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LL Showbar

Small and cosy gay bar cabaret and show bar

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Tucked away in the lively streets of Madrid, LL Showbar emerges as a vibrant gem in the city's nightlife, particularly appealing to the LGBTQ+ community. Renowned for its exhilarating drag shows and an atmosphere brimming with laughter and entertainment, this bar has become a must-visit spot for both locals and tourists alike.

Visitors often describe the environment as relaxed and funny, with a mix of local and international crowds. The drag performances are particularly praised, noted for their humor and energy, although a basic understanding of Spanish might enhance the experience. The venue, while compact, packs a punch in terms of enjoyment and interaction among patrons.

LL Showbar is not just about the shows; it's about the experience. From the friendly crowd to the chance to mingle with a diverse group of people, it's a place where memories are made. Whether you're dropping by for a drink or staying for the whole show, the bar's welcoming vibe makes everyone feel right at home.



LL Showbar
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Chetan Deshpande
23:37 31 May 24
The 2 bartenders were racist as hell. I had to leave the bar because I couldn’t take the humiliation. If you’re not Spanish, don’t step in, mark my words. I had read a similar comment before I went and it turned out to be extremely true.
Pedro Candela
22:20 18 May 24
Talentless racists. No singing, boring outfits with a bit of glitter, but be ready if you’re not Spanish because they’ll make fun of your appearance and accent and maybe even call you on the stage to make fun of you in front of everyone. We had a bad experience and I see a lot of other reviews describe very similar stories.
Alexander Tinte
21:41 04 May 24
We had fun but can’t recommend for non Spanish speakers. Also there was a lot of drag (over 2h) and not much music in between. I hoped that they would just play some music at some point or at least perform to pop music but they didn’t and brought one queen after the other. The crowd was nice though and seemed to enjoy it. I’d have loved more mix of drag performance/talking and music.
20:17 29 Apr 24
…coming from the US where most gay bars are mixed with men and women, it was SUPRISING seeing so many separated, because the girls cannot party for the life of them or dance, that’s why we need the boys to get the party started, and los reinas to keep it going all night…I love this MAGICAL place, I have never seen a bar truly bring people together in a few hours, I almost wish it stayed the same size. Todos las reinas tienen una don, sigué así!I was originally going to Tal Fulanitos and see if the girls actually could have some fun by themselves, but I knew better and turned around and spent my money here.To the LGBTQIA community, support this bar, put your money here to help build this safe place up…to the owners, please know what this place is truly worth and seek to keep it alive, not seek greed in the future.Gracias por todos y las reinas, I wish I could bring all of you to the US to show them what it could be!
02:48 24 Mar 24
Some years ago, this was a very funny place to visit. I have been here so many times during my stay in Madrid. So many drinks and beers have I bought here, spending a small fortune... but having fun.A year ago something changed and the stage was moved further inside the main room. A new owner making changes?Now once again I was in Madrid and last night when I intended to visit LL Bar and I stood in the que waiting to enter.But the doorman choosed to let a lot of girls in before us standing in que.Remember that the place is full of visitors and sometimes you have to wait for people leaving.So, I as a visitor who have and can spend money on drinks are being set back in line.The people who were let in before me don't spend money on drinks. They are just here for the show. (aka no money visitor and no profit). I have seen these people before.LL Bar used to be a gay club, even tho women are welcomed here.I left and went somewhere else and took my money with me.I dont think I will return here at all.
Evelyn Buitrago
05:54 13 Mar 24
Had a great time there. Lots of locals and the show it’s simply beautiful and soooo funny 😄
Houssam El Masri
10:10 24 Oct 23
Am a middle eastern guy living in Europe. I came here to this place just to have fun. I was drunk. They did fun of me( no right to do this as long as i am respecting everybody and respecting myself) and somebody showered me with the drink. I tried to do something but the waiter treated me so bad and took my drink instead of defending me for the bullying I had!!! I was just trying to entertain with positive vibes. Yet i was like left lonely and discriminated although i used to be always adorable and spreading positivity in other places like the night earlier. Am so disappointedI left with very bad momeries
