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G-A-Y Bar in Soho is pretty much the go-to spot if you're into having a blast in London's gay scene. It's like the epicenter of fun for the young and lively gay crowd. Think of it as your classic, no-frills, all-fun gay bar where it's all about good vibes and great times.

The place is open every day from midday to midnight, so whether you're an early bird or a night owl, there's always something going on. The bar spreads out over three floors, and each level has its own kind of buzz. The ground floor is where the party kicks off, but the real hidden gem is the upstairs area, especially during the week. It's got this cool outdoor terrace that's usually packed with people just chilling and having a smoke.

Down in the basement, things get a bit more stylish. It's a bit chicer and adds a nice touch to the whole bar experience. And if you're planning to hit G-A-Y on the weekend, be prepared for a crowd – it gets super busy, and they frisk everyone at the door to keep things safe and comfy for everyone.

G-A-Y Bar isn't just a place to grab a drink and dance – it's a part of London's gay culture. It's where you can let loose, be yourself, and meet some awesome people who are all there for a good time.


G-A-Y Bar
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Andrew Pearson
22:20 07 May 24
Worse security I've ever seen very unprofessional. No manners sounded like freshy to be fare and will report them to SIA authorities as they give real security a bad name. Did not ask for my consent to put they hands into our bags. Which is a legal requirement.. also the management was very rude and didn't want to help us with what happened. No wonder 2.9 rating. Will 100% report them please by all means check the cctv on how they search customer.
Gargi Janak
09:12 07 May 24
The cleaning lady at GAY at Soho physically assaulted me on the 25th of November.I had reported this to the police the very next day.I had gone to the washroom to clean my face. The lady was initially rude to me, asking me to take tissues from the loo instead of giving them to me, as she was to everyone else. There were no tissues elsewhere in the washroom area apart from the ones she was handing to people and the ones in the washrooms. When I requested again, she handed it to me. However, a man came to the washroom area afterwards and asked me to put lipstick on his mouth. My hands were dirty by the time I was done and the lipstick marks on them weren't going with just water.The lady had previously passed some racist remarks about my Indian ethnicity. This time, I requested her to give me a tissue, but she replied with more rude remarks in front of multiple other people there. I couldn't understand the reasoning behind it. She went on to hand tissues to everyone else who was white, but me. Many of the white people there looked at me as if to say that I wasn't at the same level as them. I looked at the lady again saying I needed to wipe my hands and she said some more racist things about Indians and their toilet practices asking me to get tissues from the loo. I did as I was asked because it was all getting too overwhelming for me.When she passed tissues to a white man who happened to be a staff worker at GAY in front of me, I told her she was being racist and took my phone out to record her conduct. I had just captured her image to report her to the manager when she rushed to me and grabbed me aggressively while attempting to break my phone. She grabbed me with so much force that I got bruises on my hand and back (I will attach the images on this email). The white people were all standing and watching, not coming in to stop her in any way. Thus, the only thing left for me was to scream loudly, which I did.The next thing I remember is the manager and the security person coming to that area to intervene. I walked out of the washroom and started crying in front of the security person because I'd never been attacked physically anywhere, let alone at a gay bar which is supposed to be a safe (or at least, safer) space for queer people like me.The manager came out after that and began gaslighting me saying that I was wrong to have asked for a tissue. He went on to make gaslight-y statements like, "in the past 7 years, I've never gotten a single complaint against my staff." That was a lie because even when we check the reviews of GAY on the internet, numerous people have pointed out that the staff members have been racist towards them.
10:47 05 May 24
Aggressive bullying security who try and intimidate. I calmly took a photo of the security as I wanted to raise the issue later, after they stopped my friend going in to speak to his boyfriend. They tried fobbing him off with 'regulars only' to which I replied thats not very LGBTQ. They tried to take a video of me to intimidate me.All it is going to take is the wrong person or one investigative journalist to call this venue out and I'm sure its coming to them soon. Avoid at all costs. Go to Vauxhall or East. This is not a LGBT venue.
Jorge Dores
18:06 04 May 24
If I could give them 0 stars I very much would. The "bouncers" have some sort of power trip and deny entry to girls that "aren't regulars" denying entry to allies... let's just say that the bouncers don't look like "regulars" either... Jeremy, sort your staff out mate, at least try to redeem yourself...
Juan Antonana
22:26 06 Apr 24
On Friday April 5, we decided to go to G-A-Y bar for some drinks as we use to do each time we visit London. Several times a year. We are 4 people (ages 30-46 y/o). The doorman was very rude, unpleasant, disgusting and unfriendly with us. He told us we could not enter the pub on Friday and Saturday unless we were members of the club. That was not true, as the next persons in line only showed him their IDs and not membership cards. The real reason we were not allowed to enter is because of the direction G-A-Y bar wants to have. They want very young customers. All the people behind us in the queue were around 18-25 y/o and they entered just with ID. Two friends of mine were at the bar on Thursday and they told me: “the customers now at the bar are really young, this is not how it used to be.”I do not recommend anyone to visit this unpleasant place and now G-A-Y bar is out of my list forever
Nicky T.
16:42 29 Mar 24
Been a long time since I went to GAY. For nostalgia I thought I would pop in for one drink before heading home after seeing Priscilla at the Outer Net club...
Carrie Wright
18:05 17 Mar 24
AVOID AT ALL COSTSWould put -100 stars if I could, staff were rude and very physical with members of our party. 3 security staff surrounded a friend and wanted to take him for a chat. When asked what he had done we were told they would not talk to us, but did move us out of the way, one security kid was so aggressive that when asked if he was okay, he got more aggressive called a friend a racist. The whole situation escalated so quickly that a friend was pulled out of cctv view and was punched and pushed and pulled. Instead of calming the situation the egotistical security behaving like they are on a power trip, throwing around whoever they like, as my partner was walking out proceeded to grab his coat and shove him out into the barrier outside. Appalling behaviour staff member are feral !!
Sam Hume
17:51 17 Mar 24
I was tragically disappointed with the treatment by the door staff. However based on over reviews this is standard practice. The door staff said he was racist before launching an attack. He swiftly moved us out of camera view and proceeded with throwing unprovoked punches. The XL female bouncer was apologetic trying to get the other bouncer away. However when questioned developed some serious amnesia and some recollections were varied. We were denied the visibility of csc cards to protect the crazy individual. I would personally avoid. Try Ku bar for a totally different environment and a good night.
