KRUBB Bangkok is the redefinition of gay sauna in Thailand

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Krubb Bangkok is a hot spot for the gay crowd in Bangkok. Think of it as more than just a sauna; it's a whole vibe with a gym, sauna, steam room, and even a sun terrace. It's where you can sweat it out, chill, or just hang with other cool guys.

The crowd? Mostly Thai dudes in their 20s and 30s, but it's a welcoming spot for everyone, so you'll see a mix of locals and tourists. It's got this young, energetic feel, perfect for meeting new people or just soaking up the local scene.

And hey, it's not just about the physical stuff. Krubb Bangkok's got your back with mental health and chem-sex counseling services, which is pretty awesome. It's like they're saying, "We care about all of you, not just the fun parts."

The place is easy to get to as well – just hop on the BTS skytrain and you're there.



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Danny Dang
16:27 15 Apr 24
Nice and clean place, reasonable price, excellent customer service. Manager (Nont) is super friendly to all guests, keep up your good works guys. Definitely come back this place.
10:13 04 Apr 24
liked the spacious venue, with multiple floors of different functions.At the gym and sauna was a bit empty when I was there.Also it’s pretty far from city centre so it was a bit of hassle coming here
Aliet San
08:18 26 Mar 24
The sauna is clean and busy.Location is easy to be found and there are cafes and hostels around the sauna.Busy around 7 to 9pm. Mostly Thai/asian and 10% caucasions.This is by far the best of all saunas in Bangkok based on my experience and guests at this sauna. To compare with Babylon.. Babylon was unbeatable and still the best sauna imo.Other important ISSUE: BE CAREFUL UPON CHECK OUT AND KNOW YOUR BILL! Know what you have drunk and ask the details if you find the bill is not what you supposed to pay.Other than that, have fun!
Paul Entwistle
02:34 27 Feb 24
Visited on a Saturday afternoon/ evening and then again on Monday. The sauna was offering free Monday - Thursday entry for anyone who had visited at weekend, making it excellent value for money.Travelled to/ from the location via the BTS (full details on their website). There are bars/ cafes & restaurants in the vicinity.Ground floor is reception + cafe for non-sauna guests. No sandals are provided, entry includes electronic locker opened via your wrist band (which your drinks purchases are also added to - to pay at end) and unlimited towels (small).First floor is lockers, showers, WC and a small shop area selling bottles of lube, poppers etc (condoms & lube available free from bar).Second floor is a gym.Third floor is a video/ crusing areas.Fourth & fifth floors are main crusing areas including private cabins, darkrooms, a prison style room, mirrored room, labyrinth etc.Sixth floor is steam room, dry sauna and rooftop bar with heated plunge pool. A really nice area to chill and chat to people. On weekend nights a 'shower show' by an attractive muscled local is held here, followed by a move to the crusing floors for something a little naughtier.The place is clean and the staff friendly. There are lots of steps/ stairs so be careful with bare wet feet.There most have been 80+ guys on the Saturday (between 4 & 9) and 50+ on Monday. Mix of body types & ages and a mix of locals, other Asia nationalities, Arabs/ middle easterers & westerners - with plenty of interaction and fun between everyone.
Aliet San
13:34 23 Feb 24
The sauna is clean and busy.Location is easy to find and there are cafes and hostels around the sauna.Busy around 7 to 9pm. Mostly Thai/asian and 10% caucasions.This is by far the best of all saunas in Bangkok based on my experience and guests at this sauna. To compare with Babylon.. Babylon was unbeatable and still the best sauna imo.Other important ISSUE: BE CAREFUL UPON CHECK OUT AND KNOW YOUR BILL! Know what you have drunk and ask the details if you find the bill is not what you supposed to pay.Other than that, have fun!
