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Lellebel is a must-visit icon in the city's LGBTQ+ nightlife scene. Celebrating over two decades of dazzling entertainment, Lellebel is renowned for its exuberant drag shows and its warm, inclusive atmosphere. Opened in 1997, this venue has become a pivotal space where the community's brightest drag talent shines​.

Lellebel's charm lies in its intimate setting, making every visit a uniquely personal experience. With a variety of events ranging from karaoke nights to drag bingo, the bar ensures that there's something exciting for everyone, every day of the week. It's particularly noted for its Tuesday karaoke sessions and vibrant weekend drag shows that continue to draw both locals and tourists alike​.

Whether you're looking for a night of fabulous drag performances, a fun karaoke session, or just a place to enjoy good vibes with friendly faces, Lellebel promises an unforgettable experience that captures the essence of Amsterdam's spirited gay scene.



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Stefan Bärenstark
11:24 11 May 24
Best Bar in Amsterdam. Lovely place and tue owner and the staff are brilliant and welcoming! If you want to have fun you better come here. If you‘re queer you should support this gem of a bar.
02:19 11 May 24
I had a n incredibly cool time there with karaoke and lovely people. It’s a safe space at it‘ best. Much love
Kary Parker
08:54 29 Apr 24
If you are queer in Amsterdam definitely stop in here! If you are trans in Amsterdam you MUST stop in here.Incredibly friendly and warm environment full of fun people, good drinks, and the loveliest bar owner in the city. I felt like a friend as soon as I walked in and I hope for nothing but success for this place.Thank you so much Tori!!!
Trish S.
22:05 22 Apr 24
Lovely welcoming atmosphere! Karaoke Sundays was a blast! Tori and the team are amazing! We wish we found this bar sooner!
00:18 14 Apr 24
This place was TINY - there was about 15 people inside and it still felt crowded. Cocktails are €10 which seems to be a standard price around here but there weren't any seats available anywhere so we just headed back out. Go to the jazz bar instead - or anywhere else.
Garfield Thompson
02:24 22 Mar 24
Passionate, honest and a passion to create an inclusive but protected space. Thank you for the private performance for me and my Portuguese colleagues. Wishing you success 😘
Dorka Toth
18:16 11 Mar 24
We visited Lellebel for a stand up night and the place really amazed us. Tori has created a beautiful gem in the heart of Amsterdam. Really appreciate the safe place! We will be definitely back for more!
Kimmie Sweet
23:16 15 Feb 24
Wow!! I had such an amazing time here!! I had spotted Lellebel before as a Queer Space and always wanted to go there one time. They had a comedy tryout night so I decided to finally buy tickets (free!) to go check it out. And I was not disappointed at all!!There was just a small audience, but I had so much fun and such good laughs! The atmosphere was very intimate, cozy and interactive. The staff is super, super sweet, and me being transgender they made me feel very welcome and at ease because I was alone that night.But so did the other guests. they were so lovely too, open to a chat, very friendly. And making these pictures, one of them where I got photo bombed by Greg of Boom Chicago fame yay!Keep up the amazing work Tori! 💖 I am following on Facebook to keep an eye out for more fun events, and will definitely be coming back here! 🏳️‍⚧️
Jonathan Sistonen
21:07 13 Jan 24
If you want a small bar filled with love, good drinks and a time which will make you smile, then this is it. I’m smiling constantly because it just makes you happy to be here, from Tori the fantastic owner, to the whole team, you’ve made this my new go to in Amsterdam. Thank you. 😘
Alexandria Carr
06:59 08 Jan 24
Easily one of the best lgbtq+ bars we have ever been to, absolutely the best of Amsterdam! The atmosphere is loving, friendly, and so much fun!! Truly made Amsterdam a 10/10 for us
Verity Parry
23:59 27 Nov 23
What a lovely warm friendly bar. Fun but yet relaxing atmosphere, I even felt comfortable enough to go up on the karaoke which I would never normally do, or have ever done before.Thank you again for a special memory of my few days in Amsterdam.
Mathilde Jacquet
23:55 25 Nov 23
We had a great night, the show was really nice, people super chill, it was a safe place, and the barmaid made us awesome cocktails 😎I recommend the one with lavender. 😍 Thanks for the evening ❤️
02:06 21 Nov 23
Went for Sunday night karaoke and had a great time. Very welcoming and friendly people and atmosphere 😊 they have non alcoholic options too. Definitely would come back in the future.
Kimmie Kauffeld
00:41 20 Nov 23
An absolutely wonderful evening, singing with new friends! Everyone was so welcoming and encouraging. Thank you for being the highlight of our trip to Amsterdam! Service was 5 stars all Night!
Darcie Duckmanton
11:34 16 Nov 23
Every time I'm in Amsterdam I come to Lellebel's for a cold glass of wine and their amazing vibes. It's a hidden gem that I wish I lived closer to. The staff are wonderful - there is one bartender called Phoebe who makes it the most wonderful experience every time. Would definitely recommend!
