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FLEX Spas Los Angeles is a premier all male private club.

These facilities are an exclusive/private all male membership facility providing accommodations for full gym facilities, premier hotel suites [where available), cabana, deluxe cabana, quite cabana, lockers, personal trainers and massage therapists.

Amenities include outdoor pool, Jacuzzi, steam room, lounge, sauna, showers, vending, wireless internet service, PC workstations. In various locations, we are opening full service kitchens and full-service bars stocked with spirits, beers and wines.



FLEX Spas Los Angeles
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Andrew Ramirez
01:09 06 Jun 23
Flex spas is a Private Mens Club. 1 day membership or 6 month membership is required upon entry. There’s lockers or private rooms to purchase .Busier days tend to fall on a Friday afternoon and Saturday . Open 7 days a week - 24/7Free parking , unlimited towels, outside patios, heated pool , jacuzzi , showers , gym, lounges, video rooms, vending machines, etc.Payments- CASH OR CARD (Apple pay accepted) - ATM provided at entrance
Luis Chacon
09:51 28 May 23
The front desk attendant are rude as hell.They have no manners to treat the customers who pays their salary.The waiting to be in it’s horrible slow… soPlease be more efficient, clear and polite if you have no availability.And train you employees to be more kind!
Craig D.
13:04 14 May 23
Be careful with this guy working here... he will sneak in your room and go through your stuff
Angel Perez
09:35 14 May 23
It takes soooooooooooooooo long to get in. They take about 10 minutes per person.It’s fun inside though. Would definitely be 5 starts if it wasn’t for the wait time to get in.
Timothy M.
23:26 09 May 23
Great customer service. Nathan is so helpful he is so polite and always has a smile on his face.
Alex PAN
14:22 06 May 23
Update on May 5, 2023. Arrived around 1:30am, pretty busy, there were around 15-20 guys lined up, long time waiting, because some of them are the first time visitors, got to fill and sign the paper form…it almost took 5-10 mins to checkin a visitor. Please provide online form and signature, then those new visitors can use phone to fill when waiting in the line.Sex activities are still hot and guys are diverse. Flex will be my only place when visit LA.==============Very friendly staff, and a good and spacious spa to meet new people. Even had fun in the workout area! :-DUpdate on Feb 5:Will definitely return when next time in town. Spent a very busy Saturday night here, rooms were sold out when I checked in around 8pm. You still see a long line for checkin at 12am. Lots of hot and handsome guys(comparing with another adult club without showers nearby). After a sleepless night cruise, I even got my final two xxx at 8am and 9am in the morning! =====for those complaining about no steam or some facilities didn’t work, go to LA fitness to enjoy, 😀
Jacob C.
01:06 23 Apr 23
I tried to walk into this place with both my partner and one of our bestfriends and the refused to allow me inside of the facility simply because I'M...
Kameron T.
00:52 23 Apr 23
I came here with my trans boyfriend and they wouldn't let him in.. honestly so transphobi
Ryan James
07:48 24 Mar 23
Good: Big place, lots of private rooms, pool, spa, gym, theater room, lots of lockers 24/7Bad: Too much white bright lights and needs dedicated darker rooms,, need sling rooms and cubicles for those who dont need private room, common shower areas need rennovation, need better heating as ppl are in towels not in street clothes, esp at night. Long wait times in the entrance.Flex is one of the few last standing men's adult place in LA yet the owner is complacent on not improving its facility. Been checking this place once in a while but Everytime I come here it's a disappointment, the overall vibe of this place is not conducive to a happy ending.
Art S.
17:39 20 Mar 23
Too bad you don't take cash like you used to. Too good for cash too good for me. See how long you last
17:34 18 Mar 23
Great place to relax and have fun!!! They should immediately reactivate the Steam Room and install HOLE GLORY in the dark room next to the gym!!!
18:57 10 Mar 23
The desk dude when we checked out was such a little C**t. He accused me of staying 8 hours longer than I should have so I gave him some attitude back and said how could I have had to leave 5 hours before I got here. The SODA machine wouldn’t take coins OR bills however I did enjoy the free balloons everywhere. Pool was nice and warm, hot tub nice. The rooms are a little dated and weird with a ghetto setup. Why no pool table? Overall it’s not bad and would visit again but Miss attitude at the desk needs some coaching, yes, reading is fundamental but reading the time on a seat apparently needs some teaching points, I know clocks are hard aren’t they honey?