Santana Butcher
09:29 25 Feb 24
Honestly the most disgusted I've ever been with any club, let alone a supposedly LGBTQ+ inclusive club. The staff were extremely rude and hostile. The owner discriminates you and decides personally if you can enter based on how you look which is absolutely appalling for somewhere that's supposed to be a safe space. If he doesn't like the look of you, he'll say it's for "members and regulars" as a guise to not let you in, despite the fact there's no website and a membership for the club doesn't even exist. Please don't offer your patronage here, the Community deserves better than some balding man on a power trip.
Leanna Lucas
10:53 18 Feb 24
Would give 0 stars if I could. Used to come here 8 years ago and it was great. Went back last night and have never been so disrespected by staff in my life. The most vile female bouncer and some weird ego power trip grabbed my friend and physically shoved her to the side. When my friend mentioned that she had hurt her and asked why she handled her in that way, the female bouncer proceeded to kick us all out because my friend was "rude". When I tried to ask why we were being kicked out we were sworn at and met with aggression. PLEASE AVOID. We are a community looking for safe spaces and you will not find that here. Only aggression and rudeness.
Rana Lincoln
22:51 07 Feb 24
I wanted to visit this bar today but it's awful, security check me through and when I made a joke it's makes me feel I'm in Singapore or India then they said we cannot allowed you because you are drunk. I simply said thank you very much but my question is here if I visit you what will be the limited drink you you will serve? How your security can be judged people with a joke? If it's matter about drunk than your bar shouldn't serve anyone more than a two drinks. Anyways I can see great feature of your and definitely I will never try to go there. #Boycott this Bar.Go to comptons as it's more friendly and safe.
leanne bond
22:06 02 Feb 24
Absolutely disgusted about my night here. Went for my friends birthday. We both have mental disabilities, and we head down to the toilet. My friend has never been and sees a sweets on the side so goes to pick one up. Some lady appears from no where and screams at my friend. When I say screams you should have heard the way she spoke to my friend. It was on another level. Absolutely disgusting, so my friend starts apologising repeatedly, and I can see tears appear in her eyes as this lady continues screaming at the top of her lungs at my friend. I say she wasnt going to take it and shes sorry. The lady continues yelling and kissing her teeth at us. My friend as I mentioned has severe anxiety etc which you could see by how she was so apologetic. The lady can she her start to cry and my friend asks me to go into the toilet to comfort her , and the lady yells again screaming NO LOOK AT THE SIGN- yelling like ive never seen anyone yell before. So I say sorry shes just upset & the lady keeps glaring and giving us dirty looks and screaming and talking about us to herself. We have already apologised repeatedly anf this lady is still screaming and being the nastiest person ive known. Absolutely disgusting at this. You don’t speak to people like this at all. I’m appalled. Yea she is stressed people may take her stuff but this was an absolute joke the way she kept yelling instead of apologising. Talking about us and giving us dirty looks. Ruined the night. My friends birthday ruined. Appalled.OH AND TO ADD…the staff saw my friend having a panic attack and asked her to move out the way of others.appalled. sort yourselves out
G. J99
02:09 14 Jan 24
Queued for 1.5 hours just for my female friend to be denied entry when she was sober, bouncers are a pack of bullies on some sort of power trip, will never go again due to the attitude of the bouncers. Bouncers questioned my friend’s sexuality on arrival. Complete bias and discrimination . Would highly recommend avoiding this place.
Andrew Navarro
10:39 06 Jan 24
I arrived to G-A-Y around 11:45pm and since they close at 1am, they gave me a wristband and told me to go to HEAVEN… I absolutely hate pulling the race card, but it really felt like they discriminate against people of color. People were flocking in groups, allowed inside. I was alone and they singled me out… Told me since I’m not a “regular” that I would not be allowed in. Then I witnessed them telling two Indian girls the same thing.If I had known it was THAT kind of establishment, I wouldn’t have wasted my time going. Told my friends about it and they’re like “omg! This is 2024, are places really still doing this??” Please don’t support this place.
Marni Ford
10:56 01 Jan 24
Considering the gay community is ‘inclusive,’ I have never felt so humiliated. The manager and door staff are the most disgusting people. Quite literally look you up and down and decide if you’re allowed in. It’s 2024, I can’t believe this is even a thing. The group in front of us got let in but when it came to me and my queer friends they said ‘members only.’ Which I know is a lie as I was speaking to the group in front who did not have membership at all. Much more gay friendly venues in London around so do avoid!!
Gideon Johnson
06:37 30 Dec 23
The customer service and rudeness of the staff at the entrance are beyond appalling. The arrogance portrayed by the guys at the door made this place unsafe and unwelcoming. Instead of simply saying, “I'm afraid we are unsure who you are. Could we check your ID?” the manager and security guards went on to the next level of insults and racial discrimination against 2 NHS doctors and nurses who just wanted to spend 1 hour in the night with the 16 of us NHS doctors and nurses. They made us feel threatened, unsafe and discriminated against. FYI, the bar is not recommendable, and the entertainment was underwhelming.
Kyle Lindeque
16:19 23 Dec 23
The venue chooses patrons based on their age to be as close to legal age (18), and personally discriminated against me for being too autistic. It is not the first time they have been in the media for pushing away people with disabilities or too old. Seeking alternative venues is advisable.
Nathan Thompson
10:22 07 Dec 23
The female toilet attendant who is well known for regularly trying to pressure people, especially young gay people who are often on a very limited income, into buying worthless and useless tat everytime they visit the toilet, made a far worse impression than I’ve ever got from her before.I decided to take my boyfriend who is brand new to the London gay scene to G-A-Y, mainly to show off how boring, empty and tacky it is.Upon visiting the toilet section, he happened to cough a lot, probably because of all the chemicals she uses and the deodorants and aftershaves sprayed after she sells them. As he was by the sink area where she sits on her perch waiting for victims, she decided to shout at the top of her voice “that is absolutely disgusting”, accusing him of spitting into the sink.As I exited my cubicle she turned to me and exclaimed, “go back in there”, with a pointed finger, and accused me of not flushing the toilet, another false allegation.He very quickly made his judgement about the venue after experiencing the water down drinks, the tacky music on TV screens like it’s the 1990s, the toilet attendant and the backwards door policy.I don’t think this venue is going to last much longer, and will ultimately suffer the same fate as G-A-Y Late around the corner.Also, there’s been an identical cobweb in the light hole of the ceiling just in front of the downstairs bar for over two years.
