Friends Bairro Alto

Friends Bairro Alto

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An innovative, welcoming environment of continuous animation now happens in a new space in the Bairro Alto. Friends was thought to provide moments of gathering and amusement. Every visitor can enjoy good music, surf the Internet for free or simply to surrender oneself to the reading of the vast selection of books available. We are FRIENDS of books, we are FRIENDS of the Bairro Alto, we are FRIENDS of having fun, we're FRIENDS of the best choice – FRIENDS BAIRRO ALTO. Bar and bookstore, FRIENDS BAIRRO ALTO, allies the concept of well-being, and has the objective of providing to its customers moments of both fun and quietness in the afternoon, while at night suffers a metamorphosis. Being a space where one can enjoy excellent moments that just the night of Bairro Alto provides, full of animation and excellent music listen to! It´s cultural at its best. Cross-booking is a bold and innovative concept on the reading level. It fascinates the ones who love to read and convinces those who remains outside the world of literature. Here the book exchanging can be made for drinks or books, and all books displayed are available for sale for only 3 Euros, a way to provide all visitors good moments and at the same time take home a book one can read cater or in the spot. Taste the wonderful and particular daily coffee, from the DELTA CAFÉ Selection, and a relaxing moment. Grab the night tightly and be amused with the Caipifrutas and Cocktails, FRIENDS BAIRRO ALTO makes the challenge: SATISFY YOUR THIRST OF KNOWLEDGE AND BRIN A BOOK TO “DRINK”!



Friends Bairro Alto
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15:50 14 May 24
Decent gay bar in Bairro Alto. Very agitated, and they really like to listen to brazilian remixed music 😆
Rohit Madan
21:24 11 May 24
The food is mediocre at its best. We didn’t have any great moment. It could not be our night but just felt given the price , the quality of ingredients was poor.
El Gato Lounge
23:07 08 May 24
Good cocktails, great music and trendy crowd. Definitely a place to return.
14:44 28 Jan 24
Definitely a gay bar! I had so much fun, it was completely packed on Saturday night at midnight, literally like sardines, but that’s part of the fun! The fact we’re all so close forced us to all talk to each other 😂 the DJ played amazing international and local hits so like a mini club. Only one toilet though, so literally everyone was going outside to pee and come back in if the bouncer recognized you
Jere Orlet
11:43 22 Dec 23
Nice local club to dance with friends, and to meet new people. The DJ was excellent and really kept everyone dancing all through the night. I would only suggest the music be a bit louder.
Freitas Isac
22:20 22 Nov 23
It was a good place to drink. Drinks are not expensive and very cold. If you need to relax in a gay environment it is the place. I went 2 times and most of the public is from the local.
Alexandre Curiel
14:46 21 Nov 23
Best gay bar in Lisbon. Everyone here is nice, drinks are good and the music hot!!
David Knight
15:07 14 Oct 23
It was nice until it got too crowded and hot. We think Bairro Alto in general has this problem of the bar size to the people they allow win. Was a fun night tho, the staff was fun, i think if the bar would be bigger, it would be a blast!The drinks were amazingly strong in a very good way.
David Ridley-Parris
10:09 05 Oct 23
Great place for midweek drinks before midnight. Inside is small but was popping when I visited and the music was a good mix of global and local hits. Service was a little slow but we didn’t wait more than 10 minutes for a drink. Prices slightly higher than expected (€18 for two gin and tonics) and while they have a system to get €1 back if you return your cup, the queues at the bar might deter you from actually getting it. Friendly person on the door welcoming everyone and good vibes all around.
Alex Pollard
11:34 26 Sep 23
Lively, loud, fun bar with a young crowd, friendly bar-staff, commercial music and reasonable prices. It’s small inside but fills the street with tables on warm afternoons/evenings (one of the few Bairro Alto bars to open early at 6pm).
