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Freedom Bar in London's vibrant Soho is a beacon of style and sophistication in the LGBTQ+ nightlife scene. This popular destination, nestled on Wardour Street, is not just a bar but an experience, blending the charm of a cocktail lounge with the energy of a nightclub.

Upon descending into the club area, visitors are greeted with a ruby-red baroque setting, complete with VIP booths, flock velvet seating, and a lively atmosphere perfect for late-night dancing. Known for its sophisticated crowd, Freedom Bar offers an inclusive and flirtatious vibe, making it ideal for both group outings and intimate dates. The venue frequently hosts live cabaret and burlesque events, adding a unique flair to the nightlife experience.

Freedom Bar stands out for its extensive cocktail menu, featuring signature drinks like the Grace Kelly and the Bette Davis, which contribute to the venue's theatrical ambiance. The state-of-the-art sound system in the basement club, complemented by poles on the dance floor, ensures a vibrant party atmosphere that goes on until the early hours.

With its convenient location near Leicester Square and its status as a late-night haunt (open until 3:00 AM most days), Freedom Bar is easily accessible and a top choice for anyone looking to experience the best of Soho's gay nightlife. Whether you're a local or a visitor, Freedom Bar promises an unforgettable night with its mix of stylish decor, exciting entertainment, and expertly crafted drinks.



Freedom Bar
Based on 1096 reviews
22:51 07 May 24
While the bar staff may not always be the friendliest lot, fear not, for the rest of the crew more than make up for it. The door team? Simply excellent. And those floor staff? Attentive and oh-so-friendly.And let's talk about the music—typically exciting, getting you in the groove after a few sips.What's not to love? With plenty of weekly entertainment downstairs, it's a lively scene indeed.Here's to many more spirited evenings in this vibrant spot in Soho.
Kyla Porter
01:51 29 Apr 24
I was gonna go here when I visit London soon, but after reading reviews I think I’ll give it a miss. Been to Soho many times never been treat badly,. Don’t fancy it ruining my trip. I’m a singer as well and I’ve performed in London many times including the iconic Candy Bar before it closed. Would have need a great place to perform as well. What a shame.
Skjǫldr Sverð
14:24 28 Apr 24
RACIST business, avoid at all costs.Came with a group of 7 for a friend's birthday and they refused entry on the basis of we're not on the Guestlist eventhough the premises wasn't busy and there were others being let in who weren't in the queue!!!We have a very DIVERSE group of friends most of which are darker skinned. We saw they were letting other people in without reservations which weren't ethnic. If you read other reviews you will see there are MANY other visitors who have been DISCRIMINATED against.I used to go here years ago and it was fab but clearly something has changed.Shame on you guys calling yourself a GAY bar, you are part of the RACISM and DISCRIMINATION problem in this country.
Mark Denim
07:16 06 Apr 24
My visit to Freedom left me disappointed and frustrated. Despite the nice atmosphere, my experience was marred by the rude behavior of clients. I was shocked to be told I couldn't sit at a small table in the corner because it was reserved, only to see an empty area with tables that were off-limits. It was a baffling and unpleasant experience that left me feeling unwelcome.
Isabella Z
22:37 29 Mar 24
One of my favorite spots in London ✨ Eliza & staff - thank you for always being so welcoming, friendly, kind, and attentive. You all work so hard to ensure we all have a fun & safe time. We appreciate you!!
Monique T.
19:45 28 Mar 24
I had an appalling experience at Freedom Bar Soho due to their abysmal customer service. The bouncers were rude, dismissive, and completely unprofessional....
Arnaud Muthular
07:29 04 Mar 24
Dreadful experience with Freedom club. Some friends and I were going out for my birthday and we had booked an area at the club. The club staff didn’t let us in because according to them, we were 5 minutes late and we “hadn’t called to let them know”. The time of arrival was made clear when we booked and we weren’t late at all. The door staff was disgusting and the club manager was just outrageous.
