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Welcome to George, your country sports bar located in the Montrose area of Houston, TX.



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07:34 21 Mar 24
my third time at George’s bar here on Montrose and it unfortunately has been the wrong place I have ever spent my money on. Taylor has been an amazing bartender. He always took care of me & a great guy, but on the other hand, Danny, the other bartender gets way too intoxicated on the job so from there he starts asking for money, that’s not there . for example.. I always paid cash no matter on my tabs so i don’t have to worry about any other drinks i didn’t order & i can come & go as i please. when i would inquire about all the cool shots danny will make as i relaxed by the corner, he’ll tell me! nice to know what everybody at the bar likes! I’ve been pretty generous with double tipping the tab ($9 tito’s + watermelon redbull vodka + $5) which is well over 40% tip.! but then the leftover shots (lemon drops) he’ll slide me on the side & say it’s on him & to enjoy myself. took them. then as i was saying my goodbyes & respects to the team Danny the bartender starts demanding i owe him for drinks that he claimed was on him & other stuff i never ordered. money turned that man evil on 3/20/24. whatever the guy is going through, I generally hope he is going to be better because this is not the atmosphere I totally expected from a bar that I thought was always welcoming.
Trevon B.
20:03 25 Feb 24
I attended this bar tonight I had my first drink cool second drink I took a couple sip out of and accidentally knocked it over ok so the bartender...
Connor Fredericks
16:42 15 Jan 24
Great drinks and a chill, cool vibe. Bartender was pretty short and rude with us when we were asking a question about pricing. Like girl? It's not a personal attack, I just want to know how much the AMF was lol.
Yelper Lou MC
01:21 08 Jan 24
George Country Sports Bar is a nice little hang out place in the Gayborhood. I came here during the holidays. I ordered a drink but it was not filled to the rim. But I think I like it here.
Lou C.
20:57 04 Jan 24
You know, I have not been to George Country Sports Bar for a long while. Why? Finding a parking spot in this Gayborhood has been impossible for many years....
Carl Ciulla
15:20 25 Dec 23
I had just moved from Louisiana to Texas and was so excited to be in a more LGBT inclusive area. I went to this place for my first time around lunch hour and ordered 1 beer, I received a work call while in this establishment and had to walk out the front door due to the ear shattering music being played. The bartender proceeded to literally jump over the bar and chase me out the front door and aggressively jerked my bottle of beer out of my hand and throw it into the garbage. I understand that Texas has more strict alcohol laws opposed to Louisiana, but the behavior just left a bad taste in my mouth. I won’t be visiting this place again.
Ada Salazar
14:02 25 Nov 23
A friend and I asked for water, were declined the water as a joke, then once we were given the water told to leave immediately. I understand profit is important, but I didn’t realize external life was so miserable that we have to project on two 22-year olds. Maybe it’s because we were very femme presenting or brown, but werk! if you didn’t want to serve water, could’ve directed us to a water station.
Sara S
04:19 18 Oct 23
Great bartenders and drinks. Awesome place to watch a game
Bryan M.
12:59 10 Oct 23
Like most Montrose area businesses parking is the biggest issue. So ride share or public transportation is my preferred method to enjoy the area. George is...
Daniel Partida
15:19 30 Aug 23
Happy hour bartender isn’t gonna let you hear the music that they make you pay for. If it wasn’t for that fact they open at 7am it sucks.
angel moreno
20:33 27 Aug 23
Last night the lady bartender was so rude. Not very good customer service. We drive 30 minutes to this bar for the Jell-O shots and to have drinks. Since we was not regular customers they made us wait to take our order for drinks. She was just plane rude since the beginning.
Cassie Hadley
20:43 05 Aug 23
I always have such a good, fun time here! And their Thursday steak nights are definitely worth it 😋
Eric S
21:14 06 Jun 23
Absolutely best bar in montrose!! Very friendly bartenders especially Crystal and Ryan, and David. Great drink prices and nice pours. Great clientele and fun atmosphere
Casey Nee
13:34 30 Apr 23
Love George....the bar has a good crowd and...they have twisted tea on tap....