David Sanders
08:03 04 Feb 24
I review Saunas / Bathhouses around the world. The weekend prices were really expensive 550bht 🤑I think, but I did get a free day pass for a visit during the week. So it evened out to the normal prices. Which I do appreciate. It’s a big place that usually has about 3 hours where it peaks with people. In Asia I noticed that people go the locations earlier and leave an hour or two before closing. ⏰It’s very clean. Nice staff. Updated decore. 90% Asian 10% ForeignersThe dark room / semi dark room is the busiest. There’s a projector room with some fun videos playing & a rain 🌧️ performance that happens on the weekends.Was this place worth it? If it’s close to you then sure it’s a place that you can go to. For me if I’m going to a place I would want longer peak hour periods. It’s almost dead the last two hours before closing.Clean: 5/5Environment: 5/5Crowd: 3/5
Riaan van Maastricht
16:17 13 Jan 24
I just have to say...KRUBB was amazing, I didn't know the rain show was interactive and ended up getting a lap dance and a drink off the gorgeous Max's chest...and made wonderful conversation with great guys...KRUBB staff was so welcoming and accommodating for my first visit, all my fears just went away and I could relax, Thank you guys, you are amazing!!!...more details about my first visit are linked on Twitter (X) haha
Daniel Beauchamp
15:59 05 Jan 24
It's a bit out of the way. Seems to be busiest from 7-9pm. Good mix of locals and foreigners. The sauna and jacuzzi is not bad too. Besides the location, the major con is the lack of handrails for the main stairs. Overall quite nice. Worth a visit.
Rin Sytha
06:23 26 Dec 23
I went on Christmas Night, the Rain show is amazing!! Great Vibe with nice dancer. I love the feeling of mingle and relax beside the pool. Dark Room & Maze is very very crowded by boy around the world.
new gen
06:58 19 Dec 23
I went on a Sunday and it was crowded around 8-9 PM. A bit expensive than Sauna Mania(320 baht) 490 baht, but definitely has better facilities such as Mouth wash everywhere, Jacuzzi, sauna and a steam room.Staircase are super slippery and narrow though, i saw an old man really struggling and almost falling down.They provide a drink (i think non alcoholic) and a free weekday pass Mon-Thurs.I think Sauna Mania definitely has better laid out and bigger red rooms/dark rooms with good lighting. At Krubb the whole space is quite compact and not many places or rooms to walk around. Basically a big room in the center where everyone stands around a single bed 😂. And the lighting in some places is either too much or there is none.The crowd in Krubb was more muscular and a bit younger than Sauna Mania though. But i have visited both places just once so don’t take my word alone.
Lee Hehetherington
12:28 03 Dec 23
We went back again on 4th December Sunday and the place was packed with good looking lads from all around the world. The place is always well maintained and we love the parts they do on a Sunday afternoons and through the weeks around 8pm. We come to Bangkok around 4 times a year and always enjoy Krubb.
Robot Automatico
08:48 29 Nov 23
Nice place. Clean and modern. Lots of men to chose from. Touch everyone and they will let you know if they want to continue or not. Great experience and friendly guys as well.Around 8 pm it’s when it gets good
Realmeaku Realme
15:12 21 Nov 23
The Sauna is amazing, combination between local Thai and Foreigner.The Onsen is the most interesting one..This places are highly recommended
David Mathews
05:46 12 Nov 23
Quite plush, clean and well kept. However, it’s not a very comfortable place to be as each floor is quite compact and there’s not really anywhere to hang out - hence lots of going up and down stairs. Plenty of people, attracting mainly a very young Thai crowd. Not for me.
14:26 03 Nov 23
The shop is open today. The place is clean. All the men are interesting. and group activities are very fun Want to come many more times
Ratthapon Sawangchang
14:05 03 Nov 23
It's open already, I'd been here today, It's just the first day that this place is just renovate to the new versions one so it's very nice, comfortable, and clean than the latest time. So If you guys are looking any new renovate that's nice and totally clean sauna in BKK. I', highly recommend KRUBB BKK for sure. It's the best experience Sauna in Bangkok.
Arman Jarque
13:02 11 Oct 23
Safe locker, Nice Jacuzzi, Nice steam and hot room. Clean Toilet. almost complete gym facilities. Dark Room easy to navigate.However this place not for me. Just know 2 people and barely do anything. visitors mostly slim/fit people and all of them treat me like I’m the most unwanted person.390 THB for this kind of experience is a waste even the facility is good. Never return and recommend this place.
Louis Jones
08:23 24 Sep 23
I really enjoyed this place, I think the guys that come here of all ages have a thing for black men because they kept approaching me .let’s just say I had alotttt of fun will be coming back for sure .only thing I would say is the staff have to do a little better at cleaning up the use condoms and sanitizing the beds .(even though I was doing naughty boy stuff last thing I want to ever do again is step on somebody used condom again)”I didn’t let that ruin my night because like I said I was having a lot of fun.The rooftop pool and the dark room is amazing. The guy that works the bar is gorgeous and friendly. Over all a great place if u ask me.