Sinead Leader
01:56 03 Mar 24
If you wanna wait in a line for over an hour and still not get in this is the vibe for you. Constantly wrist-banding people over the road who had not come out of the venue. A lot Looked like tourists with hats scarves and bag packs so guess dress code is non existent. Go to the off license grab a bottle and find somewhere cozy
Angela Secanechia
16:48 27 Feb 24
3 stars because while the performers were amazing, I’m pissed I paid 12£ ($15) for a Caipirinha that was 95% ice with little alcohol in it. It’s like i didn’t even pay for a Caipirinha at all and i feel robbed, and the drink was not even strong it’s like they only added ice and lime juice and forgot to include the alcohol and a real Caipirinha fills the glass. But the performers Monday night were so amazing and the emcee was fantastic
alex newton
02:33 03 Dec 23
Literally the worst place in the world. My girlfriend got assaulted and they have to do the draft for a while ago and it is not available on the phone with you to get a new phone and email address
Francesco Minio
11:33 14 Nov 23
The first thing I would definitely highlight is the customer service, 5 stars! Drink amazing but the food too which I wasn’t expecting!! Definitely worth it!
Donnie Darko
21:50 22 Oct 23
I went here with a group of people on a Friday night and had a nice time. However, I notice that they add 10-12.5% onto every purchase of drink.This was mentioned in the Guardian/Telegraph as a sneaky way pubs/bars are getting extra money from customers. Yes this is 'discretionary' but this is unethical as never was anyone charged this on solely drinks purchases where there is no table service nor allocated seating.There is also no guarantee than any of this goes to the bar staff and many businesses just keep it. It means you are paying £13 for a £11 drink (as someone complained to me) or random amounts like £5.72 for a pint (which is cheap for London so like me, I wasn't too bothered).I would recommend people ask to have this charge taken off as it seems like cheating. This is not a restaurant at that time with seating downstairs to eat but simply a bar/club. There is nothing special the bar staff are doing except giving your drink. This is not the USA where you pay to even speak to the staff. Will be more careful next time here...
Uta D.
07:57 20 Oct 23
Stylish bar, good cocktail and friendly staffSmall club with show stage down stairs.Everyone seems welcome here, from young to old, flashy and colorful, with a suit or jeansNo matter what you are, you're in good hands here!It's a great place to spend your time!
David Rodgers
02:12 15 Oct 23
Calling all cocktail enthusiasts in London! 🍹 If you're looking for a spot to enjoy some amazing cocktails, look no further than Freedom Bar. This hidden gem is known for its exceptional cocktail menu that will leave you craving for more.And guess what? It's not just me saying this! Well-known personalities like Tom Daley have given a thumbs up to this venue, making it a must-visit spot.*Thomas Robert Daley OBE (born 21 May 1994) is a British diver and television personality. Specialising in multiple events, he is an Olympic gold medallist!But it's not just the cocktails that make Freedom Bar shine. Their staff is simply outstanding, providing top-notch service with a smile. You'll feel like a VIP from the moment you step foot through the door.Cheers to amazing cocktails and professional staff! 🥂 Head over to Freedom Bar and indulge in an unforgettable experience.
Christoph Schuhwerk
02:09 29 Sep 23
Lovely and stylish gay bar, with a remarkable little club in the basement. Great pop music, relaxed crowd, nice boys (and girls), a few drag shows, fair drink prices, clean. We had a blast there!!
Chariton Lazaridis
11:53 12 Sep 23
Been there on the 9/9/23 to celebrate my birthday. What ever I say it won’t be enough. We were a party of 20+, from the minute that we arrive Chris, John, Teddy and all the guys on the floor and the bar they went beyond and above to deliver us an excellent service. Never disappointed and definitely we will go back many many times. Thank you all for an amazing night!!!!!Harris
Nicholai Martin
14:03 15 Aug 23
A one-star rating because there was a very negative experience, where I were treated unfairly, made to feel uncomfortable, and not listened to. I felt that disappointment and dissatisfaction with their treatment. I left to leave the venue and wait nearby and whilst I waited for the bus. The staff came out with a bottle of water and asked me to come inside which was such a lack of integerety considering they didn't let me in to begin with. One moment I was not allowed in and one minute later I was! I don't get it!
