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Fiesta Cantina is the perfect place to enjoy amazing food and drinks in a fun atmosphere that is filled with upbeat party hits on our sound-system ALL day and ALL night! Our original West Hollywood location is in the heart of Boy’s Town with a sidewalk AND a rooftop patio that’s perfect for people watching at the corner of Santa Monica & San Vicente blvd.

We brought the party down South with Fiesta Hillcrest on University Ave. at 3rd Street…the epicenter of good times down in San Diego! Our famous 2-for-1 priced Happy Hour happens twice-a-day, 7 days a week, from 4-8pm

Fiesta Cantina has become a staple as THE place to go for a frothy Mega Margarita on a sunny afternoon, an ice-cold cerveza after work, or perfectly chilled tequila shots before a big night out on the town. We also serve tasty Mexican favorites, such as our sizzling fajita platter, nachos with all the fixings, grandé burritos, street tacos and more! We take pride in the fact that every delicious menu item and specialty drink is priced with value in mind. Fiesta Cantina is the ultimate entertainment and sports event destination, with extra large HD flat screens scattered throughout each location and drink specials all night long.

The only thing you will need is a reason to celebrate…so skip your siesta and join the Fiesta!



Fiesta Cantina
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Fas Cinereus
03:23 10 May 24
Never again for false advertisement!!We arrived at 10:50 pm for late night Taco Tuesday only to hear that their kitchen was closed. They had the advert written on their website, their menus, even their screen but no! What happened to this place?? It seems everyone now goes somewhere else for Taco Tuesdays 🤷‍♂️They still offer the earlier deal from 4-8pm so why advertise “& late night” when you don’t keep your word? Well hey management, take the advert down! Don’t make people drive across the city after 10 only to break promises!
Barbara Novinger
03:47 05 May 24
Best beef fajitas!!!! Delicious and the sides were good too. The music was awesome and the only bad thing were there were not enough toilets for the women especially!!!
Ronie S.
20:50 23 Apr 24
Best place to chill, have a drink, have some nachos or tacos and listen to the DJ or the music in general. Barr elders are friendly and the environment is...
Me T
02:18 17 Apr 24
Went in today 04/16/24 at about 6:30. We waited about 10mine and no service. Was walk to the bar and the waiter with the glasses and beard finally walks pass and says I’ll be right with you. He proceeds to take care of the people at the end. Two guys walk in and sit down. After helping the previous group he walks over to the two guys who just walked in and starts taking their order. Even to the point where he’s sitting on the stool. Ignore the fact that we’ve been sitting for about 15-20mins at this point t. Super rude and inconsiderate. We ended up walking out and eating somewhere else on the block.
Jay S.
20:12 02 Apr 24
This place has always been a hit or miss for me. I prefer to stay up top with ventilation on the open roof. This last visit was a good one. We came Saturday...
Joseph S.
23:54 09 Mar 24
Came here tonight, Eric helped us with drinks and stayed with us the whole night. He is the only person keeping this establishment afloat.
Esmeralda R.
15:23 29 Feb 24
Food was decent! Got some steak nachos. Reasonable prices. Service was great! Our server was constant checking up on us. We got our drinks pretty quick....
06:31 28 Feb 24
i adore this bar & have been coming here for years! the drinks are strong and they do 2 for one happy hours almost every night. they will also make you a GIANT margarita in virtually any flavor. the rooftop is the place to be imo. i make friends every time i come here, the vibe is immaculate. the staff is always attentive and friendly. the food is mid, but i don’t come here for the food lol.
Dëëps I.
23:35 24 Feb 24
It's ok if you're not a female that has to use the restroom. There is one stall and I've been in line over 30 minutes. It's a basic service when you're...
Lucas M.
17:36 21 Feb 24
Fun place to go with friends with huge drinks and good food. Staff is always friendly and pretty much what you want a restaurant staff to be. One of my...
Susamoy Ahmed
06:46 13 Feb 24
Great drinks, amazing servers, banger music good nachos & elotes, but awful security people. The line for women restroom grows pretty long. Since there’s only one for them & only one person can go in at a time. So sometimes they decide to let the girls use men’s restroom. I understand the need, but I’ve seen three times already that the security guy being extremely rude when someone is complaining about it. Left a sour taste in my mouth & totally ruined a great experience.
Ken Hillis
05:09 31 Jan 24
Tacos were like eating cardboard. Also, you must order drinks to get the Tuesday all you can eat 'deal,' which was only apparent just as we placed the order. Two miserable tacos were more than enuf. Supersize my MEH
Oscar Daniel R.
