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Ku Bar is the ideal after work hangout with great offers throughout the week on premium branded products. A trendy and chic design with walls of flat screen TV's playing all the latest music videos and Ku's signature sexy images and arty videos.

Spread over three floors with a capacity of 500, KuBar is somewhere for everyone to enjoy. With our exclusive Champagne Bar; an ideal location to take someone you want to impress, or to our club with DJ’s every night to keep you on the dance floor. Ku Bar is one of the largest gay bars in London and only a short step from Leicester Square.

With DJ’s playing 7 nights a week, KuKlub is the perfect mid-week and weekend club playing current and all-time chart fillers.

Open 7 days a week, Mon - Sat until 3am and Sun until midnight.



KU Bar and Club
Based on 690 reviews
Allison G.
17:42 30 Dec 22
great place to envoy London nightlife! Freddie the bouncer is the best person I've ever met- we had a great time highly recommend
Helena LD
21:34 21 Nov 22
It's a really cool and trendy place to have a drink, dance and have a good time, but it's also the place with the most friendly and efficient staff! We had a problem with a lost personal item on site and they were with us all the way, helpful, available and understanding. We had never experienced such customer service in a bar. It has clearly become one of our favourite places and we will definitely be returning the next time we visit London, thank you again 😍
Andrew Parker
07:54 08 Oct 22
I went last night after theatre. Amazing staff all round. The DJ was amazing (and hot). The bar staff nice. My biggest praise has to be for the door staff. On our way in lovely but we ended up next to an exit and the guy there was so courteous to everyone and created a really safe space.Thanks so much to you all.
Raphael Grangeon
04:16 29 Aug 22
The music was nice but the pricing was outrageous. On the menu it says an Emerald Queen cocktail is £11.50 , they told me I couldn’t order it , it was only for the “upstairs bar”. Then I ordered two rum and coke which they charged £24,57 (very strange amount!)A simple rhum and coke is more expensive than a more elaborate cocktail… shady pricing and the bar tender was not friendly (even though I didn’t say anything regarding the weird prices!)
Casey R.
11:47 21 Aug 22
Walked by, seen the fun vibe and great music and decided this was the place to hangout outside, have some drinks and listen to good music. Service was...
12:26 10 Aug 22
I visited Ku Bar multiple times after my messy break up in April this year. The first time was by chance and after I heard from the community that's its one of the best bars to dance it out in Soho,I can confirm it's true at least from my experience of the basement club. Everyone is welcoming and staff very professional,I felt safe and secure to be truly at ease with myself even though I was a straight guy in a gay club.Once on 28th April I lost my phone in there, the manager found it and kept it safe for me,the security staff in the photo reassured me.It's also the place where I've met other cool people such as a professional dancer I gifted a jacket away to and beautiful soul called Gayathri whom I unfortunately never had the chance to meet again.All in all,I can't recommend this place enough, you'll have to experience it to really get its vibe.Thanks team for such a memorable experience,now that I'm back in KL I kept smiling about those nights and can't wait to be back in the future.Much love! Muchas Gracias! :3
V aus R
08:12 10 Aug 22
Extremely unfriendly staff and the prices??? 15£ for the left cocktail is fairly reasonable for a touristy area. But 12£ for a glass of sparkling wine that consisted 90% of juice? Unbelievable!!!
Rebecca Margaret
16:37 06 Aug 22
Best time in London. Andres was the BEST bar tender. Love this place so much! Great atmosphere , music , vibes. 10/10 ♥️With love, Rebecca and Jessica ♥️
Jason Wojnicz
22:43 02 Aug 22
Great little cabaret bar with a fantastic selection of good booze. A little crowded even when Google says it not busy. Not a pick up bar if you're looking for a relaxing place to have a good time you've found it.
09:36 02 Aug 22
Absolutely amazing little bar, staff are all lovely. The staff instantly drew me in with the fact they had tequila. As we were told we weren't aloud to wear our balloon heart crowns inside they were very lovely and looked after them. As soon as we sat down we had a lovely gentlemen take our order letting us skip any ques. One of the best gay bars I've ever been in. Prices ain't ridiculous and it's a very relaxed vibe. Ended up getting a cuddle of all the security which was the highlight of my trip. Would highly recommend. I have already booked my next trip to the KU bar so I suggest you book yours too!
Kung Curry
17:33 26 Jul 22
The best gay bar in London we've been to. The staff are very friendly and helpful. We were so welcoming there,one of staff came straight to us to get our drink order to avoid long queue! and find a seat for us all. The cocktail was really nice and reasonable price.Good atmosphere,clean and the best staff we ever met.
