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Gramps in Miami is a vibrant and inclusive spot that, while not exclusively a gay bar, is a proud ally of the LGBT community. Located in the trendy Wynwood area, Gramps is known for its eclectic mix of events, including live music, comedy shows, and bingo nights. Its atmosphere is described as hipster-friendly, and it's celebrated for its powerful drinks and engaging entertainment.

One of the standout features at Gramps is the weekly drag show, "Double Stubble," which adds a unique flair to Miami's nightlife. The bar's commitment to cultural events and diverse programming makes it a popular destination for a broad audience, including the gay community. Visitors appreciate the welcoming vibe, where everyone, regardless of age or orientation, can enjoy a great time.

The mix of people and the dynamic environment at Gramps contribute to its reputation as a must-visit spot in Miami. It's a place where the LGBT community can feel at home while enjoying a variety of entertaining activities and events. Gramps stands out not just as a bar but as a cultural hub in Miami, embodying the spirit of inclusivity and fun.



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Bethany S.
16:08 17 Jun 24
I had fairly low expectations on my first visit to Gramps but was pleasantly surprised. The cocktails are quite tasty, with a decent happy hour. The real...
Eric Honaker
00:03 16 Jun 24
We only went at night to dance and have fun during my bachelor party. Great place to have fun! Only complaint was the 12yo bouncer that let us in each night . On Sunday 6/9 (the 3rd night), after letting us in and we had ordered drinks, and the bartender was making said drinks... Bouncer comes in and said they'll be closing early because of business. We agreed instantly, and said of course.. we'll pay the bartender and chug them out (again, she's almost done making these drinks). He comes back 1 minute after, she's now running my card. Again, I agreed that we're hurrying. We understand the circumstance. We then grabbed the drinks and started chugging them outside, so they could start cleaning the bar. Now 2 minutes after his initial ask, he's flashing a light at us telling us to leave. Again, it's not past time or anything, it's saying "hey we're gonna close early", and we're 4 guys saying absolutely, we got you.TL;DR: Club is great, but get the little boy at the front home earlier, so he's not so cranky.
Ankur V.
10:55 27 May 24
The pizza is fire. Super good, and although it takes a while, we'll worth it. Esp when drinking with friends. The service is average for miami. The vibe is...
Nina C.
13:06 07 May 24
Came here for a live performance of my friends band, clean cut band, and had such a great time. This place is exactly like I remember, with a beautiful...
Erika Barreda
16:05 06 May 24
Outdoor music was a mixture of so many eras. The inside had it's own music with different vibe. Enjoyed the variety.Their cucumber drink was spicy but good.
Marcos R.
12:10 03 May 24
Great place for awesome cocktails and the best pizza in wynwood by far! With all the new bars and restaurants in wynwood Gramps feels like the good old...
Audrey S.
15:37 13 Apr 24
Okay hear me out. As a bar, gramps fills most of the clichés I dislike about Wynwood. Way too loud, feels a little too manufactured, etc. BUT. They have no...
Michael Fuller
02:43 02 Apr 24
Sweet spot to catch a show. Intimate outdoor venue, feels like a little park and you're basically right there with the artists. Bars outside and inside for whatever you might need.
Mahdi Ghodsi
00:57 02 Apr 24
I walked in with my gf just to the entrance to check their current menu but I was greeted by an unfriendly staff who refused to hand me a menu before looking into my backpack. He doubled down by saying in a condescending voice that “he will refuse to give me a menu or let me around his establishment before checking my bag”. So I gave him the bag but the way he was power tripping and going through my bag just pissed me off. So I decided to grab my bag and go somewhere else. For your reference here is the bag that mr power tripper was freaking out about! Maybe a good idea to have a menu by the door!
Gray S.
08:53 18 Feb 24
Great little venue in heart of Wynwood , love the different types of music from metal to house music. Bartenders know how to make a drink properly and are...
Cheri Mitchell-Santiago
14:10 13 Feb 24
Went for a Yacht Rocks DJ event on a Thursday night. Confusingly, they also have their weekly drag show on Thursday nights. The area is very choppy as we had to leave the Shirley's Room, where the DJ was, to go to the bar while passing through the Drag Show.Other than that, we had a blast and stayed until they turned the lights on and kicked us out!Drinks are par for the area.