Harrison Britton-Ramsey
00:31 02 Dec 23
Upon trying to enter, the security guard accused me of being drunk when I had only consumed one beer beforehand. I didn’t even say a word, I just walked up to him and he immediately accused me of being highly intoxicated. He asked for a second opinion on it too. I seriously cannot imagine they are in any way qualified to work the door of a club if they think a quiet, sensible and calm person was too intoxicated to enter. I would steer clear if possible - plus the vibe inside isn’t that great anyway. Try supporting another bar.
Pamela Lima
07:49 26 Nov 23
ATTENTION DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE…..Unfortunately I can't give zero stars. prejudiced place. Before entering, the security guard took an item from my bag without my authorization, as it cannot be consummated. Just let me know without taking my belongings. the woman in the bathroom wasn't letting patrons upstairs use the bathroom, only the people in the club downstairs could. considering that it only had that bathroom. she screamed at anyone who wanted to use it. I went into one and then asked my partner to wear what I was wearing so she wouldn't freak out again and she freaked out, telling us to leave and not come back. It was a big problem, because not even my mother yells at me and who is she to yell. before that bass party she had a fake smile and asked users for money. Now that there's that ballad (it didn't before) it's become powerful and rude. She was like that with everyone. First time I see a gay place that isn't included. I don't recommend it to anyone, it's a dark and prejudiced place. Don't go to that place. ATTENTION, Don't go to this little place. ATTENTION DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE. ATTENTION DO NOT GO TO THIS PLACE.Lucky for me I don't drink. imagine a drunk person is that woman shouting and accusing us like that. She tries to embarrass you. she kicked a girl out for no reason and she didn't use the bathroom
Natasha Simma
00:57 17 Nov 23
Right after Soho Square on Compton StreetIs a hidden gemUgandan music is always playing. The vibe is beautiful and the people are lovely
Nicole S
21:42 12 Nov 23
Don’t go here. I’d give it zero if I could. Had a pretty good night in the actual venue and then had a run in with the very aggressive female bouncer as we were leaving the club.I don’t know why she took issue with us. We went in, danced, just wanted a good time and caused no trouble. Maybe there was some sort of mix up but she came right into my personal space and because I challenged her on why she had an issue with us, she grabs my arm and hauls me out of the venue. Really unnecessary since this all happened as we were leaving anyway. In addition I’m autistic so this was really quite distressing. G-A-Y would do well to invest in bouncers who are actually trained. The whole point of bouncers is to make sure people are safe and yet they’re so aggressive I don’t feel safe around them. Reading some of the other reviews, it doesn’t surprise me that many people have had issues with the bouncers. If you’re going out in London, spend your money somewhere else.
02:16 10 Nov 23
Avoid at all costs! I was refused entry during opening hours, when I asked why the security lady said because the manager said so. I’m a member been coming here for years and never have received this treatment, also she was smoking as she was telling me this. When I asked for her name she said I was threatening her and she said that my membership could be revoked as she pleased. They took my picture without my consent, I was harassed, mistreated and dismissed
01:40 28 Oct 23
I’ve been here before and the experience was solidly fine but I have to mention that the female bouncer today was extremely rude and had a major ego-complex. I will not be coming back here again and I recommend you try literally anywhere else in soho because it’s a busy area and there’s lots of other places to visit.
Ashleigh Whitear
22:36 25 Oct 23
Beth is an angel sent from heaven and I love her. Thank you so much for looking after me and my friend. I always enjoy it here and she is the best. Please give this lady a RAISE.
Frankie Howell
22:43 16 Oct 23
I wish I could give no stars. An absolute embarrassment of an establishment. Accuses patrons of things they literally haven’t done and then throws them out without any proof and no chance to ask what’s going on so we can try and understand. All while smirking, laughing with each other and acting like their gods gift to humanity and looking down their noses at you, honestly never ever encountered staff in ANY establishment I’ve visited who are all on such a power trip. On top of all of this, we were told to STOP SINGING. IN A CLUB?!! Tell me how that works. Every single staff member we encountered were rude to no end. Tried to order a drink and got eye rolls, sighs and tuts like it’s not their job????We went out to celebrate my partners birthday and have a fun time, it ended with us sat on the pavement consoling them because they were made to feel like they were the worst person in the world and that they’d committed the worst atrocity known to man, and genuinely, they didn’t do literally anything.Horrible, awful place.
Christian Cartwright
20:40 07 Oct 23
Deserves 0 stars. DO NOT GO HERE. Blatant discrimination by security - was refused entry for ‘being too red’. Told me to get a wrist band, go away and have a sandwich / coffee… despite being virtually sober. So many other good bars, don’t bother with this one.
Tiago De Oliveira
20:38 07 Oct 23
Decided to go into London to have a good night and encountered a colour blind security guard who doesn't know what the colour red looks like. Refused entry because he said I looked drunk even though I had one drink, walking straight, and speaking coherently. Never been turned away from an establishment before and after seeing the reviews I'm not surprised of the behaviour of these security guards. This establishment should be ashamed of calling themselves inclusive if they can't even train their guards properly on how to screen people. They should really consider changing their name to reflect what they really are. DO NOT GO HERE
Luke Miller
15:30 07 Oct 23
Bouncers are extremely aggressive and grabbed me and my friend when we thought we'd been admitted. One of them said we were in the way when we were simply waiting for them to check our bags. It didn't make sense. It seemed to be a situation in which power was getting to their heads. When I explained that I was standing there because my bag was being checked, the one particularly aggressive bouncer told me to leave and that we "weren't worthy" of being there.