12:04 25 Jan 24
Thank you to our server Mark for being so lovely! With We Ho constantly changing I am happy that this place is still alive. Great for groups and their...
Spicy E.
19:58 13 Jan 24
Their STEAK NACHOS are to die for. Literally the best nachos I've had in LA. Don't get me started on their HUGE margaritas with multiple flavors to choose...
Marshay D.
23:24 09 Jan 24
Came here for my friends bday since the plan was to bar hop in West Hollywood! It was a very fun experience here with good drinks that my friend said was...
Cole Chandler
00:53 24 Dec 23
The “happy hour” is a scam. Margaritas are STILL 20 each. Service was terrible, even while the place was dead. The server never came to check on us or let us reorder, even tho there were literally three occupied tables including ours. Homeless people people on the stress also harassed us.
Cole C.
17:20 23 Dec 23
The "happy hour" is a scam. Margaritas are STILL 20 each. Service was terrible, even while the place was dead. The server never came to check on us or let...
Karen Carrillo
09:06 16 Dec 23
The nachos are to die for but definitely not a good atmosphere being harassed and watched by security. Literally sat down an drank my drink while my friends dances. WAS my favorite spot but i guess i’ll be looking for a new spot after this event.
John P
16:21 06 Dec 23
Food was really good.No complaints would definitely recommend
Jay M.
19:21 03 Dec 23
I have been a bartender for over 18 years and had never experienced such a bad service; I guess it a bit more economic than other places around here but...
Ivan S.
20:13 01 Dec 23
The food was decent. It was my first time here. Probably not coming back. Service was subpar. I had to go to the bar tender to order food. I was told I had...
Daniella J
08:43 25 Nov 23
Terrible service. We ordered regular sized margaritas, but our server brought us the large margaritas without asking if we would like to upgrade to them. We say whatever, ok maybe got mixed up. My drink tasted like orange juice with ice, even though it was supposed to be a mango margarita. I ask the server can I get a replacement drink. The manager says that they don’t take drinks off the bill, or swap drinks. Ok, I understand, so I ask can I at least get more mango juice so that my huge mango margarita tastes like mangoes. The bartender put a small splash in my large drink, then tells leans back and tells my server “that’s it”. Needless to say the drink still tasted like orange juice with ice.I understand not comping or swapping drinks, but if you give someone a drink that is different from what they order, at least pretend to give a care. Just be prepared for an upsell for the extra large margarita, and not to get what you order.
Rah J.
22:47 22 Nov 23
Service is very slow and staff is not friendly.I sat down outside waiting to order food. I waited 5 mins before appreciating the host stand. I was told it...
Gary Lippman
02:29 01 Nov 23
Started off great and went down hill quickly with the service … Server Marc disappeared never to be seen again and rushed us to close out the check after tipping him 20% .. Mgr never came by to apologize or fix the unserved tacos after we ordered them on Taco Tuesday . Another server helped us and apologized profusely for Marc who disappeared … I will proceed with credit card company to refund my gratuity of 20% … DO NOT PAY til all service is completed here ….
Ryan P.
13:21 30 Oct 23
I love love love this place it's always a go, I love the $22 dollar big cup drink you can get any drink in that , they have good music Friday and Saturday,...
Amaris Burnett
18:40 09 Oct 23
Food was really good, well seasoned and delicious. Good drink selection that got the job done lol. The waiter was friendly and personable. We had kids in our party so we had to sit outside. (Which smelled of pee) The one table that fit 6 people was broken/ missing a leg and wobbly.Overall I recommend just not for a party with kids
Franssia Ramos
01:44 03 Sep 23
Been living in Los Angeles all my life and I’ve seen this place slowly go down in service and food. Recently was the last straw. Last night we went to grab a quick margarita. Serving staff didn’t approach me until after my partner had left to grab a drink. After they had ordered and brought the drinks the server told us we had to order something specifically from him to sit at the table or we had to go to the bar. We already ordered the drinks but he was mad at us and began yelling at us that we had to leave the table and go to the bar. We explained we couldn’t go to the bar as my partner had a hearing issue and couldn’t hear over how loud the bar was. Server didn’t care and left us to stand by the sidewalk to finish our drinks. Staff here is rude, tables are sticky and gross, and they clearly don’t care or accommodate for hearing impairment. Would not recommend.
