothing like...
Hans SF
21:41 05 Dec 23
I was hesitant to try out Eros new location given the review left by some people. I finally went and to my surprise the facility was quite nice and enjoyable. Granted, it's smaller without sauna and steam room but all facilities are well maintained with good ambiance for fun. And I had fun. The staff were friendly and helpful. They seem to do their best to keep the play space clean and functional. I understand the big challenge of running this type of business after covid and truly appreciate the tenacity of management to keep this gay fun space open. Yes, it's not perfect but it's good enough and I still much prefer this space to meet and connect with my sex positive comrades than using grindr or scruff.
Jeff M.
11:44 06 Oct 23
So much undeserved negative word of mouth. This place might not be the bathhouse of your big gay wet dreams, but it isn't horrible either. The only thing I...
Rob M.
15:05 24 Sep 23
In anticipation of the Folsom street Fair, I visited Eros Saturday night. Everything was going fine until I tried to get around a tight spot and ended up...
Heath Howe
05:35 16 Sep 23
Delivers what it promises -- it's not a bathhouse, it's a sex club and I definitely get that. I've been here 3 times and even on a "slow night" I've found plenty of willing participants of various types to engage with. I prefer a younger crowd and that can be a bit thin here but I've always been able to engage with at least one hot, much younger guy. There are no truly private spaces, and that works well for me. The bathroom/shower rooms are a bit rough, but not unclean and certainly functional. The play areas seem clean and well kept, with condoms and lube aplenty (not that many condoms are used). There is good video entertainment as well.
Deanna G.
04:45 19 Aug 23
On May 12th 2023 The white older gay male was racist towards me he called me a Nigger
Nick J.
16:10 12 Feb 23
New Location first impressions: Cleaner, modern shower/toilet facilities, lockers in good shape, lighting's carefully designed; warm, flattering and...
Alex A.
20:44 01 Feb 23
A lot smaller than the previous location on Market. I like that all areas are open with not much privacy if you are into watching and being watched.I have...
AJ Long
02:26 02 Jan 23
Responding to negative reviews with condescending retorts ain't it. The implication that Steamworks is dangerous because it's across the bay and near the train tracks is really silly. People complaining about dangerous neighborhoods dont deserve your attention anyway. All this time you spend responding to bad reviews with your story you don't even have anything on your website about your history, etc. Resist the temptation to reply.
Neal M.
11:52 13 Dec 22
Even the move is a big let down, but i support my lgbtq+ community I however was really upset they didn't except my past cards from the last spot on market
- atelier a-z
07:40 02 Oct 22
Wow wow, this is one of those dingy places any gay man with some standards turn straight in 🙂 I do NOT recommend this one. It came up in a Google search for gay saunas, but clearly I should have read a bit better as there was no sauna in sight… and yes fair enough there was a one shower, hallelujah, but inside a disabled loo… and let’s not mention the clientele…No I mean it let’s not talk about them, it was too depressing
Josh W.
13:16 24 Sep 22
Nothing but old guys hitting on me and watching me shower. Got a decent experience but i just wish it was filled with people. In the TL area so be careful...
Aaron R.
10:59 21 Sep 22
I visited EROS for the first time recently on a weekend trip to SF. I'd read reviews, etc. about it moving to its current location from Market Street. I...
nick w
18:59 18 Sep 22
I went last Saturday afternoon. Had a great time. Great friendly crowd of guys (ages shapes etc). Place is clean with plenty of free lube and condoms. Staff is very welcoming to all. Fridays and Saturdays seem to be the best for me. There are a few regulars that do not make eye contact or allow you to touch them. Not sure why they are there. Just avoid them and you will have a great time.
Blackolive D.
12:08 13 Sep 22
Best Sex Vacation Package with 1. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic 2. Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic3. Book Now Sex Resort4. Night...
Max R.
22:09 12 Sep 22
UPDATE: I visited Eros in its new incarnation -- I'm happy to say that the original vibe and intent of Eros remains intact. It is a place to see and be...
Rob S.
11:35 06 Sep 22
I visited yesterday for the first time since Eros moved to its new location. So I removed my previous review and gave them a fresh look.The space is nice...