David Rodgers
18:02 01 Oct 23
Looking for a great night out in Soho? Look no further than G=a-y bar! 🌈 This LGBTQ+ friendly establishment is the perfect place to let loose and have a fantastic time.As someone who recently enjoyed a night out at G=a-y bar, I can vouch for the inclusive and welcoming atmosphere. The staff is friendly, the music is pumping, and the drinks are top-notch. 🍻 🥂Whether you identify as LGBTQ+ or an ally, G=a-y bar provides a safe and vibrant space where everyone can be themselves and have a fabulous time. So gather your friends, head over to G=a-y bar, and get ready for a night you won't forget! 🎉🏳️‍🌈 #Nightlife #SohoVibes #LGBTQFriendly
David Torrey
17:25 26 Sep 23
Apparently after 6pm on a Tuesday night, are for “regulars” only. While the venue itself, from the doorway, was half full. Was told by a security guard to stand back behind an arbitrary line, with no context as to what was going on. This place acts like it’s of a posh variety, but in reality it’s a regulars only club for those who are known by staff. NOT FOR VISITORS FROM OVERSEAS OR OUTSIDE LONDON. Way better bars and clubs can be found all over town.
pia asaboa
21:09 14 Sep 23
would give this place 0 stars if I could. music is a trashy playlist with no effort put in. they advertised food but there was none. staff were slow and rude to one another and customers. supervisors were nowhere to be seen.place was so dirty, counter was sticky and nasty. they don't even do cocktails. what kind of established bar doesn't do cocktails? very embarrassing on their part. I would not recommend this place at all! don't waste your time or your money there are way better bars just a short distance away. extremely overhyped! just or horrible place all round
21:42 27 Aug 23
First time coming to this bar, it seemed ok as we got in but a few hours into the night i went to the toilet and was verbally abused by the women in the toilets! I went into a loo and it was dirty so went into a different one and she said I cannot go in this one… bare in mind there was lots free! She started shouting at me and my girlfriend saying “ I know what your doing???” After I left the cubicle she did not allow my girlfriend to use the toilet?! She then continued to scream and told us to get out and got the security on us! We explained to security and other witnesses said that we hadn’t done anything wrong! He let us stay and said I understand just use the bathroom upstairs next time and stay out her way! She is a nasty nasty women and should not be allowed to work there! Terrible experience! Should have listened to the reviews and never went in the first place, she ruined the night for all of us… DO NOT GO HERE!!!!
KC Newstead
11:59 20 Aug 23
DO NOT GO HERE. Security are disgusting and abuse their power. I witnessed 3 big muscley men push a small woman who was on her own. Not only did they push her over they did pushed her over in a ROAD when there were cars coming. They fully man handled and assaulted her because she was “too drunk” to come into the club (she wasn’t). Absolutely disgusting please do not waste your time here, they do not care about your safety.
07:52 16 Aug 23
Outraged and disgusted by door staff. 😡 My daughter and I were rejected at the door. The door man looked me up and down and decided that I was not a member of the community and refused entry. He claimed that they were only allowing 'regulars' in. Members of the community travel to London to attend these clubs and are being rejected. This is appalling and discriminatory behaviour. I would not recommend any G-A-Y establishment for a night out .
Ridge Fernandes
14:51 13 Aug 23
The security of this place is very racist and rude.Total discrimination if you ask me, as we were not allowed in maybe because of our looks.Very bad for the place as it's a nice spot, but lately, they have got worse.They are so judgemental and will not allow you in without a reason, or just state things about memberships, which clearly don't exist.Would recommend to not waste your time at a place that doesn't know how to respect the people.
Louis Cruz
11:23 31 Jul 23
Hey guys, if it makes you feel better I get rejected from this place too, even though I've been let in before. Most of the time I can get accepted into Heaven on the same night anyway. It's random. That said, 3 stars for being a mediocre bar with no effort put into the music.
Matthew Senior
09:47 30 Jul 23
had somewhat a good time but the doorman removed me and accused me of being too drunk despite me not having that much to drink - I was able to walk in a straight line and speak in normal sentences. I was wearing heels last night so was a bit clumsy and was in no way too intoxicated. He made me feel very uncomfortable
Ash Dobson
09:56 16 Jul 23
Tried to go in last night, been once or twice before and enjoyed. But doormen questioned how much I had had to drink. Had only had a few drinks by this point and said as much. Doormen refused me entry. Was actually astounded, was in no way drunk nor a mess.
Marcin Siwicki
22:48 08 Jul 23
G-A-Y Bar is a popular gay bar located in Soho, London. It is a great place to go for a night out with friends, and is also a popular spot for tourists.The bar has a long history, dating back to 1979. It is a two-floor venue, with a ground floor bar and a basement club. The bar is known for its lively atmosphere, low prices and its friendly staff.
seb G
22:25 05 Jul 23
Went here with my British friend and he showed them both American and UK forms of identification and still wouldn’t let him in lol. No room for discrimination these days. I hope this place burns down with owner in. Sc*m bags. And the piece of fecal matter female bouncer chose to physically pushed me out of the way into the wall giving me a nice bruise. Violence is never the answer. I hope you burn in there too lmao
Naiche Young
09:37 04 Jul 23
Poor service!! they have charged us for half a beer £15 (see images) NOT RECOMMENDED, go to the local in front or any other, they are more helpful.
Emily Johnston-Stuart
14:58 30 Jun 23
Don't go to this place. Supposed to be inclusive and equal, but it's entirely the opposite story. Security are the rudest most aggressive people ever. Giving you attitude and being rude to you whilst they tell you apparently you're being rude to them and not to talk to them 'like that'. At first this tiny small man (definitely suffering from small man syndrome and being a vile little horrible disgusting bully to make up for his small stature), wouldn't let me and my friend in to meet our other friends cos 'we aren't regulars', so we got our friend to come out, accepted my friends ID then wouldn't accept mine cos they don't see it as valid ID. I said it is valid ID cos it is government approved has the pass hologram on it. He told me 'don't give me that attitude and tell me what's ID and what's not'. Wish I gave him a piece of my mind but I'm too polite. Disgusting man. Letting the power of being a 'security' guard go to his head. The security in here aren't security at all as they're not here to protect you, they're here to bully you. DO NOT GO HERE. Security all need to be sacked ASAP and never ever be given a security job again. Vile bullies.
Sam Mao
13:56 27 Jun 23
Unfortunately, I had a very unpleasant experience with the doorman today. I witnessed my friend, who is a person of color, being turned away with the excuse that only regulars were allowed in. It was extremely disheartening to see such blatant discrimination. It appeared that the doorman made a snap judgment based on my friend's appearance, which is unacceptable. I hope that the establishment takes this matter seriously and takes steps to ensure that all patrons are treated equally and with respect.