Drew Bushnell
01:32 03 Sep 23
I live up the street from Fiesta Cantina and used to enjoy grabbing a big margarita during happy hour or sing karaoke on Wednesdays… but over the past 6 months the place has gone significantly downhill. I’ve had a couple waiters really push the giant margaritas on me and my friends when we just wanted a small margarita to grab a quick drink and leave. At some point they stopped asking and just would give us the giant margarita, and when I asked for the smaller one that I ordered I had to argue with the server. Not everyone wants 4 shots in one drink and they should respect people’s alcohol tolerance/preference. The last straw was last night. I sat at a table and waited for a server for half an hour. When no one came, I went to the bar to grab a drink and come back. The moment I came back, the server came and asked for my order. I explained I already bought the drink and I’m fine but he insisted I had to order from him or leave the table and go to the bar. When I explained I had a hearing issue and can’t stay at the loud bar he didn’t seem to care and yelled at me to leave the table. We stood by the sidewalk and finished our margs for the last time there. Don’t recommend this bar. They are loud, disrespectful to hearing issues, and force expensive drinks on customers.
MaineTain Thompson
04:41 29 Aug 23
Such a diverse environment. Always someone to talk to or something to look at. I love the video dj set up they have that adds audio & visual entertainment. The drinks are pricey but they're not stingy on the alcohol. Always my go to spot for chilling outside enjoying the vibe.
Joshua Maresh
19:52 24 Aug 23
Food was delicious!Atmosphere was spot on. But what made the experience for my wife and i here was the bartender/server named Rai This guys prepresents this company sooooo well. Friendy, personable, attentive, and just all around a great human being! Everything here was great but he was beyond awesome!!!+
Oliver P.
12:03 12 Aug 23
Fun place! Great music! Good vibes! I don't know why there are some bad reviews for this place? Every time I come it's always a good time! Margaritas are...
G.G. “Slava” Calont
03:17 01 Aug 23
Was visiting LA, am from New York. Stopped here on a Wednesday night, for karaoke.The staff and crowd here made me feel very welcome. Drinks were reasonably priced and the bartender was very nice.Will return the next time I visit LA!
Steve Quin
17:27 24 Jul 23
I often do not consider Fiesta when going out in WeHo. It's just kinda played out and very "bridge and tunnel". However on this particular Tuesday the $10 all you can eat tacos were calling my name. We went, ordered 2 tacos and 2 drinks (they are 2 for 1 until 8pm) and went to town. The veggie tacos were amazing and they just keep bringing them until you're full. Perfect for me!All in all had a great time and had some good tacos.
Robert Nguyen
09:53 23 Jul 23
Great spot for people watching. Nice music. Staff is friendly. Taco Tuesday is all-you-can-eat. You have choice of chicken, beef or squash. Fish tacos are not part of the AYCE deal. Margaritas are HUUUUGE!
j free
08:51 06 Jul 23
Disappointed with the karaoke. I asked if they had time to let me sing they said in 25min which was fine but 30min and they ran out of time. Just was alittle upset that they just didn't just say they didn't have time instead of wasting my time . I was visiting so it was a bigger deal than usual for me.
Michelle Crouse
17:51 23 Jun 23
I got the Cancun margarita. The bartender was very accommodating. He made it less sweet per my request. The nightlife in June/Pride Month was very busy. I would go again.
Elle V.
10:11 21 Jun 23
I went to Fiesta to grab a drink while waiting for friends. It's been a minute since I was alone at a bar and Fiesta was awesome The vibe was cool- happy,...
Michael Rangel
18:25 01 Jun 23
Fiesta Cantina now has a Life long customer!My first visit was an Amazing experience, From the Karaoke, to the energetic Bartenders, and the overall energy that seemed to connect everyone.Honestly the best fun I have had in my life.Fiesta Cantina is a Must .We-Ho at it's finest .
Karl A
00:33 29 May 23
I went there tonight wanting to have fun with my friends. I, unfortunately, was met with inconsiderate and aggressive staff. My friend was waiting to get in, and her not understanding what the guards were saying, was confused and took her ID back. They took it as a sign of her having an attitude problem and prohibited her from coming inside. They went as far as claiming that we should not be associated with her and should not even be her friend when she was confused on the aggressiveness and inconsideration met from these people because of her hearing problems.What right do these people have that they know this person and wanting to dictate who should be friends with who.I understand that maybe we should have been more rational, but the people were coming up to us and yelling at us and saying she was in the wrong.I've never felt so belittled for trying and protecting my friend when all she did was take her ID from someone who claimed she had an attitude.The manager himself came out and said she has no right and that she flipped the bird at that person responsible for staring this mess. (I'd like to reiterate that he came to us, uncalled for, that we should not be friend with such a crazy person with an attitude)Of course, she'd be angry at the person who started this mess and made a big deal out of something that started as a misunderstanding.Please don't go here if you have trouble understanding people and want to be yelled at with no consideration for your handicap.Edited due to typos and corrections
Daniel Register
04:59 24 May 23
Tonight was my first night tryingfiesta Cantina, it was good, and the prices were good also. The employees were nice, and they have a live DJ playing good music. Also very great vibes in this area.