17:53 18 Sep 23
Fun local gay bar. Friendly service during the day. It's busy at night and takes longer to recieve a drink.
Jeremy Ellison
10:13 28 Jul 23
Cute, small, gay bar. Good music, great vibes 🏳️‍🌈
Omar Gonzales
13:28 06 Jul 23
It was a fun but the drinks made my friend I sick for 2 days. We only drank 2 caipirinhas. We couldn’t eat properly after 2 days and threw everything up that night.
Javier S
17:31 25 May 23
Small dark and crowded bar where they charge you 13 euros for a whiskey and coke in a plastic cup. They tell you that they will give you back one euro if you return the plastic cup. In our case, they did not want to return it to us, claiming in very bad ways that they had just closed (We were just leaving the place). We feel completely cheated. Never to return.
13:52 21 May 23
Small bar with good music and cheap beer. Crowd is mostly gay, friendly and happy people. It is crowed but you could buy your beer and drink it outside. It is fun!
Steven Maskell
00:15 09 May 23
What a fun bar. A great mix of people; gender, age, skin colour! Bartenders are friendly and ready to get you a drink. The DJ was wonderful. A pro tip - make sure you return your recyclable cup and get your Euro refund. This place is fun.
Nathan Blond
15:31 10 Mar 23
Fun place with nice people but very small so if you want to dance it is not the best
Tom Connell
02:37 27 Jan 23
The best place in town for friendly, busy night life- just never ever ever buy anything off the street, ever.
Elliot Eaton
00:11 22 Jan 23
They have reusable cups with a 1 euro deposit you get back when you return the cup. Sounds great for sustainability, until it's so packed that the blonde let you back inside the bar from the outside space to return the cup and you have to queue for 20 minutes at the end of the night just to be responsible when leaving.
Filipy Borghi
14:42 14 Jan 23
Nice and fun place to have drinks with friends and see people. They enter to buy drinks, enjoy some music and then they go out and stay in front of the bar, making the street an extension of the bar
Yazid Ahmad
23:51 12 Dec 22
Cute servers, nice drinks. They have seats outside the bar to people watch. It was cute!
Marco Krupa
01:07 22 Nov 22
Rather nice ☺️ Good music and very cute clientele 😇
Miguel Linan
08:52 09 Nov 22
The best gay bar in Lisbon at the moment. Very popular with all types, good music and cheap drinks.
Petropavlovsk Kamchatskiy
03:07 03 Nov 22
Nothing special, but probably one of the better bars. You won't find any great bars in this area. All just average.
nischal choulagain
03:45 31 Oct 22
Requested for a song which was not played by the DJ. Drinks was expensive for which my friend was charged less. Very hot inside and unsatisfactory. Thanks and regards:
Cédric Mezler
23:30 30 Oct 22
If you want to go to gay bar, go to this one. There are always a lot of people and the music is usually quite good.It can get a bit too crowded on the weekends, though.
Javier X
09:44 25 Aug 22
Good prices, nice music, it is a bit small but you can chill outside
William Álvarez
22:10 22 Aug 22
Good music, nice people, but extremely hot inside with little ventilation, I was sweating profusely all the time.
Suzanne Frey
20:40 12 Aug 22
I adore this spot - also good for people watching and great drinks. Be forewarned: the "medium" drink is HUGE!
T. A.
00:45 31 Jul 22
Came to this bar and experienced what I considered to be a racist experience. Door man stopped me when I was going to return my plastic cup to get my euro back. He stops me (a black male) after letting several others that were not black, in. When i questioned him he asked me if I had a problem. He would not let me in because he was letting people out. There was no one coming out at that time. There is such a heavy racist understood here. I would avoid all together if you are a person of color.
Danny Standing
17:16 09 Jul 22
Great bar with a lively vibe. Decent measures and good prices. Bar staff and the fab doorman make the place what it is.