Cassie Gates
11:02 12 Jun 23
I have mixed feelings about G-A-Y. On the one hand it's an institution and a rite-of-passage but it also feels tired and a little sad to me. I've had some pretty good nights here, never had a truly awful experience and the staff are great. The outside space is good but the music is often very clichéd and can be a bit depressing. It's a tough one: in 2023 it feels a bit LGBT (maybe even just LGB) rather than queer. Maybe because I never want to hear 'dancing queen' or 'raining men' I'm not really the target audience.
Kayla Goldstein
14:26 15 May 23
I have never been to this bar nor this country, but my friend was there last night and passed out drunk. The amazing security guard (I wish I knew your name) went so far above and beyond to make sure my friend was safe. To the security guard who worked on May 14, 2023 into the early morning on May 15, you deserve a raise and a promotion. Thanks for putting up with my drunk friend and making sure he didn't die in a gutter.
Christine Illidge
13:48 08 May 23
This place used to be the gem of Soho. Now it's a joke. The door staff think they're more important than they are and need educating. They're prejudice and make rules up as they go along. When I read health reports saying they had issues because pumps hadn't been cleaned for at least 5 years, I felt sick. Definitely better places to go than this place who's upper management leave it to savages to man the doors.
dushka ahmad
12:08 06 May 23
Disgustingly rude security people at the door. I was with my cousin and his husband but for some reason they were extremely rude to me. The woman literally told me to get out if I wasn’t happy with the way I was being treated. You can only feel sorry for such bitter people. 🤦‍♀️
Joe T.
15:54 12 Apr 23
If I could 0 stars I would Definitely the place I wouldn't be
Phoebe N
12:47 26 Mar 23
if i could give 0 stars I would. One of us who haven’t been in 3 years, they claim they ‘recognise’ you, the one who went 6 weeks ago they claim they ‘don’t recognise’ you and you aren’t a regular. (basically they just don’t like the look of you). The ‘security’ are Discriminatory and RACIST. Least inclusive place ive ever seen. Would recommend literally anywhere else but there.
Rajib Ghosh
18:05 24 Feb 23
The same lady security officer let me in after NOT letting me in in the other bar during NYE. The extremely good looking security just checked me and let me in without any wristband. The two floors were packed and they've a smoking zone. Its good to go once, well, of course if you're allowed by milady !!!
Aron Szyls
16:10 18 Feb 23
Very nice place to spend time, especially before 10pm as then it gets a bit too busy Fridays and Saturdays. Music is cool 🤙 people are relaxed 😎 employees are fab 😊 prices are very reasonable depending on the day of the week. Sometimes people get too drunk and create mess but we all know that it happens everywhere.
Robert Fairburn
09:46 22 Jan 23
AVOID THIS PLACE LIKE THE PLAGUE NOT EVEN WORTH WALKING TO, TO CHECK OUT.Disgusting bouncers, terrible attitudes. My friends were allowed in and they are non members, there is no membership for GAY, if they say this to you they are discriminating against you based on how you look.Chances are they're rejecting you because you look too straight or you look to old or you aren't their vibe. I stood around for a while asking people behind in the queue if they had membership, none of them do, it doesn't exist. Id give them 0 stars if I could but I doubt it'd matter they won't be able to read this review anyway as they shared the joint IQ of a smashed up grape.
Yiqing Wang
09:33 17 Dec 22
I am very sad how this place has become so discriminatory. I have always advocated for this place because its fun and inclusive environment- at least a few years before. Now it all changed. The bouncer is refusing people in solely based on who he wants to refuse, giving BS reason on membership and regular. I have been to this place many times and in fact have introduced all my gay friends about this place as well. But last night I was refused to enter on absolutely no good reason and they tried to film me and threatened me that I’ll be banned from all their clubs when I tried to argue and stand on my ground. This place is a disgrace to LGBTQ community’s core value - being equal.
Clarissa Codalonga
14:55 12 Nov 22
Was one of the best gay club in London.Now is the worst, they keep change the rules for how can go in and when.Before pandemic was fun and inclusive, now if you are not a men or member they do not let you in.People was coming just for 2 reasons “cheap drinks and inclusive place “ now they acting like a member bar.Never again.Bye, Felicia
Jon Lienad
22:27 31 Oct 22
It was a terrible experience, I paid for the entrance then I went outside to look for one of my friends, and when I was trying to come in again the guy in the picture didn't let me in, I asked why? Then he started to laugh and didn't say anything and pushed me away, so because of that I took a picture of him to report him. So I think it was probably a racist action, I used to come to this place with friends from the US several times but after that terrible experience I won't do it again, so please be aware of how your security employees treat the customers I could have easily reported him to the police for violence but I didn't want to take it to the next level.
Maykel Cazorla
13:41 30 Oct 22
An absolute disgrace of a place ,would give it a 0 but not possible, Last night I was refused entry with 3 friends of mine form the US just because we all didn’t have some sort of membership !? What the hell ! I’ve been there a few times before just because of how fun and entertaining it can be ,also a cheap cheap place to graba a quick drink and listen to some tacky music , well now this is the impression my friends have of the place , luckily most other places did let us in no problem , I’ve lived in London for 24 years now and this is the first time I’ve encountered anything like this ! People before us were let in no questioned asked just because I supposed they were in keeping with their image and acceptance rules , we apparently looked straight and not drunk I suppose !?AVOID AT ANY COST !!!!!Just walk down the road and any of the others will let you in and much more fun and certainly cleaner and welcoming !!
Barbara Motzer
21:59 21 Oct 22
If I could give 0 stars I would. Very discriminating staff. They didn't want to let me in only because I was asking why they gave my friend a wristband for heaven but didn't give me one. This are the staff members that acted discriminating. We met other people that were not let in because apparently they are not "members" of the bar? Very strange
Carl Nolan
12:47 04 Sep 22
The place has an awful reputation so I normally avoid it like the plague but gave it a try anyway. Rejected while completely sober at 6pm because it's "members only". Pointed to my mates who were inside already and didn't have "membership". She told me I had a bad attitude.Been going out in the area for years and never had an issue but overly zealous power-tripping bouncers will always find something to manufacture conflict over. I really wonder about the abilities of managers who employ these types of people who needlessly damage their reputation.Don't waste your time and money. Plenty of great bars just down the road.
