Permanently Closed – G-A-Y Late

Permanently Closed – G-A-Y Late

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The late night gay sister to G-A-Y Bar on Old Compton Street that starts to see the action just before midnight - and expect long lines outside if you're any later. It's members and those with wristbands on Saturday nights so make sure you're signed up or grab a friend who is. Inside it's pop and dance tunes with videos on the screens surrounding a decent sized dance floor.


G-A-Y Late
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saul rodriguez
16:42 12 Dec 23
g-a-y late is an incredible place for me, I had the time of my life the two times I went and unfortunately I went the day it closed, but there is no need to be sad since in heaven a room has been created with the theme of g-a-y late and I'm looking forward to visiting
Scott Jones
22:32 07 Dec 23
I'm not surprised they are closing. They weren't inclusive. Kept it so only members could come on certain days. Refused entry to myself and my wife on another day because we were a straight couple. Refused us on other occasions because we had no membership and we weren't regulars. Good, it's closing. They deserve it. You won't be missed!Original ReviewDoor staff are ridiculous!Came here with my wife today (a monday), first we were told by Haley that we can't come in because we are not gay, and are a couple. When I informed her that was discrimination, she then changed her wording to " its because you're not regulars.Really surprising behaviour, considering the place was dead.
Thomas Lucas
14:26 02 Dec 23
I don't know why there's so many bad reviews. Been coming here 10 years. The staff including the security is lovely. Great crowds, nice outside area. The place is an icon. So sad it closes. Thank you G-a-y late for all thr amazing nights
01:05 26 Nov 23
It’s my first time ever drinking in London with my partner - he didn’t have his license or passport only an age card.They told us it wouldn’t be accepted but let us in this one time, absolutely amazing staff - friendly and a great atmosphere.
Kimberley Aurow
09:14 20 Nov 23
Wow shocking experience travelled all the way to get here to be told it’s for regulars only!!! On a Saturday night…erm more like discrimination. Was not impressed with the bouncers or the policy!!! What is that all about. After decking us they then let in 5 blokes from America who were NOT locals. Absolutely appalling. Better we splashed our cash down the road.
federica menso
19:54 15 Nov 23
Bad experience last night. We were out smoking and chatting with people, a security guard came to us and told my friend that she couldn't come back inside because she was too drunk for him, we didn't do anything except dance and drink cocktails, my friend did not fall, vomit or behave dangerously like a drunk person, we asked several times for the reason, speaking without slurring and capable of holding a conversation, and the only answer we received was, I looked at her for 45 minutes and she was too drunk, they took our jackets out without letting us even get close to the club, I asked to speak to a manager who didn't even look me in the eye, he was even annoyed by my question. If people drinking cocktails and dancing seem drunk to you, don't sell alcohol and turn off the music, you would certainly have a great business like this.Never again spend even a penny in this place.
Grace Miles
19:16 05 Nov 23
Don't even want to put one star. We queued and got to the front ready to go in.One door staff said to our friend he looks drunk , come back in 30 minutes but in a really rude manner ,Which really upset us.we said to the lady on the door that she don't have to talk to us like that. She then started saying f off to us, how completely unprofessional . Will definitely not be returning, avoid at all costs 😡
01:25 22 Oct 23
I came to see the reviews after the horrible treatment me and my friends had at GAY late and honestly there’s so many comments saying basically the same thing I don’t believe they’ll improve too soon… the first contact you have at the club already let you down. Actually they didn’t let us in just asking for some membership… I went to the queue and asked people if they had and guess? They said no and they would let them in. Such a discrimination shouldn’t happen at this place, actually anywhere. We just wanted to have fun and unfortunately the security staff don’t let people enjoy their nights….
Marvin L.
16:08 11 Oct 23
Walked in with a crew of BIPOC gay men and was instantly turned away at the door on a weekday night and told that it was a members only club. Didn't let us...
Henry Pacheco
00:54 07 Oct 23
I came here maybe ten years ago and had a great time. Finally got back to London, looking forward to enjoying this place and now they have a supposed members only policy? I’m a tourist. It’s bull. They wouldn’t know at the door whether one not I’m a member. Maybe it’s because I’m not 23 and white. Who knows? Don’t waste your time if your from out of town and are hoping to have a good time there.