Ben M
20:28 21 Jul 22
Andres was amazing! Wonderful service and accommodationed my night wonderfully tonight I'm so happy with everything! Excellent stellar service cant wait to visit again! 👌
06:06 06 Jul 22
It was our first time in this bar/club. everything would have been great if not for incident with security.We were told he was only working there for the second day. it would have been better it was his last day working there because this kind of attitude towards people should not be allowed. He ruined the atmosphere in the club, used his position to threaten us saying “you wanna get kicked out?” and can hit you on the head, pull by the hair. (As a joke????)Thank you to the security who was standing on the door today. He apologised for the appalling behaviour of the security guy downstairs. It would have been better to hear an apology from the guy himself but i don’t think he had the courage to apologies.Stay away from these kind of guys so they don’t hit you on the head, and fire him asap!!!
18:04 05 Jul 22
I love Ku Bar! Very good environment and lovely and the best staff. Specially Andres very friendly and good service from his part. I can say 5 stars.
João Pedro Viana
12:53 19 Jun 22
The place is beautiful and comfortable. Prices are a little bit higher than what it offers but are acceptable. I was well treated but probably wouldn’t go there again.
Cass Hoe
20:36 16 Jun 22
Amazing atmosphere, all the staff are lovely but NICK is the most loveliest of all. If you lose your phone he will keep it extra safe. Nick also gives amazing hugs. Would hug again. Give him tips.When I've got over my hangover I shall come and cause trouble again.
Christopher lee
10:27 14 Jun 22
Hosted a fabulous birthday gig in Ku Klub (downstairs) recently, and just wanted to say how impressed I was with Freddie for making everything go as smoothly as possible. Great set-up downstairs for anyone thinking of hosting a show/music downstairs! Can't wait for the next one
Vic Marshall
22:33 26 May 22
Beautiful place, beautiful people, best nights. Staff are amazing from bar, to security, so welcoming! Special thanks to Nick (manager), Megan, Daria (bar), Kelly, Alfie (security) and the beautiful Ruby, best host with the most 🥰
Saneika Stewart
17:16 02 May 22
We just went in for drinks but the staff there were very friendly. Really good place to put you in a good mood. Drinks were great as well
David Gilmour
20:06 24 Apr 22
Visited Ku Bar on my first night in London and ended up returning every night! Friendly and welcoming staff with a great atmosphere. Freddie met us with a warm smile and remained very attentive and went the extra mile to make sure we had an amazing night.
Elaine Jackson
13:43 11 Apr 22
My Friend reserved a space on the upper floor for his birthday celebrations. We were greeted so well by the team.From our arrival at the Ku bar the first impressions of the security team. Excellent courteous, welcoming. My 80 years young mother was instantly attended to. Ensuring she could walk safely into the venue, escorted her up the stairs. The security officer and the person working on that floor ensured my mother had a seat without me asking. The team were and is a credit to the Ku bar.The security officer on the upper floor noticed when we were ready to leave and ensured my mother could walk safely to the stairs and down them. Never hurrying us. The ground floor security team greeted us, ensuring again mum left safely.I say safely as it's great to see so many people returning to enjoy themselves. Great energy.The serving team were fun and we never waited long for our orders to be taken and delivered.The espresso martinis were delicious, gin & tonic’s were flowing for us too.The pizza’s the pizzas. I ordered one of each for our group and each one was of a higher standard than we were expecting. All delicious, filled with flavour and a feast for the eyes too. Cut in small enough manageable slices.Great night. Excellent employees here ensure your night is enjoyable and that you’ll want to return. The music got us up and dancing.THANK YOU
charlie fender
21:43 30 Mar 22
Had an absolutely fantastic experience at Ku Bar. If you’re looking for somewhere with the classic gay bar attributes featuring great music and strong drinks you’re onto a winner with this one!Recommend the Espresso martini if you’re looking for a stable.Staff treated our group incredibly also with a special shout-out to the manager Nick. He really looked after us and gave great recommendations for where else to go in London. Really knew this stuff.Overall 10/10
Leah E. Wild
19:35 19 Mar 22
Great friendly place! Stopped by for a cocktail before meeting some friends-- I really recommend the Flor de Jamaica-- and ended up back there later in the night. Great atmosphere, banging times, and the friendliest people working there, brilliant service, they managed to find us a space even though it was packed. Really enjoyed my time, will definitely be going back. Plus, shout out to Sammy the bouncer: what a babe!
Sophie Rose
04:34 13 Mar 22
Staff made the wrong drink that we asked for so my friend returned it; instead of exchanging the drink the server took the drink back then charged her for the correct one (so we got 1 drink for price of 2). Really disappointed that the barman was the one who made the mistake and didn't have the decency to rectify it free of charge. Doesn't make sense why he took back the drink we already paid for?!Staff also saw that a shot was accidentally spilled and they said we'd have to buy a new one, where again, they could have just replaced it.Vibe and decor is nice but would not recommend.