Natalie Eve
13:28 03 Sep 22
This club really think they are so prestige. Refused entry because we weren’t “members” it was a Wednesday night, it was quiet and they had no one else waiting to get In. Spoke to another group in a bar we met later that night and they said they were refused entry because they were a group on 8? Seems to many hurdles to jump to get into a club. Don’t bother and spend your money at other establishments who appreciate it.
Sylwester Pełka
00:06 01 Sep 22
I am a tourist from The Netherlands and i was not aware that with the free pass I have to stay in the que. The crew just tell me after all that I can’t get to the club. Completely ignoring my apologies and not listening why I behave that way. It doesn’t give a good image to the club and I will never recommend this place to anyone.Treating me like an air is beyond human to human interaction.
Lee Tween
12:46 22 Aug 22
Terrible. Disgustingly rude bouncers who shouldn’t be allowed to work with people. Reject people at the door for no reason. Avoid avoid avoid. Go to a more friendly and welcoming gay bar (and much better bars near by!!)
alicia wroblewska
07:39 22 Aug 22
Thing is, this wasn’t a bad club, there was just nothing special about it. We went on a Saturday as a group of 4 LGBTQ+ girls and we got let in pretty quickly around 10pm. The music was mediocre and of course drinks were expensive, but that’s expected. I did expect more girls on the club as it was 85% men and 15% women, so if you’re looking for more girls I’d strongly recommend SHE which is just down the road.
Eduard Rodcast
23:21 28 Jul 22
I was refused entry because I had my bar blade with me.I gave this venue a year and a half of my life when I worked there but they didn’t let me in because I had my bar blade with me. I even offered to throw it away but they said I was identified as a knife bearer. My only crime was going to the venue after my shift.Not surprised the staff couldn’t identify a hospitality worker as they’re just working for a cheap and dowdy venue.I wish the staff all the best and an evolution outside the unprofessional environment Jeremy and his lackeys create.
Roccovon Vena
23:34 12 Jul 22
I went today today to ask fir a job, and no one really helped me.The guys at the bar they were like... What I'm asking......The manager try to say that he couldn't take my cv, and i should send it thought thw website, as i tried, but on the website doesn't appear any email....... friendly and nice is just the security lady at the entrance..... For the 😴😴😴
Kya B
11:48 11 Jul 22
I left my phone here Friday night and I’ve been trying to call multiple times and they won’t pick up the phone. They also kicked my friend out for wearing flip flops despite originally letting her in.
Jett A.
14:46 08 Jul 22
Rude and filthy. Absolutely rude and discriminatory. The door staff are absolutely unprofessional and don't listen to the customers, blatantly ignore you...
Sara FitzPatrick
21:38 01 Jul 22
The woman working in the toilets is an absolute disgrace to be working in a gay bar bathroom. She was extremely rude to my girlfriend for using “too much water” to clean the Diet Coke off of her shirt that someone split on her. Also stated “why would you be stupid enough to wear a white shirt to a club” and yelled in her face for taking paper towel to dry her hands. Honestly I’m sure there are decent people in the world who would be happy to have a job in such a happy place but she’s not one of them.
Raisa Gossler
00:10 12 Jun 22
For an inclusive place it is a very xenophobic place!We were two friends and I in queue when one of the security guards was extremely rude and simply pulled us out of line. Without a reason! She just pushed us, both me and another friend of mine. As we don't speak English well, we didn't question much because we were shocked, but now seeing the comments we know!
Liam Goldsworthy
15:21 03 Jun 22
this place is a disgrace, and lets down the LGBTQ+ community it is meant to represent and empower. turned down at the door off-peak by rude and dismissive staff, despite attending many a time pre-lockdown and having a great time.ownership either needs to look at these reviews and take action, or I’d be quite happy to see the place go under. take action by spending your money elsewhere, at places that welcome and represent its own community.
Filippo Rappa
12:19 20 May 22
I went to ‘Heaven Club’ last night with my girlfriend. We were the first in line at opening time! and they didn't let us in saying we needed the GAY membership (?!) after a while, as they weren't asking anyone to show this mysterious membership (I don't even think there is such a thing) we realized they were asking every straight person in the queue to leave and only letting gays in.How would you feel if a club only let straight people in and asked everyone else to leave ?!This is discriminatory and most of all, ILLEGAL
13:37 11 May 22
The rude black security woman at the door on Saturday evening needs to get a life. These sort of people are nothing and so insignificant outside of this job so being rude to people and feeling like they have power at the door gives them some sort of delusion that they are important. Just very pity, feel sorry for them actually and they have ruined this bar's reputation as well, just look at all the bad reviews, Shameful!!
Gherman Bowie
22:07 04 May 22
You will need to wake up early if u want to enjoy This bar… They dont have a real dj its just a playlist with music for Generation Z
08:21 01 May 22
Facing the same problems as other females in the LGBTQ+ community. Been turned away multiple times on different days, whilst men are allowed to walk in without question. Told to "go away and get something to eat" and other times told that only "regular members" are allowed to get through the door (that's not actually a thing, by the way). Not inclusive at all. Be prepared to go elsewhere - you need to "look" a certain way to get in here. 👍🏼 Ladies - go to She bar across the road where you'll be welcomed as you should be.G-A-Y really needs to take a look at the door staff. It's been the same group on the door for a while now and you only have to look at the outpour of reviews recently all saying the same thing. Honestly, don't even bother giving them your custom.
Alfie Bones
19:00 30 Apr 22
Members only. Used to be an inclusive space welcome to all lgbtqia+ and now most are turned away. This used to be a great night out. Sadly no more.
Chris S
21:28 09 Apr 22
Me and my female friend weren’t let in, with some BS reason that we hadn’t been seen before. We tried again and got told we “weren’t members”. Yet, they hadn’t asked anyone else for memberships and didn’t address anyone by name. Just saw us out the queue.On another visit with gay couples, they advised I wasn’t coming in with them. I’m obviously straight, and my friends come in every week so no reason to say no to them.Imagine if a gay person wasn’t let into a club. As an ex barman and friend to gay people, I’d be outraged. But it’s ok when it’s against straight people, apparently. Won’t be bringing my business here ever.