Jessica M.
17:10 21 May 23
I enjoyed the ambience with the music bumping. The service was great. Our server was really nice and would check on us frequently. The food was okay,...
Annette K.
16:22 19 May 23
Fun place, especially on Tuesdays for AYCE tacos. Good music, friendly service, outdoor seating available.
Nikki K.
10:27 08 May 23
Food was . . Better than Del taco but that's itService sad , unpleasant, however if your not looking to be treated well and just get drunk on someone...
Skyler G.
01:55 28 Apr 23
always a fiesta!! mango marg pink lemonade watermelon mega marg servers were 12/10 like besties and i would go out with them!! we love mitch!! he deserves...
Lish S.
14:39 21 Apr 23
There is definitely a vibe here at Fiesta Cantina, I went on a Sunday for a little day drinking. The music was really good, the customer service was decent....
Matt G.
12:15 18 Apr 23
This place is always pumping! It has a dope patio and is in the middle of the strip of bars on Santa Monica Blvd. All the margaritas are served as doubles...
Michelle C.
15:30 01 Apr 23
Horrible horrible service that comes with an attitude stay away if your hungry. Came in Saturday 4/1 to a busy place but was surprised to know there was...
Dilenia A.
08:03 10 Mar 23
BEWARE OF THIS PLACE WHEN PAYING WITH A CARD!!! The reason I say this because last night, yet AGAIN, my card was charged AFTER I paid my bill and left!!!...
Bubble G.
16:08 28 Feb 23
Quick service and tasty burrito, however the chips were kind of dry. Cool atmosphere and I love the cantina vibe. Wasn't too crowded when I went...
Mildred F.
13:15 24 Feb 23
It was a very nice sunny warm day and we wanted to sit outside. We were planning to go to Rocco's but had just seen the news story about the pickpockets so...
Sylvia F.
22:04 22 Feb 23
Fun place. Good drinks. This review is from years ago. Not even sure if they are still in business.
Manny V.
22:02 01 Feb 23
My favorite spot in weho for good food and drinks. The staff is always friendly and next level. I love that the servers are attentive and always checking in...
Oliver P.
21:13 01 Feb 23
The Nachos were good! The Margarita's were strong and the service was! Good ambiance for a game because there's a lot of TV's! For sure would come back. The...
greg manwaring
03:38 30 Jan 23
I attended Wednesday night karaoke here and was pleasantly surprised with the great food quality! The indoor/outdoor seating was packed with lots of people out having a good time. The Karaoke was excellent, with two very entertaining kj's and a great sound system!
London R.
12:00 21 Jan 23
I absolutely love this place. One of my favorite bars in Weho. We always order the huge margaritas, which are usually 2 for 1. They have all kinds of...
Jeremy “JerBear”
04:34 10 Nov 22
Their tacos in Taco Tuesday are truly delicious and for only $8 ALL YOU CAN EAT! You must purchase a drink too (soda is fine too). I HIGHLY recommend trying their tacos even if it isn't Tuesday. My friends and I eat here at least once a month and always have the best food and service.
Gerald Yuen
02:03 27 Sep 22
Nachos tasted okayyyy. They could have put more topping in it. They have b1g1 happy hour though. And Tuesdays are $8 ayce tacos
10:16 02 Sep 22
What a great server Nathan! He’s got a wonderful smile and attitude to customers.HOWEVER, there was a terrible security host who smoked electric ciga and blew it away right in me and my friends’ faces. We asked her for excuse cause we were nonsmokers, but what she said was amazing! She said “Don’t excuse yourself. You are already rude to say that.” What is this? Even after we told the manager, she blew the smoke toward us on purpose. This ruined our night surprisingly on my frined’s birthday party. Feel so bad. But still, the food and the beverages were super great! Unless there’s no terrible security host, I would definitely visit Fiesta Cantina again and again!
Tera “TeraFH” Anderson
21:20 01 Sep 22
Food was oright, drinks were DELICIOUS!!! Atmosphere is great, danceable & loud music! The only con we were there when they weren't really busy and had a hard time getting our servers attention. DJ was good at his transitions!