21:47 28 Sep 23
A Night to Forget: My Distressing Experience at G-A-Y Late ClubNO STAR RATE FOR ME!!!Last night, I had an unfortunate encounter at G-A-Y Late Club that left me emotionally distressed. As someone who has visited numerous clubs around the world, this was the first time I experienced such humiliation. I feel compelled to share my experience, not only to address the lack of professionalism I encountered but also to raise awareness about the importance of customer service and proper training.Around 3 am, as I was enjoying my time at G-A-Y Late Club, I found myself at odds with a security lady. With her long curly braided hair, she approached me in a manner that can only be described as aggressive and rude. Without any justifiable reason, she pushed me forcefully, causing me physical pain. To my dismay, I realized that a multitude of people were filming the incident and posting it online, further exacerbating my distress.As a paying customer, I believe it is unacceptable for a security personnel to treat anyone in such a disrespectful manner. Not only did she cause physical harm, but she also violated my right to enjoy a night out without fear of being humiliated. It is disheartening to encounter such behavior in a club that is well-known and supposedly represents the epitome of London's nightlife.My expectation of exceptional service in London was shattered that night. It is evident that there is a lack of proper training and professionalism within the club's security team. It is imperative that this incident be addressed promptly to ensure that other patrons do not have to endure similar experiences.Mental stress compounded my distress as I realized that numerous individuals were filming and sharing the incident on social media platforms. The impact of such actions cannot be underestimated, as it further perpetuates the humiliation and serves as a reminder of the lack of respect I encountered.In conclusion, my experience at G-A-Y Late Club was marred by the behavior of the security lady. As a customer, I expected a safe and enjoyable environment, but instead, I was subjected to humiliation and unnecessary harm. It is my hope that this review will prompt the necessary actions to improve the training and professionalism of the security staff, ensuring that such incidents do not occur in the future.
Madhur K
08:06 13 Aug 23
Read the reviews here. People write them because they are offended. We went there pretty sober and a security guy snapped his fingers at us like we were some trash from the street. Another relatively polite security person said it’s “members only” basically we don’t want “your kind” here.However the place was packed with white early 20 somethings. So they don’t really care about these negative reviews here.
Maxane Keogh
10:41 07 Aug 23
I could hardly believe the bad reviews on this place until we arrived! The bouncers have terrible attitudes, unfriendly demeanours, and a face like a smacked arse.My friends and I were turned away immediately upon reaching the front of the queue. The head of security said, very firmly, "you've been drinking in the queue. It's against our policy, so you are being denied entry." We were then shown out of the queue, without further explanation or any kind of kindness from the staff. Had we known, we wouldn't have gone "against their policy", but it's not clearly stated anywhere.Anyway, we had a. fabulous night at Heaven, where the security were lovely to us, and the drinks are surprisingly well-priced!
Josh Powell
04:38 31 Jul 23
Unfortunately for a queer venue in 2023 this is one of those places that sets us all back 20 years. Not only for queer people but also as a hospitality venue. You would hope that places frequented by younger queer people could not only set the tone and be places of joy and respect but unfortunately this venue fails before people have even managed to get through the door. First impressions anywhere are the most important thing and unfortunately turning up here happy and easy going, my group of friends and I were met with immediate hostility. Having wotkedbin hospitality 15yrs and owning my own cocktail bar, it's genuinely shocking the treatment you get on artival here. Had this been my bar and id witnessed the people i employ behaving in such a manner, those people would no longer be employed. You can easily ID people, do drugs and weapons searches AND make people feel welcome and respected at the same time. After all without us guests coming through the door, the business could not operate. First question: "Have you been here before?" A question which ensures the safety of queer people at the venue. Nobody would take issue with that. Next question: "When?" That's fine and would also cause no issue had it been said with any remote sense of nicety or god forbid eye contact and a smile. Third question or rather statement "ID!". Of course no issues with that, it's the law. Owning my own cocktail bar I would hope that my doorstaff would be vigilant on such an important issue too. Then comes the bag checks. This is where it gets ultra weird. Some people's bags are patted down from the outside. Some people's bags are fully rummaged in and belongings strewn out of them on the floor. Then medication which is clearly labelled and in the original foil packaging is confiscated. When explained it's heart medication, the doorstaff then call you a liar before calling over a manager on duty who the doorstaff ask to google the medication. Google does not equal a medical degree, nor does it immediately notify of secondary uses of medication. What's even worse is when that manager on duty then makes a big show of telling my friend that he doesn't need to tell ME what the medication is for but that she knows, then when his back is turned mutters under her breath knowing I can hear it, that "people shouldn't lie about not being able to get their d*ck up". The rudeness and hostility is unbelievable. Once you manage to get through all the hoops and hurdles of unpleasantness, you pay the entry fee and go inside where the bar staff also barely crack a smile which knowing their on minimum wage is hatdly surprising. The decor and state of disrepair especially in the bathrooms makes you wonder if this is all some bizarre horror movie. If you're lucky enough to be with good friends you can drink and have a dance and forget how unpleasant the experience has been leading up to that whilst also hoping to avoid the very people from the door who are then making the rounds in the venue hoping to catch people doing literally anything to warrant kicking out. The treatment at these types of venues then perpetuate the frankly horrible atmosphere that go with central London queer spaces where the people that do get through the door then don't really know how to behave in public. Whilst that sucks, it comes with the territory and it shouldn't be taken out on people before they even manage to step foot through the door. Poor and aggressive hospitality, bottom shelf spirits and beer selection, venue in desperate need of upkeep (oddly enough considering how much they make). Only redeeming quality was decent music. Oh, and then on the way out having to dodge a coked up guy with muscles trying to fight the doorstaff. Wild.
