Jupiter 2018

Jupiter 2018

Soi 4’s Go-Go Bar with sexy shows

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Soi 4’s go-go bar with sexy rather than sleazy shows with hot boys and sassy drag queens.



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Gardenia B
10:48 16 Apr 24
I went there with friends last Sunday during Songkran festival and it was amazing ! The staff was very sweet, the singers very friendly and the night show was lots of fun. Lots of love to the drags (it was great meeting Mike) that were fabulous !
Jeanine Sinclair
20:39 17 Mar 24
GIRLS BEWARE!!!!! Great but this VERY creepy guy watched and took videos of us outside. See photo
Jacob Lai
05:49 28 Jan 24
OVERRATED.Honestly not sure it’s worth to pay 500baht for it. (Was tricked to get in)Personally I think the FAKE club has a better value as it has no entry fee.Drink as much as you pay.
Sam Pastukhov
16:49 15 Jan 24
Scam. Poor show. Ugly people. Not friendly service. You pay 500B and they say that first drink included but only if you order water. If you want real drink you will pay more. I wouldn’t suggest you to attend this place. They put something in my drink.
j m l
12:40 08 Sep 23
One of the worst shows I have seen. Do not expect a sexy show. it just naked guys running round. as many waiters run around hectically and wave embarrassing laser lights to prentend to do a descret service. Its really really embarrassing to be there as it is a show like in a small village.
Mark Cassone
17:33 03 Aug 23
Show was great. Guys are hot. Service great. Though too many women about for it to be described as a gay venue. That is fine, but if you want an exclusively gay male experience this didn't fit the bill for me personally. If you're ok with a mixed venue, it's great.
Bobby Lee
03:37 27 May 23
The admission fee is 500 baht, and the second glass of wine is 200-300 baht. You can sit until the end of the show. Now the performance is not as good as it used to be and not sex enough.
Shawn Baleine
14:41 10 May 23
The show has 5 minutes left to end but the bar is still accepting customers, very very bad Bad experience
19:54 29 Apr 23
Alright go go bar to see once. Not pushy like most other such venues, but, also not flirty. Show starts at 22:30 with boys in underwear but then the rest of the time they mostly around walk in jeans. Some drag queen shows and singing, strip performances.
Pi-Yin Hsiao
18:06 10 Apr 23
The box beard boy sinning after party songs is sooo cute! And have good voice and vocal so that I thought it was lip sync in the beginning but not! I wish he is go go boy but can’t find number on his clothes. >
william downton
15:10 03 Feb 23
A real waste of money and time. Quite a few boys if you want to take them out. Thought the waiting staff were more attractive. No naked performances. Extremely loud music and poor miming. Too much time between each supposed performance. The boys wear jeans most of the time. You would see more at the beach! I agree with other reviews
Immanuel Ambhara
11:24 16 Jan 23
Best bar for enjoying gay performance. Men and women are welcome. The staff are friendly and do not discriminate. Show starts at 10.30 pm, you would only required to buy a drink for 500 baht, but you can stay as long as you like.
Leon Foam
16:37 29 Dec 22
Forget about Tawan. The best show and muscle boys are here now 🤷🏻‍♂️
JH Yeo
16:22 25 Nov 22
Drink expensive. Told us show starts at 10.30 pm but basically only go go boys show
Go Yi Jie
18:24 17 Oct 22
Great experience at this gogo boy bar and gay bar, high quality performance/ a lot of boy / service is good.Service:All staffs is super friendly and helpful. They will keep advice you and try their best to make you enjoy in this bar. They are not money face or pushy.Boy/Model : Have around 15 boys everyday. To be honest, not very one is good looking but all boys got different style. You can choose the boy you like. Mainly is straight guy.Extra service : You can pay 400 bath to choose the boy you like to drink with you and play with you. Better ask comments of manager before you order boy. They don’t have standard requirements to their boy, for example i choose one straight guy but he doesn’t like to serve men. He sit down and don’t do anything, even don’t want talk with me but he already take my money. Manager keep assist me to solve this problem but the boy still don’t want serve me after i pay. I feel waste money and no meaning. So, better choose some boy with good service.
Eric Franky
12:50 22 Jun 22
We had a good experience here. The gogo dancers were good looking and didn't pressure you to tip them at all. The staff paid close attention to us. Also, the drinks are cheaper than other gogo dancer bars.
Christoph Mueller
15:14 26 Mar 22
Total rip off. Don’t go to this place
Tamas Torok
15:11 24 Dec 19
Avoid this place. The staffs are naughty. You be careful in this place.
Scott Raisin
05:49 05 Apr 19
5 star all class show and venue. The light show, music and choreography are all impressive and some of the hottest talent in Bangkok. Highly recommended, congratulations to all involved .
Gary Loo
12:38 08 Feb 19
#1- its quite common now for them to disallow you to use your phone. paying entry fee to go into a place and use phone?#2 - one of the best place to go to in bkk for show. be reasonable whichever place you visit, follow requested rule if reasonable and you should have a great time.#3 - seat is assigned even when you are eating unless you are a VIP. if you are a VIP in most places, they definitely are smart enough to recognise your status. Pay a entry fee and want the place to treat everyone as Kings??? Grow up.
Xuhao Su
16:20 13 Jan 19
Worst bar experience EVER! By bar I mean ALL Kinds of bars included!400 baht ticket, costs but fair enough.Then it begins: you’re NOT allowed to pick your own seat. Sit wherever the waiter pleases, yeah not you but the waiter his highness.And the most ridiculous order, not request but order: you can’t use your own phone inside their sacred bar! Who the fk are you to forbid me from texting my friend in a BAR?? Thought your place a cinema or hospital? For Christ sake, are you afraid that I’m telling my friend how awful your place is? Now I’m telling the world.NEVER COME TO THIS S*THOLE for your own good.
Carl Dalton
04:38 17 Oct 18
The waiters were very friendly but the customer hosts in the suit jackets were all unfriendly, they kept shining green laser pens at customers and were un-approachable. I felt I was going to be blinded by a green laser in my eye and couldn't enjoy the show.Entrance was 350 B with one drink included. The club was about half full of customers. The show started just after 10.15pm. There were three drag acts performing a number of sets throughout the night with about 20 male dancers, some of which also performed acts.
a jack
16:17 06 Oct 18
My friend and I paid entrance fee and was arranged to the second floor to watch the show. Our seats arranged have a very limited view of the stage. We asked if we could sit on the sofa that was not taken to see the stage better. The staff told us the seat was reserved already. It turned out the seat was not reserved and the staff assigned the seat to guests that they thought would take away boys. The staff then gave the better seats to people that come later (with no reservation) and we could no longer see the stage. This is DISCRIMINATION and we will never go to this terrible place!!!

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