Patrick Morrison
04:46 10 Aug 22
We just moved to the area at the beginning of August and were super excited about Taco Tuesday.Cons (I NEED to get this off my chest): We were told to seat ourselves, so we did. We waited 15 minutes before any server even made eye contact with us. I had to ask the bartender if we should order from him but he said to wait for the server.During those 15 minutes, 2 servers were quickly helping the tables to our right and left. These were tables that I could literally reach out and touch. So, it was obvious that the servers were ignoring us for some reason. They would walk toward our table, glance at us (and our empty table with just menus) turn their backs and help the other tables. We had to speak up to ask if we could order.Once we got the attention of one sever, she started having a debate with another server about who should take our table. It was clear that neither one wanted to serve us.We finally ordered and got our food but were still ignored many times. New customers came in to sit next to us and they were helped within 1-2 minutes and they were helped 2-3 times while our server ignored our empty glasses and plates (we wanted more tacos and drinks). The worst part about this experience is that we felt like we did something wrong but have no idea what it was. We were very polite, always said thank you and even tipped generously.Why do your servers get to make people feel non-existent?
Patrick M.
21:47 09 Aug 22
We just moved to the area at the beginning of August and were super excited about Taco Tuesday. Cons (I NEED to get this off my chest): We were told to...
Best Believe
02:43 03 Aug 22
The atmosphere was lit, I loved it and the drinks were great. Ordered a Strawberry Margarita and got two. Didn't realize it was buy one, get one.Food was not meant to be the greatest so don't go with high expectations and you'll.get a great buzz and have a fabulous time.
Darlene D
04:24 23 Jul 22
Yesss!!!! Yesss!!! Yesss!! I love me some Fiesta Cantina, especially on a Friday and Saturday night. If you like loud music, big drinks, big nachos, long lines for the bathroom, and an opportunity to let go of all your worries, head over to Fiesta Cantina on a Friday or Saturday night.Fiesta Cantina is located in the bustling city of West Hollywood, AKA WeHo. It is such a lively place with lots of fun people and good vibes. They offer both indoor and outdoor seating. They have a huge selection of drinks and bites. You can either hang out on the first floor or walk your way up to the second floor, where you can party the night away on their rooftop deck. There is never a cover charge! But be ready to show your id before coming in.Overall, Fiesta Cantina is the place to go to have a good time. “So skip your siesta and join the fiesta!”
Darlene D.
21:24 22 Jul 22
Yesss!!!! Yesss!!! Yesss!! I love me some Fiesta Cantina, especially on a Friday and Saturday night. If you like loud music, big drinks, big nachos, long...
Arian Hosseinzadeh
22:41 19 Jul 22
I very rarely leave an online feedback, unless I have a really awful experience.TL;DR: Save yourself time, money and some nerve and don't go there. Staff are very irresponsible, aggressive and there's a waitress who is super-rude.This restaurant gave me the worst experience I've had in Los Angeles. Right after we bought a couple of drinks we were told there is no table to sit/stand next to while many were empty. Apparently those tables were reserved for people who want to eat. I mean if you don't have a table available, why do you even accept customers? Just to charge them and then tell them you can not stay there?But... It doesn't end here!We told the waitress (the rude African-American waitress) that we will stand next to this table and will leave when the people who reserved the table come in. Guess what was her answer: "do you want us to kick you out?" She told this and ran to the bouncer. I went to the bouncer and talked to him, and the he apologized, but did nothing.I went to the bartender and asked to talk to the manager. They said the manager was out and they don't know what to do. Well, talk to your employee!I asked the rude waitress her name to call the manager next day and talk to them, and she "ran away" after saying "I don't know you".Everything was strange, weird and disgusting.They should train their staff and by the way, give them a better clothing. The waitress was in her pijamas.
Arian H.
15:48 19 Jul 22
I've been on Yelp for more than 6,7 years and this is my first negative review and there is a reason for that.TL;DR: Save yourself time, money, peace and...
John Wilkes
07:10 03 Jul 22
The place you'll actually have "just one drink" bc they're that big! Great food. Great appetizers. Great vibe. And, uhh great views... 😍
Marc Rideout
19:55 19 Jun 22
As always I had a fabulous time. Shrimp nachos for absolutely outstanding and the drinks were good and strong. I recommend the Mango margarita.
Junior Sok
11:40 18 Jun 22
Some random girl came looking for her phone and flipped our whole table! Security told us to leave as is while they called the manager to show proof of what happened. The manager offered us ONE DRINK. ONE. After we spent over $100 on drinks. I’m disgusted by the actions that were being offered. He then called security to escort me out when I asked for at least TWO drinks out of the 5 that was spilled. He could’ve easily asked his bartender to replace our drinks, but didn’t.
Sahar Swaleh
03:16 30 May 22
10/10, drinks and vibes were lit. Reasonably well priced for the area. Conner deserves a raise he was such an amazing host to me and my friends
Allyssa P.
