Friendly Society

Friendly Society

A quirky basement bar in the heart of Soho

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A quirky basement bar in the heart of Soho.



Friendly Society
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Amal Paonaskar
19:40 01 Apr 23
I would normally say 5 stars, this is a really great bar and as the name suggests friendly. I've been here quite a few times and had a great time on every visit. However, of late I've seen them turning people away for no good reason (i.e not drunk, underage or the typical reasons). I've been turned away myself being told "it's full" by the bouncer which was at 8:00 pm. Real shame, used to be a really welcoming place. Maybe it still is, but I didn't get that feeling from the staff at the door on my last few visits.
Jude Collins
16:53 01 Apr 23
I last visited before 2020 so I was incredibly relieved to find that discreet little doorway still open, and everything just as before.The cocktails are reasonable (for Soho) and more importantly, strong and good. The bar staff are lovely, and you never wait too long. The music has always been disco, and you can dance if you want, though it’s just as good for a nightcap as a night out. Keep up the good work Maria!
B S (QueenBRani)
14:41 01 Jan 23
Really great gay bar in Soho, with great music but which was too loud, made it hard to have conversation with others in the bar.The bar is very beautifully decorated and low lighting, giving it a comfy atmosphere.
14:24 01 Jan 23
Lovely bar with music & a DJ. The staff are friendly and give great service!I purchased the same drinks which came to £14.10 and then after I purchased the exact same drinks again and the total came to £15.10, I’m not sure why I was charged more for the same drinks.Overall this bar has a lovely atmosphere, great staff, & a fabulous vibe to it!
mr Fixit
17:32 02 Dec 22
Funky basement bar run by a UK supermodel who looks awesome . Great cocktails . Good choice of music although a bit loud if you intend to talk do it loudly . The bar staff could smile more . Young and hipster crowd . It's the beautiful hang out babes and air kiss each other whilst admiring the funky decor
Terry Chisholm
15:20 14 Nov 22
My favourite night out in Soho. Everything about the vibe, the style, the crowd, the tunes and booze is spot on fabulous! Dance with strangers and make new friends in this truly Friendly Society.
Javier David
00:33 03 Nov 22
A gay bar un London that discriminated against Latinos.For me it was a very unpleasant experience. As I entered the place I was greeted with shouts by the administrator (an older blonde white lady). She started yelling that she didn't want a Latino man in her bar. At first I thought they were jokes, but after the situation escalated, I realized that she was serious and a gentleman asked me to leave because she was very drunk. I cannot believe this still happen in 2022.I know she was drunk but when we are drunk is when we show our true colors. They should change the name of the bar to Racist Society.
Dewald Meiring
13:17 16 Oct 22
I've been coming here for years. Small funky bar with friendly staff. You can even see the owner from time to time dancing, drinking and interacting with punters which makes a nice personal touch.
Jonathon Baker
21:29 29 Sep 22
I have been going to this bar for 17 years now and the place is like a beautiful bubble of joy and happiness. The people are friendly, the music is on point and the decor is another level of the good kind of crazy. I will keep going back to this place as it always makes me feel great! I highly recommend!
Felix Erler-Fernandez
21:40 24 Sep 22
Such a cool barx the staff is so sweet, the cocktails are so good and the bar is a must see in London. I will come back soon 💖
Maaija Sinclair
22:29 01 Sep 22
Loved it, lovely barman! How many places do you get to see Barbies nailed to the ceiling! Great atmosphere and decor...I will be back now I know you're there!
Eudis Anjos
20:37 23 Jul 22
Cool place. It is relaxing, good price for drinks, amazing service and nice lounge music. I would totally recommend it. 😉
Daniel Burr
15:28 18 Jul 22
The music was popping and the crowd was fun and friendly. I had a really good time!
Monitrice Lashé
07:51 16 Jul 22
As many trips through soho as I've been, I never knew this place was here until I was invited to my friend's outing last year. This bar is AMAZING. From the decor to the staff and ofc the drinks. The music and lighting definitely sets the tone and I've since been back many times! Whether you're visiting soho or not, I highly recommend.
Pip Jones
17:26 15 Jul 22
Like a 1930's boujee Berlin bar decorated by Barbie (with actual Barbies), the drinks were amazing and the music all night long was deep cut disco, which was feckin awesome, nobody could stop themselves from dancing.
Monica Lakin
02:13 04 Jun 22
The vibe is hard to describe but everything about it is perfection. The drinks are great too. I love this place.
17:06 07 May 22
Amazing place, great cocktails, decor and staff. If you a member of the LGBTTQQIAAP community, this place is always welcoming. Love and respect always.
izaac fc
18:45 03 Apr 22
great bar! Super cute decor and the bar staff are so nice and welcoming. The only downside is that the music is a bit too loud
Antony Pilmoor
10:04 09 Mar 22
Such a cute little bar.The cocktails were amazing and the staff were really friendly.Would deffo come here again on my visit.
