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Les Thermes

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Nestled in the vibrant heart of Marseille, Les Thermes - Sauna Masculin is open daily from 12:00 PM to 2:00 AM. This gay sauna spans an impressive 600m² across three levels, ensuring ample space for guests to explore and enjoy its extensive facilities.

Les Thermes sets itself apart with its thoughtfully designed space that includes a swimming pool, collective showers, a hammam, a Finnish sauna, and an array of themed cabins ranging from spacious to individual ones equipped with glory holes. The venue goes beyond traditional sauna offerings by incorporating a "Fetish Zone" in the basement, catering to a variety of tastes and preferences.

What makes Les Thermes a standout destination in Marseille's gay sauna scene is not just its facilities but also its vibrant calendar of themed events. From the welcoming Hot-Dogs Party every Monday to the electrifying Black-Out Fridays, there's something for everyone, ensuring each visit brings a new experience.

The commitment to creating a warm and welcoming environment for the LGBTQ+ community is evident through the sauna's seamless experience. With a respectable audience rating, it's clear that Les Thermes is cherished not only for its physical amenities but also for the sense of acceptance and belonging it fosters.

Whether you're looking to relax by the pool, meet new friends at the bar, or explore your wild side in the themed nights, Les Thermes offers a sophisticated and inclusive atmosphere that guarantees an unforgettable visit. With its strategic location at 22 rue Mazagran in Marseille, it's an accessible retreat for both locals and tourists seeking a friendly and engaging gay sauna experience.



Les Thermes - Sauna Gay n°1 à Marseille
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Thami El allam
21:46 01 Apr 24
This place is no longer what it used to be. The staff became increasingly cold and dry. They are no longer as commercial as before. Go your way. (I haven’t been there for over three months.)
tom tom
11:44 11 Mar 24
Passing through Marseille I went there yesterday, very clean, lots of people.Very handsome guys who let themselves be approached or not but if you don't insist it's okay. Respect is the basis. In short, I had fun...to do it again
yvan violette
20:42 23 Dec 23
Nice sauna, nice decoration 3/5Downside the pool is coldLack of product in the showerNarrow cabinMissing for my taste sling or attachment for foot and handAnd for the evening of Thursday (all naked) the towel which is still distributed is put on the shoulder but difficult to find it when you leave the hammam or sauna whereas at the waist it would avoid exchanges.Positive point in each cabin there is something to clean and leave cleanCondom availableClean place
Jake A
20:20 17 Jan 23
Nice compact place, it was smaller than I expected, but does its job. Entry was 17 euros. Main level had the bar, locker room, pool, showers, sauna, steam rooms, smoking and video room. Small basement area had a 2 cabins and a dark area. Upper level was also small with around 5 cabins and a dark area. All the guys were in towels except for steam room. There are certain themed and naked nights. Condoms and lube also free at dispensing units or at the bar. Water and biscuits/bread were complimentary. They also had free wifi. Here is some useful info:Sunday 4-8pm: Around 50-60 people, lots of people, felt rather crowded and full at times. Median age around 35-40, ranged from 25 to 60. All types of people, mainly locals. I found that only a few areas were conducive of cruising/action like in steamroom, but even then most people were shy or apprehensive. Those that hooked up seem to know each other. There were many groups of 2-3 people who all knew each other.Overall I liked how it was fairly full and mix of good looking fit people. If you're alone it might be harder to connect but I had fun with a few people.
DJ Bob06
12:20 16 Jan 23
Clean quiet empty but good vibes nice place
Didier Adrien
13:24 01 Jul 20
Nice place but that queen at the entrance and the bar must go...no manners...I would have stayed longer, but she wasn't professional at all!
Benny Kennedy
15:41 15 Feb 20
This is a very nice place. The staff was very friendly and professional. Everything was very clean and orderly. There is a beautiful pool along with a steam room and shower. The clientele was friendly and attractive.

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