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Industry Bar
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15:21 27 Apr 24
On 4/24/2024, The atmosphere was very intimate and warm. The talent of the drag queens exceeds expectations. The queens were engaging, kind, and energetic. The bar service was fast and pleasant. The DJ also deserves recognition for keeping the crowd engaged!
Nishant “Storm” Kumar
07:21 07 Apr 24
Absolutely atrocious experience. The security guard at the door had my legitimate identification but refused to acknowledge it as real and went out of his way to humiliate me in front of all my friends. As a brown immigrant gay man, no bar has ever treated me as poorly as Industry did tonight.
Tommy S.
06:17 03 Apr 24
I went to this bar years ago when it first opened and it was THE place to go. Now, it's really quiet and a lot of the bartenders have pretty bad attitudes....
Sergio Arguello
11:21 02 Apr 24
The worse experience of my life.. I went with a friend and put my bag over a chair, after 15 minutes it disappeared. Someone stole my bag and I tried to talk with the manager to see the camera of the entrance and they denied. Even I asked the bartender who laughed on my face saying it’s no our fault. They need to be empathetic at least if someone stole a costumer in their bar !!!
Michael H.
10:33 17 Mar 24
Drea is the best! This bar has the best bourbon in town. This is our go to Sunday pool spot.
Donte W.
14:29 25 Feb 24
Security are all jerks. Most of the staff can be disrespectful. Drinks are shitty, the music is good.
Kayla P.
10:42 03 Feb 24
Great bar with a spacious dance floor and great music. I will definitely be back soon!
Ricky Hadaway
02:20 02 Feb 24
Fun drag show and dive bar! The bartender was personable and the drink prices weren’t terrible for the location. Walking distance to Broadway. If you’re in the area, it’s worth a visit.Note: not on of the cash only bars in the area.
Latifa A.
14:39 20 Jan 24
Unfortunately this place is no longer a safe space for me... I've been going here for 9 years since I moved to the US . It was my favorite bar for years and...
Latifa Al-Shaikh
01:48 20 Jan 24
Unfortunately this place is no longer a safe space for me… I’ve been going here for 9 years since I moved to the US . It was my favorite bar for years and always a place of joy during my tough times. They suddenly banned me from the bar unprovoked and I don’t understand why? The bouncers kicked me out rudely and told me I’m not allowed there. I always tipped the bartenders I always tipped the performers… I was never rude to anyone.. I made a lot of friends there. Just heartbroken and don’t understand why I’m discriminated against. Anyways.. thanks for the good times Industry, I’ll miss you.
Dean E.
16:47 28 Dec 23
Stopped in after Rockefeller Center Tree walking to car. Hadn't been in years. Was 11:30, nice drag show in progress. Few people there. Friendly...
07:35 26 Dec 23
I was there a couple of times, and the place does deliver good enough fun weekend vibes. I wish the music was less basic, but oh well! Basic delivers!
Paul K.
06:35 14 Nov 23
Every time I've been to Industry I've had a blast and mainly because of the bartender Jeff. He's always engaging , makes a great drink and keeps the place...
02:32 05 Nov 23
Horrid experience in matter of 2 minutes. Myself and 3 friends walked in and asked for 4 tequila shots and said Hornitos Blanco would be fine as I pointed to it on the display.The bartender charged my card FIRST for $56 then turned around and "maybe" poured some tequila in his tins but shook whatever else was in there and poured us our shots. All four of us are bartenders. He didn't have his back to us even remotely long enough to pour the standard ounce per shot. He turned back and laid out 4 glasses, "filled" them but didn't pour out everything in the tin as he flipped it and set it back on the top of the cooler instead of maybe tossing out out the ice and rinsing etc etc. We knocked back what definitely wasn't tequila, left a cash tip, complained to ourselves about the funky aftertaste and walked across the street for a real pour of Casa that we made sure to monitor.Gross. Stay away.
Sergio Arguello
09:13 30 Oct 23
The worse experience of my life.. I went with a friend and put my bag over a chair, after 15 minutes my bad disappeared. Someone stole my bag and I tried to talk with the manager to see the camera of the entrance and they denied. Even I asked the bartender who laughed on my face saying it’s no our fault. They need to be empathetic at least if someone stole a costumer in their bar !!!