Andy T
20:01 30 Jul 23
Visited on Saturday evening and it was half empty. No consistency in the drinks prices, depends which member of staff serves !A bit boring, no one seemed to hang around but just moved on to somewhere better. Which is what did too.
Julio Calanche
09:40 30 Jul 23
Don’t get fooled by the name. This is the only freedom you’ll get. I went last night for a birthday party and picked the wrong choice of outfit as it was very damn hot inside, I took my jacket off but didn’t have a shirt underneath resulting in being scolded many times by a random annoying women and at the end I had to leave because the heat was unbearable and they wanted me to keep my jacket on (this is a gay bar hello?) Ambience was good but definitely not coming back.
Afghan Rainbow
19:36 19 Jul 23
Not recommend, Totally racist specially the security guards, after long wait in queue with my friends the security gurds told us to leave because you are not in queue, after explanation they were rude to us. They broke our hearts 💔 we don't expected this behaviour in London, in Rainbow area.
K Mistry
05:46 30 Jun 23
Great cocktail bar in Soho! We had a wonderful night out! There was new bar staff and she took ages to make cocktails. Otherwise it was all good.
Lyli-Rose Gruau
13:18 29 May 23
Great place with great music, good to meet people. Bouncers very nice as well which one can only appreciate. However, staff/waiters very rude. I’ve been to Freedom several times and it’s not the first time the waiter acts inappropriately towards me. As I was ordering my drinks the barman told me to take my hands off the counter in a very rude way, I suggested that he talks to me with more respect and he answered “if you’re unhappy the exit is over there”.
iustinn vm
00:58 07 May 23
Racist club.I came from work, just to have a couple drinks, and they’ve asked me where I’m from, first question. My girlfriend could go in, she’s from Peru, and our British friend as well. What a coincidence that they didn’t like me, the Romanian guy. 5 people from security were communicating in their own language amd they were rude and acting all Alfa looking at me trying to be intimidating.They were paying more attention to the ladies than the costumers.
Selena Kaur
21:32 28 Apr 23
Love this club and staff here. The security is lovely, I left my bag outside in the and Daniel was kind enough to come all the way in side to find me to give it back! He remembers me every time I go also, highly recommend !!
TJ Taylor
11:14 03 Jan 23
Fantastic night at the Kinky Cabaret! Great drinks, great atmosphere. Will for sure return. Especially for this event!
Madesan J.
05:24 14 Dec 22
My friend and I had stuff stolen from our bags and the establishment said they wouldn't compensate us even for smaller value items. Would never go back, ever.
Zachary Foote
21:33 10 Dec 22
Stumbled in with a group on a recommendation from a friend. Upper floor is more lounge-y, basement is wild, packed, and very fun. Drinks are slow and pricey but tbh you’re there to slide down a pole so gotta give a little. Staff were more than accommodating to an issue we had and were all hands on deck. Def go. Everyone is very friendly. Visited 12/8/22
07:14 29 Nov 22
Celebrated my birthday at Freedom Bar. My group was 20 people. Staff were great especially Rebecca & Lewis. Would recommend this venue for a good night out.
John Hayes
03:26 18 Nov 22
Initially found both the front of house and security extremely fair and welcoming. However as the night progressed I witnessed liberties being taken by both when it came to staff (in particular cloak room staff.) I think at this stage it goes beyond saying grabbing or slapping members of staff backsides is in accep. Whether they think it or not as someone who’s worked over 10 years in service it’s intimidating.
Private Account
09:06 14 Nov 22
I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. A friend and I joined the queue to get inside. After a while, I noticed that the bouncers were letting in individuals who werent from the queue. In fact,I observed the club losing many patrons who were standing patiently in the queue because the bouncers were letting other persons in while ignoring the queue. I asked one of the bouncers what was happening. The bouncer stared at me and said nothing. When I asked if he could understand me, he told me that if I didn't want to wait I could get out of the line. My friend and I left and found another club that had great music and a lit dance floor.The management needs to do something about the bouncers. While I respect bouncers, this one was rude . I will never go back to that place.