Đình Dũng
14:50 11 Aug 23
Except the onsen area everywhere is almost completely dark so no choosing or picking. It’s the place you go to if you don’t care how others (or your partner) look. If you’re good-looking but still ignored don’t take it personal. That aside, hygiene and the facilities are really good so a plus point.
Andreas Ropertz
14:11 15 Jul 23
Was there on a Saturday afternoon and it was so nice, clean and filled with many men of all ages. The facility is quite well maintained and you can have quite a good time. The only thing which needs to be improved is the allowance of wearing flip flops. I mean it’s a question of hygiene and you could avoid falls on a sloppy wet floor or when entering the Jacuzzi. Staff is quite friendly ( thanks to Brian ) but not over motivated. A clear recommendation
thomas Elias
19:00 11 May 23
In conclusion, the self-description of Krubb Bangkok Social Club & Sauna is like that of a socially committed NGO project. To what extent Krubb Bangkok comes after his claim, I cannot judge - I see it from the point of view of a guest who is visiting a gay sauna for the first time. With my advanced beginner Thai-language knowledge, I can't have more in-depth discussions. I have known Thailand for 12 years and have lived here for a year.First of all, of course, you notice the reception. A young man hands out a key without words and eyecontact. When I ask where I have to go now, he points to the left without words.I find a staircase without railings in the weak light. I didn't expect that. I have muscle weakness and stairs are a real challenge. I work myselfslowly up a floor. There it is a little brighter and at a counter - again wordless and blindly - a tiny towel - rather a washcloth – was handed.Now I suppose, I should find my locker, which finally succeeds. I take everything off, after 20 attempts I also manage to close the locker with the transponder and err through the room. At the end I find showers and two toilets. That can't have been all, I think. I go to the counter and ask in perfect Thai where I have to go now. Annoyed, the young man points in the direction from which I came. Very helpful - thanks!Finally I find a staircase and one more and one more....On the 5th floor is the sauna area with decent dry and steam sauna, a hot tub, a bar and showers, as well as - oh miracle - a spiral staircase.After all, the narrow staircase has a railing and you come into the "play area" with individual small, partially lockable rooms, on whose furnitures there is a colorful collection hall of all conceivable body fluids. A staircase deeper into an even darker labrinth, in which one can only imagine the place, amount and manner of the body fluids.My conclusion: High standards, very deep reality. The staff is neutral to repellent and rather busy with themselves, the playrooms could be usable if they were to be cleaned regularly. The sauna comfort is lower middle class. No diving washbasin, no cold washbasin, no cold shower, no footbath washbasins.... For people with a handycap it is the stair hell and in fact one of them has fallen violently before my eyes. The staff from the sauna area had disappeared around 21.00 o'clock, so that there were no new tiny towels.There are no private cabins for rent where you can enjoy yourself with others in a hygienic way. No reason for me to come back.
Çan çin Çon
14:28 07 May 23
I went there on Sunday. Many western, Indian even Iranian tourists there. In my experience, this one is more suitable more me than Mania sauna and Heaven sauna.Showers were clean. Rooftop has nice atmosphere.Unlimited new small towels can be taken.
Gary Li
09:46 10 Apr 23
First time here with great expectations. Especially after reading what the co-founder had replied in one of the comments saying their visions. The place is not hard to find and it’s a nice stroll from the bts station.When I walked in, I felt like I have trespassed into someone’s home. A bunch of locals sitting in the living room chatting (I came at 4:30pm). I approached the reception (he speaks perfect English), got the key and was told to pay when I leave. So I walked up the stairs and there was no attendant. So I got a towel and try to get undress. However the locker cannot be locked (how high tech). So I walked back down to the reception and the receptionist didn’t offer any assistance, just said “scanned it for a bit longer”. I walked up again and of course the locker is not working. I went back to the same receptionist who has an attitude and said it’s not working. He didn’t offer to change to another one or came up to see what’s wrong. I said then I better go, he said goodbye. With this kind of attitude and service I simply think you guys will close down soon. Want to be the next Babylon? In your dreams!