Tom K.
22:18 28 Oct 23
Usually a pretty good spot. Avoid the short bartender with abs-- he's got some sort of complex about tips, and will make a show about under-pouring your...
Hermès Espinoza
20:35 18 Oct 23
It's a favorite bar to have fun on the weekends. It's an amazing place to enjoy with friends, the music is great and make new friends. However, beware about pickpockets. I was stolen last September meawhile I was dancing. It should be check room to be safe.
Linda K. Davis
23:09 10 Oct 23
I recently visited this bar and had a concerning experience with one bouncer in particular who had a distinctive appearance – full-face makeup and blonde hair, which appeared dyed. On my initial visit, she displayed rudeness and an unwelcoming attitude, leading me to assume it might have been an off night.My concerns were confirmed on another visit weeks later when, after asking a simple question about performance times, she maintained a consistently pretentious and rude demeanor. This was disappointing, considering my loyalty as a customer, often spending $70+ on each visit.Furthermore, her suitability for the bouncer role raised questions due to her small stature and quiet presence, which may impact her effectiveness in handling the job's responsibilities. It's possible that her rudeness is an attempt to compensate for her lack of imposing physical attributes. However, this not only creates a negative atmosphere but also raises safety concerns in a bar full of 6 ft physically active men. Is her presence supposed to make us feel safe? (because, it doesn’t)Despite an otherwise enjoyable experience at the bar, the unwelcoming attitude of this particular bouncer was a significant drawback. It's crucial for the establishment to ensure that all staff, regardless of appearance, maintain professionalism and respect for patrons. I won't be returning.
Brooke Brian
06:39 09 Sep 23
I was walking up to the bar with my arm around my male friend when the black male bouncer said "Not tonight". When you are a young queer person, having that screamed at you, you will take it offensively. I responded by saying "oh, hes homophobic". Which is an alright response when someone tells you and your platonic gay friend and cant go inside following a group of 5 white girls. Following me saying the truth, he tried to fight me LOL. While I didn't have a problem with him, its concerning a 50 year old man would feel threatened being called homophobic when denying entrance to gay men who were holding each other from entering what is known to be a gay bar. The bouncer also whined that he was a gay, while that may be true, he has a lot to work through before protecting gay people since his first response is to hit them 🙂 If I could give this place a 0, I would
16:37 03 Sep 23
Visiting from Australia I decided on this bar for a Saturday dance recently. Was a most enjoyable night with a drag show then some great tunes to dance the night away. Felt very safe and the bar staff were great if you tip folks! It’s New York the bar staff don’t get paid much so tip and I got great service. Please and thank you also helps.It was my own fault I guess but I was pick pocketed and my wallet taken. I went strait to security and they were great. They took me back to the location where it happened and someone turned in my wallet which was a blessing. I was very lucky to get it back. I learnt a valuable lesson!Otherwise it was a fun night and I’d go again.
Jungi Vega
09:52 26 Aug 23
This is a great bar , and the staff is amazing . That Mayur guy reviewer seems to just post negative reviews about a lot of places. Lol. Get a life ! LolThe bartender he mentioned is actually one of the nicest and friendliest bartenders , and the rest of the staff are great. Come on Fridays it’s the best night I think.
07:01 19 Aug 23
Bartenders are pathetic! I just asked on my shots which one’s which. And one of them just shrugs and doesn’t tell me. This place is not for people who just want a chill night out with no drama. Attached pics are for that specific bartender who behaved utterly unprofessional. They don’t deserve to be in public service.My request to the owners to hire only those who know how to be nice and treat others well. Since you are in a service industry, if you can’t have a recurring customer you are not successful at all!!
Lukas Williams
06:21 19 Aug 23
I cannot believe the bar tender here. I asked for a Tito’s soda and 2 waters for my friends who were intoxicated (prepared to pay for 2 bottled waters) and when he saw my $3 tip on a $14 drink he dumped the waters out! When I asked him why he did that he told me that I didn’t tip enough. I feel so discriminated against as a young gay male. This bartender should be fired. Do not come here. This is sad!
