New York’s oldest Gay bar and Greenwich Village’s oldest bar

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This structure has been welcoming folks since 1840, first as a grocery store and then, in 1864 as a bar. It was built in 1826 on the corner of Amos Street (West 10th) and Factory Street (Waverly Place).

During Prohbition it was a popular speakeasy and, along with Nick’s at the corner of Seventh Avenue South and the nearby Village Vanguard, was frequented by many of the jazz and literary legends of the era. It started to attract a gay clientele in the 1950s and it is surely the oldest gay bar in the city and the oldest bar in the Village.

On April 26, 1966, four homophile activists staged a “sip in” at Julius’ to challenge the NYS Liquor Authority’s regulation that prohibited bars and restaurants from serving homosexuals. Accompanied by five reporters, the group visited a number of bars until they were denied service at Julius’, a longtime Greenwich Village gay bar. The incident drew a denial from the SLA chairman that his agency told bars not to serve homosexuals and precipitated an investigation by the chairman of the city’s Human Right’s Commission.



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Rina N.
14:48 17 Apr 24
My favorite bar in the area. Always great to stop in for food or drinks. Cash only but there is an ATM!
Victoria B.
08:52 03 Feb 24
I'm writing this review specifically for the employee Chad one may often come across in front of Julius'. It is impossible to have a poor day if you've...
Joseph T.
17:39 14 Jan 24
Stopped in for a couple beers while waiting for a seat at a nearby tea shop. I had a couple of Narragansetts which were priced at $8 per pint which is...
Vincent L.
12:31 22 Dec 23
This venue dates back to 1840 when it opened as a grocery store. It's been a bar since 1864, and by the 1960s had an outsized gay clientele. It is regarded...
Sarah E.
15:42 12 Sep 23
Such a great classic burger, I love how late the kitchen stays open and this burger just hits the spot.
Ed U.
23:00 07 Sep 23
We all know the Stonewall Inn as the site of the riots that kick-started the LGBTQ movement in 1969. In recent years, it has become more a tourist...
Brandon L.
16:30 30 Aug 23
The ambience and the legacy of the place remain as powerful as ever, which is why I'm giving two stars instead of one. However, where Julius' used to have...
Chris A.
11:12 09 Jul 23
Intimate dive-y cash only gay bar!Met up a friend here to catch up and it was definitely the right place to listen to jukebox tunes and have a cold beer...
Angelo H.
19:32 07 Jul 23
Discriminatory bouncer would not take my friends US government ID. Clear he was discriminating sad to see gay bars treating others like this
Jessica W.
10:08 19 Jun 23
I came here for the burger, it's good, and well priced especially for the village.. but I couldn't wait to leave after having such a horrendous service...
James H.
08:27 21 May 23
Love this historic gay bar!!! Great bartenders - sure the place is a dive bar but the character of the bar/building only shines through. Great burgers &...
Rob S.
18:51 16 May 23
Bouncers are strange and aggressive. Will not allow patrons to enter with a refillable bottle, even if it is empty. Facilities are a mess, bathroom faucet...
Andru M.
20:48 04 Apr 23
What you would expect from a gay dive bar. Cheap drinks made by low energy bar staff who don't want to be there. Basic fried bar food options. Probably the...
Jacob G.
20:27 21 Jan 23
It was quaint but there wasn't really anything about the place that made it remotely unique. Having been there once I just remember feeling like I'd gone...
Mike K.
08:33 17 Dec 22
We love this place!! We started visiting over the last two years and have to check it out when in NYC. Such a cozy and friendly neighborhood bar. We adore...
Michael O.
20:18 07 Dec 22
I first entered the premises in 1966 when I turned 18, then the drinking age in New York State. In those days it was great for lunch--burger, fries and a...
Laurel S.
09:55 13 Oct 22
POSSIBLY HAS BED BUGS!! I found a bed bug here last night. I gave it to our server and they said they'd "clean". We tried to bring it up again, and all the...