Adam Smith
15:24 11 Feb 24
This place had good cocktails and a decent beer selection. My wife and I saw some live music while there. The lighting and the sound quality was great too
bryan debarbieris
08:19 07 Feb 24
Came here to see Hotline TNT. It was a cool venue. Not the best sound system but it did the job for a punk rock show. Good place to see up and coming acts. Drinks were good but measured out.
St Aubyn -Garry- King
12:12 28 Jan 24
Went here to see Kingfish performing. Got there and there was a real long line, however they had a great system that had the line moving very fast. Loved the vibes of the place. Had the vegan pizza, it was actually quite good. ..... Kingfish performance was awesome.
Rene Reyes
02:24 12 Jan 24
Been a regular at Gramps in Wynwood for years and it never disappoints. Staff are always friendly and quick with a drink recommendation. Love the chill vibe and the eclectic mix of music. It’s the perfect Miami spot to unwind with friends.
Angelo Herrera
17:45 03 Jan 24
A few months ago I'm attending a metal Show at this place right after the few bands play on the stage I got the feeling to eat a slice of pizza 🍕 the woman in front of the kitchen take my order I,m stand by the window for a few minutes to see how this pizza man performance his Job and I notice he grabs the tools and the pizza crust without gloves 🧤 I tell her about that and him ( hey body you wear gloves 🧤 ) they didn't pay to much attention to what I told them . PD : this is not complaint is just a warning to you people to make the thing better that's all .
Maria Posada
20:49 28 Dec 23
Great place to watch a Liverpool FC match. It’s the official Miami supports club bar. They have someone singing songs and hyping up the crowd! It’s really fun. The pizza is delicious! And the fries are a great side item! The drinks are always strong and good!
Clara A.
07:30 13 Dec 23
Good drinks. The bar itself is huge and has a bunch of Halloween decor so be prepared to be scared! I got only a drink with pineapple it was new and...
Jason K.
13:52 01 Dec 23
Gramps is a fin, divey, Miami bar with lots of events and reasons to come back for a new experience. We have had the pizza, and liked it. It is a no...
Antita B.
09:57 25 Nov 23
Great chill spot for bar food and drinks! Great service and friendly staff. Will return when they have live music.
David Barco
21:30 09 Nov 23
The last remaining bastion of the days of Wynwood old. Still holding out and prices are still great compared to over saturated surrounding area. Never had a bad time here, service is pretty quick even when it is slammed. There are several bars in and out so that helps plus pizza tropical helps when you've had a few too many. Please don't ever close... Wynwood would be a complete loss.
Tuan Dao
03:08 02 Nov 23
The bar itself is on the smaller side with limited seating and can get crowded in a hurry. The good news is that they have a huge, spacious, outdoor patio that has a back up bar and a walk up pizza window! We stopped here early afternoon but you can see that at night, that patio would be an awesome dance floor/party space that can have live music!
Max Klingensmith
01:50 27 Oct 23
Wings were fantastic! Just maybe don’t charge for ranch ;). Didn’t get to try the pizza unfortunately. Great variety of music and an overall cool vibe! Drag show was super fun too! Thanks for a great time
Joanne Stein
00:08 09 Oct 23
One of my favorite spots in Wynwood!! Real people, decently priced drinks, good music, nice environment. I most recently went to see a band play at Shirley’s Theater (which is indoors and well air conditioned 🙏🏻) and it was fantastic.
Montsy F.
07:07 21 Aug 23
Great place for a fun night out! I've gone to three dance parties, including for my birthday and I always have the best time.Bartenders are friendly and...
Andrew P.
14:36 14 Aug 23
Came here on a Monday night with a friend of mine and I was impressed with how beautiful the outdoor space was when we entered. They had standup karaoke...
Malwina Rog
16:02 04 Jul 23
Great atmosphere, sometimes they play live music. Seems like a trendy place for young people. The place next door does amazing pizza slices as well 😋
Augustina Thekiso
02:32 21 Jun 23
The food at Gramps was simply outstanding. Every dish I tried was prepared with great attention to detail, bursting with flavors that delighted my taste buds. I appreciated the creativity and quality of the ingredients used.Their bartenders are true artisans, creating unique and delicious cocktails that were expertly crafted. The drink menu showcased a diverse range of flavors, and the bartenders were happy to customize drinks to suit individual preferences.