Kyle M.
19:33 01 Aug 23
Same owner as Elmo and Barracuda! Love the bartenders and the vibe. Strong drinks. Not a drag fan but the shows are varied and fun. Security here has always...
Paul W.
06:34 24 Jul 23
We liked Industry Bar overall and came here on 2 different nights. On our first visit here they featured a drag performer. She performed the entire show...
Sean Juhl
03:18 09 Jul 23
I’ve gotta be honest that I’m not quite sure what to say here? I guess just be aware that the bouncer may take one look at your real ID and instantly claim it’s fake, and dent entry. I wouldn’t be writing this if I was trying to enter with a fake… Didn’t quite know how to argue with him as he wouldn’t try to scan the ID in question again so our group ended up leaving.
Deondre H.
15:02 28 Jun 23
As soon as you go in you feel the heat and nasty armpit smell in this place. Went in on a Saturday around 12 and the bartender rolled his eyes when I was trying to ask for a drink. I got his attention and by the time I was talking to him. He gave me an attitude because I was unsure about which drink to get. Asked what he suggested and said “I suggest you make up your mind” left immediately after. Second time there now No thanks
Maranda N.
19:35 25 Jun 23
The music and venue were great! Some friends came to visit the city during pride weekend and this place was absolutely packed. It was very stuffy and...
Samir Khalil
04:51 20 Jun 23
This place is amazing the staff is so friendly. There is a bartender there named Justin, he is like no other person I have ever met, he’s always smiling extremely attentive, and super sweet. He makes my night amazing every time I go. He lights up the place. I don’t know how he does it. What a beautiful person and it’s not just with me he treats everyone as if they were special. Wow and wow thanks for having him on your team
15:06 15 Jun 23
i came here with some friends for one of their birthdays and one of the bouncers was so rude even the second one came up to us inside to apologize for his behavior.. it really killed our vibe and the meh music (it was all overplayed 2010s stuff) couldn’t revive it. gay bars in bk are way better.
Diego Posada
23:21 22 May 23
Was a little hesitant coming here with the negative reviews. We stopped by and it was early, so there were no bouncers at the front. The place was empty besides maybe 2 other groups at the bar. The bartender with the long hair was friendly and attentive.
Ali Pena
03:02 04 May 23
I love this place! The girl security guard makes this place even better. So polite, cool and professional! All at the same time. Drinks are good. Drag shows are always wow.
Sean D.
23:28 29 Apr 23
I never ever, ever, I repeat never, write a bad review. However this place is the absolute worst. My sister and I have been coming for years, however,...
Liran L
01:08 11 Apr 23
One of my FAV Gay Bar in NY, don't understand how the rate is here is pretty low.Lovely Drag shows, good music, nice crowd. Love it😍
Sunge A.
00:42 26 Mar 23
i went to this place tonight and the bouncer was EXTREMELY rude...I tried to ask him a question and he immediately attacked me and my friends verbally and...
Jake Agnew
20:03 26 Feb 23
I’ve been to industry numerous times and went last night on Sat, Feb 25th. The bouncers were extremely rude and accused me of having a fake ID because it wouldn’t scan. I’ve never had an issue getting into Industry, Hush, or any bars in the area. When I politely asked if there was some kind of mistake he then got extremely aggressive and started screaming at me to “GTFO”. I was then asked to leave.Afterwards my friends came out when they realized I couldn’t get it. They again politely tried to ask the bouncer what the issue was, and he started screaming at them to “mind their business (in a very profane way)”.When we started walking away the bouncer then followed us and continued to scream, causing a massive scene (everyone in the area was staring at him) while the line continued to build up. He spent 10 minutes arguing with us before we finally just walked away. We just walked an explanation.This bouncer was the rudest and most aggressive person I’ve dealt with in the last decade. I have no idea how he even got the gig. He was embarrassing the establishment with the way he was acting. Will never go back. And judging on the most recent reviews here, it seems this bouncer is causing a lot of issues.
