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Based in Scotland, Luke & Jack is one of Europe's leading independent adult retailers serving a wide selection of sex toys, underwear, lingerie, and erotic accessories. Our Glasgow store is open 7 days a week and our website offers delivery across Europe.



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Gina Bertolacci
22:59 01 Jun 24
The loveliest and most helpful staff and a fantastic shop of delights!!!
elsie mckinning
08:05 30 May 24
i was excited to visit again but was left disappointed. The staff are not as friendly or helpful and are very awkward which isn’t helpful considering it shouldn’t be a place you feel awkward/ashamed to visit.I spoke to people online about my visit and was very upset to learn luke & jack employ a known groomer, i confirmed this with a current staff member and they are also disgusted at his presence. I can only hope this changes to be a safe space for the lgbtq+ community as it certainly isn’t that at this point in time.
Joseph M
07:14 09 Apr 24
FINALLY, a one stop shop where I can pick up my anal beads AND get that son of a ****** neighbour of mine arrested. I'll teach him for throwing leaves in my yard. This is place is so convenient!!!
Stephen Clark
15:27 08 Dec 23
Luke and jack is my all, time favourite shop in glasgow I cant sit with exitment after my visits
Grahame Thomson
14:46 16 Nov 23
It's okay but it's a small shop and I would prefer if there was more of a selection for gay men.
J Love
13:09 30 Jul 23
Staff are rude and awkward if you do not have ID, was stopped at the door and denied access despite being 25 and covered in tattoos. Apparently you need ID to buy underwear now?Edit: allow me to clarify since the shop has assumed my complaint is on allowing children in the shop? The ID requirement isn't the issue, but rather the lack of basic care and consideration I experienced during my visit. Allowing someone to walk onto the shop floor and then loudly calling them out for ID across the room when they are visibly not a child and not causing any disruption is never okay, it's embarrassing and does not promote a calm shopping experience. Approaching people one-on-one with kindness and discression, saying hello and then asking if they have ID is always the way to go. Or even better, if me being a child was actually the main concern, would it not be more responsible to ask for ID before people enter so that children can't just walk freely into a sex shop? After all, I was not 'refused entry', I was kicked out after I had already entered and began shopping.I'm sure other staff members are lovely and professional, however I did not experience this on my visit and can not recommend this shop to anyone who struggles with anxiety or who likes to shop discreetly.
J Love
12:12 18 May 23
Staff are rude and awkward if you do not have ID, was stopped at the door and denied access despite being 25 and covered in tattoos. Apparently you need ID to buy underwear now?
John Paul O'Neil
15:28 07 Apr 23
Excellent service especially from the cute bearded bear who helped me pick out latex shorts for my first ever bear event!
Kukka Q
16:06 07 Dec 22
5 star experience - friendly, helpful staff and wide range of toys and lingerie to choose from.
Kayleigh Monaghan
19:28 12 Nov 22
Great selection of products and really lovely and helpful staff
K Chung
14:12 10 Oct 22
Great shop n friendly staff
Millan Bryson-Sword
09:41 29 Jun 22
Friends of mine have been in before and used card to pay but i was wondering are you able to pay with cash
Jason Thomas
08:47 09 Apr 22
The best. Super friendly and helpful service. I was surprised by the huge range of products and ended up finding some great deals in the clearance section. We'll be back!
Cheryl Cold
08:01 02 Apr 22
2018 - We always stop in and buy something when we visit the UK. Great people and choice of products, not the slightest bit sleezy. Edit- returned to the UK and looked forward to visiting. Due to strict Covid regulations on entering (this is April 2022 now), we decided not to go in.
Susan Burrow
15:20 15 Sep 21
What a great store! I was a wee bit nervous going in as this was my first time but the staff were so friendly, helpful and super informative. They were really patient with me, answering all my questions, and helped me find something suited to me personally. I can’t wait to go back and get more stuff! Cheers guys 👍
David Caulfield
14:51 09 Mar 21
With a wide range of products and a knowledgeable staff what more could you ask for. Its a great place to shop.
David Thomas
13:19 30 Jun 20
Luke & Jack is an excellent welcoming store in the heart of Glasgow's Gay village off Glassford Street (you may see the old Jacobean Corsetry sign, they are to the left of that sign, diagonally facing the Riding Room & Delmonica's. With friendly staff who give you the space to browse and help keep you right about what goes best with what if you have any doubts. Always willing to discuss your needs with you and with years of professional experience behind them, you can be assured there is no need to be embarrassed about your enquiry. Can't find what your after - ask - bring an ad with you so the store have something to go on. I can vouch for their trustworthiness, I've known and respected the proprietors for just shy of twenty years. Really decent and friendly team.
James Neville
15:35 13 Mar 20
Super happy to see goods for trans masc people available in a variety of styles and colours. Really helpful staff and good selection of fun looking things! Much less cis male heavy than I'm used to in this kind of setting. The future of queer adult shops is exciting!
15:08 01 Feb 20
Me and my other half were in today, 1st time being in today and I have to say can’t wait to be back. Start to finish one of the owners helped us and was absolutely fantastic! Every member of staff we spoke to were extremely helpful and the vibe in the shop was so chilled and relaxed. A huge selection of toys and goodies, all ranging from the vanilla side to the extreme BDSM side of things. Something for everyone! If you’re wanting a great range of toys and outfits, then this is the place to go people! 🙂
Billy Nugent
17:42 29 Sep 19
Popped in with my wife and were immediately welcomed by the young ladies working there who were very helpful and knowledgeable and we loved the whole relaxed ambience of the place.Downstairs we were greeted by a very nice young guy, equally as helpful and cheery - Of course we had to buy something...but what, dear reader, is a secret...We shall return...
12:21 07 Sep 19
Fantastic shop, I've been going here for years and have introduced all of my partner's to it as well, the staff incredibly kind and knowledgeable, they recommend the best toys for you not just the most expensive one in the shop. I especially like the red headed guy, he's always up for a laugh even though I only ever go 10 minutes before closing. I wish they stocked plus size lingerie, especially wet look, but they stock absolutely everything else (including Crisco) so I can't complain too much. Their website is also one of the easiest to use and navigate for sex toys. I'll always recommend the in-store experience though, especially now that they have opened up the second floor!
Ross K.
21:16 15 Jan 19
I first discovered this shop just before New Years. Boy was I excited spent nearly £200 that day. Lovely staff on shift very friendly and helpful most...
Rob K.
01:41 25 Aug 14
L&J's has had quite an extensive rearrange since I last visited. It caters mainly to gay men - but I'm sure most folks would be able to find something fun...
Caleb D.
11:55 25 Feb 12
For the Gallery space downstairs...Never been here before. Never knew it existed. Now I do. Now I'll be back. So what's the beef? I popped along here...

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