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Located in the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood of New York City, HARDWARE is a buzzy bar and lounge with an award-winning bespoke design inspired by the old hardware store that it now occupies.

Centrally positioned in midtown Manhattan just minutes from Times Square, the Theater District and Restaurant Row, the gay-owned and operated HARDWARE showcases talent from the most spectacularly entertaining drag queens -- both local and guests from all over the country -- and some of the best DJ's in NYC.

HARDWARE is open 7 days a week from noon until 4AM.



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Hell's Kitchen Kritter and Friends
23:58 10 May 24
Fun local neighborhood Gay Bar with good drag shows throughout the week. Bartenders are friendly and welcoming. Crowd is pretty relaxed. Good happy hour special during the week.
Mayur Patel
17:47 03 Apr 24
Ive been to this bar twice. Firstly, I've seen the bouncer doesnt check your ID if you are white, while just behind them, he checked mine. Very subjective.Then, the bartendars, one with the black glasses was so rude to me, as i asked him for diet coke and then rudely gave me the drink. I had to stand at the bar for 10 mins to get my order.As a person of color you might feel weird coming here, it will feel a very white gay club, but maybe im wrong, but both times ive been here, i have always felt same, weird and not belonged.Finally, the drag shows, they are quite mediocre, and it feels like there is no effort or thought put into it. Rupaul drag race viewing hardly you can hear anything and the broadway mondays, good for seeing the actors you like, but it is so boring, i left the bar in 20 mins.Wouldn't recommend this place!
Tommy S.
06:40 03 Apr 24
Skip this bar at all cost. The sound system is terrible, the vibe is awful and the bartenders are even worse. the night I went here it was not busy and I...
sabrina o.
13:11 27 Feb 24
I didn't try the food but the ambiance was amazing! We were visiting from LA and did not know what to expect but we loved our experience. Service was...
Scott MacDonald
19:49 18 Feb 24
I had a nice time! Drinks are reasonable/average price for midtown (and strong pours) and the drag queens perform intermittently which is fun.
17:25 11 Feb 24
Went to Hardware for the first time last night to see Laganja Estranja. Thanks so much for booking the doll- I hope to see her again at Hardware soon! Also, I really want to shout out your amazing staff and patrons who treated us so well. My husband and I are elderly (over 40😂) and tragically straight, but were not made to feel unwelcome or out of place. Looking forward to coming back to Hardware next time we are in NY. 💜💜💜
Ryan Reid
04:37 02 Dec 23
Order two drinks, bar tender says $42. I look down at my cash…look up to him and say $42!? He responds, no $22. Was my second drink. No I’m not drunk, shady.
Adonia Escalona
02:45 28 Nov 23
Unpleasant experience! Bartender was extremely rude to my friends and called them broke b****** and snatched the bill away from while they were talking about the tip.
Like Real People Do
23:53 16 Aug 23
This place has been a haunt of ours for a while. We tend to like the weekend as it’s busy in the right way. The performers here have a long history of making it on DR and tend to bring entertainment.
Markus Andersson
20:55 15 Aug 23
One of the best drag bars in NYC! As both an event planner and patron on many of these establishments, I find Hardware to be the most friendly bartenders and servers.Drag shows every night, but my personal favorites are Broadway Mondays and Thursday KnockOut.
Andre Catrini
19:35 15 Aug 23
I love this bar! The staff is warm, welcoming and oh-so-very handsome, and the vibe of the space is always great. It's a Hell's Kitchen staple, and consistently my go-to for a night out, with great drag shows and DJ's to boot. Highly recommended!
Omri S.
19:13 15 Aug 23
More than anything, Hardware is the kind of bar you can make your "safe place". The staff is beyond professional and extremely friendly and will go the...
Ronald H.
11:03 15 Aug 23
Love it here. Perfect if you want a chill happy hour drink after work or if you're wanting to dance into the night on a weekend. Fun drag shows and always...