Zafer Atik
06:41 20 Jun 22
Great cocktails with generous amount of alcohol, hot barmens, friendly ambiance. 👏🏼What else you want from a bar? 😊
Darcy Maguire
11:27 02 Jun 22
Friendly staff, bit crowded but great vibes. Good place to dance with a mix of international and local clientele
Rodrigo Jr
00:02 29 May 22
What a hot MESS!!! This place is small and smells like dirty toilet. The line to get in is 40 minutes long and the bouncer will shamelessly let his friends cut the line and if you complain he will not let to enter the place. If it wasn't for the location this place would've been dead already.
Vincent S.
17:39 12 May 22
Regarded by locals as the spot to start the night in Barrio Alto, it is a high energy spot. Expect to be in a moist, sweaty, dance cave and be shoulder to...
Gokhan Insel
21:24 17 Apr 22
Best place to enjoy your drink with friendly ambiance. DJ performance and lovely team! You the best Texeira 💁🏼‍♂️🤗
Edgar Lima
13:07 01 Mar 22
For sure this is the best gay bar at Bairro Alto. Friendly workers, very nice prices, very good music and environment! Simply the best.
Dave Schnupp
22:20 28 Feb 22
My two best friends and I spent 5 nights in Lisbon and each of them we started off at Friends. It has the perfect mix of chill vibes and high energy–with a lounge area and dancing. The barmen keep the party going and make the best double vodka sodas. Friends is the perfect spot to experience what the Lisbon gay nightlife scene has to offer. I strongly recommend anyone in Lisbon to check out this bar multiple times!
Harold M
19:07 23 Feb 22
The staff is awful. They thought I kicked a door in the toilets, watching me on video (in the toilets ?), when I was… very cool. I tried to explain the misunderstanding, they showed me a picture where we don’t see me kicking the door at all 🤨.Everybody can do a mistake of interpretation but the way they acted and pushed me out was very wrong. And it is frustrating because I was nice with everybody all the night.I don’t support bars who seek only our money with no respect at the end.
Harold M
01:27 23 Feb 22
How can I say it ?Been told to go outside, reason : I have kicked a door : never in my life. .I am very generous and kind. Imagine someone tell you, you do not fit in. Please don’t go in this place.Everybody can do a mistake. But they do not talk to see their mistake. Maybe someone kicked a door. But not me.Please don’t go there. It hurts to be treated like this when you respect peolple.
Hellen Maik
12:09 08 Jan 22
Nice drinks, cool place to relax and see good looking people. Good music.
Anne Meria
10:52 04 Jan 22
A cool, non-pretentious bar in a good location. Cozy seating outside. Super friendly service. Killer mojitos!
Brendo Lincoln
18:47 25 Dec 21
A great place to make friends and having fun.The drinks aren’t expensive and the music is really nice.The best bar to go when you’re in Bairro Alto.
Tim G
23:52 08 Dec 21
Interesting and fun. Great location, reasonable prices.
Sami Djellab
20:08 04 Dec 21
Very good music and cool people. Good drinks and nice looking cups.
Shai Cohen
19:06 02 Dec 21
Love this place, great atmosphere and affordable drinks 👌One of our favorite places to get drinks in Lisbon.
Iris Y
07:47 04 Oct 21
LGBT amazing dance bar. Good music and nice people. The place is small and it's hot inside.
08:11 27 Sep 21
Friendly. Great staff. Relaxed vibe
Luis Betancourt Cosson
22:35 16 Sep 21
A really nice place to start a crazy night in Lisbon. The mojitos are killers!
Minh Saigon
22:45 04 Sep 21
Super slow table service. We waited and waited to be served then gave up at the end.
Ludovic Dubois
20:54 08 Aug 21
Great place with very nice people 🙂 thanks you guys to make us feel at home :)#France #Montsaintmichel
Johnny P.
00:05 07 Apr 19
Let me start off as the only reason i gave a two star is because the staff of friends Bairro Alto are very good otherwise they would deserve a one star for...

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