Frank B.
15:11 26 Feb 23
I've been coming to industry for a few years now and last night was easily the worst experience I've ever had going to a bar in NYC. LGBT bars are supposed...
John W.
10:09 23 Feb 23
My absolute favorite bar in New Orleans! 100% recommend! Bartenders make great drinks.
Ryan Morales Green
05:17 06 Feb 23
The bouncer said incredibly misogynistic and racist things to my friend I came with (afro-latina woman.) Things about her being my "property" and "a man is a man when he claims property." Worse, when we complained and it, a man claiming to be the owners son as well as a manager claimed their bouncers would never say something like that and told her to calm down. They didn't believe her or us and acted extremely racist, not taking account for their bouncer's actions.
Brian C.
01:52 17 Jan 23
This place is so fun. Comparing with HUSH, which is across the street, and Q NYC, which is a couple blocks away, I have to say that this bar was my favorite...
Alexis P.
19:06 09 Jan 23
I have been going to Industry for many years with my friends. I moved out of the city and when I was visiting this past weekend, I decided to go back with a...
Jerry T.
21:15 07 Jan 23
I've been going to industry bar NYC for over 10 years and in the last two years the experience has completely fallen off! I'm was a frequent on Saturday...
Jeffrey Castellano
01:53 05 Jan 23
the security were some of the rudest people i’ve ever met. kicked my boyfriend and i out because he was standing on platform that he didn’t know was a speaker. they forcefully dragged him out as he was apologizing and explaining that he didn’t know that he did anything wrong. the bouncers didn’t budge or show any signs of humanity or forgiveness. like girl it’s not like he was messy or hurting anyone. never going back. the music and vibes sucked anyway so it’s okay 🙂
Alvin G.
06:16 17 Dec 22
This review is for 12/16. The DJ was really bad with the song selections and their transition. I don't think I and the crowd felt seen last night.
03:50 14 Dec 22
Ok here is the deal - I believe in Industry and I’m always optimistic to have a good experience. In fact I’m still giving them a 5 star as I want them to succeed. I’m a native of NYC for over 20 years but I don’t live in Hell’s Kitchen. Industry has a great space. One of the best in Hell’s Kitchen.So I arrive tonight on a Tuesday mind you, they check my ID, fine…I’m mid40s queen…they ask to check my backpack… guns, just my overnight backpack as I’m attending Holiday parts In the city and have a hotel reservation (I’m live upstate now- yay me). They see a water bottle in my bag and make me dump it out. This is a Tuesday night. There are 5 people in the bar…total. I’m thinking they are searching me for a gun…fine. But my water bottle. It’s a backpack. I’m here to buy drinks. You are not loosing money. So I made the bar tender refill it as soon as I walked in with water. I may need a sip in the middle of the night and not drinking hotel water.I order a drink and the bar tender immediately presents me with a mobile credit card machine. I said “no it’s ok I want to keep it open for a few drinks and then I will pay” he said no you have to pay each time.So this is where we are in society. Can’t I just go to a bar and sit at the bar and have a few drinks(at an empty bar) and just relax. In understand these are minor infractions, but we just want to go places and feel at home. These little things add up in our hectic days. can be major if you want to be.
Saba Vachy
02:47 13 Dec 22
one of the best drag queen shows in the city ! i have been coming here over and over again! friendly staff and reasonable prices !
tristan s.
23:31 04 Dec 22
Never have I had an experience like this. Figured I would not be profiled at a place as "accepting" as this. The bouncers were not only homophobic but also...
Jay S.
23:48 29 Oct 22
Thank you to all the security guards! This place is great and super safe and fun! Ya
Ismael G.
06:50 27 Sep 22
I usually don't write negative reviews, however, this place won the highest discriminaory practice in New York. Sunday night 8/25/2022 around 9:45PM, my...
Ruben S.
00:38 10 Sep 22
Still has an hour till closing but bouncers cut off entry an hour till close.don't waste your time coming across the city for this bar. The bouncers are...