Pete P
00:25 04 Mar 23
Just had my first bath house experience ever in my life last week -- I loved it! I grew up in the era of internet, so 'traditional cruising' is very foreign to me. Usually requires a lot of eye contact... I'm a shy boy w limted social skills but I managed to let myself have a good time. 😈My recommendation is to go around 12a-2a, more guys started showing up around that time on Sat eve to Sun morning. I loved the pool / jacuuzi area & how they're heated. Suuuuper relaxing. Not scary. Fun. People were actually nice. Strange for LA but I'm not a bath house culture expert... Yet.
Quang D.
09:09 18 Feb 23
Be careful with your belongings guys. Just as making sure your car doesn't get towed, you wanna make sure to keep your valuables safe. Someone stole $60...
Alex PAN
23:39 07 Feb 23
Very friendly staff, and a good and spacious spa to meet new people. Even had fun in the workout area! :-DUpdate on Feb 5:Will definitely return when next time in town. Spent a very busy Saturday night here, rooms were sold out when I checked in around 8pm. You still see a long line for checkin at 12am. Lots of hot and handsome guys(comparing with another adult club without showers nearby). After a sleepless night cruise, I even got my final two xxx at 8am and 9am in the morning! =====for those complaining about no steam or some facilities didn’t work, go to LA fitness to enjoy, 😀
Marcos Sanches
06:40 07 Feb 23
I’ve been going to this place for over 15 years now and he’s getting really really busy lately. There’s always a long wait for rooms, specially on the weekends. My advice for the management is to get more people like the Latino guy with the tattoo on his face. If it wasn’t for him, you’ll take three days to get a room. They have maybe six or even five employees at a time, but when you go to get a towel, he’s there when your Best Buy room, he’s cleaning it. I don’t know if he’s a manager or if they are if there is even a manager there when I go if they had three of the three of him working, customers would get the room back faster and Flex will make more money.
Its me
00:09 07 Feb 23
Staff is still rude. They pick and choose who will get CLEARLY AVAILABLE ROOMS based on your age and looks and probably if you're willing to tip them. Sad. 2 full service and full-size bathhouses remain in LA, and this one is horrible. I'm not sure entirely why they haven't spent any money to fix any of the issues or replace the 39 year old carpet. Fix the steam room and sauna, which are closed or just not used anymore. With Midtowne closing, you would think these owners would see the value in spending money to upgrade this facility to make a ton more money. Especially since they have pretty bad reviews and a mediocre score on here.I'll spend my time and money at N Hollywood spa and Slammer.Bye Flex. 👋
Marcos S.
21:55 06 Feb 23
I've been going to this place for over 15 years now and he's getting really really busy lately. There's always a long wait for rooms, specially on the...
Michael M.
21:32 24 Jan 23
Came here , after a long hiatus. It's cold outside. Very few people here . Nice employees.
Gordon Matthews
09:54 22 Jan 23
Been here many times before the pandemic! Each time the crowd was different! Great place to be as a bottom but sometimes there weren’t any tops! Place definitely needs a upgrade!
Gomer F.
14:13 18 Jan 23
The staff is friendly and the location is good , easy to get to . Parking can be tricky on the weekends tho. The rooms are basic and clean enough,.. The...
Enrique S.
03:25 09 Jan 23
In my previous review of FLEX I forgot to mention that you have to push the main door kind of hard to get in. The restrooms don't lock I don't know if it...
Enrique S.
16:47 05 Jan 23
MIDTOWNE SPA is closed for good ( how sad) . So I decided to go to the other bathhouse. FLEX located on MELROSE . I paid $42 for a regular room and 1 day...
Craig D.
09:35 02 Jan 23
I have always been hesitant to come to this place because of the reviews I have read on Yelp but a few days ago I decided to come back (my second time)....
Jay G.
