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Sauna for men in the heart of Paris since 1983

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Spanning four floors, this establishment is more than just a sauna; it's a vibrant playground designed to cater to the diverse needs of its patrons. From the moment you step inside, the ground floor welcomes you with a gym and bar, setting the tone for a visit that promises both wellness and social interaction. As you explore further, the dry sauna, jacuzzi, and steam room offer a perfect blend of relaxation and invigoration, ensuring every visitor finds their slice of paradise.

The allure of IDM Sauna doesn't stop at its wellness facilities. The upper floors unveil a world of private cabins, a video room, and a play zone, making it a versatile space that encourages exploration and connection. Whether you're looking to unwind or engage, IDM Sauna accommodates with ease, open daily from noon to 1am, and even later on weekends, ensuring that no matter your schedule, a visit is always within reach.

IDM's reputation is further bolstered by its inclusive atmosphere. With a clientele that spans ages and backgrounds, the sauna has become a melting pot of cultures and experiences. Reviews from visitors highlight the friendly staff, the extensive venue, and the variety of activities available, from steamy encounters in the steam room to playful moments in the private cabins. It's a place where courtesy and excitement coalesce, offering a sanctuary for those seeking fun, relaxation, or a bit of both.



IDM Sauna
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Joe Preston
18:58 15 May 24
Please note that I'm reviewing the place not the clientele.Have spent 3 beautiful evenings in this beautiful place in Paris. On the welcome there are very friendly staff. The place has very good accommodation. You have extremely busy steam room that sometimes there is no place to put your something inside. Whirlpool is so good as well. Something like the maze with private rooms is very good and comfortable. For me and my partner the best room was on the top with the comfortable sofas. You have dark rooms, lots of g holes area around. There is a smoking area as well but the crowd is so huge that sometimes there is no free space in. But that is not a problem. For us the problem is that on the whole accommodation there is no paper towels. We left the mess and feel so uncomfortable that we have to left living our proteins somewhere on the floor or any other equipment. Lots of free condoms and lube is delivered from dispensers. There is a lack of bins to put the used condoms. Everyone are adopted showering area to put the rubber off and sore somewhere around. Overall all the staff is very helpful and friendly specially guy with awesome glamour style outfit that for us represents the Paris style character. We sent him huge kiss over the reception on way to our hotel. That warm kisses we are sending directly from Scotland with love. In our opinion you deserved for 5+ star but unfortunately after visiting the saunas across the Europe we decide to taking off one star regardless the missing statutory things. Wishing you all the best and we will definitely check your upgrades next time.
D. G.
02:54 19 Apr 24
Level (-1) sauna, pool and steam room, level (0) locker rooms, bar and gym, level (1) cabins and play areas, there are also two places above level 1 with big screen and toilets. A Finnish sauna is just a small room without being a sauna - the temperature rarely reaches 50 degrees because there is always crows going in and out. The warm-up is also not enough. The pool is relatively large. It has bubbles on one side. The level of chlorine is ok. The steam bath has a good temperature and enough steam. There are showers next to it. Play area ok.
Pedro Sanches
04:36 10 Mar 24
Hello! I’m Brazilian and I don’t speak English or French. I went to visit the IDM sauna and was positively surprised because the place is extremely large and welcoming. The guy at the reception received me well and made an effort to explain how it works, and I understood it well; I didn’t encounter any difficulty at the location.Positive points: the place is extremely large, with a large number of people, all beautiful, of various ages and ethnicities, thus catering to all audiences. They provide condoms and lubricant gel. I found the environment clean and had nothing to complain about. I liked the lights in the place, it’s not 100% dark nor too bright, it’s just right.Negative point: I would say it would be constructive criticism - as it was my first time, I didn’t know where to go down and I thought there was a lack of warning or protection for people to go down. I didn’t have any problems, but it’s just an observation; they could signal where there are stairs and avoid the worst.What I would like to read in the comments before going to IDM: if it’s your first time in a sauna in Paris and you don’t know which one to choose? Go to IDM, you’ll enjoy it a lot.Golden tip: arrive at 5:30 PM and enjoy until 8:10 PM, with a huge crowd at the location.
Lam Ngu
22:08 05 Mar 24
Good for meeting people and chatting as well. For people under 30 recommend going on Saturday afternoon. The day with event can get very crowded and out of place soon so better come in advance. Equipment is generally good and the rest is how lucky you are. The vibe can get a but hostile to extremely friendly and respectful depending on the person
11:10 20 Feb 24
This sauna isnt bad.Personally I prefer Sun City for the layout and the hammam which is much more spacious, also Sun City has two warmer intimate jucuzzis...
peter sanford
01:23 01 Jan 24
Visited for the first time in early December. It was a naked day! No problems with that AT ALL! Everything was very clean and everyone friendly. A good mixture of ages - especially in my age range - mid 50's. The Hammam was nearly full most of the time, with lots of 'action'. I enjoyed it so much that I was planning to visit the next day, but I had my wallet stolen on the Metro on my way home. Be warned! In all, a great afternoon at the IDM! 👍 Will be back, for sure!
Kristian H
16:21 08 Nov 23
I’ve been to this sauna many times during my visit to Paris in march and MAY, this sauna is the best I’ve been to in Paris I went sun city but full of young and escorts chasing each other hmm no thanksThis sauna has 4 floors I had endless fun with older fit guys , I would say it’s busiest in the afternoon and Sundays, love been naked in the there gym it’s amazing I look forward to been end of November , staff that work there are very nice 5*
Eric Weimar
08:40 27 Oct 23
I enjoyed myself very much during my visit, much more activity going on than I expected for Thursday evening. There were around 100 guys.Lots of different opportunities for me to enjoy myself. As far as the other commenters issues with condoms on the floor; yes there were some; but the staff were doing an okay job of keeping the public areas clean.I strongly recommend you bring your own sandals or rent a pair for 2€.The only thing I didn’t like was no shower spaces anywhere other than in the back behind the jacuzzi.
14:13 01 Oct 23
Some reviews say its dirty and bug ridden. I didn’t see that in my first visit. Lots of play areas. Didn’t notice any smells. Lots of cute Parisian boys /many hot Parisian men. Had a very good time on both visits. Will come back the next time. I am in town.
14:09 01 May 23
I can't seriously understand why there are so many bad reviews on this sauna. Okay, it used to be weird to come here, it was really empty most of the time and I could tell why since it looked dirtier than now and the staff was not so nice. But I've started coming here again some weeks ago, only to find out that the staff is much nicer, everything is cleaner and has been renovated, and there are more guys of all types hanging around, the vibe is even one of the best I've ever seen in the gay scene. I assume the bad reviews are from those who were frustrated for coming and not being able to have sex with anyone... My friends, calm down and be respectful, you can also make this sauna a wonderful place to share chats and fun.

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