Ottawa's hottest Mid-week GLBTQ night at your favourite BIAS-FREE Club!

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HUMP is a weekly GLBTQ dance party with Dj Grace Panda. Eva Darling and guests host the drag show. Every Wednesday at Mercury Lounge



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Tre Rivas-Kenny
14:49 16 Sep 23
So last night I went to a stop light party my friend was promoting, we all went together got in fine and paid my entry fine even went out for a smoke once and it was fine, after about 2 hours my two friends went to go have a smoke alone so I waited, I went out to check on them and the “bouncer” or whoever he is told me I can’t go back in with my durag on, I asked why and he just said I can’t go back in and it was on their “dress code” yet I was already inside and no one had said anything to me for hours, he then grabbed me and put me behind the red rope. Prior to me taking the first photo of him he took my phone out of my hands so I couldn’t take photos, once I did take photos he closed up shop and the second bouncer said “come closer” so I did and he grabbed me over the red rope, and over a fold up table and proceeded to throw me around like a rag doll, of course I allowed it because I’m impaired and it’s not worth my time, THAT BEING SAID THEY DID ATTACK ME FOR NO REASON AND THEYRE THIEVES
Jackie Cambell
16:28 02 Apr 22
One of my favourite venues in town!
Carl Cencig
15:00 13 Nov 21
One of the best places to dance in the city on a Saturday night! Easily my favorite dance club in the city. Besides a good layout of the floor for dancing, the staff is fast and friendly. They host a variety of DJs with different styles. Looking forward to , and hoping for, their reopening post-Covid.
Charlie Gervais
21:39 22 Dec 20
Fun place to dance.
C S.
09:24 19 Aug 19
Super cool vibe, comfy couches, and great music. It all starts late at night so don't bother getting there until after 10 pm. I love heading over after my...
Sharin Roman Cano
06:01 08 Aug 19
I was discriminate there and they don’t think nothing about it they just kick me off from that place and one guy tellMeI’m canadien and they just kickymeOff just me and my friends
morgan morgan
12:14 12 Jul 19
Full entertainment, live bands great shows and an amazing, awesome Dj's!!
Lee Desormeaux
12:17 09 Apr 19
Ok so this place is really alright we had an amazing time!It opens at 10 and we came for 1030.. it was slightly quiet at that time (which suited us so we could have a drink and soak it in).. and then shortly thereafter it became quite busy and was super fun!The nice catch to this place is that you can switch between the hip hop scene downstairs, and the trance house one upstairs. And you enter on the main level.Coverage was cheap although the mandatory coat check for the upper level dance hall was a bit annoying.. however I did happen to bump into the manager whilst discussing it and he said go ahead but they aren't responsible for any theft if you leave your coat somewhere.Well of course!I enjoyed the dancing and the vibe a lot, it's nice to just jump in and not expect anything. We weren't there with any hopes other than to enjoy ourselves.. although we met some really cool people and a few nice surprises came along.And we stayed until 230 Haha!If you want a slightly older crowd than just 20 year olds, this is a great place. I'd say most people were like us, in their 30s and yes there were many in their 20s too but also some older folks as well.All just out to be out and enjoy.The drink prices were normal, bring some cash if you don't want to use credit, a typical theme is no debit in these places.The djs were good.. there were a lot of beautiful people and we must return!And our little freestyle rap before it got busy made us laugh so hard... just me and my homeboy being silly. We just did a selfie video for it at the bar. Haha!Oh... and you can freestyle on the djembe drums in front of the djs in the house trance hall... so epic and we did!
D L.
18:46 15 Jan 18
- Typical club atmosphere with usually typical house music- Small but intimate space
Ali - RARER - Abdoul-Magid Abdourahman
15:34 12 Jan 18
Hey .......Have you ever wonder what the National Capital region hold when it come to hidden talent Drag performer Show # we just did !! #Bored home on Wednesday Night don't know what to do but a Simple phone Call from Friend’s: "Hey we're going Out Get ready pick up time 23h" ## Sure do a Small bar in market called Mercury Lounge surrounded by stair case inside to Enjoy watching the Show or just be at front has you can be Drag on stage at your own Risk to Be - Je ne Sais Quoi "Start of Night strip to it"....!! Yes Yes awesome Dj with a cool atmosphere & safe place to be if you are an LGBT2Q or Not.The Rest it's all up to you to discover as it could be friendship or Being a new kiddo in the block & just have Fun !!! it's the Market with its own Beauty at the National Capital Region - Ottawa. Merci et au plaisir!Ps : Don’t forget to Tip the performer and it’s bartender whom it’s service suit your personality !!!
02:28 09 Dec 16
This place used to be great until they started blaring music to blow peoples ear drums off just like the rest of the bars and clubs in Ottawa. Is this some sort of psychological trick to get people to drink more? Why would you put a giant speaker in a venue this small? Anyone without ear plugs could seriously damage their hearing listening to sound at this level. Other than that. Great place.
Chris Endo
01:05 15 Nov 16
There is nothing like this in Ottawa, and only some of the best clubs in North America can compare. If you have ever been and did not enjoy yourself, perhaps a different night would have suited your tastes better. Do your research and try them again. One of my all-time favourite places to DJ in the world (having lived in Ibiza and Manchester, this means a lot). Ottawa would not be the same without it.
Karl Patton
21:11 02 Oct 16
Gelled up blow-outs, extra small v-neck t-shirts, wads of cash, fake tans, tacky jewelry... You won't find any of that here.This is one of the best night clubs in Ottawa. The staff is fantastic, and the music is even better. There are heaps of amazing DJs and local talent to check out here; there's definitely something for everyone.
Brandon Fairhead
00:15 07 Jun 16
Can't say enough about this venue. Easily one of the best atmosphere's in the city. Plenty of early start and late finish events. Amazing DJs, performers and talent. The crowd is always friendly and every pair of feet is moving to the music from start to finish. Small venue so perfect for intimate shows, though there are multiple floors. The venue has been a staple in Ottawa's downtown Marketplace for generations. Attending at age 25, my parents remarked to me "We went to Mercury, it's been forever, but we went to a techno show there years and years ago...." Gotta love that nostalgia and history. Be a part of it, step right, step left, step into the footsteps of an eon of good feels and groovy music, right here in the very heart of Ottawa. Let's hope I'll hear stories of my kids attending shows at timeless venues such as this one when I'm old and grey.
Sandra M.
20:38 06 Dec 11
While visiting Ottawa on Dec 2nd-4th, my husband and I were out to enjoy Ottawa's night life. We found the Murcury Lounge and I was very impressed. It is...
Minh D.
10:29 24 Oct 10
Still one of the cooler, more laid back hangouts in Ottawa. Truly deserves the "lounge" part of its name.Note that this isn't a go early and have beers...
Amanda D.
18:15 10 Dec 08
This is one of my favourite spots I've been to for live music. It's a pity I haven't returned. Don't read anything into that though! It's a really awesome...

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