Julian L.
22:13 29 Jul 23
I went to this bar with friends and some guy pushed me while I was going to go to the bathroom. This guys friend then follows me to bathroom and harasses me...
william nunez
02:27 01 Jun 23
The bartender is really rude. Very disrespectful it was my first time here it was really awful constante service . I just asked for a beer and the bartender screamed at me because I didn’t hear him the first time …
James Sadler
20:47 30 May 23
The bartender was polite and attentive. He put on Broadway videos with music that was fantastic... then came a typical Drag Queen show, unoriginal and for me uninteresting, so I left. I would have stayed if there were more Broadway with videos. Hooray to the bartender... And his fantastic choices.
Kelechi A.
03:31 21 May 23
Hardware is a Hell Kitchen's bar that has a good drinks, a great beer selection, and plenty of entertainment during the week (esp. when Ru Paul's Drag Race...
a b.
15:27 20 May 23
Great bar with a lot of comfortable seating to choose from. As an introvert, I am elated with the relaxed vibe I get when ordering from the bartenders.
Catherine S.
14:48 20 May 23
Whenever I visit NYC, I always swing by Hardware! Always a fun time and the bartenders are solid.
Michael C.
14:23 20 May 23
Awesome bar with amazing service! The ambiance is wonderful and the bartenders are the best!!
Renae W.
10:49 20 May 23
Hardware is a staple Friday hang!! If you're in need of great music, cool drag shows and somewhere to watch Drag Race head over asap. If you want amazing...
kayyoum ibrahim
02:36 19 May 23
This place is horrible. The drag queens beg for money as if . Everything is about money, some guys left his jacket, and they went to check if there was any money in the pocket.The bartender didnt even smile or say thank u, but demanded a tip. When he was given a tip, NOT a thank you or a smile. Full of attitude. Worth ZERO STAR TBH
Travis N.
20:04 16 May 23
Came here alone after a show to wind down. A colleague whose partner usually frequented Hardware recommended the bar. Sat down close to the bar in view of...
Chad Ryan
22:30 24 Feb 23
I have been meaning to write a review about this place for a while. This has become my Fave bar in NYC. Between the shows and the happy hour alone I love any day here. The staff is great (especially for a gay bar haha). They remember me. Make me smile. Lucas is so adorable always funny and so much great energy. Tom is so sweet and handsome. Liam is a riot and makes a great drink. Steven is sillys and sexy. Greg is a great bartender but an even better singer when he appears on Monday nights. I'm a hard HARDWARE stan!!!
life is easy
05:07 21 Feb 23
I left your bar this evening 02.20.23 very insulted and disappointed. Tonight I ordered a gin & tonic from the bartender in a dark red shirt. he told me something. I asked him to repeat what he told me becouse im not native english speaker,but since I still couldn't understand, he told me that its ok- took out my card and gave me a drink. After drinking, I asked him to close the account because I was going to leave, he instantly shouted at me in front of the guests saying, "how many f u c k i n g times do I have to tell you that we have a minimum....." i just realise that i have to order more for pay with card.I explained to him that it was understanding problem becouse my english is not good and it was reason why i asked him close account. i apologized for my English and told him that I would take the required amount of drinks to pay, but he threw the card at me and cynically said goodbye. I'm a foreigen journalist and vlogger with a pretty big audience and I make videos about really good bars in NYC and recommend them to people, but the bartender at your bar treated me like a dog so I can't say enough good things about you to my followers. Teach your bartender to respect all guests regardless of whether they have difficulty understanding English or not. It was the last day of my visit to you
Theodora S
20:10 31 Dec 22
Place was empty and show was alrightish. Drinks are of bad quality. After only one (ridiculously expensive) drink, I felt sick and had a terrible headache next day.
Justin M.
07:57 13 Dec 22
I paid 18 dollars for a martini served in a plastic cup I would use to drink water from my bathroom. So many better options in the neighborhood. Avoid this...