Keremy Jucharek
01:59 31 Aug 22
Ugh. Packed, packed, and more packed. Industry has some fun drag shows throughout the week (LOVE Sister Sister on Tuesdays with Egypt and Yasmin Delano!) but this place gets so packed with younger straight people on the weekends that I just want to leave. Shoutout to Matthew at the bar, he's awesome!
Ira S. Motta
07:25 16 Aug 22
Went here on a weekend night with my trans friend and we both felt safe and loved the atmosphere. We also loved the drag show they had (Chelsea Piers!). The crowd that night was also wild and fun.Unfortunately, the bartender serving me (didn’t get their name) didn’t know how to do a Black Russian and just gave me like an 8-12 oz cup of Kahlua topped off with some vodka after asking me to explain it… I get that working the counter all night can be rough, but it’s a well known simple drink and shouldn’t have been that bad. It was probably one of the toughest to stomach cocktails I’ve had before. I was charged nearly $15 for it! And I sadly also was pressured into giving a small tip for it by the bartender. After that I decided to not get any more drinks so it kinda let things down for me. Be careful, this place can be pricey! But the experience overall was still good.
Sue S.
13:23 13 Aug 22
came here after eating brunch for pride week. no entrance fee if you go before 5p. they don't let you bring any drinks in - even if it's an unopened water...
Lik Yau W.
22:35 22 Jul 22
If you are heterosexual, stay the F out gay bars. We only get that many safe spaces. the Straight girls and their boyfriends stay at straight bars, stop...
Antonia Gordon
01:26 27 Jun 22
Bartenders here are just a joke. The short guy with no shirt on will cry like a little girl because you won’t leave the tip on the credit card and when he made the drink and I didn’t tip he didn’t give me a chance to take the drink he just throw it away and was being SUPER RUDE ..No one told them that people will tip if you do a good job not if you will be rude, disrespectful dude who can’t do nothing better as just pouring the drinks. Don’t go there, matter of fact do let that short guy serve you drinks!! Very disrespectful!! And then I asked for a refund and the other tall guy said I should ask whoever serve me lol what a joke will never go back!
Nick B.
21:15 23 Jun 22
All of the Staff were rude and and packed like sardines in the bar. Not a good time.
Leo G.
02:07 15 Jun 22
Discriminatory practices and will NEVER patronize going forward. This review is warranted after several visits over several years and tonight was the last...
Leo B.
15:01 04 Jun 22
My friends warned me that this bar was taken over by girls in Recent years. And they were 100% accurate. I felt out of place as a gay man at a gay bar....
Jonny Hanley
23:49 16 May 22
Visited here on a Friday night, got there a bit early I would say, but it picked up shortly after. It was difficult enough to spot because there was some scaffolding outside, and they keep a low profile to not disturb neighbors, but it is worth finding!Good bar staff, a good mix of music, plenty of space to dance, watch others dance, and even some more relaxed areas if that's what you need at the end of your week!
Ellen G.
23:11 13 May 22
Major waiters. Drinks are not worth it I would not recommend this place. For the price you're better off going to 626 in jersey city. BTW If you are not...
Leonardo Batista
05:16 04 May 22
The bar and the atmosphere are very nice but the dj is horrible! He doesn’t play any song that we ask for and he also doesn’t play any gay song. It looks like I am in a straight bar, which is a shame. I think you should hire a new one.
Hello P.
18:32 27 Apr 22
Literally the worst bar in Hell's Kitchen. $20 for a single vodka soda on a Wednesday from the douchebag behind the bar. Don't understand why anyone comes...
Vinicius Correa
15:21 23 Apr 22
I liked this place! Great crowd, friendly staff and good music.
Danielle Soucie
07:53 22 Apr 22
Great DJ and drag show!!! Love this place! Will definitely come visit again when in town
Christian P.
07:20 21 Mar 22
This place is a mixed bag. Some nights are more fun than others depending on the overall group there. Can often be overrun with groups from gay sports teams...
Keremy Jucharek
19:04 10 Mar 22
Ugh. Packed, packed, and more packed. Industry has some fun drag shows throughout the week (LOVE Sister Sister on Tuesdays with Egypt and Yasmin Delano!) but this place gets so packed with younger straight people on the weekends that I just want to leave. Shoutout to Justin at the bar, he's awesome!