Anthony Savill
13:49 13 Jul 23
I don’t know what everyone is on about when they say about the atmosphere here. I went last night for the first time in ages and I had the best night ever! The security are lovely. At first getting in a female security was thinking about letting us in and all it took was us to say please and she was lovely about it. The man of the night Charlie right, he’s a character and a half. Definitely will be returning very soon
09:10 07 Jul 23
Literally don’t let you in even if you’re sober! No reasoning and literally so rude at the door! Saying you are more suited to HEAVEN! If I wanted to go to heaven I would have gone there don’t patronise me! How they have any customers is beyond me as they are so rude and should not be in customer service! Thinking that they are better than everyone else! Use to love this club! But the staff on the door are and always have been so rude! Way to go to close the establishment down!
Stefano Sturba
23:49 21 Jun 23
Once again another misjudgement from security. Had 2 drinks in a pub and denied access. Need basic training from point 1 for sure. Sorry to say that but at this point it's better if you rather close down guys. Evening was quiet and venue empty. Just speechless.
Hannah Leek
00:02 17 Jun 23
Discriminatory female bouncer. Me and my friend refused entry. It was an important night to celebrate and we were told we couldn't enter straight away within 2 seconds of seeing us despite having free entry from having been at G-A-Y, with no explanation at all other than 'step aside please '.... We had had 2 drinks and were happy and polite. Absolutely bizarre. We would listen to any rule/entry restriction but felt so confused as to why we weren't allowed entry and we were not allowed to ask any questions, just leave the queue and that's it... We saw lots of other fem presenting women being denied entry too.
Jonathan Barnes
20:43 15 Apr 23
First - Excellent night out. All sorts end up here, largely music video led, good drinks and anyone can have a nice time, I promise you.Second - due to circumstances out of my control, I lost something quite precious when I visited recently. The manager is an incredibly helpful and kind, and I was reunited with it shortly after.That’s the kind of place this is - good through and through.
01:03 26 Mar 23
Though we were allowed entry at 9pm for free on Friday night, the security checked my bag and said no liquid allowed, I told her I will drink all water n keep an empty bottle and there was a death stare. We dint like the music (our personal choice) , but we thought it might get better and we will be back later. We asked for some stamp/ bands to return and she said Security will remember your faces. LIKE WOW. We felt the entire crew at gates were not welcoming so we would definitely not return n we did not return n had fun elsewhere.
Sachin Patel
20:17 24 Mar 23
We went here as one of the only places open late for a works leaving party for a large group. I think we ended up on a promo night as it was only £3 to get in and drinks were really cheap for central London. It doesn’t get busy until much much later but then that is expected being open beyond 3:30am. Really great music. Really safe too; I left my bag and coat on the side and it was fine the whole night. The dance floor is wooden/tiled and does get a wet/slippery.
cre a.
02:50 05 Mar 23
This place/venue is TERRIBLE!!!-RUDE RACIST and HOMOPHOBIC security!-RUDE staff-this place is like some kind of dump ,it's stinks and it's very...
Brendonas Audiejus
06:10 27 Feb 23
Awful experience. We were a group of people at the beginning of the queue, before the club opens. Security woman said we cant get it without membership cards. Then said that our group was too big and to go elsewhere. They just opened the doors at that time. Called for the manager. Didn't expect to hear anything different as usually staff members back up each other everywhere. Asked him what is the reason they can't acommodate us? He said our group is too large and they are a small venue... seriously? I asked so how does that make any sense, you would let another 100 people in after us?? Said that it doesn't matter and turned us away. Anyway, we went to G-A-Y Bar around the corner where we were let in, had some drinks, danced and went home. They gave us bracelets to get in the club but we didn't have the reason to. They are a small venue, and we were too big of a group.
