One of the most beautiful saunas in the world!

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The Kaiserbründl in Vienna is one of the most beautiful saunas in the world! According to Spartacus Gay Guide, it is 'a must for the international tourist!'

In addition to the original, elegant furnishing, the Kaiserbründl offers 1,700 m² space for fun, relaxing and more!

Including 2 saunas (1 biosauna), a cruising steam bath, playroom, cabins with TV, relaxation area. Also slings, darkroom, prison with cages and glory-holes.

The gourmet kitchen offers warm and cold meals for your satisfaction!



Based on 227 reviews
Andrzej Schmidt
08:38 20 Sep 23
Firstly I want to send many greetings to the owners and people who manage this place.You make wonderfull job! I was with my husband there and we had a really good time ! Was clean, friendly and modern. Yiu have feeling there like you were in ancient Rome Sauna...its really cool ! We were on monday after 14 o clock and we got to know many nice people and had really good time. With all resposibility I can highly recommend this place 🙂 Its worthy!🥰😈🔥🇵🇱🇩🇪
Roberto Cecchelero
20:42 14 Sep 23
I simply loved this place. Last Saturday afternoon there was a foam party. It’s been captivating and intriguing! I definitely recommend this place to those who are visiting Vienna and wanna have some spicy and sparkling fun.
Robert Barbora
05:57 05 Sep 23
although never expected I honestly think this is one of the best gay saunas in Europe (Berlin to east). One of the best is measured based on the sauna's facilities not the guests. There it is all up to how lucky you get.
Duck Montréal
16:20 03 Jun 23
Beautiful house, like most of the places in Vienna. I have been there in a Friday evening. There was a nude party in one of the playrooms (they have plenty). Dark rooms, private cabins, a nice relaxing spot. Staff is friendly with tourists that don't speak German. I just expected a bigger steam and dry saunas, they're too small and not compatible with size of the place. I think it's complicated to have more than 20 guys in one of these saunas. Anyways, that's a good option to relax among men after a tough day.
Celton M.
15:50 25 May 23
This should be on every gay man's bucket list. It is absolutely gorgeous, and presents more like an art gallery than a bathhouse! The entrance is quite...
Martin Malik
07:09 24 May 23
I'd recommend the sauna as such. I've been through a lot of saunas in Europe, but I haven't met a bar at the entrance as unassuming a personal. as if I'm harassing the bearded gentleman who was sweetening. also had a problem serving when I ordered a bottle of champagne with a friend. next time I'd rather take my drink. But I have to say again that the bar on the floor below was cool. so I would definitely have the maverick overthink swapping personal for someone interested in the job .prices are higher but acceptable. the size of the sauna needs to be kept to make money.
Nick Harrigan
13:13 02 Apr 23
OK chaps....5 star review coming up.This is without doubt the best gay sauna I've ever been to.Don't know where to start.....everything, literally everything, was perfect. Such fun. Special thanks to all the staff who were incredibly friendly as well as very easy on the eye.Can't wait to be back.
patrick brown
10:04 21 Mar 23
This sauna has to be on your list of places to visit. We both loved it visited on a Saturday and Sunday. The reception you get is very welcoming and friendly. As soon as you walk in you are amazed at the Elegance of the building. The sauna is very big and more like a large gentleman's club. Very clean throughout. Sauna x 2 and a large steam room, lots of fun to be had here. Unfortunately the pool was empty but this do not spoil the visit. All ages, shapes and sizes makes for an unforgettable experience. Plenty of cabins and areas for fun. The bar area had two sexy men serving you WOW, plenty of seating here and the music is fantastic and changes with the time of day. We both decided to eat in the restaurant 😋 on both days, amazing food. You can tell we both loved this place and give it 5*****
Yinan Zhou
06:36 12 Mar 23