20:01 24 May 22
Fantastic service! We came in for late night happy hour since the drinks are BOGO. I ordered 10 shots of Casamigos for $60 and they were poured to the RIM....
Laura H
21:52 14 May 22
This place is filthy. The drinks are large and the nachos I tried were very good but it did not make up for the fact that all surfaces where sticky. There is only one single person bathroom that has continuous long lines. Every time I went to the bathroom there was urine all over the seat. There is an additional bathroom for urinal use only with no door that allows the pee odor to spread. The staff was pleasant and there was ample security but still not going back.
Paul M.
18:24 08 May 22
Ever since they closed down the one in San Diego. I've made it a mission to always drive up every other week to enjoy this location! The staff are amazing...
Anthony Welch
23:28 01 May 22
My opinion has changed about this place since 2020. There’s a new diverse staff. They are professional and very kind. The venue was gorgeous and the food is delicious. Just wish the margaritas didn’t cost so much lol
Liz P.
23:23 27 Apr 22
BEWARE: Their happy hour deal that says "ALL drinks 2-for-1 prices" is VERY misleading and does NOT apply to ALL drinks!My friend and I came here for...
Abby S.
17:33 27 Apr 22
I always have a such a good time here! Perfect for a late night drink or a place to listen to or dance to. Fiesta Cantina is my go-to place whenever I go to...
Lupe F.
19:42 23 Apr 22
I loved going to fiesta before but now it seems pretty empty most nights. I love their happy hour the drinks are good!!! They have a balcony area which gets...
Corey Aguilar-Bouche
19:44 10 Apr 22
This should be the first stop of bar hopping. Small light menu to share and drinks are ALWAYS well made. Park at Pacific Design Center $10-15 CASH
TamrieAnn Cagley (TamrieAnn)
18:27 08 Apr 22
Fabulous West Hollywood Cantina! Fiesta Cantina has a great variety of delicious house margaritas that are served in fish bowl glasses! Great prices too! The menu is full of classic cantina favorites. The tacos are awesome and the Pineapple salad is amazing! The ingredients are fresh and the portions are perfectly sized. The staff is friendly and attentive. Overall I highly recommend a trip to Fiesta Cantina.
Megan M.
21:33 06 Apr 22
Best food on the strip. The customer service is above and beyond. Love the food here. They have a special on Tuesday for Taco Tuesday and amazing happy hour...
Jacob L
22:35 03 Apr 22
5 stars - Great spot to come for Margaritas and walk over the Boulevard. The drink specials are reasonable and it's a great place to start the night.4 stars - I don't advise this spot as a place to eat if you are hungry; but if you want a snack of nachos and guzzle some beer or have a margarita, then that's cool. The food here is typical "bar food".
Theresa M.
12:04 22 Mar 22
Loved coming here on a Friday night with my sister. Great deal on the margaritas. I think it was $20, has four shots in it and is served in a massive...
Halo light
20:23 14 Mar 22
Amazing service good people the food was off the chain I enjoyed myself here after eating went inside and danced a little it was everything you can Ask fit in one place perfect I will definitely be visiting again
01:23 13 Mar 22
Its good for drinks and music but if you come here an expect to eat. Well be ready to get the worse service!!! I had to flag down a waitress and when the brought our food they didn't provide utensils or napkins. I had to get up to get napkins. I rather go else were.
Nick Dopuch
22:28 11 Mar 22
Wednesday kareoke is the best in town - 2 for 1 drink specials... But the service staff must be professional singers moonlighting as bartenders because it was American Idol finals in that place... Like crazy good "season 1-4" level... Not phoned in "5 - 200" (except the Adam Lambert season... Who I also think was there one night)Hosts are amazing as well, great catalog:-)
Kyon S.
09:02 20 Feb 22
best 2 for 1 drink go-to place!!! lots of othe places, but, fiesta is the best in weho!
Jayson May
20:41 19 Feb 22
This place was so much fun!! Karaoke was the best, alot of talented people. Our waitress was totally cool. Wish I could remember her name. Thanks for a blast of a time.
Ryobi W.
05:03 17 Feb 22
Talk about fraud.. I had been calling them for nearly year.. I bought ONE drink.. and apparently was charged $126.70!!! I would call and told the manager...
Norm Cox
00:07 12 Feb 22
Great atmosphere, felt safe. They checked and flowed all Covid protocol. The staff was fast, freindly and sexy☺️ food was great and drinks were Off The Chain! See ya again soon.
Vicky U.
