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London's Hottest Haunt for the Discerning Diva: A Review of Fetch Clapham

So you're a Clapham cutie with a penchant for the playful, the naughty, and everything in-between? Well, darling, look no further than Fetch. This ain't your average corner shop slinging socks and sunblock. Fetch is a one-stop paradise for the London lad seeking to express his inner god(dess).

Stepping into Fetch is like entering a candy store for the senses. Think walls adorned with leather harnesses that would make Tom of Finland blush, alongside racks overflowing with swimwear that screams "look at me, then buy me!" The air hums with a playful energy, thanks in part to the staff who are as approachable and knowledgeable as your best gay pal. They're there to help you find the perfect outfit for your next club conquest, whether you're after sleek sophistication or full-on neon fantasy.

And let's not forget the toys, glorious toys. We're talking pleasure palaces galore, from the delicate and delightful to the downright daring. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a curious newbie, Fetch has something to set your pulse racing. Plus, they've got a selection of lubes that would make Willy Wonka jealous.

But Fetch is more than just a retail romp. It's a community hub for London's LGBTQ+ scene. Regular events like drag brunches and kink workshops keep the calendar sizzling, and the in-store DJ sessions on Fridays and Saturdays are legendary. Basically, it's the perfect place to let your freak flag fly and make some fabulous new friends.

So, is Fetch worth the hype? Absolutely! It's a treasure trove of temptations, a playground for the adventurous, and a safe space to celebrate your true self. Just remember, darlings, your bank account might need a lie down after a visit, but your inner hedonist will thank you for it.