Drywall Repair
16:47 05 Mar 22
Bartenders here are just a joke. The short guy will cry like a little girl because you won’t leave the tip on the credit card. No one told them that people will tip if you do a good job not if you will be rude, disrespectful dude who can’t do nothing better as just pouring the drinks. Don’t go there. What a joke.
Matthew Gerstenberg
05:19 28 Feb 22
Don't go to this bar. I've been in NYC for 4 years. Stonewall, Uncle Charlie's or Metropolitan in Brooklyn - these bars are so much more genuine and have appreciation for all and fun beyond LGBT and for all people. Go to these ones.Avoid redheads at this bar if you go at all costs - extremely negative and degrading to all for no reason at all. I've been in here a couple times honestly; they are so mean and it's not even worth it.
konstantine svanidze
09:59 18 Dec 21
I just wanna say that Bartenders, Management and head of security are the best! I’mSo proud of you that you keep high standards for Everyone’s needs! Thank your professional work and your adorable DJ’s❤️ Thanks for making our life’s more colorful and joyful
18:09 05 Dec 21
Wow after so Manny years this bar still pumping. Bartenders were great, Marcus, music also was good. Sing your heart out. Coat check still same type of issue but I guess has to be a seasonal thing. Maybe industry needs a face-lift? Specially on stage, dance floor and better access to bathroom.
Cameron C.
13:05 28 Nov 21
Last night, November 27, 2021 I came here with a group of 4 of my friends. We were not there for even 30 min before the insecure heterosexual bouncer...
Albert Spector
14:38 22 Nov 21
Some of the new bartenders are demanding tips by literally taking back drinks they just poured of you don’t tip them. I always tip the bartenders, but there was one I didn’t feel like doing it. If the management thinks it’s a right behavior please post a note that tipping is mandatory and customers will not be serviced otherwise. Must look into a legal side of that.
Marsel Zeqiri
20:17 17 Nov 21
Amazing place, love that you need to be fully vaccinated to get in! Bouncers deserve another 5 stars 🌟 my favorite place in town. Drinks on point and everyone was dancing until morning.
frenchie chiurliza
12:59 15 Nov 21
I am not fully vaxxed and neither is my gf, bouncer denied us entry even though we were just there last weekend without any problems. We showed him our vax cards, IDs, and he explained that we needed two vaccines and told us it said it on their door. Nowhere on that door did it say anything about having two vaccines in order to enter. Honestly, we felt like he wouldn’t let us in cause we’re women. Again, nowhere on the door or even on their website does it say we need to be fully vaccinated. We let him know we were just there last weekend and all he said was “well now I’M here and I’M telling you you can’t come in without two doses. It says it right there” and pointed at the sign on the door which said no such thing. Felt extremely discriminated against.
Jonathan S.
23:19 07 Oct 21
I wouldn't give this bar one star based on my brief experience. Prior to traveling to NYC I checked the Covid-19 guidelines, which required only one shot to...
Craig Y.
16:42 01 Oct 21
We went to three or four day bars on a Thursday night. This was the busiest of them all. It was OK, not great. I will definitely return. Drinks are...
Gianni Watts
06:22 20 Sep 21
I had more fun here than any club I've been to in a long time.
Jacob Hahn
18:19 29 Aug 21
The bouncers and bartenders need to do a better job of creating a safe environment here. I should be able to go to a bar with friends without having six men touch personal areas without consent. Twice this was in line for the bathroom, so I was unable to walk away after communicating that I was not comfortable with the interaction.
Ivan Puente
16:45 21 Aug 21
I’ve seen so many bad reviews of this club here and I’ve honestly never witnessed any of this, open-toe heels and ID issues aside, Industry is my favorite gay bar in NYC, I can’t visit NYC without visiting Industry for at least one night, is one of the few bars I’ve visited were people do nothing less than enjoy themselves and dance the night away. The Dj(s) are(is) so good, the drinks and bartenders are great, come on.
Sean M.