Elaine Morley
20:26 02 Mar 23
I wish I had never gone to his montrose legendary bar because now everywhere else I go seems soooo damn boring ! I always meet the nicest staff and patrons at George’s! Anytime I’m downtown and get off work early this is my go to spot!
ken hoge
17:50 23 Feb 23
Gay friendly neighborhood pub with a casual atmosphere. Pool table and outdoor areas. Nice place to grab a happy hour cocktail or spend an evening making new friends. A Montrose institution.
Gary L.
16:11 14 Feb 23
Not many places that open up at 7am!! Today had to wait for hours in the area for dr apt. What else to do- have 4 bloody Mary's, coffee with peanut butter...
Alvin McCurley
00:18 26 Dec 22
Always a great place to have a drink with friends. The friendliest bartenders.
Nicolas Jacobi
23:11 19 Dec 22
This bar seems to get a lot of bad reviews for the bartenders. Not sure what that is about. He was friendly to me. I liked the vibe, and the prices and the bartender was a calm friendly dude.
Bailey S.
08:43 29 Nov 22
They racially profiled my friend and said they didn't want to serve him. His father, the inventor of the toaster strudels and founder of the Hilton, would...
Cordero R.
08:37 29 Nov 22
If you don't enjoy your job, then maybe you shouldn't work there, Boris. I was asked to go somewhere else because the bartender didn't feel like working today.
Jason Waide Bodden
09:49 27 Nov 22
The setting was very disappointing the last time I was here. Patrons not supporting the community in which it served, and bartenders not educated on serving the other visitors who are not in the Gay Community. Shameful when a community doesn't welcome the opposite of what they are, especially when it comes from the opposite sex.
Christopher W.
18:24 20 Oct 22
This is a racist place they would not let myself in my friends park there, because we were black. I asked this week to him. I asked to speak to the manager....
JR Cox
00:53 23 Sep 22
Nice bar and very friendly staff. DONT order the food though. They do Thursday steak grill. My filet was full of fat and gristle. Food was Luke cool also. Stick with drinks and go elsewhere for food.
Casey Nee
11:47 11 Sep 22
I am transgender and I am always welcome at this bar. I've never had any issues here with me and my boyfriend. We come here quite often and have fun every time. The bartenders are awesome and friendly. We always come to this bar every time we come to Houston to see everybody....
Mario82 Placencia
15:15 31 Aug 22
If you believe in humanity/equality DO NOT support this bar. The owner/bartender is racist. We were the last ones there and he made a comment because we’re Mexican/American when no one else was there. I will never support this bar again.
Johnny Fultz
06:36 28 Aug 22
Crystal was amazing for my birthday 🎂 thank you so much 💖
Emma Oke
19:58 13 Aug 22
a coco and green gray green tea orange
Julia K.
13:06 29 Jul 22
I was here from about 2-3 pm , me my mom & my girlfriend were just having fun playing pool. It's a bar, so were we whispering? No. Were we screaming? Also...
Jimmy Hancock
03:29 14 Jul 22
Love this place. Friendly crowd, awesome bartenders.
Alex G
06:16 26 May 22
Worst customer service ever. The bar tender is a moron he hide my friend's credit card and said he gave it to me. 15 minutes later my friend was about to call 911 and suddenly the barman found it under the cash register. He didn't apologize or give us an explanation.
Louis L.
10:21 24 May 22
Great place. Nice atmosphere. I hang out here often and always get great service. I would highly recommend it
Bill D.
15:52 22 May 22
Saturday after noon crowd was older.... Like me... friendly... and don't forget about David being the bar friendly with every one. And who can forget hello...
K en
00:07 06 May 22
Great neighborhood (gay) sports bar with friendly staff! Packed for major sporting events, especially Superbowl.
Durant S.
06:06 25 Apr 22
I visited George's this past weekend and all I can say is , it wasn't a good experience.The bartender was the only good thing, everything else wasn't. It...
23:26 15 Apr 22
Not only was the bartender rude from the beginning, he also somehow lost my friends debit card when it was only 6 other people in the entire bar. They showed no form of empathy when we brought up the concern and didn't appear to truly search to find it. (Keep in mind the bar was essentially EMPTY!)We asked if we could leave a phone number in case it pops up and was told no and that we'll have to just call to see if it pops up?Horrible customer service.