Kat T.
21:35 03 Nov 22
Cheap and strong drinks + fun drag shows = winner in my book. A great spot for drag any night of the week!
Keremy Jucharek
13:48 09 Oct 22
Hardware is a mixed bag. There's no cover and there are some great shows here (definitely check out Shequida’s show on Thursday night, always a blast!) and Hanz the cocktail server is super sweet. That being said, some of the guys that go here are super rude and averse to meeting new people. Introduce yourself at your own risk!PRO-TIP: Even though her and Hardware’s Instagrams say 11 PM, Shequida’s show on Thursdays ALWAYS starts at 12 AM or later. Plan accordingly!
Keremy Jucharek
18:45 01 Sep 22
Hardware is a mixed bag. There's no cover and there are some great shows here (definitely check out Shequida’s show on Thursday night, always a blast!) and Greg behind the bar is super sweet. That being said, some of the guys that go here are super rude and averse to meeting new people. Introduce yourself at your own risk!PRO-TIP: Even though her and Hardware’s Instagrams say 11 PM, Shequida’s show on Thursdays ALWAYS starts at 12 AM or later. Plan accordingly!
Keremy Jucharek
01:57 31 Aug 22
Hardware is a mixed bag. There's no cover and there are some great shows here (definitely check out Shequida’s show on Thursday night, always a blast!) and Greg behind the bar is super sweet. That being said, some of the guys that go here are super clique-y and rude, and are not into meeting new people. Introduce yourself at your own risk!
05:21 12 Aug 22
Went to Hardware to see Shequida perform. The place was pretty full. Was expecting to see a show at 10pm as advertised so my friends and I showed up at 9:45. Waited and waited and waited and waited. Waited Even more and around 12:30am, no Shequida. By that time alot of people got fed up with waiting and had left. Apparently instead of calling her Shequida, she should be called SheNoshow.
Arianna Kubica
05:15 17 Jul 22
Hardware hatdware hahrda fusigjfjamfvsbsuid
John a
14:01 23 Jun 22
Still one of my favorite gay bars in Hells Kitchen, just because it is who it is. Not pretentious, just an everyday crowd, gorgeous and funny drag queens, and fun and personable bartenders. They have happy hour specials and plenty of space with the stage and DJ at the back.
ramuns brx
07:43 29 May 22
The dj was absolutely fabulous. We had the blast of the time !!! Great vibe and ambience, until the very last second!!
03:40 16 Apr 22
For the love of god fix the vomit smell. All my friends talk about it too when we get here. Either it’s the plumbing or the porous concrete bar that needs sealed and is holding all the rot in it.
Dewin Hernandez
09:07 13 Feb 22
RACISTS... and super rude... single out me and my friend then become completely rude... like I explained to him... I'm going to make it my mission that NYC Pride and any LGBT+ organization don't work with this bar.... Bartenders are rude... management...DONT GO... spend your money at rise, the spot or nano bar... you want have to deal with this...
Allan T.
03:37 11 Feb 22
CONGRATULATIONS TO Allan Roy Th$10,000 WINNER!VickBackPointsKeith won by playing KickBack Fantasy Football.CONGRATULATIONS TO Allan Roy Th $10,000...
p M
06:43 03 Feb 22
Thanks for looking me in the eye and telling me not to waste my money at 1:30am because you are already closed. Giving me a drink and saying thank you was much appreciated. Wait….. none of that happened.
Nick W.
19:27 16 Dec 21
Great drag performance! Will definitely plan on coming back when I return to the city!
Carlos Victoria
05:33 05 Dec 21
Be careful at this place. My jacket and scarf were stolen at this place. I put my jacket with my friends’ stuff in one of the corners near the dance floor and when we were going to leave, my jacket was not there anymore. It was a $400 jacket with a $100 scarf in one of the pockets.