Jon S
03:00 02 Aug 22
I do not recommend. New location is far more difficult to get to if you have a car and not safe (right next to tenderloin). the limited operation hours suck, and the place doesn’t have as many amenities like their old location. Not worth the price when other bathhouses are the same and offer a lot more.
powerball winner
16:55 13 Jul 22
I really like the new location downtown. I think the location pulls in a lot more tourists because it’s located near all the hotels. It’s a easy trip for me from the Castro on the j train. It takes about 15min to get there. Would recommend attending on a Friday.
Sf P.
17:43 09 Jul 22
I checked this place out with the hope that it would be a reason not to cross the bridge to Berkeley (Steamworks). It was the opposite. This place was a...
Garet Marling
05:01 26 Jun 22
New location has (at least so far) no steam room, no sauna, no showers, and the admission price is higher that when they were in the Castro. Not sure what happened, but it’s definitely not ready for patrons yet.
Jeremy J.
09:58 21 Jun 22
Are you open yet? I am wanting to go but haven't been able to find much information!? Please let me know I have been here once and had a fun time. I'd...
02:52 03 Apr 22
They messed up so bad by moving to the tenderloin. I used to work a block away from that location a few years ago and I was mugged twice. No way am I ever going back to the most dangerous part of the city. Don’t waste your time and go to steamworks in Berkeley. I really want the best for them but putting customers in danger by moving to the tenderloin is beyond baffling. Sorry but I’m not risking my life.Edit: see that attitude from the owners response? Tells you all that you need to know. I’ll match that energy then. You didn’t have to pay for parking by the old eros location, lots of space near by but not anymore (you still don’t have to deal with that at steamworks). Less chance of car break in’s at steamworks, large venue, the neighborhood around steamworks is cleaner and not a homeless person in sight. If you’re outside of steamworks one can hear the Amtrak trains going by but you never see them, all the new safe development blocks the view. In fact there are family homes around the corner, unlike the tenderloin where Eros is. If they were good business people the Eros team could have negotiated a better location near the castro rather than the crime capital neighborhood of San Francisco.
12:42 24 Mar 22
They messed up so bad by moving to the tenderloin. I used to work a block away from that location a few years ago and I was mugged twice. No way am I ever going back to the most dangerous part of the city. Don’t waste your time and go to steamworks in Berkeley. I really want the best for them but putting customers in danger by moving to the tenderloin is beyond baffling. Sorry but I’m not risking my life.
Pasquale G.
13:09 17 Mar 22
I like very much this gym. People appreciate all bodies . They have no place like this where I from. In Italia they make us go to basement or something. New...
Rob S.
13:29 10 Mar 22
Just to let folks know, because I found out the hard way, Eros is closed on Market Street and has moved to a new location that's not open yet as of 3/10/22....
Mike Farmer-Smith
17:32 15 Jan 22
I have a lot of fun over the years. He's going to the baths over there at euros. I can't wait for the new facility to open up because I wanna hit that opening day. Is a relaxing sana and have a nice afternoon.
Charie M.
08:17 12 Jan 22
Do not fall into this scam!!! Her name is not Bria!!! Her real name is Alexis Vargas!!! Her and her friends will threaten and rob you!!! They wont do...
Hikarama C.
21:21 18 Nov 21
Better than what I expected. First time going to a bath house in sf. I don't know why I thought this place was going to be empty with no options but I'm...
Kelly O.
12:32 02 Nov 21
Can I have a bukakke swallow in public
nick w
21:30 19 Oct 21
Great place. Usually always have fun when I go.I read comments that Eros is empty later in the evening.Eros is an early crowd. Friday and Saturday Afternoon to early evening times are best. Other afternoons and early evening are also good.Nice crowd. Friendly staff.Age group varies. There are young as well as old that go. Thursdays seem to be more young ones.Eros is also Trans Friendly. Occasionally will see FTM Guys there. Everyone is respectful of Trans Men.I would definitely recommend giving it a try once no matter what age or body type
Rome Odom
06:19 23 Sep 21
I was in my early twenties and Eros was my first bathhouse. I was nervous entering but had the most amazing and liberating experience! Since there are no rooms, you can meet and play with someone (or more) and anyone interested can watch the action. I realized the thrill of sharing my thrilling experience for others enjoyment. Everyone was respectful. The front desk clerk even came back and introduced himself. I rather enjoy this type of place instead of hiding in a room!
johnmark bland
23:48 14 Aug 21
Had probably the best massage of my life here, the staff were super nice and the facilities were clean and accommodating, also really friendly atmosphere.