Ali C.
19:57 25 Oct 22
Adam & B we're the nicest staff. They look out & take care of their patrons. I appreciate their kind hospitality
16:14 28 Aug 22
Went here for some quick drinks, Happy Hour special, also ordered some Buttermilk Chicken Strips - they were lush!
Ashroy Furtado
21:03 26 Aug 22
Literally called up the number understanding that it was a Friday night and the person behind this number said we could enter for three guys. When we got there the security/bouncers literally had a very bad attitude not sure why said we need to have a reservation (understandable because it’s a Friday then why would the person tell us it okay to enter ) we came all the way from heathrow to have a good time. Complete downer and annoying. We were Asians, not sure if that could be the reason ! Thank you. Don’t pass on the wrong message if you can’t coordinate with your team. Thank you.
Alex Feng
15:40 11 Aug 22
Brilliant atmosphere. Clean-cut cocktail bar on the ground floor and amazing cabaret space downstairs. Went on a Monday night where many West End performers come in and sing a song or two until around 11PM or so where they move chairs and establish a dance floor. Intimate and great vibe.
Gillian Spence
16:49 10 Jul 22
Visited on Thursday night with a party of 7 including my daughter in a wheelchair. The staff at the door were excellent. We were treated like royalty. A ramp was placed on the steps for my daughter. We were ushered down to a table beside the dance floor and had table service.The floor show was incredible. Something for all our party, Old, young, gay and straight. Would highly recommend for a great night out. Special thanks to Nicole in the security team. Service above and beyond. Thanks for a brilliant night.x
Jonah Lawson
17:47 01 Jul 22
Great clubbing space! I know at least on Friday they have someone in drag do a quick show which is fun. I always come early for the reduced entry fee. A bottle of wine is well priced.
Kye B.
21:05 30 Jun 22
This place did, for me, exactly what i needed it to do. Went to see the Kinky Kabaret and it did not disappoint. Talented people, a great vibe and to top...
Patricie Krejcikova
20:36 30 Jun 22
Had the pleasure to be served by Elisa tonight, she was the best waitress we could’ve asked for. Extremely friendly and approachable, made us feel very welcome. Wish you could get this level of service everywhere!
Ziad Issa
00:33 25 Jun 22
Great selection of drinks.Reduced prices on cocktails at happy hours.Staff are very friendly and the service is excellent.The quality of the food (we tried the snacks) wasn't great.Highly recommended if you are a cocktails fan and would like to try different types of cocktails are reduced prices.
15:08 16 Apr 22
Positive: Drag performance was good. Drinks service at the bar downstairs was quick which is great because no one likes slow service when it’s busy.Negatives: The staff attitude seriously needs some major improvement. The lady collecting entry fees did not look at customers, didn’t say hello, let alone have a smile on her face. Didn’t mention the price. Literally just shoved the payment device into your face and then rudely handed over the wristband. Maybe due to covid she was asked not to put it on for guests. I’m not sure. But that first impression was already so bad!!!! She either needs to take on another role or just move on to another place because a bad first impression is hard to make up for eventually.And it didn’t stop there. When waiting in line to store our belongings at the cloak room, security rudely said “store your bags or get out”. That was uncalled for.Oh and it certainly didn’t end there. The lady working at the cloak room had such an attitude. She didn’t smile. Simply asked for initials and shoved the device in your face and gave you the ticket and told you not to lose it. While I can understand That it is not the most exciting job in the world, at least give a fake smile and a simple thank you and not bring that silly attitude and negative vibes to a place where people just want to have fun and de-stress.I am always polite and friendly to anyone in customer service because there is nothing worse than a sh*T customer who is rude. I say my please and thank you. But to be on the receiving end of receiving sh*T customer service , that’s not right. Would I tell people of the bad experience at Freedom? Of course. Because I don’t want others to experience the lousy attitude and service from the handful of employees who bring the business bad reviews when majority of the other employees are probably amazing.