Eric Vilain
23:23 03 Aug 23
If you want to be insulted because you are gay, this is the place to be. We were insulted with really bad words. The manager Eddie said it was more important to him to serve drinks than address homophobia issues. I feel really bad for this place. Where are the principles?
Javier B.
16:50 03 Aug 23
I was insulted by two straight couples who said I was a "fag",what!? ( they where drunk, the right thing to do is to ask them to leave) and he proceeded to...
21:41 17 Jul 23
Had fun watching the drag show at LL bar in Chueca on a Saturday night. Entry was €10 but you got 2 beers or 1 liquor with that, so definitely worth it to get some fun drag entertainment. Quite a mixed crowd of Spanish and international, so definitely a very welcoming venue to have fun in while in Madrid.
amy jo
18:33 12 Jun 23
The atmosphere is electric here. For my first drag show even in Spainish I had soooo much fun
Fernando G. Henderson
20:19 04 Jun 23
great show, drinks are okay, space is crowded and small, arrive early
Cristhian Yair Guevara Mancera
20:35 23 May 23
I came here on a Monday, at the begging I wasn’t convinced that much. But Im glad I did it. Looooved it!!! Perfect for solo travelers. The show it’s fun and variated. You get roasted in a good way. 😂Very easy to make friends and keep the party on. I tried different bars around the area and so far This was the better.
veronica duriavig
22:23 27 Apr 23
BEST experience in Madrid! 9€ entrance + 1 cocktail or 2 beers. Queens super!
Shiraz Engineer
10:39 01 Mar 23
Great bar, fantastic drag acts. They swap out regularly during the night so you’ll never get bored. Entry includes a drink and is very generous with the offerings. Bar is a little small, wish it were bigger but overall a fun night out.
Jack McKnight
09:59 10 Feb 23
This place was an absolute highlight of my visit to Madrid. As a solo traveller who can't really speak Spanish, you have so many worries about going to a bar on your own, but both the HILARIOUS drag Queens and the bartender went out of their way to ensure I had a great time. In particular, Gala von Rich went out of her way to make me feel included and we had such a laugh. It's typically €9 entry, but that includes a token to either 2 beers or one spirit drink (and with the Spanish measures, you get your money's worth!!). 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for a camp night! Whether you understand the language or not, you will have a lot of fun!
Jemma Dickson
21:42 23 Nov 22
Cute little gay bar in Chueca. We were travelling in Madrid from the UK and went along to see a drag queen night. The queens were fabulous and amazing entertainment and two of us don’t speak Spanish!!! Haha
Idan Zamir
20:23 08 Oct 22
Loved this bar!! Even in the week days there are great drag show. This is a small bar, in which you can get a drink with the entrance you pay. The drag show was great, especially if you understand Spanish, but even if not, it's a lot of fun. Would for sure come back!!
08:42 15 Sep 22
Charged €9 Entry. To get through a door to what felt like 300 trapped in a small box room. Couldn’t get to the bar at all, as everyone was sat or stood along it. By time we got a drink finally we where then told by a member of staff to move - we couldn’t even turn around it was that packed. We finally made it to the toilet entrance which was the quietest part other end of bar. Which meant to leave we had to then try and get past everyone. Surely it’s a health and safety risk having that many people in such a small enclosed space. Probably a ok bar if your a local, but if a tourist is avoid it wasn’t made to feel welcome and just squashed in to make more money.
ben knxx
13:47 29 Aug 22
Boring boring! Too much bla bla bla, less Drag Queen show! Important is paying expensive drinks inside
Javier X
07:31 27 Aug 22
It was fun, from the options in Chueca this one had a great vibe, the music was nice and the drag show funny
Francois Lamarre
14:59 26 Aug 22
We had a great time there. Went 3 nights (Monday - Wednesday) in a row. Non stop drag shows until around 3. Drag shows are in Spanish, mostly featuring Spanish songs. Some of the artists were singing live during their performances.
Dylan Boyle
08:17 11 Aug 22
A MUST if you visit Madrid and enjoy Drag shows!Friendly staff, interactive show and a great atmosphere in general.Quick service and reasonable prices.
Eli Wol
10:31 02 Jul 22
Bad...all I have to say is the worst gay bar I ever visited...no place to dance..only one of the drags was acceptable...waiting in line 1 hour is not worth it all. ....really bad place!!!!AVOID
Alon Malhi
23:10 28 Jun 22
Went there after a sudden encounter with this barSeemed to be small and very friendlyThe drag show was funny for the most part, so good choice on the shows presentedI feel like the drinks could be higher quality, but it's still a nice place to go to
Marija Radakovic
09:12 22 May 22
Amazing atmosphere and energetic performance! Wonderful and talented ladies scaled up the show to the max. There is no wonder people are queuing to see it.