Manuel Alejandro Castillo Orozco
00:56 11 Jun 21
I present my test with 72 hours and they refer to let me in… And also the receptionist encourage me to get the vaccine and I believe that is very inappropriate…. I completely understand the safety protocol to prevent the spread of the virus but I’m completely sure that if you guys asking for something you guys have to respect the rules.
Mike Farmer-Smith
08:33 09 Jun 21
So any men so little time.
Daniel Chaviano
14:52 07 Jun 21
I wanted to give this place the benefit of the doubt but unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be returning in the current state. The layout is actually not bad but it’s pretty dated and the clientele is abysmal. I feel that a few things, like providing new towels that haven’t been bleached to death, will go a long way for this establishment and I do hope things pick up so they can make changes. The garden was cute and I appreciated the steam room. Anyways, up to you to check this place out but I will not be again.
Alucard Liberated
10:54 30 May 21
The last time I was there nothing but old dudes I'm not looking to find my grandparent here.
Victor R.
14:58 16 May 21
ikea and lisette it's been a true delight to have 2 outstanding employees at Eros Patio as waitresses. I have observed profession and attentive service &...
Joseph Sanchez
07:06 18 Nov 20
I have only been here once and thought it was ok. The drinks are ok (cash only), but they need to do something about their AC (if they even have one) as it gets super hot in there. They have dance floor as well as booths, which makes it a great spot to go in a group and the location is good for venturing somewhere else or ending up here.
Andrew M.
16:59 16 Feb 20
Been here a few times. Nice friendly environment. Mixed crowd. The employee working this morning, Catin, was extremely nice!
Teej A
16:46 18 Jul 19
Extremely friendly, Steam room always working (unlike Stream works in Berkeley), dry sauna, outdoor patio—overall great atmosphere. Traffic can be slow at times but a great place to meet local city guys.
05:16 16 Jul 19
Thinking about it, it has awful business hours.... why open when the majority of people are at work? I noticed the owner mentioned the 30min before closing and compared themselves to a Bar. This is not bar, there is no alcohol. This place closes at 11. Not 12 AM, 11. So it pretty much dies off at 10-10:30.Could use a bit more mirrors and a business remodel that expresses, "Hey we are actually tying to make things better" So far its settled and I don't think things will get better and it might eventually get swallowed by SF's insane prices and the owner eventually selling off the space.
Calvin T.
10:31 12 May 19
Place gotten more busy, Friday night so far is my favorite because all the good looking come out to play. I was over there around 9:30pm-10:00pm. It was...
Javier Mcjvr
06:21 14 Apr 19
Nike place I like cool
Nick J.
09:24 17 May 18
Refreshing, after years of cruising Steamworks and unaware there was an alternative. Friendly atmosphere, a sense of community and the music is real. I...
00:48 08 Oct 17
My visit was to have a massage but with the cash only policy, that makes Eros cumbersome and inconvenient. Maybe it's the massage piece of the business that is not long for this world, rather than the sexual exploits. I took my business right down the street and purchased a massage at a spa. The massage was superior. I like to be loyal to body workers and John, the massage therapist at Eros, rocks For the record, Mr. Owner, I was not seeking a private room but a relaxing massage. There's no need for me to visit other clubs because I may have found my new massage therapist today at the spa down the street. In an odd twist of fate, I may owe you a big thank you for sending there.
Brooklyn O.
10:40 27 Mar 17
I visited Eros last night for the first time -- I had myself loads of fun -- several loads. My thoughts on the place:There's lockers, a sauna, steam...

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