A very unique sauna with historical decor. Very friendly staff, plus all bartenders during my visit are very muscular and hot. Entrance is a bit discrete but luckily photos in other comments helped me confirm the right door to open.
00:05 17 Feb 23
This is the most beautiful sauna in Europe.Oriental and charming decoration with huge rooms for relaxing and fun. You can enjoy a steam bath, a hot sauna or a delicious meal in their nice restaurant.The receptionists and the barman are really polite and you can enjoy your drinks under magical and exotic paintings.I will certainly return!!!
Randy VT
21:03 30 Jan 23
I go to a sauna on every city I visit and this is by far the most fun I’ve had in one! I went on Saturday afternoon/evening and it was great. So many boys, good vibes and fun. It’s also super clean, the place is huge and the decor is wonderful.
Steven Oltman
09:09 05 Dec 22
This sauna was wonderful. Very clean and well appointed. Enjoyable to walk around and easily spend a few hours. The decor is really amazing with lots of fun spaces to get to know other guys.
Alen Kovac
01:27 23 Nov 22
This is the first sauna I've been to in Europe where they didn't give me any discount because I'm disabled and diabetic I had to pay full price like everyone else who was there so if you're disabled don't go there because when you show your disability card They will laugh in your face and say that there is nothing for you, you are not a student or someone who can gets a discount.Sad for a city of great culture like Vienna ☹️
Aidil Zuhri Bin Mustaffa Xxx
16:56 13 Nov 22
This is one of the best Sauna in the world. The receptionist was so nice and welcoming (also very hot). It was spotless and shining. Smells amazing and there was regular cleaning process when I was there. Everyone was so respectful. I had a nice evening there. Bravo! World class!
Alessandro Manzato
11:02 03 Nov 22
I have been there 2 weeks ago. How can I say? Simply AMAZING!! Incredible sauna, both for being so beautiful, warm, nice structure, well furnitured, and both for having fun! Full of people on Sat and Sun, so much fun there! Congrats because for me is the best sauna in Europe so far! Hope to see you soon. Greetings from Italy!
Stanis Alexanros
09:32 26 Oct 22
Let me put a good review.. as standard of sauna is really good. Quality, cleanliness, polite staff. Yes, staff is polite with all ages, hight,weight etc ..so please do not annoying them when totally drunked.Have seen such case as well.Despite all sounas like casino hence you may have fun or not. But its mostly own mood for today and nothing about provided sevice.
09:24 11 Sep 22
Such a beautiful space! I love it! Just already for the decorations it's worth to visit! I went there for the Mixed S3x-Positive Party. Good antmosphere, friendly people, lot's of partying and talking but not so much 'activity', which is not a bad thing of course, as it's optional and more intended as a party. However, I'm curious to see how it is on a regular night and which vibe that brings.
John Donovan
21:34 19 Jul 22
Been in a lot of Saunas. I think this is the best in regards to premises facilities dark room etc (minus for the cold water in the mini swimming pool) However it needs a lot of ppl to make it feel live because it is huge.
Dimitar Lolov
22:00 17 Jul 22
Amazingly beautiful, cosy and attended place, very polite staff members, no one cares if you don’t speak German, it’s a must visit if you are in Vienna oh and there’s a smoking area
Charlie Tsioulas
01:30 15 Jun 22
A beautiful place with great facilities! Friendly staff and amazing people there. Also the steam room is amazing! I went after the pride with my boyfriend and we had a lot of fun. When I'm coming back to Vienna I'll definitely visit again 😉
alexander sinclair
16:19 15 May 22
For some reason, the person at the kasse, thought it was wonderful that he only takes a taxi, and had no idea how far Wien Hbf, was from the sauna. No baby girl no, it only makes you look ignorant, not as special as in your mind.
Crassouille Oreo
14:09 04 Apr 22
The place is just incredible, authentic , fairly clean and drinks are not expensive. Personnel is friendly and respectful. But most of clients are really old , … all the young guys are on Grindr nowadays , sad .
17:21 05 Jan 22
Loved it! Fancy and steamy at the same time! 🤣
Francis E.