Based on 40 reviews
Luis Manuel Rivas Ramirez
18:29 19 May 24
I went few times and the guy who attended me, as nice as always. He helped me with some questions that I have. Last time I bought few stuff and we were talking about those and makes me feel comfortable to speak with him. (He was so hot 🙈) 100% recommend fetch shop
Chris M
09:48 15 Jan 24
Was really impressed by the online service. Ordered on Saturday night, product delivered (London) Sunday afternoon by bike courier
19:22 28 Oct 23
Popped in earlier as I ordered a new toy to fulfill my evening with no plans, (And many other evenings I’m sure!). Click and collected within about an hour. Smooth and easy process. Really friendly guys, apologies if I was quick to get in and get out, I promise it was because I was desperate to get home and have some fun! Which by the way, has been fun so far! 😉 - thanks Team Fetch. I’ll be back!
Isaiah Fapuro
22:37 31 Jul 23
Never experienced such awful customer experience at what’s meant to be a straight forward pick up. I walked in with a friend to pick up an order durning the weekend and approached the till, which had two staff members there.I let one of them know I had an order to pick up and he immediately shouted back at me ‘IF YOU DON’T HAVE A CONFIRMATION ORDER I CAN’T HELP YOU’. I was stunned. He then went on for what seemed like an age about how stressful his job was and how many orders he received the previous evening, cutting me off multiple times before I eventually advised that I do have a confirmation number (otherwise, I wouldn’t be there). I got my order and left ASAP.It’s clear this person was on some kind of substance due to the way he was acting: impulsive, rude, tweaking and irrational. I was planning to have a look around and buy more items but I’m going to stick to prowler for the foreseeable.
Fernando Nascimento
19:24 05 May 23
Customer service is sad. I work in the services industry facing the public and I am always understanding with people who work in the same business I do.Nevertheless I must say that asking a question is a sentence for you to be judged, made fun off because of your accent, being rushed out like you’re an inconvenience.The gentleman I spoke to made all efforts to make me feel small by using his English as a weapon. Speaking extremely fast and putting bad faces or showing despise shamelessly. I crossed london specifically to buy some items for a party for me and for some friends. Clothing, lubes poppers etc. All started when I dared to ask his majesty about the poppers and the condescending started. I apologised for not being able to understand him fully hoping he would speak a bit slower and I felt like he was going to escalate to a worst stage when he said aggressively and I quote. Well I can’t understand you either.I felt disregarded and humiliated. If you are in a shop where you supposed to shop for unconventional items and paying prices that are not cheap we expect a minimum standard of customer service. I visited the shop on the Friday 5th of may near the closing time. Understandable that people want to go home but if the shop is open till 8 and a customer walks in on time it is the duty of the business at least not to act in such a shameful manner. Is your shop closing soon? Well, inform your client politely. I’m taking my pounds else where. There are plenty of options
Matt Daniels
09:08 31 Oct 22
I love writing these kind of reviews!I ordered some room aromas online, collection. I then realised that I would not be able to make it ( I live in North London, so 40 mins away from the shop). I called and asked if I could change the delivery method ( they offer 3h same day delivery within the M25, London) but the cost was to high so I decided to reschedule my appointment and went to the store to collect my room aromas. I tried 2 out of the 3 I purchased and they are really strong!! amazing! This was my first time at the store and they seemed to have a LOT of stuff, I will definitely pop back in to have a proper look ( first adult store I have ever visited too and it was a great experience)! thank you for the amazing service!!
Marcela Eugenio
16:09 05 Sep 22
FETCH offers an amazing range of products, of which encompass many different sexualities and identities. Absolutely love this place
Nikolai Almeida
14:33 18 Aug 22
I was specifically looking for swimwear when I visited the website, and was surprised by the number of brands and styles available. After several hours of googling, they turned out to have the widest range in the UK! They have an equally great selection of underwear too, so I'll keep them in mind when I next need.Delivery was superfast and the items were very well packaged. I also have to mention the great customer service I received, both in person at the store and online.If I could give more stars I would!
Barrie Preston
21:06 26 May 22
Bought Three items recently one was out of stock but they had it in another colour phoned to see if it would be OK which it was. Good service and delivery. I will definitely be back
Pedro Freitas
02:45 05 May 22
Great little shop. Reasonable prices, deffo could do with an expansion as the only criticism is how tiny the shop is.
Happy Craft
19:54 12 Apr 22
Amazing variety of products for a reasonable prices 👌
15:29 04 Apr 22
Take your money elsewhere and buy from another retailer. I think the staff here have never worked in retail before considering the customer service skills they have. Not worth the hassle and you can probably find half the stuff cheaper elsewhere anyway.Click and collect is the only good thing about this place and they can’t even get that right.
Matt Geo
16:31 28 Nov 21
Bought my first three products yesterday. Fabulous quality, and great prices. All the staff were friendly and welcoming. I did the super efficient order and collect. They let me know well within an hour that my order was ready. I've just ordered two more things. The store is very tempting, so this time I'll stay and see what else I can find! Definitely 5 🌟
Adrian Fallaize
13:32 09 Aug 21
Absolutely wonderful range of products, fantastic value and top class service. They delivered my order via next day as promised and when one of my products had been damaged by the delivery company, they rectified the issue immediately and offered a suitable solution for me. Highly recommended!
Damian Smith
17:48 26 May 21
I have bought a few items from FETCH and have had nothing but great customer service! Great quality items too, they feel durable and comfortable definitely worth the money!
23:11 22 Dec 20
So good to have such well stocked shop in South London and no need to travel into town.
Philip Creswick
06:34 17 Nov 20
The staff are always friendly and helpful-and they know their stock , and are never in your face !
Paul Jeffreys
09:21 02 Jul 20
This place has everything, a true one-stop shop. The clothing is sexy, the accessories and toys are vast with an endless choice, the staff are friendly and welcoming.Don't be put off by what looks like some expensive prices... instead feel the quality... this is a 'get what you pay for' experience. I bought some shorts and I'm delighted with the quality and durability... lol.Good choice of poppers and their face masks are great too.
Terry Bedford
12:58 17 May 20
Always a fun time walking around the shop discovering new things that shock and intrigue you. Even if you just want a bday card for a friend it's worth a visit.People who work there are knowledgeable and don't make you feel uncomfortable. I order online as well as visit the store and the same day delivery option got to me within 4 hours.5 stars from me.

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