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Gay Hostel Berlin

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Berlin is sexy ... and the favourite capital for tourists in Europe. Discover the capital of Europe at close range.

Many gay tourists love the city because of the multifaceted and high paced scene. GAY HOSTEL ... is the central located gay hostel in the capital.

In addition, you will get our Hostel-Pass, which entitles you to exclusive offers in the gay scene. The team of GAY HOSTEL looks forward to your visit!



Gay Hostel
Based on 88 reviews
Ofer Rothschild
07:35 02 May 22
Seems like they have been closed since covid. Real shame - they were the best place to stay.
11:13 05 Jul 21
It was in Dicember 2019, great people, all was very clean and cleaned every day!My best experience in Berlin
R Felix
21:40 29 Apr 20
I can’t wait to go there on holidays.
Henry L
19:36 26 Feb 20
Quiet during the weekdays. Did not really mingle with the other guests, who tended to keep by themselves. Clean place but the building was under renovation which meant being awaken by loud construction noise at 7h30 in the morning, I did not sleep well. Not the fault of the hostel just unfortunate it was during my stay. Located in the gay district with lots of gay bars and gay shops.
Marcin Kurnal
10:43 09 Feb 20
Amazing experience and great place to meet like minded travellers
Lucas Bentes
06:07 22 Jan 20
clean, organized and lovely.Shyly located inside a building, the gay hostel has its qualities, Few rooms makes the place more friendly. However the rooms are very large, warm and comfortable.
Monkeylay 7
00:42 19 Nov 19
i love this. i am gay. the service was amazing.
16:26 20 Oct 19
Met some great people, and the location is super chill (slightly away from the center). There's a weird old man living there that does the cleaning and has a terrible attitude. Still would recommend it though.
Tin Nguyen
04:50 09 Oct 19
The facilities and rooms were great but the person working there was hands down the most rude and difficult person to deal with. He said obnoxious comments to all the customers at the hostel and he even coughed on one of my friends instead of simply asking him to move. Everything involved a snarky comment or eye roll and he would complain about his job every time we saw him. It's a shame because the site is so great but the host alone is reason enough for me to never recommend this place to anyone.
Manuel Falca
12:09 02 Sep 19
We had, once again, a great stay at the hostel. My now fiancé and I met in the hostel 4 years ago and come back every year. In total I must have stayed at least 7 or 8 times.The current staff keep the hostel really clean and well looked after.There always some hot guys around, and I’ve met some amazing people every time to hang out with, do sightseeing, go to parties or have a “hot” shower with ☺️😊Just the shower alone is worth staying there if you get lucky 😛I would definitely recommend staying here to anyone, I mean you can’t bring someone back to your room like in a hotel, but you’ll meet amazing people from all over the world and save money too in comparison to a hotel.So if you haven’t been yet, what are you waiting for!
Ryan Rockmore
18:47 09 Jul 18
If you’re a gay man, traveling to Berlin, and want an exciting atmosphere to meet other men, this is the place for you. Hopefully, you don’t mind a little noise and action throughout the day and night, however. Cozy up in one of the dorm rooms and enjoy the community that it has to offer; most guests are friendly and social. The hostel is centrally located and still has amazingly low rates per night. The basic kitchen and simple bathrooms (with communal showers [one private shower/bathroom for the shy folks]) also make this a simple place to stay and enjoy yourself.
sammy piper
11:50 18 May 17
First thing first - The hostel has camera''s all over. Feels like you are being watched ( Big brother house). When I asked, the staff he said it's for security and avoid stealing. I said for security the camera should be on entrance, not above the shower, lounge ( facing directly inside the room) and also in kitchen. Then I also asked, how you can control something inside the room, if someone stealing inside the rooms( for this he has no answer and asked -please ask the owner, how rude). As far as I know, camera's are allowed only at entrance that too outside not inside. I have never seen this in all world. Not wondering, it's a gay thing or a Owner is crazy or he wants to see young boys doing sex in hostel. I also heard that someone is watching camera 24 hours and you should behave inside the hostel. We all were not feeling safe and never sit in lounge and kitchen and dressed up always. Sorry no free soft porn to the old owner! NOT recommended and never coming back.
sjoe den
22:04 01 Apr 16
Great location and very clean hostel. Feels like a private home.Only bad thing is that there is Camera's all over ( I assume It's illegal ). Seems like a owner like to watch young guys having 🙂 You feeling like watched all the time and one camera is just above bathroom, so please be careful if you come naked outside or doing something outside of your room.
Emig, Matthew
21:58 17 Mar 16
I stayed here for about 4 days in mid-July 2015. I had a wonderful time; I made fast friends with a big group of other single gays looking to experience Berlin night life. Reading other reviews, it seems that the other tenants definitely have a big impact on the experience of the hostel since it is so small (only about 20-25 person capacity). Whether in good company or bad, I think the secret is to really only use it as a true hostel: a place to store your things, shower, and sleep at night. For those uses it's fine - otherwise, get out and enjoy the city. Look forward to staying again!

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