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JR's is the oldest and BEST gay bar in Houston. We are home to award winning bartenders, beautiful male dancers and of course the BEST entertainment 7 days/365 days a year.

Come by and have a drink, a laugh or just a chill moment on our New Orleans Style Courtyard & Patio. Now serving food from What-A-Taco Kitchen.



JR's Bar & Grill
Based on 383 reviews
Fernando Octaviani
03:57 26 Dec 22
These bar tenders are thieves! Went on a Sunday which has $2.25 Well drinks all night and I was charged $11 for a Well vodka! What a horrible place!
Carlos Thomas
20:57 14 Nov 22
I just moved back to Houston from Vegas. This was my first stop. Bartenders and other guests were super friendly. I really enjoy this spot. If you’re ever in Montrose, make sure to stop by.
Jeffrey Rodriguez
06:59 13 Nov 22
love this bar but the bar tender angel makes me hate it. extremely rude and always has a bad attitude. always takes forever to take my order and doesn't listen to what i'm saying. always closes me out when i ask to open a tab and then pretend he thought i said to close it. on top of that he over charges me. charges me $8 when the other bar tender at the same bar at him charges me $4. will not return as long as he works here
Jeffrey R.
20:23 12 Nov 22
love this bar but the bar tender angel makes me hate it. extremely rude and always has a bad attitude. always takes forever to take my order and doesn't...
Nicholas Ton
06:47 30 Oct 22
The bartenders outside do terrible service. I waited for 30 minutes being respectful of the bartender to let them pick the clientele as I know a lot of good bartenders keep track of their line. My bartender was not good, he asked me for my drink order 3 times over the 30 minutes I was there and never got me the drinks. It seems important to note that he served everyone but me and the others who were POCs. Then he took my drinks away at the end.Anyways, terrible service.
N. Poindexter
08:22 02 Oct 22
I am from Las Vegas and was looking to go somewhere that I could have a dr I nk and unwind. I stu.bled upon this place and was fine. Got to the back and they were doing karaoke. The Hispanic drag queen was so so rude to us that we were totally taken by surprise. I requested a song the Hispanic mc (on microphone) told me to tip. I obliged with 3 dollars. I came back a hour and a half later to see my position and the mc got irate. Asking me do I want my 3 dollars back, (tell I ng people on the microphone) that I was racist. Then proceeded to roll their eyes the whole time I performed my song. Snatched the mic from me. No listen, this person is beyond rude. Not only to me but other people that weren'tLatino. .I dont know if they were try I ng to start some type of discrepancy but please watch this person. The way the speak to people and the rudeness is not funny at all. Totally lied and embarrassed our party with the whole spectacle of maccusing me of being racist because I asked what my position was. That was a horrible horrible experience.
Casey Nee
11:41 11 Sep 22
They got two guys a man the door to check IDs when you go to this bar. a short young looking black guy and overweight heavy set white guy that are extremely rude towards transgender and drag queens... Of course the ones that are not doing the show... 😂 The heavy said white guy told me I was banned from the bar but I haven't been there in over 5 years cuz I've been out of town for work I told him he was mistaking and to get the manager. The manager says I wasn't barred and he didn't know what the bouncer was talking about.... This was clearly discrimination towards a transgender person in the community. I usually have problems getting into this bar depending on who is at the front door checking IDs. The crazy part of body is they do drag shows and make money off us transgender and drag queens but when you show up to be a customer the door people treat you very rude. As far as the bartenders they have always been very nice and professional and friendly.... So that's kind of strange. The bar is beautiful with the outside New Orleans look and the drinks are reasonable and you can't have a good time there you just have to get through the front security first. They need to hire some better door people because I've seen a lot of people walk away because of that short young black kid and that heavy set older guy.
Armando Sanchez
15:03 31 Jul 22
DO NOT PAY IN CARD HERE!!! I paid for one drink and my statement shows a completely different number than what the receipt says. Thankfully I took a picture of the receipt because they didn’t give me a guest copy. I’ve seen the reviews and it says it all. Wish I read the reviews before coming here.
Aisha J.
10:34 27 Jun 22
One of my fave iconic bars in Montrose. Great drink selection & prices. They always have a fire ass DJ outside and I absolutely love the karaoke. I come...