Maksim Smirnov
15:45 06 May 22
Had a time of my life here!Came on a Sunday, the show was hosted by three beautiful drag queens. They sang and talked to the audience almost non-stop for about 4 hours up until the bar's closing time. The songs were well known, both Latin and western, some were performed live and some with lipsync. Can't say for everyone, but even as a non-Spanish speaker I enjoyed all of them. Also the queens frequently interacted with the audience, from what I learned there were plenty of other foreigners.The place got crowded at around 12 am, but there still was enough space for everyone, even for dancing. The staff was very friendly. The drinks are a bit expensive, but it's understandable as you pay for the show as well.I already miss this place and I wish to come back here soon!
Robert Andrew Doyle
00:23 22 Nov 21
Currently here having a fantastic time - drag queens are amazing and the entire vibe is so fun! Would highly recommend
Laura Dias
13:58 18 Sep 21
Awesome! 🏳️‍🌈
Ibrahim K
18:17 14 Sep 21
Amazing atmosphere, and very friendly, even for a non-Spanish speaker. Can't wait to visit again
krystle galea
14:17 30 Aug 21
I really enjoyed the show all of them are very good although I don't understandSpanish but made me laugh, the bar is nice and all the stuff are friendly.
Marc Felden
07:45 17 May 21
The show is low average. But the staff as mentioned in other reviews is insultingly arrogant. They literally treat you like animals. it is really a shame.
Mario Gallardo
22:54 24 Feb 20
Hours are totally incorrect, went by today while in holiday in Madrid and the place was CLOSED! Bummer!!
Pj M.
17:21 31 Jan 20
Have to chime in with my own experiences after seeing some negative reviews. Yes, the drag queens can be offensive - that's no need to lead a brigade of...
Nhu Hophan
12:05 03 Jan 20
Probably the most disappointing thing in my trip. The bar itself is super tiny with awkward lighting. The line was long. As we were waiting in line, we started reading through the reviews and noticed one of the reviewers said staff were racist towards them. Unfortunately, we didn’t heed the warnings and marched forward anyways because of the allure of free cover with a purchase or a drink that is much over priced. Within 30 seconds of being in the bar which made me feel as though we were sardines packed in a can, I was singled out by a drag queen who didn’t even bother lip syncing through 90% of the song. From the stage, she mumbled random who-know-what words that I could only interpret as Chinese towards me because I am Asian. I signaled for her to stop so she decided to switch to Japanese or some other Asian language. Feeling rather annoyed, I complained to a staff who basically suggested I get over it and that drag queen was just joking. Sure I will but I will certainly not go back and will not recommend this bar to anyone. There are many other gay bars in Madrid with excellent performers and shows but regardless of my experience, this certainly isn’t one of them....so save your money, time and go somewhere else.
Alexshakeit 111
02:40 05 Nov 19
Nice cozy bar with a great dragqueen show!
Jason Franzel
00:24 10 Oct 19
Great entertainment and bar staff. Despite the crowds during shows, they manage to keep the drink orders moving no matter where you are in the bar. I'll definitely be going back again during my trip.
Alex I
04:23 13 Jul 19
I just made one step from the entrance door and immediately a staff member asked me to go and purchase a drink. Wait a minute! Let me make myself comfortable and see how the place is and then I will get a drink. It was really rude and really putted me off staying in this place. The crowd wasn't that vibrant and what I managed to see of the drag show was ... awful. I stayed no longer than 2 min in the bar and the same staff member watched me like he is gonna kill me if I don't buy a drink. I had to pretend that I have a phone call to get out of this horrible place. Please do not go there. I am not sure is it just me but I can see other similar comments. What a horrible attitude in 21st century. I will never go there again. Will share my experience to all friends who I know and I hope no one of them go there.
Sina Y.
01:49 15 May 19
The drag queens were super funny. They tried to make everyone welcome by asking where they are from. Even tho I didn't speak much Spanish but I still...
Cindy Y.
15:40 01 Dec 18
SUCH A TERRIBLE ESTABLISHMENT and I will leave terrible reviews of this place on every platform and recommend all my friends to do the same until this issue...
Moshe H.
17:14 04 Apr 18
Nice place great in chueca. They had good prices (2 drinks for 8 or 12 euros), live drag shows and good vibes
Marqus R.
06:11 10 May 13
This is a little hole in the wall type of place located in the "gayborhood" of Madrid. It's a little dance place but basically a comedy drag lip sync place...

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