Maggie Choo’s

Maggie Choo’s

Magical underground cabaret

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Magical underground cabaret full of mystery, romance, jazz, reminiscent of Shanghai 1930.

Maggie Choo’s was named after Shanghai cabaret owner who fled her hometown in 1931 following the Japanese invasion that tore the city.

Shortly after arriving in Bangkok, she found a 19th century Thai Chinese shoe box restaurant crammed into a basement 10 meters below Silom road serving authentic Thai chinese shophouse food.

When one day, she discovered behind the walls in the corner of the restaurant an entrance that lead to a derelict 19th century East India company bank built in 1847 used for storing porcelain and spices that the British used to carry back to England for Queen Victoria, her past caught up with her and she converted the old bank into a cabaret, just like when she used to back in Shanghai.

Today the cabaret is yet to be revived again ...



Maggie Choo's
Based on 1185 reviews
mark rijsdijk
14:28 20 Feb 24
Maggie Choo's is a nightclub with fantastic cocktails, fingerfood, great service, good music, both dj and live bands and it has an luxourious underground feel...Go see this place... it is one of a kind in Bangkok. Close to Leboua
04:14 18 Feb 24
Just came here for a poetry night so this is just the review for an “event” vibe and the space.This place is absolutely beautiful. From the entrance down the steps into the space.As an American in Hospitality Management, there is so much that can be done with this amazing space. It reminds me of the BOX NYC and London as far as atmosphere. If this place was that….it would be the BEST SPOT IN BANGKOK. There’s so much that can be done hereThe bar is perfectly positioned in the center of the space. The private cave dining areas are superb. Seating is arranged in the most perfect way.This is the type of space where I would love to create specific nightlife parties for because it draws in mystery and fun.Lighting is perfection. Decor 💯Would love to return on a normal night.
Danny V
18:55 06 Feb 24
Amazing bar. Amazing staff. We were amazed by the athmosphere and great music in here. The interior felt cozy, sofisticated and drinks I can only recommend, especially Lady Smith’s drink ;).Shout-out to the pleasent server lady and bartender tonight!
Stefan Spahn
02:46 31 Jan 24
Years ago I found out about this bar through a friend and it was awesome. Had to walk through a noodle shop first, no more noodle soups sold anymore now. Bar has an awesome decor. Good music. Lights are dimmed so will give you the intimate time. Bar belongs to the Novotel Fenix which recently changed ownership and is now a Hilton. You can expect really good cocktails and service is excellent.We will be back for sure.
Kazungu Jacob
17:15 30 Jan 24
We were the only ones in the club but the DJ refused to play music we could dance even though we requested.Generally the atmosphere is good but if you want African music is less likely you will get it.
Vicki Ritchie
09:11 29 Jan 24
A wonderful experience. The atmosphere is wonderful. Try their special apple cocktail … the best ever. They had great music as well.
Mola Mola
17:56 14 Jan 24
Pretty cool bar with live music and excellent cocktails. They have separées where you can smoke. Weed is not allowed i think, at least they complained when i lit a massive Jo there. Also, theres a dresscode. The bouncer will try to convince you to tip him for a blind eye, i dont think thats really necessary though. Would recommend a reservation.
Tuomas Kiviranta
14:04 24 Dec 23
Overall a good place with eating, dancing and cocktail possibilities. A bit quiet though if it’s not a special night.
Mike Francis
15:24 30 Nov 23
Great drinks and atmosphere even if the music was too loud to hear yourself talk 🙂 we loved it
Rory Burns
21:38 18 Nov 23
Used to be thee place but live music gone and worse the lovely oriental girls are finished.we were here in September and the nice bar manager said they are closing for a month 😟Such a shame as it was my go too club for years .
melisa ann
09:54 29 Oct 23
It was pretty empty for a Friday night and they apparently don't do live music anymore. Only a deejay was playing for the night. Service was great but food was rather salty. I had higher expectations for this place.
Tanapat Apiwantanakul
14:44 07 Jul 23
I stumbled upon this hidden gem of a bar and was instantly captivated by its unique vibe and enchanting atmosphere. The remarkable cocktail menu was a true highlight, with each drink crafted as a masterpiece, bursting with flavors that delighted my taste buds. The ambiance, curated decor, soft lighting, and carefully chosen music created an immersive and unforgettable experience. The staff's warm hospitality and extensive knowledge of the menu added an extra layer of enjoyment. Whether for a date or a night out with friends, this bar is a must-visit, guaranteeing an exceptional cocktail selection and an ambiance that transports you. I can't wait to return and explore more of their enticing menu. Cheers to the team behind this remarkable establishment!
Alex Monsen
01:13 24 Apr 23
Had a great Sunday night. For two boys who walked in without a reservation we were treated SO well. The host Ken was wonderful, funny and made us feel very special. The bar staff were friendly and talented and always smiling. The drag queens were the most entertaining and polished we’d seen in Bangkok. We’ll definitely come back.
13:50 22 Feb 23
Great experience. The only thing that I don't like is the smell of smoke. The performance of the singers and the unique place are double thumbs up for me.
namjai painai (น้ําใจ ไปไหน)
03:20 19 Feb 23
I've been there as a random club with my friend. Nice cocktail price start from 350 plus service charge 10% and 7% vat. Has show and live band.
alex dragoi
16:12 16 Feb 23
