Habana Edinburgh

Habana Edinburgh

Edinburgh's premier gay bar and have been for over 10 years

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Habana is Edinburgh's premier gay bar and has been for over 10 years. No 1 in Scotland (Pink Paper) best bar in Edinburgh (Evening News).



Habana Edinburgh
Based on 324 reviews
Louie Mclernon
15:36 14 Jun 24
To some this might just be a simple nice restaurant. However, if you have the privilege to have the beautiful Klaudia and the gorgeous Timmy serving you then this will be the highlight of your week, no, the highlight of your month. The staff here are absolute gems. I will be back. What a beautiful experience
Miss Jones
10:01 13 Apr 24
Very sad that Habana is closed permanently as that was an ace little pub/club, however, CC Blooms is a brilliant pub and thankfully is very much still open. Great atmosphere and pub for all genders:)
Hanan Yassin
06:36 20 Nov 23
Self entitled men who think the world revolve around them. I was simply dancing when one aggressive guy approached me and proceeded to tell me what a waste of life I was and how I have ruined everyone's life because I was dancing. I was shocked as he was quite aggressive, my friend had to physically push me away...she thought he was going to hit me. He shud have approached me like a human being and told me what I was doing was not respectful but instead he shouted and spat in my face. So here I am leaving a bad review. Not only was the vibe off, the music was rubbish and drinks too expensive!
23:00 18 Oct 23
Really sad to see Habana close. Had some fun nights out in it. The music was always good. I wish the best of luck to all the staff who worked there.
Scott Glanv
21:08 06 Jul 23
Sadly Habana closed its doors for good last Sunday Edinburgh gay scene just got even smaller
09:25 25 Jun 23
Stopped here yesterday with my girlfriend. We’re a straight couple and felt very welcome. It was during pride so the atmosphere was absolutely buzzing.So busy we couldn’t move inside so we chilled outside with our drinks. Music was absolute banging inside, but again, pride was on so not sure how representative that is of a typical day.
Giovanni Pelizzaro
22:44 27 May 23
The bouncer was very rude and didn’t allow me in with the excuse that I was drunk. I didn’t have any alcohol so it’s not even possible, so my conclusion is that it was a racist behavior. Not recommended for tourists, I think they are not welcome.
Senga Pender
11:01 06 Feb 23
Had great night on Saturday celebrating my birthday with my friend's barstaff great got served really quick dj was fantastic great music and you even get a smile from the door man that is very rare in Edinburgh will defo be back
Johnny Souza
02:30 01 Jan 23
The worst and most disrespectful place I have been. I wasted money to buy a few drinks but I couldn't finish them because they threw me out like garbage. I wasn't drunk, I did not disrespect, and we were only dancing with my partner.
Brianna Sands
21:28 15 Dec 22
Blonde barmaid is arrogant and aggressive aswell as having been heard using disgusting language. I've been coming here for the last 2 years but on my last visit with a group of friends witnessed security manhandle a girl and throw her to the ground where she was knocked out before coming back round.They then proceed to be aggressive with a young guy and man handled him out the club where he had no option but defend himself as the security were visious and were absolute thugs! This was filmed by myself and a couple of friends so if the 2 people who were attacked have reported this to the police then please contact me and I can supply video evidence. I hope the girl is OK!Last time my friend's and I will be visiting this place!Brianna
Iain Tweedie
19:51 12 Dec 22
Great atmosphere, gets very busy but good for a Xmas party or any other party. Although it's not a large venue, small parties would enjoy it.
Emma Smith
02:13 16 Nov 22
Good bar and nice staff.
Jade Harris
12:58 27 Oct 22
Best club in Edinburgh! Friendly staff, clean, and great atmosphere. Very safe. So fun, absolutely loved it!
Kevin Gray
18:04 11 Sep 22
Nice place .friendly staff...however..a small gripe...please vape outside ...not all of us appreciate a cloud of vapour...
John Anderson
11:37 17 Aug 22
My first visit in 2 and a half years thanks to a wee pandemic! It's still got the competition beaten hands down! Had a fantastic day do your selves a favour and just go visit. You won't be disappointed 😎👍🏳️‍🌈💞🍹🍾
Gordon Findlay
15:06 07 Aug 22
Came down from Glasgow for the weekend and pop in and what a great place and staff are all friendly I would say 100% be back again
Christopher Clarke
23:48 15 Jul 22
Bouncer on Friday, July 15th let me and my other two white friends in, but denied my Latino friend and told him, “Your kind isn’t welcomed here. Try somewhere else.” We were cordial, and asked the bouncer to clarify, and he refused to tell us what he meant. He told us once again that, “His kind isn’t welcome. Try elsewhere.” We went to Theatre Royal Bar and CC Blooms instead where they welcomed all of us despite our race.
Lacey Boven
09:35 02 Jul 22
Truly the most inclusive bar I have EVER been to in my life. DJ Dax was spinning when we went for the first time and we had a blast! We went back for Pride and it was far more crowded, but the feelings remained the same. Inclusive and incredibly great time. DJ Dax was even there again! Fantastic spot and highly recommend!