Eudonni Moricom
16:43 28 Feb 22
A nice little local bar. If you get the right bar tender, you’ll be happily served. The food is very hit and miss. I had the prawns and my friend had the sausage roll. The food is good. Nothing to write home about but filled a hole none-the-less. Drinks are a little on the expensive side. If you want a single drink, it’ll be a nice stopover to other venues in the area.
Frazer Baldwin
13:08 12 Feb 22
First gay bar I visited in London, loved it! Amazing friendly staff, strong tasty cocktails! Was a great vibe and felt really comfortable. We went on the Wednesday, loved the drag show by Vicki Vivacious!Loved it so much we came back on the Thursday for more as was visiting for a few days mid week. Staff were really helpful with first aid kit when I had an accident on the dance floor too.Will definitely be back in future London trips!
Cody Hibbert
23:50 27 Dec 21
John McLean - is the best bartender/hostess I have ever met in London. I just moved here and have never felt more at home and happy than I have with him. He makes every experience at the bar as if it’s new and happy! He’s the most amazing person who existed!
13:01 08 Dec 21
Best place ever: amazing music, good drinks and super staff. If you are looking for a place to drink and dance and enjoy the night with your friends or with new ones, the Ku bar is the perfect place to go! 😉
Karen Buck
19:24 27 Nov 21
We popped in to get out of he rain today while visiting the London. Wasn’t busy so we got a seat and I went to the bar , I stood there for a while one barman was attending a customer and the other two just standing there! I was over looked when a couple came in and that is when I had to ask them if I was invisible the young man looked at me confused and I had to ask if he was serving .. he then took my order with no please or thank yous and didn’t even tell me the price of my drink just put the card machine in font of me!No wonder people don’t tip anymore if you get this service with over priced drink!
tyrone sheehan (ty)
11:30 22 Nov 21
Was very happy with the service I’ve been On the Westend scene for 15 years But I haven’t gone to Ku bar for a very long time And I must say I’m very impressed can honestly say I will all ways use ku bar as my First choice now had a really good night last night me and my friends even though we were a little drunk all the staff were very nice and welcoming and all ways checked to see if we wanted another drink so thank you
Chiho Sharp
22:02 13 Nov 21
We popped in to have G&T before a comedy show at Leister Square. The bar staff were very nice and helpful.We sat outside in a tent in a rather warm November evening.We’d love to to back there on Wed when they have a special show or something.A very lovely place!After we ordered a G&T each, we noticed gorgeous looking cocktails. We promised to go back to try some of them.
Leanne Moran
21:30 24 Oct 21
Stopped here for lunch in the sunshine. Nice staff. A little pricey but the food was really nice
Jessika Young
01:25 09 Oct 21
I went to this bar recommended by friends. As soon as I arrived I instantly felt judged by the management team because I came with a group of girlfriends. We were told we were not allowed to dance once we entered the cocktail bar, which was odd as the serving team said we could enjoy ourselves and move to the music if we wanted to. When the upper levels were closing we were told we could head down to the club without having to wait by someone who worked there. However, once again the management team said we were not able to and that we have to get into a very long queue. Now, I understand that this is first world problems but after spending a considerable amount of money in this place to then be told that we couldn’t go to where we were promised it was pretty bad customer service.We were humiliated in front of the rest of the queue as we then had to leave.All in all, not a friendly experience from the management team even though we were very pleasant customers.
Nzube Ufodike
22:16 29 Sep 21
Lovely to see friends tonight but I think some staff might need race awareness training here. Horrid flashback to a decade ago when me and my friend (POC) were, shall we say, asked weird questions at the door. On the plus side, it's a much cleaner venue now, thanks to public health requirements.
Ben M
00:04 08 Sep 21
Serena was amazing! Wonderful service and accommodationed my cousins birthdays wonderfully tonight I'm so happy! Excellent stellar service 👌
Connor Winyard
14:09 05 Sep 21
Just returned from a birthday party that wound up in Ku and it was fantastic. Staff were very accommodating as we had a large group and they worked tirelessly bringing drinks and ensuring everyone there (including general clubgoers) were seen to regularly. Manager brought us some free shots as well and made sure we were enjoying ourselves, + one of our group had a little too much to drink yet bouncers were very fair and ensured we were safe once outside. Have been multiple times and will undoubtedly go again when the time comes!
Stan Thompson
14:49 16 Aug 21
If you're looking for a cocktail bar with cool, modern decor that offers a comprehensive range of exciting cocktails, and you just happen to be in London's China Town, then the first floor cocktail bar at the Ku Bar is the place to consider. We popped in after a cinema visit and enjoyed refreshing cocktails served up by their friendly and helpful staff. And you can even sit outside and still experience excellent service!