A Bee
16:34 07 Apr 22
Yeah we didn’t go for the clubbing vibes that I have read lol. We came for a quick drink in the afternoon and took advantage of the happy hour. There were lots of choices of wines and the staff were friendly.It’s a cosy place upstairs but like I said, we didn’t check out the club downstairs.
James Woollard
07:45 07 Apr 22
As a preface, I work in service industry so have no issue paying service charge for good work.I actually like the vibe there, however, without solicitation charging 12.5% service for BAR service is outrageous.When I queried this the rude N. American lady said that's just how it is.Well, the law requires you mention it and that it is optional. Effectively, the menu is incorrect pricing.
Kyle Slavchev
13:41 13 Mar 22
I find Freedom as one of the decent clubs in Soho. It’s great fun, has a bar area (upstairs) and a club area (downstairs). Great music and friendly people. However it is definitely not a cheap night out and sometimes getting in could take ages- but that’s pretty much everywhere in Soho lol
Caleb Harvey
19:44 05 Feb 22
I came here for the first time just before Christmas, a real lovely place full of friendly people and staff! Amazing cocktails and entertainment too. A staff member from my first visit that worked in the cloakroom named Saffron I think, was an absolute angel to me. Super polite and enthusiastic and assured me my belongings would be safe with her in the cloakroom. Since my first visit Saffron has sadly left, she was such a gem
Luke Row
13:15 31 Jan 22
Never a dull night, especially when they open downstairs. This place epitomises Soho... easy going, fun crowd with a great vibe. Great place to start or end the night.
R Cov
11:06 31 Jan 22
Been to this place a few times before but hadn't been for several years, so some work colleagues of mine decided to go for a Christmas drink last month. I went up alone and I asked the door man what we needed to get in and he said just the COVID pass thing which we all had. I called my colleagues over (only 2 of them) and once he saw them he was like, have you booked? I said no because we never needed to be before. Then he was like, no you can't get in. It was after 10pm and there was absolutely no one inside. Through the window you could see the place was completely empty. I'm thinking he saw my colleagues were slightly older and decided not to let them in. And ageist place that will not see anymore of my money.
Luke Row
21:46 29 Jan 22
Never a due night, especially when they open. downstairs. This place epitomises Soho... easy going, fun crowd with a great vibe. Great place to start or end the night.
Jervin Sy
05:55 18 Jan 22
Freedom Bar in SOHO is an amazing place to go clubbing. The music is lovely and the ambience is great. There are poles at the center of the club where people can pole dance. I also love the vibe of the people that go there - everyone is just so wild and down to party! Most importantly, the bouncers/door staff are very kind. This was a shock to me as I have experienced being refused entry for no reason, bullying, verbal abuse and manhandling from several bouncers at popular nightclubs! At Freedom they treat you with respect. One of the door staff even told his colleagues to take care of me every time I was there because he said I was a "lovely person." I'm glad I found a nightclub with an amazing vibe, that treats customers with equality, inclusion and respect. In fact, after I discovered Freedom I ended up going 4 more times the same week! Definitely a must-visit if you are in London.
08:51 07 Dec 21
I was a regular to this club and had a lot of good and amasing night. Recently I find it very unfriendly and the door men doesn’t really care anymore with their valued(regular) customers. Sorry to say that it’s really disappointing and utterly how this club become very unfriendly. If they don’t change they keep loosing their regulars .
Bao Nghia Dong
17:04 04 Dec 21
Try to come in with a friend at 5 on a Saturday night but was pushed back by the bouncers. The first one asked if we had any bookings, unfortunately we didn’t. Then the other one said it had a private event. I went up to the website and it’s clearly said that they’re unable to host private functions on Friday and Saturday eves. Definitely wont come back here again and also let my friends know about the rudeness of their staff!!!