20:39 18 Nov 21
THE SPECIAL GREEN BAG OUTSIDE HARDWARE BARAround 1:15pm on the Thursday 18th of November 2021, outside the entrance, a certain eco-friendly LGBTQ-friendly HealthyGreen Bag could be found with a note hanging out of it as a gift for a special Drag Queen VANESSA VAN CARTIER whose is entertaining at the venue for 11pm of that same date .Inside that bag is a delicious gluten-free pumpkin pie bites and an energy chocolate almond ball.This green bag and the note and the treat for Vanessa Van Cartier need be made known , I hope it ends up in the right place but if it does not , I still want to rate this lovely bar for putting up with my excitement.Warmly,Eric S
Kevin Green
13:44 03 Nov 21
Good vibe, has a nice size dance floor in the back with great DJ’s
00:21 15 Oct 21
OMG!!! Anthony!!! Is such an amazing part of your business!!! He’s chill when u want.. He’s “Hey let’s DANCE”!!!! Sooo much fuuun!!!!
Craig Y.
06:31 07 Oct 21
As gay bars go, it's really just another day bar. Nothing particularly good or bad. The venue seemed clean. It was fairly crowded but a small space overall....
Bob Miller
14:45 28 Sep 21
Great drag shows, fun people, great bar staff especially Greg and Liam!!!!
David Hijar
04:35 16 Sep 21
Extremely rude bartender, Spanish looking with black hair and a mustache!Horrible customer service and attitude.If your looking for a uneventful show and a overpriced weak drink from a rude bartender with more sass than a queen, then this is your place 🙂
Ruben Pabon
04:33 16 Sep 21
We were hoping to enjoy a great drag show on our last night in NYC. This place was recommended by a friend. Maybe it was an off night, but the drag show was talentless. The bartender was also extremely rude! He made my drink and then afterwards rudely told me there was a two drink minimum. Correct thing would have been to tell me prior to making the drink. In addition, the drinks were weak and it was obvious their pour was off. The worst part was that I was trying to pay attention to the drag show to see if anything good came on, and the bartender taps me on the arm and tells me to sign the receipt. He was rushing me to sign the receipt! No one has ever done that as this is poor customer service. At the end, no tip was left because service was abysmal. The bartender was outraged and started arguing with us for not leaving a tip. Horrible customer service.
Ryan H.
17:52 04 Sep 21
Hardware is arguably the best gay bar in Hell's Kitchen. The staff is incredible and always takes care of my friends and myself in a timely manor. Steven...
Adrian A.
17:49 04 Sep 21
The bartenders are the most friendly staff in nyc. I have been coming here for5 years and the staff just keeps getting better. Stephen is my favorite and...
Seth Y.
10:53 04 Sep 21
The bartender made sure I knew I wasn't welcome there with his attitude. I looked around and noticed I was a minority. Once I saw how he treated gay white...
Jessica G.
15:07 17 Jul 21
I went to about five bars in my last trip to NYC & this one was my absolute favorite. The staff were friendly, the drinks were great and priced well, and...
Bailey Farmer
07:31 10 Jul 21
Fantastic! I cried like5 times earlier this night. This bar made my night. So fun, great drinks, great vibes. I highly recommend!!
Jahnvi Verma
07:03 04 Jul 21
Amazing services i like there work...clean and perfect..gud job 💥🌸🌈
Akoni stenlake
18:55 07 Jun 21
I went with my service dog and the doorman security asked for proof of a service dog card when my service dog was wearing a service dog vest and he insisted that I provide him one when I told him it was a illegal of him to ask and he should not even be asking in the first place. And as I left I let him know that it’s illegal of him to ask and to know that for next time so he doesn’t embarrass himself and front of other people with service dogs. I can’t even begin to understand how this establishment employed ignorant people to represent their establishment at the door. So people beware this establishment is not very welcoming to people with disabilities.
Nic M.