Daniel Wyatt
13:34 28 Jul 21
Came into ku bar with one of my friends, wasn't expecting the prices to be so high but I quickly over looked that because the vibes and the staff made may time here fabulous! Hats off to their bouncers there was one incident with a woman who was being aggressive and actually had me frightened she threw a drink at a host, the door men sorted it in the blink of a eye, one of them was so friendly I felt so safe think I heard them calling him alpha, well if your out there alpha well done for keeping us safe!
08:03 27 Jul 21
I went there twice. Once in January 2020 and now in July again. Both times i remember the prices for drinks were kinda high. If you really want to go there to drink, you should consider bringing at least £30. The music also was a little bit too loud so we couldn’t really hear the waiter or each other without talking close to each others ears. Otherwise the atmosphere is nice, the place is clean and the Staff is friendly.
06:49 27 Jun 21
Loved it here ! Amazing , efficient and friendly staff who , even on a busy night , were always there for us . Had so much fun , thank you especially to Daria and Michael . I didn’t catch the hostess’s name but they were also wonderful 💞 will definitely come back for more delicious cocktails xx
Nicholas Goode
06:16 12 Jun 21
As usual, on Wednesday evening, I received the friendliest of service at this super bar. I am a fairly regular visitor and the staff never fail to engage and offer service in the most genuine, professional way - always welcoming, always taking a few minutes of their time to engage in conversation.They always appear to be enjoying their work which is good to see and makes the whole experience far more enjoyable from the customer perspective!Additionally, I recently had occasion to email the owner on a very minor matter and he dealt with the issue in the most efficient and charming manner. Clearly an excellent role model for his team too!Thank you as always to everybody who makes the experience of visiting the KU bar so very pleasant.
Jessica Wu
10:49 29 May 21
Drinks come fast and service was good. Neon lights, loud dance music. Smoke machine going off every 10 minutes. It's a vibe if you're seeking that.Stayed here for a little bit after midnight as most nearby pubs were closed but the bubblegum pop dance fusion music left a bit to be desired.Different vibe in COVID but definitely the closest thing to a nightclub given what you can do now. They seemed to run this well, and be strict with protocols.
Vanina Gallucci
18:19 17 May 21
Nice bar !! Super friendly staff, always checking on you and ready to take your order. Drinks were coming really fast to the table. Also great ambiance. I highly recommend
Lick Von Dyke
20:17 14 May 21
Sharing drinks outside this evening, we were greeted by smiles and great service. Within minutes we received ours drinks delivered to our table and empties cleared away quickly. Always checked if we needed anything else.Pizza to share too.Love Ku bar, always have, always will, Thankyou for being a reliable queer stable home with awesome (and hot) service 🖤 Long live queer spaces
Lee Moreland
18:14 08 May 21
A MASSIVE well done to the whole team during these tough times!You guys are absolutely nailing it! Super organised and amazing service!I 100% recommend booking a table at Ku Bar. You will have an awesome day/night.
Claudio Tripodi
16:41 02 Dec 20
Very disappointed, just went here today with my patner and a rude woman supposed to be the manager said that we can’t be share a pizza because some rules she just make up.Bye bye ku bar. Left asking for a refund.Next time b4 getting the payment is better inform the customer if u have any strange .
Phil Emgee
10:41 24 Oct 20
Nice bar and nice service. Many of us now must meet outside – so a word of caution to those at the outdoor tables:Watch your belongings very carefully. Exceptionally stealthy thieves operate and have tricks of taking bags from right under your nose and from a fair distance away. My bag was against the bar, right next to me and about 1.5m from the ropes around the area – they still got it.
Dean Jones
14:12 20 Sep 20
The hostess is absolutely lovely, bar staff a little on the twinky-mean-gay end of the rainbow. Drinks a little over priced but one of the few gay bars in the area that has outdoor seating. Overall, I’d suggest you carry on the extra 5 mins into central soho
Julie Rose Parton
20:44 02 Sep 20
Really friendly staff who genuinely go out of their way to make you feel welcomed and great crowd (potentially due to this) with a fab selection of drinks and music! Thank you so much, keep up the great work... they even have really good heaters outside.
21:49 23 Jul 20
Given the current social distancing requirements my visit was different than normal.It was refreshing to see a business take its obligations so seriously. The staff were attentive and happy to see us. Social distancing was observed and patrons seemed to be observing it too.Great job guys!
Emann B.
13:48 28 Mar 20
Having walked several miles from Gloucester Road, our dogs were barking loudly and we began to look for a place to sit, chill, and imbibe.How...
Dude K.
08:29 19 Jul 18
In A Nutshell:-Ku Bar was cool.-I stopped in for a couple drinks, but it must have been pretty early bc I didnt see anything wild & crazy.-The service...
Jayde Y.
12:39 01 May 15
Baby, you are so darn hot, but how come you don't look at me the way you look at him? You know your accent is just so freakin sexy, and I want you to come...

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