Mauro Garcia
15:59 02 Apr 22
Is it a problem to give your business? Because it felt it was last night. Was looking for my friend, walk in couldn’t find him, walk out and he was coming here. We went to the bar, and this older skinny short white men came to me and told me to leave, I wasn’t even drunk. I felt very uncomfortable and thought it was rude. Didn’t gave me a reason why just say, “I need ya to leave”I mean ya can have a dog inside and I’m sure it’s okay but to have someone wanting to pay give my earn cash to this place i completely don’t understand. Total killer vibe!
00:28 16 Mar 22
Nice friendly place staff is always helpful and friendly and clean.
Jakara D.
12:04 11 Mar 22
If I could give a place less than one stars , this would be it! I have a lawyer handling a horrific discrimination that occurred Tuesday night against...
Kendyll Poth
21:34 07 Mar 22
Great bar that is a strong part of the community and welcoming to queer woman. Mainly the crowd is older gay men that go to relax and have a reasonable priced drink in a fun environment.2 pool tables & weekly tournament, patio, darts, and a few game machines.
cristian garza
18:52 06 Mar 22
Yea now I remembered why I don’t ever go here. Bartender is trash. I’m sure unless you know him then you’re somebody but if you don’t then he treats you as a nobody. Definitely needs his attitude checked.
Jerrod G. Marshall
20:37 16 Feb 22
Always a pleasure to see some old acquaintances and have a fun time at George. Good seeing you again Cunningham!
Armando R.
15:38 14 Feb 22
DO NOT GO TO THIS BAR ... it's extremely Racist Gay bar against gay Latinos and do not hide their racism
Amanda Renee Parker
06:35 02 Feb 22
A Houston institution. What else could you say?
Sheila Hernandez
13:27 16 Jan 22
I was celebrating my friend’s 24th birthday at this bar last night, and one of our group members bought all of us one of the syringe Jell-O shots. When I saw another friend I knew, I sat down with him and talked to him at the bar whilst still holding the syringe Jell-O shot I hadn’t taken yet. As I was sitting at the bar talking to him, the tall bartender snatched the jello syringe shot out of my hand assuming I had stolen it from the bucket that was close by. When I asked him why he had snatched it out of my hand after I had paid for it he told me I had stolen it and that he could get me kicked out of the bar for giving him an “attitude” and for being too “inebriated”. Mind you this was the start of the night. After I told him to check the cameras and showed him the receipt the other bar tender interfered and gave me back my syringe Jell-O shot without an apology. This is the worst experience I’ve ever had at any bar by far.
Tanner Vanover
07:09 06 Dec 21
Great place to have a drink and hang out with friends while watching a game! The bartenders are amazing and super friendly! Awesome bar!
Sheira Hope
02:53 18 Oct 21
I normally wouldn't think going to a country sports bar is a good time. I am not a fan of country music and hate sports but I was told that George is fun. Every time I have visited has been fun. The bartenders are friendly and the drink specials are plentiful.
Robert Munoz
18:53 18 Jul 21
Cozy, accommodating, easy access to charge phones or devices. Great prices! Very Good internet. Sports and Country but also mainstream music on the jukebox player. Steak night Salmon is my favorite. I meet a lot of nice people even when sitting on my own. Mature crowd mixed with younger.
Sara Harpole
14:20 24 Jun 21
Get the jello SHOT! Great bar, gender neutral restroom
Ben B.
15:59 16 Jun 21
I really liked this bar. My go to place when I was in town last weekend. Very chill and good company. I see a couple of reviews about not feeling welcome as...
Jordan W.
09:26 05 Jun 19
Montrose is a large LBGTQ community, as we know, and this place has been a hot spot for everyone for years. No matter who, everyone has a place here to hang...
Leslie T.
06:29 21 Apr 18
Dog friendly patio. Small parking lot. Stiff gay men's bar drinks. Barnaby's right across the street for some grub! (Their fries are fantastic!) Sports...

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