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Part of the iconic brand G-A-Y owned by Jeremy Joseph. G-A-Y Manchester is located on Canal Street, Manchester, M1 3WB.



G-A-Y Manchester
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Anna Johncock
08:18 08 May 23
An unfriendly heterophobic establishment. Downright refused entry for absolutely no reason - other than us not looking alternative enough...and PRESUMING none of the 5 of us were LGBTQ+. Inclusive this place is NOT
Debbie Ward
11:15 17 Apr 23
What an absolute joke .My friends and I were in Manchester Canal Street Saturday evening 10 of us celebrating our friends Hen night 98%of us are lesbian here in the centre of Canal Streets infoumous Gay Bars ..we approached the G.A.Y. bar and before we stepped forward the door person announced "no Hen party's " WHAT I ask you say , my lesbian friends are getting married ,which we all now no is legal 😉 but on a Street in the heart of its gay village we can not celebrate this occasion with our friends ,charming .Very commercialised indeed to say the least
Lauren McCormick
16:45 03 Mar 23
Absolutely loved my visit here. Was warmly welcomed by a lovely worker called Jake! Made me and my friends feel really comfortable and was able to give some great advice on their drinks offers, what’s going on, and even recommendations for places to go after!A really strong worker who truly went above and beyond. Will be returning and hope to meet Jake again!!
Leighona Birch
21:01 13 Feb 23
it’s a shame i have to say this, but one of the bouncers on saturday night was beyond rude to me and a friend. we went outside to speak to said bouncer and as i walked out i took the last sip of my drink (i had never been to G-A-Y before so didn’t know we weren’t allowed them outside), so she snatched the cup out of my hand and threw it on the ground and told me ‘no drinks outside’ in a very blunt tone. then as my friend was trying to speak to her about the issue we wanted to talk to her about, she looked at me and my other friend and asked what we were doing outside we explained that we were also there to talk to her, to which she replied ‘yea no you’re not, only one person out at a time’ and proceeded to shoo us inside. was not very happy with the way i was treated at all
David Ortega
23:46 25 Jan 23
For all those who travel alone. Really a bad experience. I travel alone, something like this has never happened to me... I went alone and when I tried to enter they told me that I can't come in alone! Should be 0 stars, so bad policy in this place, not worth it at all if you don’t want to ruin your night. I hope it helps to improve it
Natalie Bennett
23:49 22 Jan 23
If I could have left a 0 I would have I thought it's meant to be accepting everybody yet myself and my partner have been turned away cause our faces didn't fit. Absolute joke of a place and the bouncers are shameful. I will make sure every body I know from every community avoid this place
Rachel Crowther
12:02 11 Dec 22
When you're refused entry because of your age!We was a group of three and the bouncer was rude and refused us entry saying we was too old. Obviously it was a red rag to a bull but he thought it was funny and then decided to record us on his phone! Proper neanderthal.Found this discriminatory and will take it further.
Nathan Blease
10:18 05 Nov 22
Bar tender short changed me be £5.50 - I want to say thank fully I noticed. But then he said I would have to speak with a manager - he agreed with the manager that he had over charged me but they couldn’t open the till to refund (funny how they can open it when I was paying) and the manager just said “ you will have to dispute it online” i asked his name and he refused - if someone from the clubs sees this he was working on the 5/11/22 approx 1am glasses - he needs training on the tills and basically they stole £5.50 from me. No it’s not a lot but that is not the point. If they do it to me how many others are they doing it too without them even noticing??? YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. And no I will not be going again. New staff and new bouncer would be a good start at that place.
sofie skel
00:30 21 Oct 22
Wish I could give 0 stars. I’ve been coming to G.A.Y for years but tonight made me never want to give them my money again. Me and my friends got the the club and was about to show the bouncers our ID’s, they asked us where we’d been that night, thinking they were being friendly and making conversation we replied “Oh yes we’ve been to see Rina Sawayama!” they turned round and refused us entry and said that we’d ‘drank too much’ and weren’t allowed in. We all had one drink each at the concert and went back to our hotel room and got food afterwards before we headed to Canal Street, so were completely sober by this point. I’d have completely understood if we all staggered up to the club being loud and obnoxious butnone of us did anything wrong, we were all pretty calm and pleasant when we arrived. This is not the first time I’ve had a bad experience with the bouncers at this club, I feel as though they pick and choose who they let in to the club based on how they look and if they look ‘gay’ enough or not. This is disgusting behaviour for a place that is supposed to be accepting for everyone in the LGBTQ+ community. Who are you to assume whether someone looks ‘queer’ enough to enter your club?! Well you will never get a penny of my money ever again and you will be losing out because I came here very often. Needs a total revamp and new bouncers!! Horrible place.