Queeny R.
17:04 01 Feb 23
Came here 7th Jan - early hours of 8th Jan 2023 after partying in SHE Bar in Soho all night with my GF, which is a lesbian bar. We had the wristbands still...
Adalton Silva do Nascimento Junior
01:48 23 Dec 22
I'm a foreigner visiting England and other nearby countries. Passing in front of "G-A-Y Bar", I decided to go in and was very well received, cheap drink! I received a wristband on the way out and was invited to go to "G-A-Y Latte". When we got there, the security guard looked at us and asked for a kind of membership card, saying it was mandatory. But not even some friends I made and entered, said they didn't have it and didn't ask for any of that. But they have European document. As we are foreigners, when presenting the passport they already created this barrier. And after that, when trying to understand if it was possible to do it "that card" online. He yelled to get out of there.Bad place. if you fit into some subjective profile of security, then go in otherwise no! And don't try to understand why, because you will be humiliated.
ricky boy
03:36 26 Oct 22
Let me tell you a story about my g.a.y late experience.My ex bf used to worked there for years until he passed away at a young age and I left the country because it hurt being in London without him and couldn't be in any g.a.y bar without thinking of him. Tonight I went with my ex bf's best friend there for a drink for good old time sake. I'm mixed race and I'm used to racism from both black and white cause I don't fit in their category.i usually don't care and move on but this time my heart broke. I was inside and having a drink until I wanted to use toilet. I went to toilet, and the female black attendant was chatting to someone else, so I walked forwards and started to look for a cubicle. They were busy as I try to push onto the door. The attendant started screaming at me. I turned back and said I can't see from far and was looking for empty toilet. All I got from her was abuse like I was some person looking for trouble. I was upset and just left within a minute cause I recognise the power trip and didn't want it to ruin my night. My friend waiting outside saw me and said why I didn't pee and I said the attendant was being power hungry and I just left. My white friend got upset and didn't believe me, and talked to her. She started screaming again and said I was screaming like a woman. She's a white Female and was upset on my behalf. Imagine being at a gay bar and being told you're screaming like a woman when you're just trying to explain yourself. So she called a black security to kick me out and the explanation was that she didn't feel comfortable with me. Imagine trying to explain yourself and everyone you try to be talk they tell you is that you're being aggressive or having an attitude.After a while my friend talked to the toilet attendant and a supervisor and they understood the misunderstanding but low and behold, the power hungry manager said I was not allowed back in and believe the staff. I know my comment will go unseen or from a bitter client. But being gay and rejected by your own kind really hurt my feeling. Having staff that feel uncomfortable by me because I was allegedly screaming like a woman in a gay bar is the nail in the coffin. For those who knows what I'm talking about(mixed raced), please stop going to those place. Being a biracial gay and being discriminated by your own race and community hits harder. So Jeremy, if You're wondering why people keeps complaining about your place, there you have it. It really hurts seeing people having fun in a gay place and genuine people kick out. I wish I recorded everything for you to believe me but if all happened so fast. But I took a pic of the power hungry manager who ignored me. Shame on you and the gay community. That's the reasons we(gay) are deserting gay spaces.
Twittergr Gr
01:51 26 Oct 22
the worst experience, I went with a friend, we both had a bracelet that allowed us to enter. security asked for my ID, then stared at it for a few seconds. He saw my ID and said you can't get in, you're drunk. and it was something super strange since he hadn't drunk anything, he practically told me that he had a drunken face. the other people were allowed to pass. They only make excuses not to let you pass and it is very embarrassing that they make you spend a moment like this. I do not recommend this place.
James Chessum
00:51 15 Oct 22
I was turned away because they were only accepting “members and regulars only”. My best friend and I (both queer), who were prepared to spend money on the cover charge and drinks, were told that we were part of a group too large to enter since we made friends with the people in the queue. All of us were turned away for no apparent reason, cannot recommend - spend your money elsewhere.
14:47 28 Sep 22
Literally the worst experience I’ve had in gay club in my life. Security was simply rude and picky and used the “membership” excuse to let in whoever they thought was queer. They wouldn’t answer any questions in regards to how one could get this membership. I went to the Bar owned by the same company a few blocks away to ask more about this membership and they simply gave me a bracelet and told me it would be enough. Went back in queue and at this point they just told me to stop wasting their time. Honestly don’t bother going here!