18:16 28 Jul 21
This club is racist and ableist. My friend and I decided to check out industry- we are both BROWN. We just had dinner and I had a glass of wine and my...
Alex M.
19:33 27 Jul 21
No open toe shoes allowed!! I respect a business decision to decide their preferred attire but the "no open-toe show policy" was an unexpected occurrence...
Chontelle Sewett
04:07 20 Jul 21
This club is very RACIAL. My friend and I was entering the club, she had on an open toe platform shoe and they refused her entry. I am pretty sure it's because we're all BROWN. Someone else of different color decent entered right after us with open toe sandals and they got in. This was very unfair. The double standards was unreal.
Variedades Latino
22:05 16 Jul 21
Be aware, I went there a week ago, and I got covid. I’m fully vaccinated but I still lost the smell sense. Please get your vaccine!
Althea C.
18:22 27 Jun 21
bouncer hit me repeatedly and told me to get out for no reason and refused to speak to me as i asked why please contact me immediately this behavior is...
Emmanuel De Jesus
17:43 24 Jun 21
The Help is Back @Industry BEST SHOW in town with Pixie and Keisha. Wednesday Night! we had the best time ever! Safe welcoming space for LGBTQIA+ POC's
Gary D.
01:30 12 Jun 21
i have to say i like industry a lot and i enjoy most of my time with friends there.but today i met a situation that really annoyed me its june 12, a...
Brandan Williams
03:44 29 May 21
I was unfairly denied access to this place after being fully vaxxed. I had card, ID, and everything. If they wanna close then let them close
Richard D.
11:45 24 May 21
The place is fun and the drag performances are always great. The bar has a quite limited variety of drinks so beware. The servers are amazing. Mind that...
04:28 15 May 21
Don't go here. There is plenty of other better places in the area where you could spend your money. If you decide to go this place, good luck - you'll be disappointed.
Brandon Baker
02:44 15 May 21
It was my friends birthday and they let so many people go into the club before my group. It made us feel really unseen and ruined the birthday experience, sitting at the front of the line for like an hr. So disappointed.
Bradley V.
21:26 14 May 21
Not a fan of this bar. I have come to this "establishment" twice now for the drag entertainment and not so much the drinks. I paid the $10 cover charge and...
Juan Vasquez
18:53 09 Apr 21
Went last night for the first time; immediately you’re met with Jessie, the doorman, who was extremely friendly. The inside is fairly spacious, decor is decent, bathrooms are clean, entertainment is good specifically the drag shows. All the staff in general are great workers. My only complaints would be that there wasn’t any food for purchase, at the time at least, other than the hotdog you’re served ($5) due to NY law needing alcohol to be served with food. And lastly the drink selection wasn’t as diverse in terms of beers. Hoping they add ales/ciders. However mixed drinks were really good! If you get the margarita you might want to let it dilute for a second. The cosmopolitan was very smooth, highly recommend. Oh & there’s a two drink minimum, but I mean.. if you’re going to a bar to buy just one drink, well idk maybe you’re just at the wrong place?
John Wainwright
04:39 26 Jan 21
Very fun bar to go to. Both the employees and crowd are very nice and laid back . My favorite gay bar in the city
Gerardo Guillermo Gómez Talavera
03:44 22 Nov 20
The attention it’s actually good.But management or owner it’s very very rude and unprofessional since I didn’t got any warning about how many times I can stand up with my masc on.I was celebrating my best friend’s marry and we were all kick out for being standing with not even 1 warning.We all felt discriminated.Also feel sad that It won’t be the place that i will take any of my friend around the world.
01:26 31 Oct 20
No one really distancing so I turned around and left.
José Fuentes
03:59 15 Mar 20
The security guards they're so disrespectful all the time. I was waiting for an uber and they didnt let me waiting inside just bc they felt like it, it was really freezing and also they're racist against their own people. Also you have to pay only in cash...
Bianca Gonzalez-Heyes
05:10 29 Dec 19
The bouncer is rude and arrogant. Management should reconsider who they hire because he is costing them a pretty penny according to my experience and others who have left reviews. Unfortunately I will not be returning.

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