Kacee Jessica
23:02 12 Nov 23
If you’re going Amsterdam and wanting the best vibe! You need to go here! Such lovely staff! Drinks are amazing and entertainment is amazing! Thankyou so much for a lovely welcoming! Will definitely return when we’re back in dam!xx
Eve Wilkinson-Bell
22:49 11 Nov 23
The most fun, friendly-est bar in amsterdam. The staff are the most amazing human beings, the drinks are so reasonably priced and every time I come here I have SO MUCH FUN. Couldn’t recommend this place enough for some karaoke and good vibes 😎
ELIZABETH Duckmanton
11:10 07 Nov 23
I've been to Lellebel a few times now, and each visit I have a fantastic and unique experience there. The staff are friendly and attentive, the patrons are a diverse group and always make for interesting conversation, and the drinks are well-priced for a bar in the centre of Amsterdam. Lellebel is truly a safe environment to let your hair down and have some fun.
Brian Louis Ramirez
00:36 04 Nov 23
Stumbled upon this karaoke bar with a group of colleagues and had an absolutely unforgettable evening! The staff was just so friendly and shared their love of music, and they had good IPA on draft. I’ll definitely come back again! 💕
José Carvalho
17:01 30 Oct 23
After changing ownership, Lellebel lost all its identity, all its charm and all its history! It was a place that had such a welcoming decor that with its warm colors and a mix of patterns made it such a comfortable and different space, now it's horrible, I hate it!Hans comes back, we want you back again!
22:00 21 Jul 23
Came for the show, supposedly starting at 22:00. At 23:00 it still hadn't started, we were told that it would start when the bar would get crowded. However people were starting to leave at this point.When it finally started, there was two songs performed by someone who looked like they did not want to be there, and then said they would come back later, by which point it was getting late so after 20 more minutes of waiting we left.So clearly not what was advertised on the website, didn't feel like a real show.
14:52 20 Jul 23
Absolutely wonderful night! Went on Sunday during the karaoke.I'd tried different places around Amsterdam and was quite disappointed, since the vibe was usually closed, unwelcoming groups, and nobody seemed approachable or approached me except for drunken flirting.I went in and was cautious. My first impression was like everyone was a regular and knew each other since like for ever! I later learned that wasn't the case. A lot of them had gone in there for the first time and alone, just like me.I watched some people singing as the staff, very politely, kicked a guy out because he was getting a bit out there. Besides that, there were no more incidents.It was nonstop fun! I was super welcomed from the first second. Everybody felt great on stage cos everything was encouragement and clapping. No bad vibes at all.I'm highly social but very picky when it comes to places, because I'm actually quite the introvert, so I never fit in, but here it was amazing. In fact I made lots of friends for the night; we sung duos on stage, and everyone danced and later everyone just sung along every tune.It was formidable. I'm quite the traveler and I can confirm this place is something else.Hours went by and I was surprised when Tori announced it was 2am?!? What?!?Wonderful, seriously. ♥️Thanks to everyone that night for being so lovely, cute and gorgeous♥️♥️
Martin Conroy-Edwards
15:52 26 Jun 23
We went on a Sunday which was Karaoke nights which was interesting..Super friendly staff (one who sang my absolute favourite Depeche Mode song)Drinks were a little pricey (2 single vodka and Fantas €20) but worth it for the atmosphere
Louise M O'Higgins
23:42 01 Mar 23
No drag show the night we went. Lovely bar tender. Great music fun night. Gorgeous cocktails
Jennifer Giauque
21:02 17 Feb 23
I can not believe my recent experience. I came in ready to have a great night and instead felt very unwelcome. I asked for a recommendation from the bartender and their response was “for you to leave.” Very rude and extremely disrespectful. We planned to have several drinks here and instead left. Sad that we didn’t have the same upbeat bubbly experience so many have.
Rachel McCrann
09:29 09 Jan 23
Amazing!!! We went while visiting Amsterdam. The queens were STUNNING, the music was FABULOUS and the atmosphere was so positive, supportive and caring ✨✨❤️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍🌈
Rachel Marr
21:39 08 Jan 23
My favourite place in Amsterdam. Always a great vibe. All of the team are friendly and welcoming. Love the karaoke and when the drag show is on - wow. If you’re looking for a fun night out then look no further than Lellebel, you’ll be made welcome and ensured of a great night
Callum Rowlands
13:18 08 Jan 23
I always have the best time when I go to Lellebel! The Queens are incredible and definitely know how to have a good time. Have always felt welcome ❤️
Mark Goodman
01:40 18 Oct 22
A complete waste of time.Went to see the non existent Drag show told us they would not preform because the owner was not feeling it.Bartender had no clueSweet dreamy cocktails that could give you diabetes
Ryan Baker
12:20 10 Oct 22
We visited Lellebel's on our first night and we went back each night during our visit to Amsterdam. The owner and staff were so friendly and welcoming. We felt right at home!
Shane Stevenson
13:25 23 Sep 22
Really enjoyed this bar. Ended up in there three times over the course of a five night break. The cocktails are very good and they pour from the bottle which is always a good thing. I recommend the AJ Bubble Hummer. The show was very good also. The bar is small but once you get in it is fine and it means people are inclined to talk to each other. I would definitely recommend this bar and will call in if I’m ever back in Amsterdam.