Faris J
07:49 20 Nov 21
Always a good time!Great vibes, cocktails and EXCELLENT staff.A special thank you to Shefra (hope that’s the right spelling) and Mitch for being absolute gems 🙏🏻
carl adams
18:29 07 Nov 21
It was my first time here with neice and her friends and we had an amazing night. The drinks were a little pricy but the drag show we watched was phenomenal and that made up for it. It was a great experience that night and had so many laughs. 10/10 from me. Thank you.
19:43 31 Oct 21
I was a regular for this club and had a lot of good and amasing night. Recently I find it very unfriendly and the door men doesn’t really care anymore with their valued(regular) customers. Sorry to say that it’s really disappointing and utterly how this club become very u friendly.
Theo Ford
18:02 09 Oct 21
Fun venue. Great music. Sadly the new manager is absolutely useless, rude and more interested in flirting with teen boys rather than taking care of paying customers.
Ritchie Rosson
00:32 04 Oct 21
Very friendly club and bar. Great staff. Thank you for the lovely welcome guys! We’ll be back soon.
Ruro Umukoro
09:09 04 Sep 21
Had the best night! George is an incredible host too.... Will definitely be going back!
Matthew Smith
21:36 31 Aug 21
First time at Freedom bar, it was a great experience. Was served by George for most of the night who was incredibly friendly and a great barman. Will be going again.
Patrick Davis
07:36 26 Aug 21
Hope last night was a one off but what was going on with the music - it was so straight and bloody awful! White wine was warm too 🙁 doorman was really friendly when we arrived! Oh and service charge of £2 when we had to order drinks at the bar ourselves…. sorry no thanks…
Miranda Stewart
22:47 18 Aug 21
What a wonderful night! Super accommodating, really friendly staff. Was there for my birthday to watch Kinky Kabaret and the show was fabulous, the venue was gorgeous, really fun music, great atmosphere in the audience and brilliant vibes all round... And I got a free bottle of fizz to celebrate turning 27! I changed my party numbers a couple of times and the woman I was emailing was really helpful & the door staff on the night were super chill. Could not have wished for a better place to dance the night away x
Maro Drimala
17:25 05 Aug 21
Nice place,decent mohito and 80s music . We had great time there 👍
Paulo Ruiz
20:42 14 Jul 21
Door man an absolute gentleman, I always came to this bar and people has been great, today was not the case, this inept (the girl with the big false eyelashes) she wanted to placed us at the end of the bar when there was a free table at the front, I tried to talk to her but she kept talking over me, I asked if would she let us talk to her answer was you would waist your time, what an absolute troll! It happened Wednesday around 19:00 PM
anna laurini
06:09 08 Jul 21
Best cocktails and amazing vibesReminds me of New York's speak easy style bar. Its a real gem in London authentic , elegant with charming staff
23:56 05 Jun 21
Very nice layout, nice food and nice drinks, the staff are absolutely amazing. They are all very friendly and polite, I would go back just to receive such an amazing customer service! The pricing is also very reasonable, it’s such a lovely place to go after having a dinner somewhere near there.
Ryan K
12:28 29 Aug 20
Terrible service.Were told to wait for table service a few times due to Covid. Left after 30 mins of waiting. Not even busy.
Michal Adamek
06:07 27 Aug 20
Nice place
Meredith F.
19:02 31 Jan 20
Sometimes there is a line but there was no/minimal cover charge, decently priced drinks. Great music/DJ/dancing on the bottom floor.
Peter R.
00:27 09 Sep 19
Upstairs bar, downstairs nightclub but the differences don't stop there. Upstairs the staff are friendly, welcoming and efficient. Downstairs staff are...
Voice O.
22:07 30 Dec 17
Fantastic establishment! This is a sensible lounge with a classy feel and craft cocktails! Wonderful staff and management, very accommodating, and also a...
Jurgen D.
05:14 04 Jan 16
To call this an alternative night out would be an understatement.Went here just before Christmas to celebrate my 11yr cancer birthday, oooh how the years...
Has S.
12:55 07 May 15
The lychee and porn star martinis are my drinks in this place. Been to a few birthdays here as well and the nibbles are good too. Staff are always pretty,...

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