09:41 29 Dec 22
This place is sick and filthy. I came here over the weekend and fell asleep. I woke up and next thing I noticed, I have bug bites all over my torso and...
Clay L.
10:35 01 Dec 22
Is this the poor man spa? It seems the sauna and steam room have been down for ever. It’s relatively small. Way to many bottoms. It’s just I dunno average. Staff was nice.
K S.
10:26 08 Nov 22
This was my first bathhouse I went to in my early 20s when they did some promotion $1 locker on a Tues night. Had alot of fun then. I think bathhouses...
A V.
17:53 05 Nov 22
This place has been dead. Less and less people are going to this place because the entry fee went up! The place is dirty and smells really bad!!! The...
John J.
13:40 29 Oct 22
Very small play areas rooms are tiny little to no action Be careful where you park your vehicle so it doesn't get towed very expensive lesson
Julian Gonzalez
19:48 16 Oct 22
This place seems to be under new management and so far from experience customer service has been great. Although there's much room for improvement such as the steamroom not operating the staff has been nice and friendly, and I even had the manager or lead of this establishment help me find parking when another customer was trying cut me off to get my spot thank you that made a huge impression on me . I did notice some guys complaining about towel service hope you can improve in providing faster and better service to customers when they request them. Thanks .
Lee Frank
17:04 05 Oct 22
UPDATE 10/5/22:The sauna is closed and doesn't work. The steam room still doesn't work and the TV isn't even on in there. I sort of wish they would tell you this stuff upfront because I would not have paid to go in (it was $37 total for a $27 weekend locker and a required $10 membership fee). Staff wasn't rude to me, but they did come across as stand-offish and rude to others. This place has really gone downhill, its not an attractive place anymore, could be so much cooler. A change in direction/ownership could actually make this a great place.
Bob Jones
02:37 28 Sep 22
No steam room. One of the staff members was extremely rude. The pool had leaves in it. Hot tub was extremely small. The weight room was great. In my opinion. It is the only thing it has going for it.
Ontario Derr
10:58 25 Sep 22
I love this place so much I think I'm headed there right now to go fill out an application
JL Curiel
09:48 22 Sep 22
Apparently when you check out you have to bring your sheets w/you. This place is getting ridicules. Aside from dealing with the mosquitoes all around you, now there’s this little hiccup…
11:03 18 Sep 22
Don't waste your money. They didn't inform us that all the facilities weren't working. It was small and not clean. You'll be very disappointed compared to other spa's
Iona D.
13:00 10 Sep 22
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Cindie G.
11:01 07 Sep 22
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Jon M.
06:41 16 Aug 22
WTF! THE MUSIC IS OUT OF FUCKING CONTROL!!!! This is not a night club this is a bath house please play the appropriate soundtrack to a bath house not the...
08:43 07 Aug 22
one of the employees there Michael was so rude. Never coming back again dirty place bad customer service.
Diana Kadore
22:44 23 Jul 22
There is another mens spa inside the commerce casino in the city of commerceThey have steam room sauna and a quite room . Weekends are great lots of action clothing optional Saturday and sundays they open from 12 noon to 8pm its 30 bucks for 8hrs let's spreat the word and make that spa inside the commerce casino the new plays for men to play
Leonel T.
09:21 14 Jul 22
I went on a non-busy day during the week. The reason for my 3 star rate is because a lot of the showers don't work, the sweat room doesn't work, there's no...
Toni Bimbo
07:54 03 Jul 22
As a happy bottom I was pleased to find every high dollar room very clean. I'm not sure what the other rooms are like. I always enjoy my time there. Plenty of men ready to give Thier all. The jacuzzi and pool are always clean and the summer isn't the only thing that's HoTT.
George R.
19:39 05 Jun 22
There is a lot of business and a steady flow of mostly Hot guys-even though a lot of them have "bitchy WEHO" attitude,
Brian C.
13:56 28 May 22
as fun as this place is, i won't be going back there for a while. or at least not until they do something about their bed bug infestation. the past 3 times...
Donald M.
11:54 28 May 22
This place has always had a meth addict problem but after not being there since Nov 2015 I went. While sitting in the hot tub this guy alone w/me began...
A V.