Rex P
03:58 10 Apr 23
I went on a Sunday around 5:30pm and ended up staying until 11! Yes, it was fun. Worked out in the small but surprisingly nice gym for a bit then spent some time in the amazing onsen on the roof before heading down into the action. All types of guys: mostly younger, a few older, mostly slim/toned, a few muscle studs, mix of locals and tourists. Something for everyone. The bar/onsen area on the roof is a great way to meet new friends. The facility is really cool; it’s new and well-maintained. There’s a room with mirrors in very direction and cool lighting, in which I had a couple very fun experiences. Staff was very friendly and welcoming. Everything seemed very clean. 390 baht felt like a great value. Overall, a terrific experience.Pro tip: bring your cutest underwear because the towels are too small to wear.
Mike Lewis
17:10 02 Mar 23
One of the cleanest gay sauna I’ve been to. I also liked the vibe of the place, there were enough cabins and the dark room ain’t that dark that you can’t see who you are fondling with. I went on a non busy day (Thursday) so I also wanna experience going there on days when most guys go. Only gripe is that the towel is tiny, but it’s not a big deal breaker. Oh and also no slippers, but I guess that’s an asian thing. And more naked day please!
Winston The Dog
09:45 13 Feb 23
Very friendly front desk and welcoming to foreigners. The sauna is a short walk from the metro and very clean. Advised to go after 5 when it picks up.
16:31 11 Feb 23
Came here tonight (Saturday) for the first time. I gave a 5 star rating for a clean facility and friendly, polite staff. The place can be reached either Grab, Bolt or BTS. Their website has a good video instruction how to get there by BTS. The sauna has few stories. There is a gym that you can work out in underwear, an adult movie room with AC using a projector over white sheer curtains, a maze area with good lighting (neither too dark nor too well lit), small steamroom and sauna and a nice size jacuzzi on the top floor. You can either wear a slippers or walk around with bare feet. I saw mostly Asian guys and few Caucasians. Many of them were in underwear. Personally, I think guys at this sauna seem too selective. They walked around most of the time. There were not many actions in the open space. At 8pm, staff arranged an area for the group action (O party), and I saw only few people in actions. The rest just walked around with their hands cover their private parts since they did not want others touch them freely even everyone was naked. Staff encouraged people to participate and also walked around to pass condoms or popper to enhance the mood. The best thing about this sauna was they provide lubes and condoms wiith different size for free. Small towels were also provided unlimited. I recomend this sauna if you are looking for a clean place to relax, and may be having fun if you are lucky.
p ma
15:37 31 Dec 22
Hugely disappointed!First, no big towels are available. It is so inconvenient to wear a short especially when you want to jump to the small pool or take a shower.Though it has multiple levels, the narrow maze and lack of space make you feel like crowded.This place does not make me feel relaxed at all. I already wanted to leave after 30 minutes.If you expect something like babylon, this sauna is definitely not the one.
Sven Andersson
11:44 25 Dec 22
Its ok... Better than nothing!... but it is absolutely no comparison and no alternative to Babylon Sauna!!!99.98% 🇹🇭 people!... 4 floor full of activities... But it's extremely unhygienic and dangerous to get athlete's foot because you are not allowed to wear slippers!!!...
Marco Tullio
06:36 04 Dec 22
The place is very clean and the staff is friendly as well , More crowded after 6pm and there have a group party in 7-8 pm but you can’t see their faces clearly in the room. Overall it’s an interesting place. At least their Age groups about 20s-30s local guys mainly which is a bit younger and cleaner than mania.Please click like if you agree and follow me if you’re visiting Bangkok too😊
parsu chak
05:39 27 Nov 22
The place is clean and the staff is friendly. More crowded after 6pm. If you looking for more quality guys I think mania maybe a bit better . But overall it’s a interesting place
Kavin V
16:16 25 Nov 22
It was my first visit in Bangkok. When I first googled this place it really captured my attention. Based on my experience here it’s not crowd friendly especially when you are a tourist. Exception of that if you are skinny, muscle or really good looking they will approach. For those plus size they won’t bet an eye. It was not the type of experience I look forward for.Other than that I really admire the place. Especially the jacuzzi at the rooftop. The place is well maintained and clean.
M Afxarr
08:02 13 Sep 22
Building looks modern and clean. Not too dark that you can't see anything. Great first experience. Highly recommended. Less crowded than Chakran Sauna that I visited a previous day. Maybe a bit younger crowd over all. Gaming area at the ground floor near reception.