Sheena G.
10:45 31 May 23
*DAY TIME REVIEW*I only had a cocktail and it was 2pm on a Thursday.Best Piňa Colada I have had in a longgggggg time. Definitely a creeper. Hints of...
Sheena G.
10:50 26 May 23
Muy bueno!!!This is one of the best piña coladas I have EVER had and I have had many! I can taste the hint of nutmeg and fresh coconut. Highly recommend!
Richa T.
12:13 26 Apr 23
We came here the other night for my friend's bachelorette party and this place was a blast!Pros:+ Their was a ton of amazing music - great vibe for...
Ewa U.
13:40 22 Apr 23
What a vibe! Think, 80s grunge meets techno flair. This artsy abode (located in the art deco part of Miami) offers indoor and outdoor hangouts - with lots...
Fidel Lopez
12:00 28 Mar 23
Gramps is the place to go if you're looking for a divey bar that plays music. Chill place. My type of bar compared to everything else in Miami.
David Zeledon
01:46 19 Mar 23
Bar review: great dive bar with games to play.Pizza: not sure why they are rated so high, I’ve definitely had better pie.Christian, the manager and bartender is great.
David Z.
18:46 18 Mar 23
Bar review: great dive bar with games to play.Pizza: not sure why they are rated so high, I've definitely had better pie.Christian, the manager and...
Jonathan Lauria
17:32 16 Feb 23
For an outdoor venue that gives opportunity to alternative music I was delighted by the space and the fact that every single fan was working, I never felt overwhelmed and at the same time was able to be in the middle of action, having a pizza while enjoying the show was definitely a highlight. Great place, and will come again when bands that I'm into play there.
Brittany H
00:06 05 Feb 23
Went here for a couple hours for my Bachelorette, we had the best time! It has great energy, everyone is just dancing away to old and new music, they have pizza and good drinks, and the decorations are gorgeous. Highly recommend you stop here when in Miami!!
Claire Y.
12:17 04 Feb 23
Great drinks, fun atmosphere, and very nice customer service- kept my phone safe when I left it behind.
Chanae I.
19:05 24 Jan 23
Came here on a Tuesday and they had karaoke outside and rock & roll inside. Dive bar vibes with great music and the best pizza!
Kenneth Geller
14:02 27 Dec 22
This is a great local bar. The inside feels pretty dicey, while the outside courtyard is more spacious and airy. Good drinks and service. Happy hour was great (half-priced cocktails and tap beers).
Becky Lopez-Suarez
06:59 20 Dec 22
Went to a punk show at the Shirley theatre. I was impressed by the attentive bartenders, tight security & friendly/chill patrons. I felt safe & had a ton of fun. The bathrooms could be cleaner. Parking is hellish on a busy night but there are lots nearby.
23:17 14 Dec 22
Enjoyed a great evening with friends watching the Jamie Webster event. However did not enjoy the drink prices for such a laid back venue. $15 for a wine that usually costs almost half that elsewhere .
Sean C
18:21 11 Dec 22
Dark and dingy punk rock bar with good drinks and happy hour specials. The food is also pretty good
Lacy H.
06:04 11 Dec 22
I love this place! Looking for a dive* bar? Come here! Looking for a dive bar that specifically serves bottles of Prosecco? Come here! Looking for a dive...
Luke Fey
01:47 13 Sep 22
Gramps has been my go-to Going Out spot in Wynwood. It has multiple different areas to hang and dance (indoor space with AC and pinball machines, front area with house music, and the main outdoor dance floor with pop music bangers). I’ve only been on weekend nights and I’ve always had a great time. Drink prices are also reasonable which is a huge plus.
Sherry J.
05:38 06 Sep 22
- Got $8 drinks around 8pm so I assume they have a happy hour- Tip is included but the service is great. The servers clear up any mess around you and trash...
E. barber
16:57 28 Aug 22
I love this place. Great vibe.. great drinks, easy food and good service. Sit outside, or inside in the AC, relax and enjoy the music. Dog friendly.
Andrew Kovacic
03:52 27 Aug 22
All time great bar. Live music, great space, dive bar prices, amazing pizza.
Genie Co
04:10 14 Aug 22
Was showing a friend around Miami and I'm glad we came here. Dope atmosphere, great drinks, friendly staff and music was on point. Will definitely come back again.