17:28 27 Sep 22
Here a 5 stars to counteract the reviews from angry straight couples and straight women. Every other bar is for you. This bar is for us. They also do not deny women or interracial couples. Obviously no one wants straight people to harass or “out”, people. Don’t forget that for some LGBTQ the bar and online are the only safe places. Once straight people come, it becomes less safe.Bars like this are the only safe place to show affection and get dates for many people.
Ines Cunha
10:48 10 Sep 22
Extremely racist and rude. We split in different groups and they only rejected the two friends that were asian and black. When i asked why they didn’t let my two friends they said i accused them of racism and kicked me out. Such a shame that a club that should be incentivizing for inclusion can clearly be so racist. Very very ashamed of a club i have been so many times. This manager should be fired. Not only for his attitude but for how he dealt with his customers m, very disrespectful
Maria Moscato
00:12 27 Aug 22
You literally can’t come inside. You need to be a regular to get in. To be a regular you need to be a member. To be a member you need to get in first.Good luck 😅
01:22 17 Aug 22
Fatim was very respectful and spoke to us in a very friendly way given the circumstance. Regardless of what we thought of management who was the issue, fatim was very respectful on the door and the club was nice as a whole. Will be back if given the chance! 🙏
gem stokes
01:11 04 Aug 22
absolutely terrible place. we’d spent the night at SHE - London’s best (only?) lesbian bar, which shuts at 1am. We made our way to G-A-Y. At first we were told we were “too drunk” to enter and to go and get food. We had literally *just* eaten. I asked jokingly if it was because we didn’t look “gay” enough (a common criticism of G-A-Y/ heaven/associated). The Irish man wearing converse who was apparently the club owner completely kicked off. He wasIncredibly rude to me/the other two people I was with. I’ve been to G-A-Y late maybe 5 times and this has never been a problem before. It was only that tonight I was dressed more feminine than I usually do. We were not allowed entry to the club, despite being sober, shouted at, forcefully removed and humiliated.‘I’ve heard terrible stories about gay clubs in soho but have never witnessed it first-hand. I will never be returning and urge others not to either.
David Vidal
19:22 01 Aug 22
GOOD pop, dance and hits. Cheap drinks and cool queer people. Love it for a decade already!
Adam Canning
01:00 31 Jul 22
Use to be great fun! But nowadays security fail to tell you that you need a ‘membership’ to get in, which I don’t think is entirely true, as I have an inkling my group was too straight passing to enter, which is ironic as 3/4 of my group were queer. And I waited in line for an hour so why didn’t security go down the line and tell people you needed membership! I understand if it’s busy, but I can’t help but feel the pick and choose who to let in through the door based on looks.
Gillian Levine
23:29 10 Jul 22
This place is awful. Waited in the queue for 30min for the bouncer to reject us since someone in our group was drinking a white claw that we had purchased at the other g-a-y bar in soho. Absurd. This bouncer associated the entire group with one person for sipping a white claw without any even warning us that that wasn’t okay? Even though that was perfectly okay according to local police and the other g-a-y bar
Stuart H.
19:08 22 May 22
We have been here many times prior to the pandemic. ON may 22, Unfortunately my husband was diagnosed with Huntingtons disease 3 years ago, a hereditary...
Colin O’Modhrain
11:06 24 Apr 22
Dropped the best log of my life in the jacks, slipped right out after the poppers. Highly recommend the baked potato with beans on toast 👌
David sims-hayward
09:14 17 Apr 22
Really disappointed with this Venue. We travelled all the way from Cardiff to enjoy Londons Gay scene, spent ten Minutes waiting patiently in a que to get in only to be told that our party of 11 people was to large to enter. I dread to think how they handle Pride weekend. Wouldn't recommend this venue as a welcoming gay night out.
Dominique Juliet
01:06 17 Apr 22
Would give zero stars if possible. G-A-Y discriminates purely based on appearance of not being “queer enough” (my friend directly heard a bouncer say this) despite the fact that there is no one way of looking queer. When questioned on their reason for not letting people in, they make up excuses.A supposedly queer space that doesn’t let in queer people? Excellent.
Stefano Sturba
07:24 13 Apr 22
Disgusting security. Was there with friend and one guy stole our drink. Tried to explain to security but did not care. They should be taking matters much more seriously. Awful bar service drinks are ridiculous and employees need training on health and safety. They think they are above you but in reality they just useless. Doubt they will be hired in any other place. They have no idea about hospitality and related sectors.