I would say there is anything bad inherently about Maggie's but somehow I had higher expectations and it turned out a bit boringA bastion of "speakeasy" entertainment in Asia, the group of bars (Kuala Lumpur felt much better) offers a mix of old Indochina decor and entertainment, in this case there was a live band (from Switzerland) which was performing some delicious jazz and fun (not the serious jazz style of bamboo bar) + some Asian girls dancing in sync (1920 -30s style)I would say the dance was far less intriguing than i was expecting and the whole bar atmosphere was a bit off, maybe too commercial, maybe not their best day, maybe not the full crowd hour, but i LL give them another chance.
Dorman Land
13:30 13 Feb 23
Sunday's are the best. The shows are exceptional and the staff is very friendly. The ambience is dead in speakeasy. Dress up and step out. Love this place.
Alex Anderson
06:24 01 Jan 23
Hip spot in the basement of a hotel. We saw a live jazz/rock band who played many hits. There was plenty of seating around the stage and they were great! Attentive service as we listened. There were showgirls walking around who did a cabaret number during the band’s break, which was a delight! Really cool bar, good for a chill yet fun night out.
Brian Luck
15:40 19 Dec 22
A unique place reminiscent of an Asian speakeasy/opium denFantastically appointed and decorated with superb style and glamourEven has ladies behind beaded curtains laying on ledges above the barGreat entertainment and cocktails and places to sit and chill outEven has swings which ladies useBut don't be misled, this is a classy joint, not seedy at all. Don't go there if you're expecting Pat Pong, it's not that.This is smart, elegant and beautiful
Valeria Parkhomenko
07:51 06 Nov 22
Quite a special place. Music is funky, surprising, and a few levels higher than anything I’ve heard in BKK in a week! (From clubs and bars). This is not a regular “get stuffed like an animal” place, it has culture, it brings feelings!
Hardy Ying
14:55 23 Oct 22
Very good new dancer, but the wine and the host is not so good.
A Amor
13:15 24 Sep 22
I remember the amazing Maggie Choo before the COVID.After my last visit September 2022, I was really disappointed. Loud music and over priced drinks (I don't mind the prices, if you go back to the real Maggie Choo).
G Elan
09:08 04 Sep 22
Dazed and confusedIt appears that the programming of Maggie Choo's on Saturday night is suffering from long-term Covid symptoms. It haphazard mush up of loud danceable music, punctuaged at the top of the hour of a 1950s dance routine, followed by loud music. It repeated over and over again.Not until 11:30 pm that male dancers(not strippers or go-go dancers) appear. I give them a PG rating. While the club boasts no cover charge, expect to pay premium prices on drinks for show events, plus a 10% service charge on top of that.It sad sight on so many levels, people wanting to dance, but why would you, when a dance show is going interrupt you or what watching people leave at 10:30 pm due to bored?Don't get me wrong, the place has potential: has easy-speak location and deco, strong drinks, and attentive staff (who seem to occupy their time taking club FB photos).
Michael Sherwen
05:54 02 Sep 22
The queens performing were brilliant! Just be aware of the dress code, men in trousers and no sandals.
Alice Lane
18:11 25 Aug 22
We went away immediately as the guy at the entrance was looking at my bf and I fromhead to toe - with a very judgmental eye.We were just looking for a drink, after an amazing dinner at a Michelin starred restaurant.(So our dresses and look were def on point)Anyway our money was happier in our wallet 😅
Bud Gillespie
02:15 25 Jul 22
great small bar in silom Novotel hotel. Was closed 2 years and reopen recently but still good fun although not as many people
Lon Kingofclubs
03:43 13 Jul 22
Very nice place! Perfect for a special event. This venue probably fit 300 people (standing).
Michael Worth
13:42 04 Jul 22
Great Sunday evening at Maggie Choo's - drag show and excellent host in Amadiva 👌👌 Interesting interior, I believe was originally a bank vault 🙏🙏
Jordan DeForest
09:26 03 Jul 22
Very cool venue! The dance floor is small but what it lacks in space it more than makes up fir in vibe. You can reserve tables and vaults, which are cute lounges set into the walls. Gogo boys are cute and the girls tantalize you from above the bar. Clientele skews younger.
Himalay Dassani
04:23 29 Jun 22
Kitchen not operational and no crowd totally empty
Ceri M
04:17 29 May 21
Love love love. Especially during weekdays when it’s not as crowded.
April Wintle
00:07 27 Dec 20
Omg the coolest looking place! Service was awesome, drinks were delicious!! Yasmin and the guy were AMAZING singers and so entertaining !! I had so much fun for a girls night out bday celebration. They sang happy birthday and brought ppl on stage and included everyone in dancing and singing.
Maria Rios
15:34 12 Sep 20
Y’all should announce on your website that you are temporary closed! Came this way for nothing.
Paul G
15:45 02 Aug 20
Lovely Jazz club filled with locals. Really good selection of drinks and a super funky club. Next time I'm in Bangkok I'm going straight here! 🙂
Nolan McDonald
18:59 25 Feb 20
Bit more of a cocktail angled club than a proper speak easy. Went late on a tuesday, it was empty - might be a fun party on busy nights, but not an intimate vibe. comfortable seating and decent aspects to the decor, but it's a big place with some stage lighting, disco balls, and cheap led lighting under the bar. Drink options somewhat interesting, but very carelessly made. A play on a gin and tonic which tasted predominantly of sugar and litchi with two long and awkwardly thick cucumber slices dangling off the edges. A negroni watered down by small ice cubes that tasted like they added a bit of give spice and put a piece of star anise in it. Again, was a quiet night, and not a destination for great cocktails, but appeared to have the potential to be a lively drink spot

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