12:33 08 May 21
Great bar! Great service. Steven was amazing. (And hot ). Drinks were strong, and decent priced. 10/10 would recommend!
Davina F.
12:23 08 May 21
I came in on a slow afternoon just to kill time, & I'm so glad I did. It's a gay bar, & I felt SO comfortable & welcomed regardless. I had the best time...
Amy Nicolette
22:54 01 May 21
Came to hardware for skyscraper Saturday’s! Philip and Steven were so hosptialable and gave great service! Come on Saturdays! The shows are great and the drinks are delicious!
Kris B
22:50 01 May 21
First time here and it's during the covid-19 pandemic. I felt safe and entertained the enttire time, strong pours for the drinks, queens are hilarious and can move! Can't wait for the next visit. Steven and Philip are some amazing bartenders so make sure you have them behind the bar.
Sequoia Williams
22:45 01 May 21
The go to place no matter what day or time of the week! Steven and Phillip are amazing and make you feel right at home! If you’re looking for an all inclusive place to have great drinks, good vibes, and a great time check it out.
Mike McKenzie
22:45 01 May 21
Stunning outdoor space, heated, perfect for NYC spring. Lovely staff, Philip and Stephen took wonderful care of us. My fav NYC gay watering hole
Robert Barcelo
22:44 01 May 21
OMG! The best NYC Saturday I’ve had in awhile! Bartenders Philip and Steven were so friendly and took such great care of us. Stop by to see these guys and the totally fab queens!
Robert B.
07:47 15 Apr 21
Visited Hardware last night and had a blast! We sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful weather and fantastic drinks. Our server was Philip and he was...
Sawyer Trice
00:29 23 Mar 21
We went here for Skyscraper Saturdays and had a blast. The staff were great, and Lola Ceilings and Lexington Banks were a hilarious drag duo.
Steven Mezzacappa
01:42 18 Mar 21
Shame on the bar manager for telling me and the 2 girls I was with that they were at capacity and then seating the 3 guys (friends of mine) that walked in after me (neither of our groups had a reservation)
HandyAnne 001
20:57 07 Feb 20
I've been here five different times when I was in town. Hardware has a great staff. Anthony is a great bartender. Knowledge, professional and kind. He knows the drinks, the rules and how to treat customers. I went in the middle of the day and felt like a valued customer.I've also been here during the busy times and shows. I still was treated with respect by all.Hans served us drinks at night during one of the shows. Even remembered me the second time I came (3 months later) and made me feel even more welcomed then the first time I met him.I'm a Midwestern female in her forties. So I really appreciate knowing there's a place I can go in New York City that has hospitality that I'm used to come home.
Kemyana Jones-Bey
20:53 07 Feb 20
Anthony is the best! Great drinks awesome atmosphere Great music! I always enjoy and everytime I'm in NYC I make sure I visit!
Kwame S.
10:19 15 Dec 19
Nice gay bar, and I have not real complaints. Anthony is a pretty nice and friendly bartender. I came on a Friday night, but it was not too busy. I guess...
Christopher Armoogum
02:07 15 Nov 19
Like it there first visit but will definitely come back
Jordan Urbaczek
06:06 23 Jun 19
A cool gay bar, but the vibe is pretentious. The bartender ridiculed me about the tip I left him. He made no conversation and just made the 3 drinks I asked him too - simple vodka and ginger ale cocktails. Didn't really ask for anything fancy, but now I'm over this place. Make sure you you tip the bartender more than a few dollars if you don't want the bartender to call you out. Gross
Cris S.
18:38 03 Mar 19
The music is great, and so is the entertainment. The prices are way to high for the quality of the drinks (which are served in a plastic cup, and they don't even measure the shots). The bartenders aren't by any means the nicest(they are hot, but that's about it). The busser though is one of the nicest people in the world. I honestly don't think I'll be going back. Is a nice place but not worth the money.

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