Tamara-jane Boyle
20:34 08 Apr 22
Went here with my girlfriend after a few cocktails. The whole attitude was awful. We’re told we were not allowed to enter due to “needing to go away and have a coffee” and proceeded to only let men in. We were frequent patrons at this establishment as used to feel welcome and included but not anymore. Highly disappointed. Always used to be made welcome but not today. I’ve been in worse states and let in. Seems you have to meet a quota these days.
kieron caton
00:10 03 Apr 22
This place is ridiculous. When I attended tonight I finally got to the front of the queue and was refused entry. When I asked why they explained it was members only tonight. When I asked what members only meant they said people that attend regularly. This is a complete lie because I have attended multiple times before and was let in by even the same member of security in the past. I was not drunk and was trying to meet my friends inside. I explained this and they completely dismissed me. Directly after they let a large group in. I had a wrist band for G-A-Y late so tried to get in there with my friends and got given the same experience. Disgusting for someone who has only just come out... I won't be attending again.
Anton M.
15:50 17 Mar 22
Came here with friends who are British.. I'm a yank. Was told members only BUT the Brit guys said that was bullshit. I your American I recommend you NOT...
Nicole U
11:57 13 Mar 22
Staff at the front are not nice to people whatsoever. Just because you’re a bouncer (or that random man who is just standing there with the ear piece being rude), does not mean you can talk to everyone anyway you want. Learn to articulate your reasoning behind your decisions or improve the customer service as without customers, there is literally no business? This bar is known for this type of behaviour especially if you read earlier reviews. Thankfully I’m from the city but I cannot imagine how tourists must feel when they are excited to visit here and are faced with staff that are so rude. Do better guys! Especially for an inclusive space. You’ve got bad reviews for years for the same nonsense.
Jamie Cartwright
20:03 06 Mar 22
Possibly the most unfriendly door staff I’ve ever experienced in London. Came here for my birthday with a small group as I thought it would be a safe space and we were met with so much hostility. They wouldn’t let us in despite there being no queue / not at a peak time. The lady in the fedora at the door in particular was extremely rude to several of us. Avoid at all costs, so many other amazing LGBTQ+ spots in the area
Bethany Craig
19:48 06 Mar 22
We went to this bar on Friday night and queued for 45 minutes only to be told by the bouncer that it’s ’members only’ when I questioned said bouncer as to how we obtain a membership the bouncer said we must know a manager. Please bare in mind we were only at the club a few weeks prior to this and had no problems gaining entry. The bouncer accused me of being drunk (I am living my best sober life) and physically moved me to the side. I was shocked and disgusted by the behaviour of the door staff rude and aggressive. I would NOT recommend this bar/ club to any of my friends. I would much rather get my dancey dance on at a better much more inclusive club elsewhere.
Kirstie Merritt
11:52 27 Feb 22
Lined up for almost 2 hours in the freezing cold with 3 girl friends, only to be told at the door that you need a membership to enter without any prior warning in the queue. The security staff were very rude and they let the people in who were queuing behind us even though they were not members either. Absolutely ridiculous!
Stefani G
12:19 25 Feb 22
Hey all my lgbtq people, honestly go spend your money somewhere less chaotic and with nicer people. Inside smells like vomit all the time, you have to deal with the attitude of those in the queue because they got to be someone “important” for couple hours a week. They’re nobody outside that 😀
Shanique Reece
16:55 16 Feb 22
I haven't been in a while but for anyone that has been recently. Do you need to be vaccinated to get in? I tried ringing but no answer so thought i would ask here.
Greg W
00:33 09 Jan 22
A very popular gay bar to visit, we popped in for little drink, to see what all the fuss is about. After a very brief wait to get in, a quick body search and then covid pass with ID- you are then in. No fee to pay.We went straight upstairs to the bar- it was alright; but crowded and the staff could have been happier.Your fellow customers are generally younger, some looked a bit too young, but that’s what you get in a gay bar. The music was good but there was around a 2 second gap between each song? Is there a DJ? Who knows. The table we used was a foldable picnic table? What is going on there? This is one of more popular gay bars in London, and it’s using furniture like that. Someone please throw some money at the problem. The toilets are downstairs, dual-gender and spacious enough.On the whole, this is fine for a cheeky drink, but it’s not the best. It’s fun, but it ain’t fancy.
gem bailey
01:49 03 Jan 22
It should be half a star really as Jeremy Joseph hasn't made any effort to refurbish G.A.Y ,G.A.Y late or Heaven for many years.Just a lick of paint here and there but still a shell!!.It's like sitting on a park bench indoors!!!.might as well go Soho Square park lol 🤣🤣. Jeremy Joseph needs to understand that people pay good money to come out to the west end of a night and expect nice comfortable seating and surroundings ,no silly plastic cups 🤣🤣🤣.Don't give up your day job Jeremy 🤔🤔🙄🙄🙄😳😳🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
tom nova
08:08 03 Dec 21
Verry Stupid bar , fake entry regulations.Only member are soooo fake😡🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ , no tourist friendly , dont waste your money here , better go in another bar around .... thx
11:33 14 Nov 21
The short, skinny man (apparently called George according to another barman) was very hostile. Not sure why as I do not know him at all: either professionally or personally. All I did was ask for a drink 🤷 I just came to G-A-Y with my friends to have a fun night out.
Henrique Dias
22:04 30 Oct 21
Good song, nice place to meet people but HORRIBLE customer service. Managers and Supervisors were really impolite before, changed the whole staff (nobody bares to work there long enough, bartenders or everybody else) and even worst now. When you think customer service needs to be better to retain people, this place for sure is not in that mindset.
21:29 03 Oct 21
Awesome party place offering cheesy music, a mixed (but rather queeny) crowd and the cheapest drinks in the whole city. Great for starting a night of pure camp banter.
Emma Stratton
21:30 04 Sep 21
Came and was told I needed to be a member and when I visited recently that wasn't the case. I asked how to become a member and was told I needed to know someone with membership..How ridiculous! Was never entruscted on how to get one and was turned away! In my opinion you are turning down good customers
Graeme Underwood
21:01 02 Sep 21
Who would have thought bars after being closed for so long are in a position to be picky about who they like the look of to let in… ‘members only’ and ‘regulars’ is a term they throw out there when your face doesn’t fit. I guess your revenue must be through the roof - good luck to you but I’ll go spend elsewhere
Zak S.