Leonard Kavanagh
10:34 12 May 22
Great food and very convenient when going to a gig in the playhouse
Nigel Chipps
17:12 24 Apr 22
I rescind my previous review. This is no longer a gay bar ! Its become a safe haven for straight women to avoid men, which I understand, but its no longer an enjoyable venue to meet other gay men. Its raucous and loud, thoroughly unpleasant apart from the fabulous bar staff who are gorgeous and polite.
Laurajane Mckenna
11:34 22 Apr 22
Staff were really friendly lovely place .
Jennifer Henderson
20:11 20 Feb 22
Brilliant time. Great tunes on a Saturday early evening. Friendly staff and customers. Good time had by all.
Mark Higg
20:16 06 Feb 22
Always a great night out. Great fun
Dale Mcloughlin
13:46 30 Jan 22
Amazing night in here last night whilst visiting Edinburgh, brilliant music, staff really friendly from bar staff to the lady collecting glasses, had an absolute blast! Will be back
Amy Hutchinson
18:46 16 Jan 22
Literally never felt some home from home, friendly and clean!!! Love it 100% spend another evening here
Pam Brough
09:28 24 Nov 21
Great day / night 🍷💃
11:30 28 Oct 21
Not as busy as we've seen it but nice and relaxed.
Sara Cunningham
22:47 20 Oct 21
Great felt like freedom. Fab bar staff banging tunes.And not covid paranoid.
Jamie Boyle
22:18 19 Oct 21
Very nice staff, great service, 10/10 recommend
Finch Aitken
13:17 16 Oct 21
I gave only 3 stars cause the staff and entertainment was gen up amazing, but when the door staff (bouncers) came in, things started to change, me and friends were there for a good couple hours, and had proved ID when needed. Out of no where the door staff came up and started to actually push us out. I then showed him my ID which aloud me to go back in, me and a guy who I met there tried coming out with our drinks to be with our friends, when the security took our drinks off us and poured them down us, not only that but when my friend went to ask for his wallet they were like it’s not been handed in, but when I went and asked for it, they then gave me it? Overall indoor staff was amazing , but won’t be coming back when thts how you get treated for being a well paying customer.
Natalie Sneddon
20:53 05 Oct 21
Fun busy bar 🍸 😊.
Karim Saleh
18:29 05 Oct 21
Very friendly customers and good prices for the drinks
alan blackley
15:17 27 Sep 21
Great music great place staff excellent cheers
David Lepoint
21:55 23 Sep 21
Very nice bar tender. Unfortunately, it was empty the day I went 🙁
00:47 19 Sep 21
Bloody brilliant night. DJ music brilliant, bar staff amazing work hard for their money and still smile! Be back soon 👍🏻🍹
Francois Paredes
22:23 15 Sep 21
Good music, great ambiance and very nice bartender ! 🙂
Izzy Munn
08:59 10 Sep 21
My favourite bar in Edinburgh. ❤️
Anna Oconnor
21:31 17 Aug 21
Lovely place lovely staff always leave me wot a smile on my face
Heather Lonnie
20:26 14 Aug 21
Happy shiny people..and Daz!....😀😀😀
Ken Newbrook
17:45 13 Aug 21
Great, friendly bar
Nicky Sidey
17:37 22 Jun 21
Friendly staff and nice atmosphere. Pre drinks before meal at Mamma Roma.
Si Heaton
23:29 15 Aug 20
I love this bar. I was here on Friday just gone. The staff are lovely, the lady that served us was polite and friendly. Its soo clean and its really nice to see am a bit OCD the cleanest toilets in the world. I love your bar. Its a shame the police wont let u play music because of covid tho. See u again x
Andi Covax
08:30 20 Feb 20
I loved this place, great music and atmosphere, drinks were reasonably priced and ideally located.
Jason Dowling
21:03 14 Feb 20
Good for an older crowd. Decor is weird.
Ally Thorpe
11:27 13 Feb 20
It's a very nice place to have a drink with friends
Spike Mclarrity
23:52 28 Aug 19
Love it.. Have been popping in for countless of years, OK some blurred evenings but what remains affordable drinks (not London prices) and a great local vibe.This is a big shout out to the staff they are not only welcoming, friendly but genuinely look after their clientèle.Seriously, this is a wonderful and friendly place. They keep playing good contagious music.Wonderful decor, upstairs seating and bar, fantastic views for people watching.Once the council finishes its overhaul with the streets outside, it can get back to un-interrupted bliss.Before l sign this off... Come and say hi to this amazing and professional staff team that bring the love, the excitement and importantly help to make this place what it has become.... A place of being, a place to interact, a place to meet, a place to just sit alone, or be with friends.Sadly l can only visit once a year, but thankfully its my niece's local!Thank you for always making me feel welcomed.
Mónica Afonso
07:15 21 Jun 17
This place is really friendly, if you are LGBT or not. You can dance, you can chat with people and make friends! I really loved this spot, hope to come back next time in EDH.
Harry L.
08:02 02 Nov 15
So this is an LGBT friendly bar we hit on our merry tour of Edinburgh. As you walk in its set up on two levels with the bar and a little seating downstaris...
Joe B.
03:07 22 Oct 12
I popped in here with my partner on our anniversary tour of Scotland. Honestly - it is the friendliest pub we have been to so far in Edinburgh. We were...
07:44 15 May 08
Sitting between the Playhouse Theatre and CC Blooms is very popular with the locals, but mainly both the male and female Gay population.The well decorated...

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