G Star Club

G Star Club

The most popular Gay nightclub in Taipei.

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GStar Club in Taipei is a renowned gay dance club, celebrated for its vibrant atmosphere and popularity among the local younger crowd. This club is uniquely spread across two floors, offering a diverse musical experience that ranges from international chart-toppers to Korean pop hits. It's a place where the energy is high, and the dance floors are always bustling with enthusiastic party-goers.

The club is known for its lively and inclusive environment, making it a must-visit destination for those looking to experience Taipei's dynamic gay nightlife. The interior design adds to the club's appeal, with a colorful and inviting ambiance that sets the stage for unforgettable nights. GStar Club's location, close to Nanjing Road, places it in the heart of Taipei's nightlife scene, making it easily accessible and a popular choice for both locals and tourists.



G Star Club
Based on 779 reviews
Dee Espinosa
12:05 11 Mar 24
If you like to go clubbing with jam packed good looking guys, this is the place to be. However, it's kinda hard to relate if you are not a KPOP fanatic. Most of the tracks being played are KPOP. Should have been better if they play main stream music in my opinion. Went there alone and it's the first time I felt no belongingness. I am not sure but it seems the bumping to other people without apologizing is common in Taiwan. Been pushed many times inside the bar but they to not care at all. Kinda rude for me.Eventually had fun after 3am when the music shifted to international hit songs. Not mad about the experience but will not try again.
01:30 17 Feb 24
There is no way I am throwing up and having serious hangover over 4 short glasses of Long Island. Be careful of the drinks they serve you!
Hidden UniMoo 13
12:07 02 Feb 24
Went here on a Friday night during a GoGo Boys event. Arrived at 12am and there was literally no line. Bouncers and receptionists were smiling, 500 TWD for entrance fee. Got myself 2 free glasses of gin tonic. I watched how the bar tender made them, so I know they did not skimp on alcohol in my drink.The energy was good! Loud remixes of english music and EDM, until the GoGo boys event at 1am. First set was around 15 minutes of sexy and fun dancing. After that, Kpop time for around 1.5hrs. Then came out the GoGo boys for the 2nd and last set. Another 15-20mins of dancing but this time, sexier (underwear only and they let audience touch their bodies). Then, another round of Kpop dancing.Generally, it was fun! Giving four stars because it's true that smoking in this bar is rampant even though the stage screen says no smoking.
Trần Minh Tú
10:17 18 Jan 24
Great bar for young gays . Everyone is welcome. There is an entrance fee but exchange for 2 drinks. Worth a visit
Raymond Barreno
14:21 25 Dec 23
Great club. The drag performances are just fine but not spectacular. The place is comfortable and clean yet a bit small.
Emran Gashi
17:29 18 Nov 23
It’s not a place to have fun, you can’t even buy your own drink. You have a drink ticket when you pay your entry but you can’t buy a drink at the bar. They only accept cash knowing that we are in 2023. The staff are very very rude and seems to treat foreigner more bad than their own ethnicity. Not recommended especially for foreigner who are not Asian. Very a bad experience that makes me want to leave Taiwan earlier than planned.
Samuel Souza
14:38 16 Nov 23
A very nice place to have fun with friends.
05:23 30 Oct 23
My friend lost his wallet and iPod. My friend said The iPod location showing the location is still at the Gstar but the staff didn't make any afford to help me find again. The staff just replied that the cleaner already clean the area and didn't find any iPod and wallet. We would like to thank you for someone that gave us the TWD 200 for us to take a taxi back to home. Please leave you comment here if you are the guy that pass me the TWD 200. It really help us to go back our hotel safely. 🙏🙏🙏
Zacks123 Ng
23:55 29 Oct 23
I lost my wallet and iPod. The iPod location showing the location is still at the Gstar but the staff didn't make any affort to help me find agian. She just reply that the cleaner already clean the area and didn't find any iPod and wallet. I should have make a police report before i leaving Taiwan.
Pham Tuan Anh
15:02 29 Oct 23
We arrived at 11:20 and the waiting line was already three-block long. We gave up after 15 min waiting. Anybody want to check out the place better come real early (like 8pm ) to secure a spot.Update : I got into the club by going 2 hour early (at 9pm; the official event starts at 11pm). By 11:45, there 's still NOTHING, no dancer, just random people try to dance to make the most out of the expensive ticket (1000$ for a guy , w 2 free drinks). People got bored, try to kiss/hug other and caused a scene.NOT worth your timeIf you've ever visit Silom soi 3 in Bangkok, it's wayyy more fun
Ben W
20:15 26 Oct 23
This club does command a presence, being one of the only clubs available at night, but at the same time, there is a subtle wrongness about the place - yes, the music is old, - yes, the *actresses are old, -yes, even some of the concepts* are old. - For travelers looking for some forgotten aspect of the British empire - go to Hong Kong - otherwise probably avoid this "flashy thing".
12:04 15 Oct 23
One of best clubs in town! Entrance 500 ntd cash includes two drinks. ID check at entrance. Great music, a lot of danceable kpop, huge crowd, strong drinks, two long islands enough for a good time and a minor memory blackout. Ktv on weekdays. Saturdays by far busiest, there's usually gogo show at 1am.Smoking used to be a big problem but improved lately. Still some people sadly smoke here
CouCou Ryan
14:50 23 Sep 23
I always had a great time there, newest songs, and nice vibes. They always have good shows every Fridays and Saturdays. As I am a guest there, those staffs were nice to me, feel welcoming there.