Matthew Dickinson
10:35 13 Sep 22
Only ever had positive experiences of G-A-Y. One of the best qualities of this place is the safety everyone can feel from it.Whereas some clubs can feel like a 'meat market' of people trying to get with other people etc. etc., G-A-Y feels friendly, with everyone there to socialise, dance and sing.Bar staff are very friendly too, and seem like they genuinely want to be there (some nightclubs you can tell the bar staff just wanna be someplace else).My friends that are part of the LGBTQ+ community have said that if they had a choice of night out in Manchester they'd pick G-A-Y over most other places in gay village, let alone the other clubs elsewhere in the city.Bouncers are also very friendly and I've witnessed very little trouble between them and anyone else.Location-wise too, Canal St is fantastic. Wonderful community feel.Cheap drinks, good vibes, friendly staff, and solid safety. Definitely try this club!
23:31 23 Aug 22
ANOTHER BAD REVIEW!Arrogant little men who are on a power trip. Asked us to leave because my niece hugged her mum, accused her of being asleep. He literally stood watching us, very creepy. Suddenly he calls for back up. This is why G A Y is so empty ... door staff are rude and arrogant.I do not recommend but highly recommend The Union which is directly opposite, amazing friendly atmosphere, busy but not too busy, great drinks and the bouncers are friendly and professional!
Matt Godly
00:33 19 Aug 22
First time visiting this place, everywhere else in Manchester was quite busy however, here was quite “dead” so to speak.The most lively area of the entire place was the smoking area balcony - I’m sure it’s not all bad given it’s reputation, but overall a bad experience on this occasion.
Olivia Garbett
11:12 14 Aug 22
We were denied entry as the bouncer had assumed that we weren’t gay. He said you can not come in as you are not gay. He didn’t ask if we were gay so that shows the bouncer is stereotyping gay people, also discriminating against straight people. This place is absolutely disgusting- if this was reversed and two gay people walked into a bar and were denied entry because they were gay- there would be an uproar. We reported this incident as it ruined our night out from leeds to Manchester. Absolute joke. The bouncer also mentioned that we weren’t regulars anyway so even if we were gay we couldn’t go in.
10:28 06 Aug 22
ANOTHER BAD REVIEW!Arrogant little men who are on a power trip. Asked us to leave because my niece hugged her mum, accused her of being asleep. He literally stood watching us, very creepy. Suddenly he calls for back up. This is why G A Y is so empty ... staff are rude and arrogant.I do not recommend but highly recommend The Union which is directly opposite, amazing friendly atmosphere, busy but not too busy, great drinks and the bouncers are friendly and professional!
02:32 14 Jul 22
Let every white person in except me and my friend on the claim that we were too drunk even though we don’t even drink. This was definitely because we were people of colour as there was no other reason for us to be denied
Casandra Fountain
23:06 01 May 22
Only can get in if you look gay enough. Which is unfortunate. Had a birthday party for my SIL and her wife and they said she was too drunk too be there. Though she had only two drinks while we ATE. She requested we go there because she heard good things. However we got to the line and they eyed her out of the line and said she was too drunk. Which mad absolutely no sense. We asked why they didn’t let us in and they said to get food and they would let us in. We had just had food. We went to Union instead and in the line I overheard another couple speaking about how they also didn’t get in. I asked what happened. They said it was because they didn’t look gay enough. However they were married. Like my SIL and her wife. Hopefully they will be more inclusive in the future. But, six guaranteed customers will NOT be spending their money there.
maheera m
01:06 17 Apr 22
Bartender cheekily added a 2 pound tip, and I tapped my card without noticing until the transaction was completed. I did not consent to this and being conflict averse ignored it. Went to a different bartender next time. Please be careful and read carefully before tapping your cards! This was very sneaky behaviour
Scott Menzies
08:30 12 Apr 22
Feeling blue on a Wednesday night and enjoying the solace of the smoking terrace. A £2.50 drink is a rare find in this thriving city, but G-A-Y has me covered. Shame there are only four people in the building. Good things will come as the night continues.
