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freedj in Paris is a vibrant and popular destination in the heart of the Marais, Paris's renowned gay district. This trendy gay bar, known for its lively atmosphere and eclectic music, is a favorite among both locals and tourists. The bar spans two levels, offering a spacious yet intimate setting for socializing and dancing.

The ground floor of freedj is more relaxed, with a bar area perfect for chatting and enjoying drinks. The decor is modern and inviting, creating a welcoming environment for all visitors. As the night progresses, the basement dance floor comes alive with rotating DJs playing a mix of current hits and classic dance tracks. The sound system is excellent, ensuring a great dance experience.

What sets freedj apart is its friendly and diverse crowd. It attracts a mix of ages and backgrounds, making it a great spot for meeting new people. The staff are known for their hospitality, adding to the overall positive experience.



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David “David”
21:44 22 Mar 24
Surprisingly unwelcoming gay bar, if you don’t speak French they tease and annoy you. Instead of making you feel part of the community they do the opposite , ironically they only play English music.
Ian Welham
02:06 19 Jan 24
If you want to see nasty drag queens in the worst polyester wigs you've ever seen.. well this is the place. Rude, nasty and untalented. Pretty much sums up this place.
Jason Guy
01:56 19 Jan 24
Awful drag queens with the nastiest polyester wigs you have ever seen. Nasty place with even nastier wigs. Avoid this place like all decent people do.And buy a better red polyester wig
Sam Wolfe
01:32 12 Nov 23
Great little place to start the night. I was solo. The crowd was good - there's a downstairs dance area that was packed. Stayed on the ground floor and enjoyed a drink or two. Staff seemed friendly and fine to me (a foreigner). This place definitely isn't 1-star. Would like to go back with a group of friends and make a good night of it.
Michael S
19:01 28 Sep 23
Not sure where all the whiny negative reviews are from. I’m a foreigner and had a great time—cute guys (who were friendly!) and bartenders were fine. Great bar! It is pricey though.
Ádám Farda
23:53 21 Aug 23
Started the night the first round of drinks we paid 17.60€. Every time we ordered an other round, the same drink get magically more expensive. We ended up for the same round paying over 30€. Music is nice but not worth it to be treated poorly.
David G.
08:52 23 Jun 23
Me and my younger POCBF went several times recently on a trip and were treated rudely and stupidly by three different bartenders, the three times we went....
Brandon Rovira
00:42 18 Jun 23
Bartenders are extremely rude towards foreigners. They skip them or make fun of them. Place is very small and you can’t even dance. Price for beers and cocktails is very high for the quality you get. I strongly recommend to skip this place if you’re looking to have a good time.
Will Glenn
21:58 25 Apr 23
So disappointed as this was one of the nicest places. My drink was over €20 and at midnight they allowed a dog in - I am allergic so had to leave. Not to mention it smelt really bad and the bar staff were getting it to dance around. Do not care who finds it cute it is a dog at midnight in a bar/ with club music. Owner too far gone to care.
Erik F.
13:33 29 Jan 23
Great vibe ! Had lots of fun . Thanks to the manager Fred and the amazing staff for a great time . Definitely a place to visit when in Paris .
Christopher G.
09:09 16 Nov 17
While wandering around Le Marais on a Sunday night after my friends all went home to sleep, I was told by a patron at a different bar, that if I was looking...

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