Emely R.
20:40 23 Jul 22
Great drinks, awesome staff, and chill vibes with a twist of groovy music tonight! Haha I highly recommend this bar to anyone in town or a local. They do...
Isabel Gonzalez
02:35 02 Jul 22
We had a great time !!!! We lost a purse while we were there and between the front door person, the bartender, and Jojo, we were able to find it. They were so quick, responsive, and helpful. Made the night !thank you to Gramps staff
Miah Jade
02:25 18 Jun 22
I had a really fun time here (not from Miami) and think this would be a great place to hang out with my friends in the future. Definitely worth the trip - I met quite a few people here that were from out of town that agreed.Amentities: Indoor booth/bar seating, outdoor and indoor concessions, lots of outdoor seating, electric fans outside, at least two entrances with bouncers watching each, 2 DJ stands outside, bathrooms located inside the bar area, there are a few arcade machines near the entrances of the bar areaAtmosphere: Fun, accepting, and free. Be yourself and have a good time.Events: They hosted a Drag event on Thursday. They had 3-5 performers who were amazing and they had 3 rounds of performances with 30 minute breaks in between.Food: The pizza here is incredible. You can get it by the slice or as a whole pizza. Each slice is enormous and a great snack to stay fueled up while you're partying.Music: Huge variety of music, from Abba to EDM, selected by the DJs
James B.
17:17 14 Jun 22
This place is probably my favorite bar in Miami yet. It's a nice place to grab a drink in a down to earth bar that wasn't trying to be be a club. Haven't...
Andrea Prado
03:50 12 Jun 22
Every single time I come here I have a blast. Tonight JOJO helped me recover my phone and I’ve never been more grateful!I love this place and it’s a staple for us.PS the events they have are iconic!!
Kelly Hayward
03:55 08 Jun 22
The vibes here are good, and I feel like as a bar, they really care about their community. Super LGBT+ friendly- they have a party called double stubble on Thursday nights, and used to have drag bingo during the week (not sure if they do anymore, post pandemic). Also- the pizza here is pricey af but FIRE.
Ali K.
11:26 01 Jun 22
I've been coming to Gramps on occasion for a few years now! We mostly come for the Liverpool games, which are incredibly fun! There is always a great fan...
Marni M.
07:53 31 May 22
Came by here for drinks on our last night in the area. Music was OK with a good amount of seats to sit down and take a load off of your feet. I also liked...
Briggitte Pineda
22:33 19 May 22
Great vibe and food, but the hospitality is the best part. Last weekend my family came to town so we came for some wings, but my dad was jetlagged so I asked the security (Jojo) where the bathroom was because my dad wasn’t feeling well and he brought him some water and asked him if he was good to walk and escorted him to the bathroom. He even gave him a complimentary pizza to make sure he was okay. Very professional gentlemen. We will be coming back soon. Thanks Jojo.
DJ FrE3lancer
01:36 19 May 22
The service and hospitality was awesome, the bouncer (JoJo) helped me find and return my cell phone when I forgot it on the dining table the night before. Great vibes and respect towards such respectful staff.
Rafael B.
13:11 15 May 22
Local Bar in the heart of wynwood. Great for friends and family to stop in , listen to some good music, and have a good time. Bartenders are all so cool and...
Ariana D.
06:22 14 May 22
I have been coming to Gramps for years. I've been going to Terrestrial funk Tuesdays, happy hour, events. I've told all my friends to go there. I really...
Ken H
02:08 06 May 22
theres comfortable spacious booths as well as a couple arcade games. not as overly packed as other places. would recommend.
Karen R.
20:49 05 May 22
If you want to be yell at by meathead bouncers go here. The most ridiculous hole in the wall place you can imagine where a dusty as* bouncer will humiliate...
Kelsey J.
09:34 23 Apr 22
Love the cocktails, the vibe, and the pizza! I've come here to see the occasional comedy show in their back theatre (a super intimate space behind the bar)...
Christy Stanker
22:35 21 Apr 22
So fun! Great place to grab a drink. I was there the night of a drag show and had the best time. Queer family!
Jose D.
08:33 15 Apr 22
Great casual bar in Wynwood. Came here after work to have some drinks. They have great signature drinks and very friendly staff. I am a huge fan of Moscow...