21:33 15 Mar 22
First time I went, the person at the door didn't let me in because my "ID looked fake" which is weird because I had just come out of a different bar and came into this one with some other girls I had just met (they wanted to dance so I joined them or well tried to)Second time it was okay, had a great time with my gf. Everyone super friendly.and third time it was good as well. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about the place but the people that go party here are friendly... If that counts for something... lol
Curtis Whitty
23:33 14 Mar 22
Pathetic place! Turned away for being to drunk when we had only just come out😂 door staff where rude & up their own ***** avoid at all costs 😂 biggest joke in the village
Lillie Cooke
22:53 13 Mar 22
I expected a lot more from a place confidently branded G-A-Y in the Gay Village. Only 1 level to dance on, another smaller level to chill with a seat or two, and then the smoking hut upstairs.Bouncers pat you down upon entry, sometimes expected but unnecessarily searched my girlfriends bag. Bar staff were brilliant, very friendly, a woman with dreadlocks kept us entertained all night and lived off our vape 😂 toilets were unisex which is brill, but there was a strict woman up there that wouldn't let me accompany my hammered friend to hold her hair back in a cubicle (I get why they need to watch out, but c'mon). Overall, I was underwhelmed, but still had a brill night out. They also had screens with a twitter to get a message on screen but mine never did 🤷🏻‍♀️
Daniel Marshall
21:20 14 Feb 22
Doorman very rude. After a nice meal out for my birthday we thought we would call in for a quick drink before heading home. We were greeted with questions about where we have been, which i got defensive and asked why is that any of your business. I could understand if i rolled up drunk and a mess, but was made to feel like we werent the punters that they wanted, which considering there were 4 people inside i didn't think our business could be sniffed at, but yet again a let down in the place we should feel the most comfortable
Esme Moran
02:24 28 Jan 22
i fell down the stairs down from the smoking area and all of the staff, especially the manager Ross was absolutely amazing, helping me out and getting me what i needed, Ross even helped me to my uber with the bouncer Jordan which was very nice, even though i was in a lot of pain they lifted my mood and made what was a pretty painful experience, as good as it could be
Ashish Gehani
04:52 01 Jan 22
This place is prime example of Racism and discrimination still exists.We have been denied entry saying our covid passport is in circulation while we didn't share it with anyone. Just the same excuse they providing for every people of colour.
Ginny Wai
21:35 23 Dec 21
The vibe was good, I like their music.If you are wearing heels 👠, please be careful of the super wet slippy floor and occasionally being stepped on.The drink was ok, I ordered gin and tonic. honestly it was purely tonic and can’t taste any gin. Also the average age in GAY is slightly younger, I would say 18-25…
Ellie Taylor
01:50 19 Dec 21
I read the reviews before coming here and if you do please don’t dismiss it! The bouncers are vile, approached us randomly for “looking like we had too much to drink” we were manhandled by every staff in there covered in bruises head to toe thrown down the stairs for defending ourselves. Stay as far away as possible it’s really not worth it. I’ll never return to Manchester again, the staff treat you like your absolutely nothing.
09:42 05 Nov 21
This was an ok place. The bouncers weren’t particularly friendly, as they asked to pat us down when went in, and didn’t say goodnight when we’d said that to them on our way out. I’ll admit we were nervous going in here after previous stories and rumours of bouncers being aggressive and not inclusiveand I only reluctantly went in. I half expected some kind of confrontation. That being said, they weren’t immediately rude to us as such.The place has a nice vibe inside, and it’s well decorated. It’s not an enormous place and the one in London is better. They offer £2.50 singles, but it didn’t taste like a vodka coke with a full shot. It wasn’t too busy when we went.
Tom E.
20:43 02 Feb 18
I've been here before and generally find the staff to be very pompous. Tonight, I went to meet my friends in there and one of the doormen asked me a...
Michael F.
03:08 10 May 17
G.A.Y. is not my cup of tea. I do not like to get drunk, but if I'm working with a happy crew, we usually end up here. It attracts the younger crowd. The...
Mr Mrs H.
03:33 31 Dec 15
My wife & myself was denied access to G-A-Y club last night due to us being heterosexual which in the door supervisors own words is door policy & we was...
Shaun P.
14:01 03 Apr 15
A clean and funky bar. Plays great pop/chart music with associated videos in the screens. An outside terrace where the smokers hang out mainly but a great...

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