00:16 30 Jan 22
Julio Coraspe
05:32 21 Jan 22
I love the staff in this place. It's amazing how they treat you, al of them are extremely kind and friendly. Yo can also have a very interesting conversation about the are and get son recommendation for places to visit... I loved it since the beginning... And loved it more when i ate the food. I'll come back for sure
Morgan Wells
18:16 06 Jan 22
Food is always great. Singing and drinking so much fun. Come over it's mine Goddess's favorite club
Lauren C.
13:41 03 Dec 21
My friends and I visited fiesta cantina from out of town and we could not be happier! The drinks are strong and the food is good! Service was quick as well....
Nathan Loyer
23:06 03 Nov 21
Very good food, great drinks.Holy freaking attractive and flirty bartender/server.The place was quiet in terms of crowd for a taco Tuesday lunchtime and the music too loud. I understand why it used to be great dancing before COVID.The aesthetic is a bit all over the place but when the people and food are tasty...
Samantha Daniels
09:10 01 Nov 21
A guy bumped into my friend and made her drink fall from the table on Halloween night between 12:10 and 12:20am. He said he worked there and could kick her out. It was so rude and I hope he gets fired. If there are good security cameras, it was definitely caught on camera. It was at the entrance on the right (when facing the bar). My friend was wearing a tinker bell costume. It was a white male security guard who did it.
Paola Sanchez
09:00 01 Nov 21
A guy bumped into me and made my drink fall from the table on Halloween night between 12:10 and 12:20am. He said he worked there and could kick me out. It was infuriating. If there are good security cameras, it was definitely caught on camera. It was at the entrance on the right (when facing the bar). I was wearing a tinker bell costume. It was a white male security guard.
Bardia A.
16:20 31 Oct 21
I came in with a few friends wanting to show them a good time in West Hollywood. The waitress was really nice at first and when we asked if it was happy...
Bri z
01:34 16 Oct 21
Fun place to go with a group of friends and they have great happy hour. Only reason for the 3 star is that, although the staff is friendly, sometimes you could be waiting AWHILE just to get a drink. Food is your typical bar food. Also not the cleanest place. Has that dive bar feel. If you are looking for a wild nice in weho though, stop here!
Kyle Cedric Sy
10:10 10 Oct 21
Cheap drinks (relatively), good music, space for dancing. What else did you want? Excellent place to start the evening
Alyssa E.
19:57 01 Oct 21
We always come here for the Carne Asada Fries!!! Fastest service we received was tonight from Adam!! We put our order in, blinked about three times and...
Naiya Met
06:36 28 Sep 21
Great food, decently priced. Super large food options and excellent happy hours services. Must visit.
09:15 05 Sep 21
Really hype place and the way the decorations are set up really makes this place extremely fun to visit. That being said, the upstairs floor, this place has two floors, is pretty fun but is slippery as all hell as many people drop their drinks while dancing which makes in bold for throwing some serious moves in the dance floor- so be cautious. Also, the restrooms are weird. Like, the men share their urinals with a toilet seat next to it not giving anybody a modicum of privacy- ended being used as a shield for some random girl to be able to go in some sort of peace. And the food was essentially an afterthought with regard to flavoring and taste. Overall, be mindful of this place. To best describe, it's trashy but classy trashy. Would come again if certain things were addressed in regard to quality.
Nathanial T.
12:52 31 Aug 21
Howdy folks. Nasty Nathanial here and it is time for another one of my "Nasty" reviews. This time I am focusing my attention on the Fiesta Cantina. This a...
00:02 22 Aug 21
Great happy hour specials & good bartenders. The drinks were great.The disappointing items include mediocre food. Despite it's name, I don't think I heard one song relating to Spanish or Mexican heritage. The name & design do not match the music at all. The staff was good
Tiger Litam
18:00 21 Aug 21
Great music, good times. Two opportunities for happy hours! We went for the late night happy hour but beware the super large margs are NOT included.... So don't be surprised by paying sohnle by example because we definitely didn't see that it wasn't included in the happy hour nor did our waiter point it out to us.The music was great though, loved the music if not a little loud
Yvette Alarcon
03:27 18 Aug 21
This is one of my all time favorite Gay Bars in West Hollywood. Its always lively, even on a Monday! They have great drinks, good food, and good music. I love the vibe there; always a great time! I recommend their Margaritas and the Steak Nachos.
Alan G.
10:10 17 Aug 21
The best carne asada fries on this side of town, drinks are bomb too staff is friendly
Danae' P.
06:52 10 Aug 21
3 stars because it smelled like pee outside for the patio seating, homeless wandering around, kids begging for money as I'm eating, service was terribly...
Joe C.