Mali Blunt (Mali)
06:45 09 Sep 22
I enjoyed myself. The venue was small but the energy wasn't. I order the Legendary B*tch drink with bubble gum simple syrup. It was delicious.
Riley Haig
06:06 04 Sep 22
On Saturday I went was more occasional drag popup performances than a proper drag show. Nice vibe, friendly, strong simple drinks, quick service, and startlingly the cleanest bathroom I've ever seen in a queer bar.
Vashika Harrisunker
12:54 01 Sep 22
Fun night. Great location for a bachelor/bachelorette party. Interesting drinks.
Daisy Saelen Hafstad
06:35 31 Aug 22
Very small but cozy dragbar. The location is perfect and the beautiful and lovely bartender was attentive and helpfull. Also the guests seem to have a good time. When I was it was a tuesday and it was karaoke night. No! I don't sing but I had fun watching others.I have visited many dragbars around the world. This bar was the cleanest ever I have seen.Lellebel skattis!; see you soon.the Countess
Stijn vanrijnberk
09:56 29 Aug 22
I absolutely love this bar, its my home, its the place where i can express myself, its a bar for everyone. I always see so many beautiful souls be themselves here, drinks price is amazing, the variety and changing of drinks is a cool aspect, their personnel is diverse and always in for a laugh. And toilets are always clean whats a pro and you don’t have to pay for them whats a plus.
Cara Horsch
21:23 28 Jul 22
Super friendly staff, good drinks, great drag show and a nice atmosphere. Loved it and looking forward to visit again!
Iris Walraven
09:00 27 Jul 22
A lovely place with friendly people. Drag karaoke On Tuesday had such a fun vibe! The bar feels like a very safe place for female solo travelers.
18:38 22 Jul 22
Great place and very friendly people! ♥️♥️♥️
Molly Bloom
18:16 07 May 22
Yet too close to the Great Rubbish of the Amsterdam City Centre, an astonishing place for freedom. As small as paradisiacally important. Wonderful drag queens will show you how life can be beautiful, how power is arrogant. Love it.
Myke Spezzano
20:17 21 Apr 22
Currently the space has been taken over by new owners and they're re- Vamping everything should be amazing..
Seán Masterson
19:57 21 Apr 22
Absolutely incredible LGBTQIA+ drag bar that anyone would have a great time to dance, sing, and party in.Karaoke on Tuesday with a nice buzz. Drag show on Thursdays!Highly recommend for all! 5/5
Leia Renée
08:03 05 Apr 22
Lellebel is great for trans people to show and improve their stage performance in front of a friendly environment composed of lgbt community but also cis people who enjoys being a friend of us and supports our rightful cause against social stigmas. Saturday night's are the most crowded while other days offer different tastes such as karaoke nights. Enjoy... 🌈 😉🎊🎤
Leia Renée
01:45 28 Feb 22
Lellebel is great for trans people to show and improve their stage performance infront of a friendly environment composed of lgbt community but also cis people who enjoys being a friend of us and supports our rightfull cause against social stigmas. Saturday night's are the most crowded days while other days offer different tastes such as karaoke nights. Enjoy... 🌈 😉🎊🎤
Thomas Johnson
23:26 24 Sep 21
I've never felt more welcome, by staff or patrons. Good folks here.
Herald Michel Rijkland
22:36 05 Sep 21
Hi party peeps i really like your bar Just because you can be who you wanne greetings from me Herald Michel Rijkland xxxjes
มะลิ Meelier
13:22 14 Aug 21
I love it.
Myke Spezzano
18:06 08 Sep 20
Currently the space has been taken over by new owners and they're re- Vamping everything should be amazing..
Dee AwesomeOne
23:59 07 Feb 20
Cute and friendly staff. Nice atmosphere
West Nyle
22:37 25 Jan 20
This place is TINY!! I mean so tiny you have to walk across the drag queen stage to get to the pay toilet. Not a fan of that really. But it’s Europe so... the queens were fun. Drag-bartender was super sweet and fast. I’d give this place 5 stars if it just had more room to mingle and see the show. Local drag host Geneva was actually singing and was awesome. Good gay hangout.
Linda Leestemaker
17:37 22 Jan 20
Small, crowded, they try to put up a good show with enthusiastic and really well dressed drag queens. However... The beer is quite steeply priced and it's hard to make out anything with the music cranked up high. Also, as Lellebel is fairly small - a "pijpelaantje" as the Dutch would say - it can be hard to see the shows put up by the queens, or to understand or pass each other. There are great other bars, in or outside of the gay-scene, in town if Lellebel gets overcrowded. And on Friday or Saturdaynight, it might be.
Dillema Dee
23:39 06 Jan 20
Cozy bar right in heart of Amsterdam. Welcome personal and prices
Tania B.
08:50 09 Feb 15
For the craziest night out! This hidden little gem of a drag café is the only transvestite bar in town. Trannies behind the bar, but all sorts and sizes in...
Saurabh G.
09:42 31 May 13
5 stars for being one of the most fun (and hidden) spots in one of the most tourist-torn parts of the city. Every time is a great time, what with a good...

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