16:08 29 Aug 21
After years as airline crew and bringing fellow coworkers and recommending passengers here, tonight I was denied entry because I was "not a regular or...
Liam Holmes
12:45 17 Aug 21
Amazing bars, clubs with amazing staff. Especially James who is always busy and friendly! Truly amazing member of staff
John Q
16:32 07 Aug 21
Was here in 2017 at the Geri Halliwell gig. Had been waiting years to see her and it was worth the wait, to finally (in between "freedom" and "it's raining men") get a chance to unveil my banner "ginger lives matter, stop dying your hair blonde" and then start shouting JUDAS at the stage. It was us gingers Bob Dylan going live moment. Anyway, as i was being escorted out, i had a really good look at the property and architecture and its a really impressive building. Pity i'm barred, as i would have returned to look around in more detail. Didn't get a chance to see if they do the lotto, but the spot is well worth a look.
Cem Okcu
05:09 05 Aug 21
Actually everything is very nice. I won't go there anymore because of the blond, blue-eyed man at the door. The man looks at you, if he likes it, he lets you in, if he doesn't, he doesn't. This man is not letting us in. other guards are taking us, but that man is not. We have been going there for 4 years. When we go, we go back when we see that man. We don't like that man. He asks for membership every time. We want to buy but we can't. is no longer given.
Rory McAtamney
15:06 24 Jul 21
Don’t bother - seats on the street which is nice. 4 of out group ordered drinks from the bar facing the street and they arrived within 5 mins. The final two people ordered and they didn’t arrive for 18 minutes. They made excuses that the bar was busy, which it wasn’t, and that the drinks were complicated, they were a pint of lager and an Aperol spritz, hardly rocket science. Won’t be back soon.
Jules Guibert
17:46 11 Jul 21
1 star because I can't put zero, the manager is a bloody m**** who will yell at you without any reason, cocktails are without alcohol even if you take a double, don't go there except if you want an experience of what is a really really bad bar.Please go rot to hell and close your bloody bar, it will makes place for new and obviously better ones (you can't do worst that this).I wish you a painful and costly closure.Best regards.
Marino Mía
13:59 10 Jul 21
The vibes and the atmosphere is amazing, no hate, just fun. It is a very 21st century disco, you will not regret going in. The music is very commercial but enough to have a good time once you are on your second beer. Furthermore, they also have the happy day, beer for just 1 pound!!! Just go in and have a good time, you will also get to know lots of people.
18:13 26 Jun 21
I have been regular visitor of this beautiful place but on 22nd June 2021 first time visited after COVID-19 season , things are bit changed but still love the place. Staff is very friendly and supportive
Gregor Lawrence
00:31 22 Jun 21
Horrendously rude staff who made my friend cry on her cousin's birthday night out. Lied about their terrible service to us and swore at us as we left, with no legitimate reason to do so. Will never return, and will dissuade everyone I know from doing so.
Ashleigh Whittaker
15:01 12 Jun 21
We were seated and then left for half an hour to be served, also while watching people who had come in half an hour after us be served first. They then offered us a free drink as an apology which was appreciated. Then when we actually got to order a round it was last orders and they overcharged us.
Elisabet Ruano
10:33 07 Jun 21
We were with my friends last Sunday. One of my friends hasn't have the NHS app and the security guard didn't let us in, even downloading the app afterwards. The experience was awful and really bad customer service.
19:57 02 Jun 21
I love the London G-A-Y bar compared to the Manchester one.The London G-A-Y bar have friendly staff and the atmosphere is nice as well, the G-A-Y bar in Manchester has bouncers on the door that profile you and think the Manchester G-A-Y bar is an exclusive members bar for some odd reason.I used to go to this bar in Manchester when it was the Spirit bar back in the early 2000's before it was G-A-Y Manchester. I am out gay (since 1994) but was not allowed in the Manchester G-A-Y bar because the rude bouncer had already profiled me and demanded that I showed him membership for the London G-A-Y bar I frequent, I have never had membership for the London G-A-Y bar ever, I didn't even know you have to have membership to go to G-A-Y in London that's news to me.Top marks to the London G-A-Y bar. I love going here.
Isaac Cuevas
01:45 10 Jan 21
I love this place. I love the music! It’s ideal for any day of the week, specially on Sundays!
Scott Brunswick
12:13 06 Dec 20
Loved every minute of it! What a treat, would really recommend giving a visit if in the area. Will return again some time.
Josh Wiggan
13:28 25 Oct 20
Service from Jack was exceptional he made sure all our needs were met. I hadn't come out for a while so had to get used to the new rules being told to stay seated took some getting used to when all i wanted to do was walk around lol and music was a bit outdated but would definitely come back here
20:05 29 Sep 20
Drinks are a great price for central London. Our server Jack was absolutely exceptional, he was so friendly and made us feel so welcome. Will be coming back just to see him xxx
Jemma Carew
23:20 07 Sep 20
Interesting experience during Covid but a great one nonetheless. One way system set up and generally adhered to, and all staff had face coverings. Proper Dancing wasn’t allowed because of covid but we were all dancing in our seats of course. Love the music here as always - the best kind of pop / cheese, with those music videos on the screens by the bar. Drinks deal on several nights (Monday to Thursday I believe) means several drinks cost only £2.50 eg pint of magners or bud light, small glass of wine and single mixer: can’t say fairer than that! Looking forward to going back soon!
Adam DeWitt-Bukater
08:07 06 Sep 20
We had a wonderful evening in the village. Staff are friendly, warm and welcoming. The bar is adhering to social distancing so there was a little queue to get in. You get served at your table so no queuing at the bar. Still a fun atmosphere. Would recommend.
Mitch E.
09:48 09 Nov 19
I had such a great time at this bar! The endless screens of music videos were my favorite and I couldn't get enough. Two doubles (vodka/soda and gin/tonic)...
Rita J.
15:04 06 Jul 19
The bar has two floors. We went there Friday night. The music was great and the drinks were are reasonably priced! It got crowded after 8 or 9 pm. The...
Christopher L.
19:17 21 Apr 19
Came here on a Friday night around 9:30! We didn't have to wait too long - maybe around 5 minutes and the bouncers were pretty friendly. Inside, it's...

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