Eric Smakov
00:08 07 Apr 22
Don’t know where to begin…the place smells like vomit, which is tolerable because of the price of the drinks, however…God forbid someone spills a drink on you or is aggressive to you in any way(that knows the staff or security) coz they will take their side no matter what. They will pretend like they are doing something about it but they won’t. So unless you are friends with the staff you’ll be treated like second hand trash…but hey…drinks are cheap!
Ciaran White
22:03 14 Mar 22
It was an absolutely amazing night. I was a bit sceptical at first because of my experience at heaven the night before, however G-A-Y late completely made up for that. The atmosphere was great and the security / bar staff were all so nice. The music was cheesy (but in a good way) and the drinks were cheap. I would highly recommend it for anyone wanting a decent night out! I’ll definitely be going there again!!!The only downside for me would be that on a few nights, the security will only let you in if you are a member or a regular. But how are you supposed to become a member if they don’t let you in? This isn’t as much of a problem at G-A-Y late however it does still happen.In conclusion, I had a great night and would highly recommend this club for anyone wanting a very good and fun night out!!
Georgie E.
15:26 11 Mar 22
Apparently being a group of 6 isn't acceptable. No words.
Bailey Irving
22:56 22 Feb 22
This is a great club, the drinks are cheap compared to most London clubs (£6 doubles). There’s £2 coat check and a good dj despite the odd Ed sheeran song. It’s a little bit small but still good. DONT try to get in with big groups or they’ll turn you away, go in with 2-3 and then meet inside.
Francisco Diaz
16:46 08 Dec 21
Well well well... I used to come here quite often and as I was visiting the city I thought it would be fun to to go there on a Tuesday night. We had no problem getting in but as soon as we came in the stench was awful. Someone had puked and the smell was horrible. It lasted ages. We could not leave our clothes in the cloak room as it was full, but the venue wasn't that packed. The staff at the cloakroom were rude. We let some people get their clothes so we could use their hangers but no, they told us we had to wait because they had to 'create' new tickets. The worst thing was some drunk guys trying to steal our coats, saying they were theirs, being aggressive to us.
22:09 27 Nov 21
Lined up for about an hour and was asked how many people were in the group. Me and my 3 friends met 3 other people in the queue so I replied 7 and the female security asked if we had a membership which I replied “no” so she told us we couldn’t come in even though I’ve been in there many times before without a membership? She let 2 of the guys we met and when I said we counted them as our group she said no entry. Security are unnecessarily rude and should tell people they need a membership when lining up not once they get to the front. Definitely will not be returning and definitely do not recommend.
Victor Pedrosa
12:52 27 Nov 21
Used to go there all the time before the pandemic. I tried to go again with friends to celebrate our friend's birthday and they told us we needed to be members. The waited until we were at the door to say that and when we showed surprise, they said this has been their policy for months. We know for a fact that is not true because the same group of friends was there 3 weeks before that date and they were allowed in. We also noticed that they were not asking everyone to show proof of membership and they were not informing anyone at the queue about that. We could not find one single place stating that we needed to be members to enter, not on their website, social media, signs on the door, nowhere. We got there at 11 pm, which is quite early for the place and it was clearly not that busy. We had wristbands that we got from G-A-Y and no one told us that it was a member's-only night. They didn't tell us because the actually did not know. After all that, it was clear that they didn't let us in just because they didn't want to. After years going there, it is really disappointing to see this happening.
Billy W.
15:13 22 Nov 21
Sorry haters but GAY Late remains my fave Sunday night jam. Everyone's dancing, people strike up random conversations, and fun is had by nearly all. Are...
Maddy Dixon
03:28 18 Nov 21
Had the most amazing night. Was served everytime by Patrick who was professional and so lovely. A lovely experience
Adam Canning
01:19 17 Nov 21
Use to be great fun! But nowadays security fail to tell you that you need a ‘membership’ to get in, which I don’t think is entirely true, as I have an inkling my group was too straight passing to enter, which is ironic as 3/4 of my group were queer. And I waited in line for an hour so why didn’t security go down the line and tell people you needed membership! I understand if it’s busy, but I can’t help but feel the pick and choose who to let in through the door based on looks.
D.D Heart
17:00 15 Nov 21
Pretty much the same as the rest below. If I could give it zero stars I would have.No problem getting in and not really much of a problem getting served however they refused cash ( which I’m pretty sure is illegal ) and then asked me to tap my card six times because there was an issue with their machine. When I asked for reassurance that payment hadn’t been taken 6 times and refused to tap for a seventh time the manager radio’s for security and has us removed. No explanation, no reassurance, no skills in managing a venue. SCAMMING CARD PAYMENTS TOTALLY AVOID!
