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Ficken 3000, nestled in Berlin's vibrant Kreuzberg area, is more than just a club—it's an institution in the city's gay nightlife. This venue offers a unique blend of a bar and a dark room, welcoming a diverse crowd that extends beyond just the gay community, though it notes a clear boundary against purely heterosexual guests . It operates all night long from 10pm, providing an adults-only space that includes features like a cruise/fetish area and music to keep the vibe energetic and inclusive .

The club has garnered a reputation for being an underground hotspot where the atmosphere gets particularly electrifying on weekdays. Regulars describe it as a small yet intensely passionate venue, perfect for those looking to explore the night beyond just dancing . The casual, yet distinctly bold, approach to nightlife makes Ficken 3000 a quintessential part of Berlin's nightlife mosaic, reflecting the city's open-minded and experimental spirit.

For visitors and locals alike, Ficken 3000 represents the epitome of Berlin's unapologetic embrace of diversity and freedom. Its ongoing popularity is a testament to the club's ability to offer an authentic, raw nightlife experience, distinguishing itself from more mainstream venues. Whether you're looking to dance, socialize, or explore something new, Ficken 3000 invites you into the heart of Berlin's nocturnal queer scene, promising nights you're unlikely to forget.



Ficken 3000
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Marko Blatnik
02:36 03 Jul 24
Bizarre is the best description I can think of, the dark room smells of damp and is “realy dark”. The service was ok, cheap drinks don’t make the place better.
Evgenii Morenkov
10:36 09 Jun 24
Good small bar. Was not crowdy at all at Saturday midnight
Moises Marquez
23:54 23 May 24
I was there on Sunday this week and it was very fun. There was a great variety of young boys, very handsome adult boys, everyone had a good time! Upstairs it was full but the cruising part downstairs was much better. The people were very fun, very self-teaching, extroverted, touching, everything was very good. If I go again, I would return to that bar. I will be more excited.
Tony Rejmann
05:08 22 Apr 24
A very famous bar/club with darkroom for queers, rumor says it might close down next year, so better go before it's too late
Hexr Totem
13:23 21 Feb 24
Stop! They should restrict the entrance to cis str8 woman and man. From one year till now the place has changed radically, clearly new homophobic Midest bartenders, plus the dark room is full of str8 woman and man mocking the queer attendees. We need safe spaces, str8 cispeople have all Berlin for their own, from them to take the fewgay places we have for cruising. If you don’t cruising don’t enter the dark room and sit there to smoke and Just watch as it is acircus.
Reagan Fletcher
00:39 17 Jan 24
Smokers paradise. Non smokers hell. My clothes stank and my eyes were sore. Otherwise good bar decent atmosphere. But the smoking is huge issue.
Felix Leupold
09:18 08 Jan 24
Gay Bar with cool parties, can get very crowded especially on the weekends. Dark room dungeon in the cellar with lighter and darker areas to have some little extra fun.Place should invest in a better sound system in the upper area.
Konrad H
04:45 26 Nov 23
Absolutely ridiculous door policy! The club is open until 8am and they don’t let people in anymore from 5:30am onwards. It’s not mentioned on the website or on google! We tried to reason with their staff but to no avail. It doesn’t make sense! People were leaving the premises and despite that they didn’t let on anyone anymore. We even asked if we could simply pay more but also to now avail. Very disappointing!
23:51 18 Nov 23
Sorry but no.Very weird atmosphere and they charge entry fee, what for!?And to make it worse to smell of the sewage downstairs is just disgusting.
James Kilbane
15:26 02 Nov 23
Fun queer space, filled with a diverse crowd and good guest djs. Underground area for cruising/darkrooms or chill out zone, depending on the night.
Mor Menzely
10:49 29 Aug 23
Music was good.If you're looking for gay cruising in a dark room you might need to think twice, but the dark room is like a party room.Mainly Gen z and queer crowd.If you like fooling around while a bunch of 20 year olds watch you, this is the place for you.
Rebekka Zimmermann
09:55 12 Aug 23
The Club is like 97% guys. The dance floor is super small and very very hot. That's why a lot of the guys took of their shirts. They were playing techno and everyone was smoking. The air is really bad. It feels like a sauna, no joke! If you (as a gay man) wanna have fun, the dark room is pretty big and perfect for that. Entrance fee 8€.If you are a lesbian this is not the place to go! Rather go to Schwuz
Elena P
09:15 01 Jul 23
Very cool experience! Not for the heart fainted haha. It's obviously a gay bar but very women- friendly, funny and sexy vibes. I have to say that I don't understand the bad reviews regarding the staff. They helped me to find my jacket, really lovely guys! Looking forward to next time 🙂
Trevor H.
03:29 06 Jun 18
Amazing bar with an awesome dark room. Really great opportunity to meet cool and friendly people from all over the world. Fun music and dancing with cute...
Bern R.
01:58 18 Jul 14
If I had a penis, I'd probably blend in better with the crowd. Actually I don't know, maybe not, especially if I still had all the other lady parts intact....

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