18:06 12 Aug 23
One of best clubs in town! Entrance 500 ntd cash includes two drinks. ID check at entrance. Great music, huge crowd, strong drinks, two long islands enough for a good time and a minor memory blackout. Ktv on weekdaysSmoking used to be a big problem but improved lately. Still some people sadly smoke here
14:14 27 Jul 23
The venue resembles DJ Station, Bangkok. Packed on Friday and Saturday nights. People are friendly. NT$500 for entry and two drinks. Drinks tastes sugary which surely energise you for the whole night.
Jan Witek
12:04 17 Jul 23
A must party while in Taipei. Such an atmosphere, an interesting form of fun, cannot be found anywhere else. Be prepared for the free sauna, it's very stuffy. Very crowded place.
Valmy Bois
02:42 04 Jun 23
he asks for an ID at the reception.. the guy hasn't even looked at my date of birth.. after that you have to queue for the bar 20 minutes of waiting and the Entrance ticket allows you to have a consumption but it does not offer everything so you have to add money according to the glass chosen and for just a beer you have to go to the end of the bar.. in fact you have locations depending on the drinks... in short it the organization is weird...the music is local and it smokes inside...in short, I won't be back.also only cash..no Crédit card 🤔
Aaron Jaffe
19:20 03 Jun 23
We were there 11-2am. It was just overcrowded and they played only top hit kpop the whole night. Needs more diverse music.
Michał R.
16:04 07 Apr 23
Cool Music and show. I would love to hear more boys bands. The entry is a bit pricey but ok. Cash only. Not easy to find.
John Nguyen
05:41 03 Apr 23
Pretty good music, drag show and food drinks. Reasonable price :500, only cash so no card.Nice music, a bit too much new Koop music.
Ivan Tay
12:46 02 Apr 23
Dead place. Do not come here. No music played here when i was there for one hour.
05:58 11 Jan 23
Ok club, good crowd, not too big inside, but too much smoke
Amplified Emotions
14:31 28 Dec 22
Nothing happens here. I think it will shut down soon. Don’t bother visiting as it’s waste of time. We went at 10:30pm and there was not a soul in sight. They were cleaning the place and it smelled bad. No music, no DJ, nothing.
Chase Tolentino
17:01 02 Dec 22
Went there on a Friday night. By 12:15AM, nothing was happening at the club. No entertainment, no DJ, no MC, nada. Boring. Not worth the entry fee of NT 350 ($12 USD) which gets you one watered down drink.
Raymond Kuo
08:32 28 Aug 22
Good place to having out with friends.
Sarah Shewey
06:12 06 Mar 22
Everyone getting turnt
Cheng-Yu Wu
04:25 06 Mar 22
Korean music and cheerful bartenders
Jack Hu
21:49 19 Apr 21
Great place to go dancing.
Adam Smith
16:05 27 Feb 21
FUN is the best way to describe G Star.It’s always a good night and the drinks are good.If you like K Pop and dancing, you have to go.I’d give 5 stars but you can smoke indoors which I don’t like.
Daru GV
16:42 26 Feb 21
Music could be better
Ron D
06:41 31 Jan 20
Cover was 500NT, and came with two drinks. If you wanted more, you had to pay 500NT again (two drinks). It was not busy the night I went, so I am not sure about the service.I want to try it again when busier, then I feel I could make a better judgement.
05:20 05 Oct 19
Too much smoke, too crowded, and drinks are terrible. However the entrance fee is quite cheap
Ziyu Lu
17:32 28 Sep 19
This is a great bar. Cover 500 TWD which can be redeemed for drinks, equivalent to 2 cocktails. Lots of young local boys and girls. Expats are the minorities which make the experiences better. Friend staff who play with strict rules irrespective of color and nationality. So please be respectful of rules
Eliel Sade
07:36 09 Sep 19
WORST PLACE EVER. An ideal place if you're looking to waste your time. After reading many review we've decided to visit g star on a friday night at 12am. It was kinda pricy and cost 500 for man and 800 for woman. Sadly, we were so disappointed to see that the entire dance floor was empty, it was me, my friend and the selector up until 1am. The bartenders were'nt nice and the music was noisy electronic Kpop. We waited until 2:30am before we left just becuase we didn't have the heart to leave the selector alone. Here are some picture, serving you real time EMPTINESS.
Craig Mason
07:46 28 Jul 19
Popular dance club in Taipei. Arrived after midnight and the crowds were just starting. Western music was played initially however that changed to K Pop a bit later in the night. This was very popular with dancers showing their moves on the stage. Entertaining to watch.Cover charge of NT500 gets you in the door and a couple of beers or a big mixed drink. It was very strong.Many smokers and you will go home smelling like an ashtray however if you dont mind, it will be an enjoyable night.
Neil OSullivan
05:27 19 Jun 19
This is a fun club with a happy and friendly atmosphere. It's also pretty popular and gets crowded at the weekend. If you plan to go you should know that smoking is allowed (and it seems like everyone smokes there) and the selection of drinks is a little limited. Other than that it's a great night out!!
17:26 30 May 19
Full of people but no one was dancing until around midnight lolI didn’t enjoy much of kpop playlist but hey that’s the trend. What can you do lolAfter staying here for about 3 hours I smelled like an ashtray other then that all good.
Logan Lee
10:14 10 Mar 19
A ton of fun, dont show up until at least midnight. This was the dance floor at 11:30. Totally empty. Then all of the sudden the clock struck midnight and all of the queens came out.
15:31 04 Jan 19
Fun clubThough the drink is merely fine and not too strongIf u wanna get drunk then u probably have to spend lots of money on itGuys are cute and the dancing floor is funBut somehow they are shy so u need to be more aggressive sometimesI’m not the kind so I’d say the club is ok lolNot the biggest one compared with ones in bkk but prob the best dancing gay club you would find in Taipei

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