Mark Kelly
04:31 07 Nov 21
Heidi On the doors is a legend made my experience so much better by her professional manner and attentiveness thank you 🙏
V Laan
14:22 02 Nov 21
If I could give it zero stars I would prefer that, the security only let's people in who they like, and if they don't like you because (you are a person of color like my friend) then they say to you it's for members only.. DON'T go to this horrible place ughhh
Daisy Moloney
08:16 01 Nov 21
The bouncer on the door (not sure her name) incredibly bloody rude. Spoke to us like a bully. She didn’t even let us say anything before saying ‘no entry’ we had wristbands and proper costumes and we came in groups of four. Actually shocking how disrespectful she was and when I tried to ask politely about membership she kissed her teeth and looked me up and down. She then snapped at me I need to apply. I tried to ask how to apply and she told me really aggressively ‘YOUVE GOT TO APPLT WHEN THERE IS AVAILABILITY MOVE’ when we weren’t in the way. My friend waited a few minutes and went up to ask more information and she threatened our friend. Specifically she said ‘I will push you if I have to’ when my friend was being polite nice and not in the way. Completely unacceptable behaviour and she should be sacked. G-A-Y I have loved coming here for years but now I’m not retrieving until you sack that woman. Absolutely disgraceful.
Kian Pace
16:45 03 Oct 21
Safe place to have fun, great and fast staff behind bar. Shame about the long waits to enter but overall a fun end of the night! 🎉
Amy __
23:26 10 Sep 21
Absolutely atrocious service. Queued for a small amount of time and then ID checked, asks how many of us there were (two females) and then denied entry, being told tonight is a members and regulars night (no evidence of this on social media/website). We were dressed up and obviously looked straight passing, but this is totally unacceptable. Not to mention it was only 11:30pm. Won’t ever go back, waste of time.
Giorgio Nicosia
17:20 22 Aug 21
One of the best periods of my life, staff can be impolite but only if you are impolite first…. I’ve read many complaints but if you are nice and well mannered you’ll have a wonderful time… amazing venues, great music and CHEAP!!!
Charlie Evans
08:08 21 Aug 21
fine place but always demand membership card, don't let you in and then give you no help when you try to find out how to get a membership card :/
Renato dos santos
18:55 15 Aug 21
The security service is horrible, I tried to go there with my friends and family but the lady at the door said in a very rude way we need a membership card to get in because we were 7 people.She didn’t have any respect to explainI definitely don’t recommend this placeAnd suggest the owner gives training to the people who work there.
Ashleigh Whittaker
18:18 03 Aug 21
We waited in the queue for G A Y for half an hour but then capacity was full which is understandable. We were told to go to G A Y Late as we could get in there when it opens. We then waited another half in the queue to get to the bouncer and be told that because we weren’t ‘members’ we couldn’t get in, even though they let the people behind us in when they weren’t members. I finally then managed to speak to someone higher up and get in. It was obviously because we were a straight looking group which was untrue but we had two women in their 50s with us. When standing at the bar talking to my friends a bartender mentioned they ‘weed’ out the straight people. Sorry for being feminine. Once inside it was great, drinks were pricy but it’s London so it’s expected!
Lamp DM
07:19 26 Jul 21
Great music, great drinks, not expensive for London tbh! Great staff, Luke is an absolute babe!
Nick Lennon
11:22 21 Jul 21
Our even started in soho bar hopping, and we eventually ended up in G-A-Y bathe and had a few drinks, quick an friendly service by our very efficient sever Luke K, we were ready to head home after a few drinks but Luke convinced us to go to G-A-Y late as he would be there later too,And it’s the best decision we made all night, we made sure we went to his end of the bar as the service we received was quick!The boys and I absolutely love him for the suggestion of going to G-A-Y late. Best night
02:41 11 Jul 21
Door staff/etc were absolutely atrocious. Stating a member of our party was "drunk" when they evidently were not... when in fact it was purely a case of cloaking other discriminatory practices (oh, the irony?!l) ) I would simply say, you are better off venturing elsewhere. Especially if you are are a POC.