stephanie cook
18:50 18 Jun 22
The bartenders outside tried very hard not to take our order. They kept taking everyone else's order walking up, it's very important to mention that the bar was very empty and we were the only POC at the bar. It was so obvious they were bothered by us. They tried so hard not to look in out direction and started stocking after they were done with the white people orders. I have never claimed colorism but it was so blatant i cannot call it anything else. If you own the establishment and have cameras, this was 06/18/22 at about 12:30 or 1am.
Justin Cardenas
00:40 19 May 22
Do not use your cards here!!!! I am not even from the area and I am being charged when I’m not even there!!! This is the 2nd time this has happened, it has to be one of the bartenders. Some of the bartenders hold your card until you close your tab, others give it right back to you. So if one of them says they are going to hold on to your card, ask for another bartender!
Kylie Sivley
14:34 14 May 22
A bar tender thats works was apparently allowed to ban person I love from the entire establishment for non-safety related personal reasons that have nothing to do with Jrs. If this establishment condones this I will not be returning.
Alicia Ruiz
16:26 28 Apr 22
Good atmosphere, lots of space. The bar service was a little slow, but that’s to be expected with the groups of people coming in all at once. Typical parking for the area!
Mario Valencia
02:45 27 Apr 22
Very nice place to take a drink and see a dragshow.
Barry C.
13:54 01 Apr 22
I don't write a-lot of negative reviews. Unfortunately I have to at least mention this so the "owner" gets a clue. We walked in sat down and was...
Edwin Salguero
13:54 29 Mar 22
One of the best service in Houston. Laura was great
21:20 11 Mar 22
Amazing place to meet people and enjoy great drinks! There are plenty of bartenders to choose from. From karaoke to drag shows. If that’s not for you the patio has a great ambiance to sit back and chill!
Cesar Cruz
16:51 08 Mar 22
The vibe was alright, but this morning we woke up to find out that the bar tender in the back MANUEL tipped himself more than what we left him. Bring cash since there’s thieves behind the counter. 😒 if y’all have the same issue, call your banks!!
Rodolfo S
11:09 08 Mar 22
Service here is very rude, they charge for tap water, and I had a bartender tell me he didn’t have time to explain a drink to me. Would not recommend.
Rodolfo S.
03:14 08 Mar 22
Service here is very rude, they charge for tap water, and I had a bartender tell me he didn't have time to explain a drink to me. Would not recommend.
Jesus H.
23:15 12 Feb 22
everyone is overweight, ugly and rude. how can a city be so fat and ugly? normalize bullying.i
Tino Da Bambino
15:29 23 Jan 22
Horrible barbacks! The place is nice but this guy sterling literally shoved me out the way. He literally spilled my drink on me and then got mad that he had to take the glass! Trash worker
Montana B.
20:35 14 Jan 22
If I could give this place zero stars I would. The owner is an extreme racist that feels like all black women are aggressive and will ruin his business just...
Veronika S.
20:41 23 Dec 21
Really strange thing. They have a rule that if you have a large bag they won't let you in. So ladies, if you're planning on coming here, make sure to...
07:45 22 Dec 21
The manager is so rude! I had friends who performed a drag show and he blatantly disrespected all of them! I have never heard of such juvenile behavior from a manager. This manager needs to be fired! I hope y’all read this comment before going to this establishment. How do you pay folks to come perform and then drown their music out? The way you treat performers is also the way you treat costumers. Consider yourselves warned. I will never darken the doorstep of this bar as long as he is the manager. Believe that!
Steven O.
14:19 08 Nov 21
Went to JRs with friends for Happy Hour on Friday, November 5. As always, we had a great time. Love the frozen margaritas
Derek Ramon
01:52 05 Nov 21
A great bar with friendly staff and atmosphers!
Anne G
03:34 19 Sep 21
We arrived for our friend’s birthday and they require you to wear a mask to walk across the threshold but not a single person in a mask inside. But we had to wear one to cross the doorway? They said the owner requires it. Well the owner isn’t getting my money. We can’t give our money to people like this and expect sense to come back. So no thanks. Lost a customer forever.
John Rouse
16:48 10 Sep 21
When will the dancers return? So much fun when they were there, especially "Joe".
Ariel S.
22:08 25 Aug 21
I love Jrs Bar and Grill it a place to go and feel welcome. I love it I recommend the karaoke side it's the best and the bartenders on the karaoke side...
Henry-Reed Cooper
21:49 27 Dec 20
love it 😍 fun Bartenders and shows..Never boring

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