Hai Mervyn
17:28 03 Sep 22
Pros:- Food is basic but good- Have workout area, steam bath, sauna- CleanCons:- The worst batender I've ever seen. Bad drink, bad communication.- Missing direction for newcomer.- The action show is not often in-time.
One Day on Earth
16:18 03 Sep 22
i went there on a Saturday night. there was 2 rounds of "group action" located on the 5th floor. this is the only downside of the place I'd say: the room was extremely hot, too crowded until no one could move one inch. then the professionals did the 'show' and 99% of the customers were feeling so uncomfortable with the heat, the darkness and the lack of space that we the customers could only watch the pro do their show. it has a very good concept and a great commercial potential because it drags really many watchers to the show. but not too much fun to us I'd say ....besides that, I'd rate this gay sauna THE BEST IN BANGKOK!!! the location is quite easy to find and there's even hotels and eateries around that area easily reachable by BTS. the staff is friendly polite and efficient with good levels of English. the place is very clean in comparison with other saunas in town. the locker room is big and bright. drinks are reasonably priced and the food is tasty.toilets also are extremely clean. there are many dark rooms and action rooms and private cabins so if you find some companion you don't need to be shy and you can bring him to the private room it's being cleaned regularly. from what I saw on that Saturday night most of the customers were thai youngsters between 20 to 40 with just a handful of westerners and Europeans. there an onsen on the roof top the temperature is very pleasant. the steam rooms are very well taken care of and the dry saunas as well. I haven't paid much attention but there are some rooms for massage and they are also private masseurs on site. I spend there 4 hours. I met in the action many cute lovely yummy and tasty guys....there's another important thing that I have to highlight in this sauna it's that there is the same price for locals and tourists! bravo!👍so I give it five stars and hope the group action will be rethought ❤️
M Afxarr
14:30 01 Sep 22
Building looks modern and clean. Not too dark that you can't see anything. Great first experience. Highly recommended.
Felipe Suárez
01:28 21 Aug 22
Terrible experienceManagement has very poor communication skills. Careful with promotions offered. Unclear terms and conditions.Felt unwelcome and discriminated against.
R Lin
16:11 22 Jul 22
Didn’t like it1. Too few people even on a Friday night2. Lack of diversity. I only see young slim guys, no bears whatsoever3. Guys are too “normal” here4. Smoking area is too small has no roof up there
Yosua Sions
16:50 18 Jun 22
Thankyou am for the hospitality, he is one of the young cute bartender works friday-sunday, have a really great time here.Many local speak english well, and theres is russian, chinese, france and othersThe amenities is very great, love this place so much 😘❤️
Lim Wilson
16:58 16 Jun 22
Great experience at Krubb Bangkok and thank you Non for your hospitality.
Ron Lau
10:40 05 Jun 22
This place is a total goldmine within the buzzling city of Bangkok....I totally had a good time and met some gorgeous well fit guys. Well I am too anyways. Not a waste of my time. Will most definitely be coming back with some of my Chicagoan friends. Keep up the good job Krubb.
Phillip Lim
13:46 15 Apr 22
Nice and clean convenient location.
Hai Nguyen
03:17 13 Mar 22
The facilities are nice and modern, the crowd is ok. However, be really mindful of the stove inside the dry sauna, it’s really hot I got burnt in my legs after accidentally touching it. ;(
Binh Vo
09:58 12 Mar 21
Top-notched brand new community for gay folks in the area. Krubb Bangkok in the area! The owners are simply amazingly sweet and welcoming. The staff is super friendly. Highly recommending this place.
Gordon Bell
15:01 25 Feb 21
Just experienced a great couple of hours at Krubb. Excellent staff and facilities ,considering only opened a few months great job and can’t wait to visit again to see what they have done to make it even better.Food was fantastic . Well worth a visit and so clean .All the best you deserve it ..
Andy Chawengchinnawong
04:59 17 Feb 21
New social club & sauna. Great place to mingle with hot locals & some foreigners
Athit Nopnitipat
13:11 25 Sep 20
,, I came here many times, such a cozy place for hangout and meets nee friends. Super friendly staff x
Larias BKK
12:47 20 Aug 20
A good new sauna place, relaxing environment which nice and friendly staffs. Also, a clean space and good looking visitors.
K Charoen
12:41 20 Aug 20
Nice clean place with excellent service. Totally bring new experience comparing to other places.

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