Holland Thomas
20:30 25 Jun 21
I went with a mix of straight and gay friends, we were pretty sober. The bouncers were rude and looking for any possible reason to not let us in. Service was extremy slow and it took 45 minutes and asking multiple times to get served. The staff that did serve us was extremely rude and trying to rush our order despite it not being busy. We felt like we were not welcome at all. We came here once pre covid in 2020 and the experience was equally as bad. The place is dirty. The floors are sticky and the toilets are horrible (even for club toilets)
Sophie M
10:06 06 Jun 21
Lucky to even get one star instead of none. Whenever I go to this place with my partner it's always someones drunk or not today. What a pathetic place,poor customer service,long queues for no reasons, racial discrimination the list goes on.
Jim Hearson
09:28 06 Jun 21
Avoid during social distancing restrictions.There last night and it took about half an hour for someone to take our order, over an hour for the first drinks to arrive and close to two hours for a drink ordered at the same time to be brought over.It would have been longer had we not prompted the staff, who seemed thoroughly disorganised. Even worse, they lied to our faces when saying the drinks were on their way when we could see our server making someone else's - and then ask us later what we had ordered.Could there have been more staff on? Absolutely - so we gave them as much sympathy as possible, but the ones who were there were really below par. We saw four or five tables arrive after us and leave before us without getting served - a poor experience for them and no income for the bar when they're trying to catch up with earnings after a year of disruption.
Martin Handscomb
00:41 28 May 21
Absolutely terrible service. This place would easily make more money if the staff were more focused on serving people. We waited 1/2 an hour to even get acknowledged. Then still had to wait to be served.After that it took about 20 minutes for our drinks to even arrive.Surely they'd be better off getting an app to order like other bars in the area. Then we could order when we want, not when they can be bothered to get around to it.Lastly, they seem to promote being Covid safe. However, whilst sat in a booth with my friend. We were approached numerous times by guys just wondering around on the pull. Surely the staff should act more vigilant for this. We shouldn't have to do their jobs ourselves and ask people to leave us alone.Won’t be rushing back there anytime soon, until service and safety are better.
Hannah belfon
02:34 19 May 21
It was my first ever night out at a nightclub as I suffer from extreme anxiety but had my girlfriend and best friend with me.Security were overly aggressive and just plain rude we waited over 30 minutes for service (drinks) even after "apparently" security made them aware we were waiting, I tried to talk to a bartender but got told to go back to my seat or I'll be kicked out, all in all it was absolute joke, I wouldn't recommend anyone to go there 🥺It made what was meant to be a memorable night absolutely appalling
Barry Rathbone
16:56 13 Mar 21
Been going for more years than I'd like to admit, hope it opens again soon. Great atmosphere, awesome acts, Jeremy you're a leg end
Emma Stratton
16:39 25 Oct 20
Jack was the best bartender ever! I had the best night thank you so much! Will definitely be returning.
robyn felicity
12:29 25 Sep 20
a group of friends and i went here on a Tuesday night and all of us had a bad experience.1 of my friends in the group is black and when she was asked to present ID by the bouncer she did , and he didn’t let her in. Shortly after a white girl was let in without having to show ID.4 of us in the group are black and were all quickly turned away and were told we had to be “G-A-Y members” to get let in because that’s their new policy. We left but my other two friends who are white tried to get let in after we left and quickly did but were told to stand to the side for nearly an hour.For a place that claims to be all inclusive and accepting , it is far from that. If you don’t fit their aesthetic you won’t get let in basically.
Wanda Phelps
19:46 23 Aug 20
It took me 36 years to come out. It took another 3 years to work up the courage to put myself out there in the dating scene. Where better to take that first step than the famous G-A-Y? I decided to do it on my birthday. Some friends travelled into London, we got dressed up, went for a nice dinner, headed to G-A-Y.... and got turned away. They claimed to be closing, but then let in the line of people behind us. I have waited 39 years to live freely and that moment should have been a celebration, but instead it felt like I was being shoved back into the closet. It was heartbreaking.
Moriaki S.
17:45 08 Oct 18
Just be careful with your belongings especially when you go to WC. A lady working in WC is rude. She assumes everyone is drunk and treats you horribly even...
Sami L.
11:15 13 Dec 15
FOUL. Foul attitude from clock room staff. I was worried my phone had been stolen so asked cloak room staff to check in my coat and was told that it was...
Cassandra G.
10:46 06 Feb 14
Obviously the perfect place to pop to after an evening of drinks at Bar, there are always people dancing. It's fun, the bar staff are lovely, and has been...
Simon C.
06:22 31 Mar 09
G.A.Y Late - oh you cheeky little venue with your no frills pop and hedonistic attitude - we love you dearly.G.A.Y Late was once a (supposedly private...

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