Sina N.
08:44 08 Apr 22
It wasn't as cool as everyone described when we went. We ordered a Pizza. Instead of a 10% tip, the guy, who actually didn't do anything, tipped himself 10$...
Gary L.
13:42 26 Mar 22
I think Gramps is one of the best choices for a club in Wynwood. They are not stuffy like many places that have dress codes. You can go in shorts and a...
Weaslyne Preval
21:29 14 Mar 22
Came here on a Monday evening , the ambiance is nice but my pizza experience wasn’t. The pizza is thin crust but it was too hard and not hot. Too crispy and tasted burnt. $30 for a pie. Coming from a New Yorker this was trash. The manager was really nice about it though. He was very respectful and accommodating.
Jennifer D.
11:51 04 Mar 22
Such a fun vibe! Good drinks (super strong) and good music. It was a great time and we stumbled on the place randomly
Jason Morgan
11:44 23 Feb 22
Fun bar with an excellent patio, good beer selection, and live music. All while remaining laid back.
03:36 11 Feb 22
Such a cool spot in Wynwood. Has this Brooklyn dive bar feel on the inside with the tropical beach bar feel outside. We caught a comedy show hidden in the back room which was a pleasant surprise. The stage was pretty cool as well as the karaoke set up although some of those people were definitely professionals 😂 Definitely will be heading back
Natalie A.
18:07 06 Feb 22
Great local watering hole that embodies old wynwood! Drinks are always consistent and good, bartenders are friendly and they used to have nerd night and...
Stacie Miner
21:06 28 Jan 22
This place is wonderful. Great atmosphere great place just a good vibe al around. Highly recommend
01:01 25 Jan 22
Probably my favorite bar of all Miami. I love the vibe that this place has as well as I love the drinks, which are not that expensive. I would love to see more bands coming there and well as lowering the pizza prices, but overall I always thoroughly enjoy coming to this place. Definitely a gem in Wynnwood!!!
Destinee H
15:47 22 Jan 22
Great hangout for young people mostly. Really great that they serve food for a decent price because you'll want to stay for hours. Best part is there's no need to get dressed up or worry about getting in because it's more casual than some places next door. Came for karaoke night as well which was cute
Kim Hawkins
02:51 22 Jan 22
Was a pleasant surprise as we walked down the stairs. The place is huge. Deco is upscale and very classy! Dim light,low music, clean look.. a total sexy vibe!! We were immediately seated. The lounge looked comfortable.
Saige R.
16:46 11 Jan 22
We had a blast at Gramps! It's definitely a gem of a bar we came across and will for sure be back the next time we are in town.
Roy Frias
13:54 22 Dec 21
This place has a really cool set up with indoor and outdoor sections. I had this pickle drink with spice that was fire. The crowd was chill the night I went, definitely different age ranges. But yeah this spot is great to pull conversations on the side or listen to music on the dance floor
Bones V
21:27 13 Dec 21
Had a few Cucumber Paradise libations. Absolutely delicious!! Loved the playlist and the patio is perfect for day drinking.
Edin Chavez (Edin)
21:51 17 Nov 21
Really fun place to hang out and get some drinks. Wings and pizza are really good too 🙂
Maranatha Altidor
14:20 12 Nov 21
I went there on Holloween weekend. I loved the vibe! And they had great drinks. I will definitely go back again.
Sasha M.
16:37 31 Aug 21
I wish I experience what everyone here has... but it was a DEAD when I went. The music was cool, but def a setting to just sit, get a drink and talk. Not a...
Midwest Reviews
20:23 10 Aug 21
The drinks here are AMAZING. The service was on point. The bartenders are fun to talk to. I had a blast here. I came for happy hour, which was from 6-8pm, and the drinks were half off. The quality of drinks was superb and they only ended up being $6. This place is a must go if you’re trying to have a drink for happy hour.
Hector Berrios
05:30 25 May 21
This spot is chill and relaxed atmosphere. Latin music of all kinds playing all night. Drinks are affordable with a KICK! If you know what I mean. One of the many great spots to enjoy in Wynwood… No complaints and btw Water is free!!!
Quayneshia S.
16:47 03 May 21
Finally made my way to gramps! Went on a Thursday night so was able to see amazon Drag performances with great music selection I must say. Their pizza is...

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