10:52 08 Aug 21
First time in here. Passed by a bunch of times so I wanted to try it out. Our waiter was very pleasant and stayed on top of our table. We ordered chicken...
Queen Teats
14:02 07 Aug 21
First time customer. I ordered the chicken nachos. Food was hot and ready and on time. The portion was Large. Friendly staff. And most importantly the food was real good. Would def eat again.
Karen Ramos
15:29 03 Aug 21
So much fun! Great music and atmosphere. Everyone is super friendly and the service is superb. This place has a spot on my top favorite bars.
Antonio M.
22:37 26 Jul 21
Came tonight on Monday. Nachos were bomb recommend getting it with eggs. Service can be slow if it's busy and depending on your server but the drinks are a...
Kayla K.
20:35 19 Jul 21
Came here with some coworkers and omg was this place fun and it was happy hour so drinks were 2 for 1 and service was sooo nice and a lot of seating had a...
John T.
22:42 18 Jul 21
Alison T.Rowland Heights, CAThis is a response to me (a gay man and patron) from straight women named Alison T. from the country bumpkin town of Rowland...
Reymi M.
11:38 08 Jul 21
I have been coming to Cantina for years and for years I have always felt right at home, until recently. Perhaps they are understaffed but no excuse for poor...
Mario Garcia-Gillespie
06:13 04 Jul 21
This is a fun bar with 2 floors and large margaritas. The shots are pricey, but the music is great. Expect strong, sugary cocktails. Be careful with valuables a friend's phone was stolen here.
Mozel M.
16:36 02 Jul 21
The monster drinks are worth it! I always get those. The taquitos are really good. It's always a party. I love coming here
Butter Fly
21:42 28 Jun 21
The environment itself is nice. The bartenders were super friendly...but the server was nasty. I had a tab open at the bar and the server was very rude about explaining how things went. He seemed to be extremely impatient. This isn't the first time I've encountered that kind of energy there so I really don't frequent it as much as I would like. The patrons are always super friendly and when I do go I enjoy the crowd and music.
Anhelica R.
14:22 19 Jun 21
I have been waiting months to officially crown a bar as my local watering hole and this place is it. I have been searching for a bar I can show up to in...
Janquel J.
10:45 08 Jun 21
We came here for margaritas and left still wanting a margarita. The Good: Great drink deals especially the two for 1 shots on the day we went. Our...
Patrick M.
11:34 01 Jun 21
Yulissa T left out the part where her group shouted homophobic and racial slurs at the entire restaurant.....because they didnt want to tip their server.
Alexander R.
00:50 01 Jun 21
Yulissa T completely lied! I was there at a table yesterday. You missed how you were all up in the servers face yelling at them before the manager stepped...
Katherine K.
10:41 31 May 21
Right away, I knew this place wasn't going to be the best service. How? Because the host, when checking my friends and my IDs at the front, was 1000% nicer...
Sharie Gray
14:28 25 May 21
Omg guys the drink was awesome absolutely great, and so was the chicken/steak nachos. But yooooo when i turned to my left there was the biggest roach i watched it go from the floor then crawled up a chair......i told my girlfriend i was with NOPE check please. And then a cute couple next to my right saw another one and was like NO ....check.Like totally turned me off. I get its an open establishment but really. I cant
Chemekia Gurley
00:42 27 Apr 21
The food is phenomenal! I had steak nachos. Huge serving!! The margaritas were delicious also!! Comes in a really big glass. The service was really nice too. All around a good time.
Henrick Eriksson Bland / moltazdesign
22:25 25 Apr 21
Great place to have a great margarita. The food is great to, must say. Staff is very friendly and genuine happy to see and serve you. Fun interior. Tips: try the mango or the pink lemonade margarita. They are good🤤😃
Prince Martin
03:06 15 Apr 21
So listen I came to LA for the first time for a friends birthday and came across this place. Initially the service was dicey due to confusion about when the roof top would open and if we’d be able to order drinks while waiting. Once that was resolved by the owner , who was very kind, everything went smoothly. Our server Joe recommended the steak burrito and wow he there are easier ways to win me over. I’m joking but it was amazing, so good I forgot to take a picture. Drinks we’re a little pricey depending on the size but I feel the food prices offset the cost. Overall I had a great time and will definitely come back, Joe I want a shrimp and steak burrito next time 👀
D'Lonie Jackson
22:34 29 Mar 21
The Food was excellent and well priced. The server seemed nice at first but when I declined the electric tip, his body language changed. I then gave him cash and I guess it wasn’t enough to his liking so he said “oh wow” and walked off with an attitude. But oh well nice cooks and food!!

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