04:48 05 Jan 22
Avoid at all cost.a guy was murdered in the sauna and the owners and the vienna police covered the whole tragic incident up.please please avoid this evil...
Fahad Alobaidly
12:44 16 Oct 21
Great experience here. Good staff great crowd. Nice place. Maybe pool should be warm? No one was in it but over all a 5
loner boy
22:29 29 Sep 21
this is not a safe place anything can happen
Juan Edmundo
08:37 29 Sep 21
Huge sauna, easily to get lost.A lot of rooms for all kind of likes.Nice men, mixed crowd.Expensive but worth it.
Sourav Ray
13:50 01 Sep 21
Great location, all typical sauna facilities available along with a gym and two bars. It is extremely spacious and a lot of guys indeed visit this location compared to the other saunas I had gone to. I went the last Saturday night and had some sweet fun. Would definitely recommend taking the weekend ticket if you are there in the city, I regret not doing so.
Attila József Nagy
15:11 09 Aug 21
I loved it 😍
11:49 09 Aug 21
I went as a solo travelling tourist after good reviews on some other sites. It certainly didn’t disappoint.The front door man and bartenders were all super friendly and talked to their customers, the sauna itself is well maintained and clean and is a maze that one gets happily lost in.It wasn’t the busiest of nights, but was still fun with lots of like minded individuals come to relax in the sauna or do other activities.When I visit Vienna again I will most certainly be coming here again!
felipe niño
21:47 06 Jul 21
Went with my boyfriend together. The sauna is pretty awesome. It is gigantic and is really beautiful decorated. It is so big you get literally lost a couple of times before you can actually understand what is where 😅. We went a Tuesday so naturally we didn't expected to be that much happening. (Eventhough there were people from different ages). That didnt stoped us from having a really amaizing time together. It all started with a massage which was just AMAIZING we can only recommend Vasco was the name of the worker that did it and it was just really an amizing experience. Then we enjoyed the oder rooms pool , turkish bad, saunas, fetish room etc. Etc. Staff was super friendly. I can only imagine how the place gets on the weekends. Recommended.
Rachel P.
18:55 17 May 21
To anyone who is planning on visiting this establishment. Please do your research , a gay American tourist disappeared after going here. No one has spoken...
Raquel Galvan
03:55 21 Jan 21
Aeryn Gillern deserves justice.
Radomir Stepan
08:26 12 Jul 20
Very friendly stuff, nice place for fun and relax. Area was clean. I would recommend to change opening hours during weekend. Non stop from Fr until Sunday would be great.
Santae D.
17:14 06 Mar 20
Where is Aeryn !? We know the business owners know exactly what happened and we want answers!!!
Stani Ilic
08:52 19 Feb 20
I was here a Saturday in February and I loved it. It was my first time so I did not have any big expectations, but it was much better than I thought. The place is huge, has several saunas, play area,a bar with music and best of all a foam party! I would recommend to come by time 17-18, it gets empty by 21..
08:01 04 Feb 20
Best sauna ever! Been in Berlin, Warsaw, Glasgow, Paris etc saunas but this one is by far the best one.Lots of handsome in good shape guys, lots of action.
Harry Davis
11:14 15 Oct 19
Beautiful place! Beautiful people and interiors. Good prices. I was satisfied. Here, passing promotions, you can get a free entrance or private room for an hour. To do this, register on 909gay,com to create a profile and show it to the administrator. The service is top notch!
Steve G.
21:35 16 Sep 19
Yes! This is where Aeryn Gillern was when something happened and Aeryn was forced to flee naked into the street. He has not been seen since, and that was in...
Phil Q.
14:37 29 Mar 16
Even tho it changed to worse over the last few years it is still the best sauna in Vienna and maybe in Europe. Just go there and you wont be sorry. Looking...
David S.
13:54 01 Jan 13
Kaiserbruendl is a famous and Vienna's biggest gay bathhouse in the heart of Vienna. It has a long history as a bathhouse dating back hundreds of years. The...

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