14:02 15 May 22
The admission price went up! This place is so dirty with a bunch of drug addict workers.
Adam C.
08:19 14 May 22
1-323-590-4682 need head queen sushi taco Lynnwood
Michael M.
23:28 19 Apr 22
Since Hollywood spa is closed , I decided to venture back to Flex ; after a long hiatus . Ample parking, plus friendly staff. Showers, plus sundeck . Also...
Thomas Collins
18:04 12 Apr 22
Not a good time right now. They are in escaping oliarch fantasy play.A Revelations like the Great Gatsby. Better put, money is being allocated at this time. An eastern version of trickle down economics.
Jason Perx
11:18 08 Apr 22
I always have a great time. Mostly the staff are friendly and willing to help you out when needed. when I visited a week a go I was very impressed to see the amount of work the staff are putting in there. Ive been a few times in the past month and theres one guy there that Im not sure if he is a manager but he seems to know and do It all, so I suggest finding him if you need any help or have questions. Keep up the good work!!!!! its nice to see flex really turning around and getting some overdue TLC. LOOKING FORWARD TO SEE WHATS NEXT
00:39 21 Mar 22
What’s going on with the sauna and steam room??? The sauna seems to be weak. It just don’t give off heat like it should. I should be able to sweat something serious but it’s just weak. Please fix your sauna it needs to be improved. Other than that I like the place
Md Arman Hossain
05:49 12 Feb 22
The Staffs are extremely rude. Don't waist your time to go there. They are so racist and unfriendly. Looks like they want to punch to you. Another things is if you pay by credit card or debit card their machine is inside the glass. And you need to write the pin of your bank card and give to them . So dengares. I never seen anywhere in my life they asked to write the bank card pin to give to them.How can they ask of your bank card pin to give to them by writing on the paper?? Strenge. Just few customers only also they are so rude. How can they will do business if they are so rude with guest.
Lee Frank
22:54 17 Dec 21
Cool place, busiest at really late hours. Would be nice if it was warmer inside. Any update on when the steam room will be working again? It doesn’t seem like they’re working to fix it
Daniel B.
09:24 12 Dec 21
It's been 20 min and I'm still waiting for a cashier. I'm sure club 1350 downtown will not leave me waiting outside. This is the the second time. Loosing...
Ehsan Lima
18:12 04 Oct 21
I did really enjoy the vibe. Nice outdoor pool to chill. Many good people to have conversation or more with. would definitely come back
Jose Avila
11:08 20 Sep 21
My friend and I both had our lockers broken into separate occasions My friend had his wallet and phone taken when he reported it the guy offered his personal number Was weird he didn’t offer his managers number or the company’s number next day when he went back to follow up manager said he never got any report about anything Seemed suspicious. My locker was broken into on another night I triple checked my locker was locked Went for a swim not long after came back to make sure my stuff was still there found my locker opened phone missing I had to take a taxi home the guy at the front desk was helpful called the manager helped me contact the police in case I wanted to make a police report he seemed concerned even offered to help pay for a cab i felt bad him having to deal what happened I didn’t know if that was normal thing that happens there he understood how upset i was was very helpful thankfully they didn’t take one of my cards Idk about this place It was my first time at one these places only went couple times but it seems sketchy and dangerous can’t help feeling it was definitely a inside job whatever the case I won’t return ever if you do make sure you keep your things with you or around you at all times
00:03 29 Aug 21
Love this place but last time i was there it was only private rooms and vending open. Outside areas and the pool were open.Have the steam room, sauna, jacuzzi and dark rooms re-opened yet?I want to come back but like to relax in the steam and sauna after a long day at work and for other things i like to use the dark rooms.Awaiting a reply. Thank you.
Cristobal E.
17:48 25 Jul 21
Update Midtowne Spa has reopened since May 2021. Still, it was good stopping by Flex.
David Manuel
15:29 11 Jun 21
The dark rooms are closed. It’s like a hotel with a bunch of rooms now. The dark rooms is what made this place fun. Won’t be back.
Parry T.
11:54 06 Aug 17
For all of the complaints about the rude staff, before last night I hadn't been there for 2 years, and I have to say: in my opinion the staff attitude has...

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