Dale S.
19:07 10 Aug 22
Straight owner, Helen Burford, and her homophobic boyfriend employ mostly straight employees. She runs the business like Gestapo questioning her employees...
Sebastien L.
05:44 23 Jul 22
The vibe there is incredible and we did have a great time plus the waiter who took care of us was such an adorable man and took time chatting with us etc...
Nancy K.
13:21 27 Mar 22
Should be a national landmark. Great bar food, amazing history, wonderful staff (hey, Hank and Nick!) reasonable prices, Gay Beer... love this place.
Narada J.
14:00 19 Jan 22
7 years in manhattan and STILL this place constantly nails it. I'm bartender myself, and I know what I'm looking for when I visit a dive, and Nick treated...
John D.
11:24 29 Nov 21
This is just a wonderful place with great and drinks and don't forget the hamburgers. Julius is so welcoming to all who come. The bartenders are always...
Dale S.
16:19 05 Nov 21
This review was removed by Yelp as being posted by a disgruntled employee, family member or competitor. Nothing could be further from the truth. I stated...
Maria P.
13:45 04 Nov 21
When in the village, nice place to get together with friends for burgers, and drinks...not to mention the friendly staff, iconic history and...
David R.
21:21 21 Oct 21
This bar is an iconic gay bar - the problem is this place has really fallen apart - the bar staff are rude and it's hard to get served - the food service...
Brian P.
06:00 28 Sep 21
LOVE THIS PLACE! Throughout 2020 until present, my husband & I would walk down to the Village with our dogs to eat & drink here on their outdoor tables....
Dale S.
14:03 26 Sep 21
Straight owner, Helen Buford and her homophobic boyfriend hire mostly straight employees. She runs the business like Gestapo questioning her employees every...
Adan G.
15:03 04 Sep 21
This establishment is not closed. They have been open for a while
Lan C
18:39 17 Jul 21
Book an outside table for some leisurely people watching. Whether pregaming or after the dance, the cheeseburger and onion rings off the petite bar room kitchen is the way to go. We came, we supported, we got the tee shirt.
Stephane Israel
07:10 12 Jun 21
Super nice and charming place. Going there is always a pleasure
stacey a. keith
01:20 03 Jun 21
Great spot for burgers and snacks, friendly staff...check out the amazing pics on the walls, playbills in the bathroom and just relax.
Caio Colares
01:56 28 May 21
I loved this place. Nice atmosphere. Food is good. Waiters were awesome and fast. No complains AT ALL! ♥️
Roberto Valente
14:56 31 Mar 21
Oldest official Gay Bar in the West Village of New York. Low key & very friendly West Village crowd. Bar is maintained in its original 1973 look. Friendly
Tony Chino
06:54 27 Mar 21
Great place. Takes me back to the early 70's. I will never forget "Happy" the bartender. Peace my old friend. Those where the days. The bar is wonderful as it was back in the day. Thank you Lutz Family & Helen for keep the bar a warm and welcoming place. We need more folks like you.
MHR Bernards
07:14 03 Mar 21
A quiet and discrete place where you can have a drink and a chat. The men there are a bit older than usual but as they say: some things in life get better with age. Anyway you will like the place but be aware that sometimes loud and obnoxious straight people can enter the premises and bother patrons.
Blade Leblanc
18:13 02 Mar 21
Helen and her staff are great!Best burgers around!!
George A.
15:53 14 Jan 21
in 2016 I was roofied here. Had two drinks with friends, from 9-10pm on a Friday night. both Gin and Tonics and sat in the window with 4 people. My drinks...
Bob Davis
17:46 24 Sep 20
Wonderful Gay Bar that welcomes everyone.Staff charming and the hamburgers legendary.
Tyler T.
20:46 04 Apr 20
Pretty cool bar with a storied past and nice options. The food is mediocre (but cheap) and the drinks are not that great, so you're mostly coming for the...
Amber D.
10:02 17 Aug 18
Julius is the underrated Gay-Bar-Gem (GBG) of the West Village. While the crowds are flocking to wait in line at Stonewall on a Saturday night, you can...

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