10:00 20 Feb 22
Whenever I'm up the West End I near enough never ever fail to pop in to Friendly Society for a Vodka & Coke plus a cheeky "Trojan Shot" (I highly recommend if you love Jaffa Cakes, that's all I'm gonna say).Quirky, Fun, love the barbie dolls stuck on the ceiling amongst the vines & the wall of pictures!
Mark Yorke
21:53 28 Jan 22
In the midst of Soho..literally below ground, a really fun place. Always a pleasant crowd. Just opening backup , so much fun.
Philip Procter
10:20 07 Dec 21
Classic friendly gay bar to take your "straight mates" super nice staff, good drinks and decor that is straight out of a 70s flashback, good vibes and disco.
Gwyn Evans
20:55 09 Oct 21
One of London's best LGBT+ bars run by the wonderful Maria. Plastic dolls are nailed to the ceiling and there is permanent projection of kitsch films on the back wall. Some snug tables under the arches too. Quirky funky music and good wines and beer.
Charlie Pinsent
10:34 21 Sep 21
Mad and unique little underground cocktail bar. Eccentric decor and lively atmosphere
Jamie Henderson The Small Business Bear
14:44 19 Sep 21
Really love this bar. IN soho, but feels like it is a hidden gem. Always busy, but they've always got time to make a fuss of you. Great table service.
Colin C.
09:22 08 Sep 21
The best bar in London, I've been going for 22 years (and I'm only 21!! ) the owner Maria is a diamond, mad as a hatter (and the decor is testament) but...
Abbie Palmer
11:55 04 Sep 21
Such a hidden quirky little place with amazing interior decor that just has to be seen. Will definitely be going back there asap. Really friendly bar staff who made us feel very comfortable and relaxed. Everything was clean and sanitised. Very close to everything in Soho which is handy.
Sam Blagg
20:13 21 Aug 21
Great night tonight with Maria. Thank you for your hospitality, great fun x
Guy König
05:52 20 Aug 21
Always love this place, and it's had a makeover!! Fantastic little piece of heaven hidden away under their streets of Soho 🌈🦄🔊🎶Great sounds too ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
11:50 17 Aug 21
Stylish but down-to-earth bar/lounge with decor that must be seen. It's name is well chosen because it might be the friendliest and quirkiest bar in Soho.
Chris B.
16:19 08 Aug 21
I've been to this place with my friends because it supposed to be a gay bar with chill vibes yet our time there was ruined by an abusive guy. The security...
Stefani G
04:57 08 Aug 21
The staff doesn’t care if you get harassed by random old guys in the bar. Don’t go
Justine Addison
16:10 24 Jun 21
Have been going to this bar for decades and love it just as much now.
Tom Oliver
19:34 16 Jun 21
We love Josh so much, he was so helpful and fun. Made our experience 100%. Good cocktails (approx £9 ish) good atmosphere and nice energy.
loti armstrong
19:31 16 Jun 21
Josh was a wonderful host an and an amazing server! we had a lovely time with a great atmosphere, lovely house cocktails! josh MADE our experience!!
Betty Windsmore
07:23 16 Jun 21
Wonderful Soho bar with amazing creative decor, great drinks and cocktails and fabulous staff team and hosts
Mark Suever
19:54 25 May 21
Had a bloody good time their with Klaus!
Tim S
17:25 31 Oct 20
I was worried they'd closed but they were just doing themselves up! Maria (who went away for a while) is back and she's great - bringing back the friendly in the name 🙂
03:46 13 Oct 20
A fantastic bar, now it is back in the hands of its original owner Maria. She gave us a wonderful welcome,If like me you remember the Golden days of this bar,well they're back!!👍💋🍹
Eden Beddingfield
16:40 10 Oct 20
Service is awful, only one person taking orders and constantly ignoring tables!
Cory E.
19:08 21 Sep 20
This is a really fun and interesting bar. You won't find anything else like it. It's worth a visit even just for a drink or two on a night out.
Mike Rouse-Deane
22:55 18 Jan 20
This is an experience you'll only get if you know it's there. A very dainty little place. It's so odd its amazing. Absolutely loved my first time there. The random decor just really makes it an experience and the staff are fantastic. Every drink seems to be important whether it's a cocktail to a cider. So impressed. Can not wait to return
John M.
18:15 28 Dec 19
They say if you have a place in "in the know" never share it as it's a best-kept secret. Forgive me for posting this, but the name surpasses the...
Boris Donnadieu
12:14 22 Dec 19
Witnessed a very unfriendly rude and violent staff at the bar, who took the defence of a man who was drunk and was pushing other people to get his way in. Instead of calming down the situation, the staff made it worst and told off the wrong person... it is called ‘friendly society’ but it is not the first time that I feel a very bad vibe in this place. I’m not going back...
jackie lasky
02:16 16 Apr 17
We stayed with locals while visiting London and this was my favorite place they showed us. It is hidden away, but it is so pretty inside! The prices are as expected for drinks, friendly service, and great music. It's perfect for a night out with friends or a date. The decor is very unique and interesting!
David J.
15:06 30 Nov 15
This place is simply a trip. You'll not find it by accident, as it is down some stairs accessed from the street through a fairly innocuous door in Wardour...

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