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Our gay sauna in Budapest welcomes gay and bisexual men who are looking for a safe, discreet and hygienic place to meet, date or just relax.

Not only can you relax ..... but play to your heart's content.

Dive into our brand new Jacuzzi, let the stress out in our Sauna World, loose yourself in the Steam Room, cruise the Labyrinth or enjoy the strong hands of our Masseurs. Then simply relax in our Lounge with a hot coffee or a cold drink. Meet the locals and the visitors. Stay for a minute or a day. The choice is up to you.

Magnum Sauna has been welcoming gay and bisexual men in Budapest since 2001. We offer Budapest's largest steam room, jacuzzi, sauna experiences and the largest cruising area in the city.

We look forward to your visit and hope you enjoy your stay in Budapest.



Magnum Sauna
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Alberto Costa
04:02 07 Sep 23
It looks like a nice place, but only at first glance! If you are a tourist, you have to pay a double entry price because you do not have a membership card. Not HUF 4,400, but HUF 8,500. That's 22 euros. The sauna entrance fee is the same in any European capital. But there is no membership card, they decide who is a member and who is not. The staff only tried to explain unpleasantly, the receptionist did not speak English, the cleaner spoke English. It was a fun experience! The earlier review from a guy that this sauna is a tourist trap is true! The staff is rude, they barely understand English, the sauna guests are 50-60-70 years old, the sauna looks clean, the jacuzzi water has an unpleasant smell, the steam sauna also has an unpleasant smell. I do not recommend this place to anyone! But if you like very old guys and you don't care about being damaged with money, this sauna might be the right place for you!
Krzysztof Turczyn
17:09 14 Aug 23
The facilities are very nice and clean. The people who said that the place is dirty are obnoxious lier - probably have some issues with themselves, got no attention and left disappointed. I came here on Saturday night mainly for the facilities but also would not mind a small action, unfortunately did not find any. I was here 7,5 hrs on Saturday night. Being in my early 30s I lowered the average age to 60 I’d say. During the whole evening there was 1 person below 30 and maybe another 3-4 people in their 30s. Great majority was 60+ and I am talking like 80% of guests. Also, what other reviews say: very local which is great, because the locals are the motor for the business. But it does create certain aura. Hungarians are not as open as Latinos or Spaniards so you would not find people talking with each other. It’s mostly local group.So if you are searching for nice, clean spa. Come here! It’s great.If you would like to have some action along way, unless you prefer older crowd you might not find what you are looking for.
Sam Karl
21:51 18 Jul 23
Went on a Tuesday night so wasn’t too busy (but that was to be expected). Staff clearly couldn’t be bothered to stay open and decided to start closing at just past 11pm. TV etc was turned off way before and lights were turned on at 11:20 and everybody was kicked out. I’ve been to saunas all over the world and this was hands down the worst. Waste of money - avoid, avoid, avoid.
17:50 06 Jul 23
Come here and Support the Community. I come here on Wednesday. Drink two Beers here. Stuff was so nice. The have one Big Yakuzi. And a Lot of Dark Places. So come here. Kiss
Craig Gadd
19:52 22 Jun 23
Very unfriendly staff, 69 sauna is so much more welcoming. The people in the sauna were lovely but the staff are really unpleasant. I've been to many saunas around the world and have never experienced such hostile staff. I would really recommend 69 sauna, but not this one. Me and my partner both thought the same. Seriously guys, your ego is unfortunate you're so awful. Expensive drinks and very disappointing attitude. I'd avoid just because of the repugnant staff 0 points from us. A real shame.
P Gaz
19:57 15 Jun 23
I can attest as an English speaking person that their membership system indeed does work and it’s not a scam. It’s clearly outlined on the website and you have to physically ask for the card on your first visit. Once you have your third visit, you are automatically a member. I didn’t ask for the card on the first but that’s my mistake. System is merely meant to reward locals or frequent visitors. If you’re there for one weekend, no you won’t become a member, but I don’t know any other bathhouse in the world that gives a free membership and half price after your third visit. Also on the website if it’s your first time, they’ll actually give you free entry. The review below is completely in error which describes the membership system as a scam. I love this sauna, Friday nights are amazing. It’s huge multi leveled, very clean and on my second visit, someone took the time to completely show me around the club, because it is a bit of a maze which I like. Definite must see in Budapest
Antun Simić
23:36 05 Jun 23
According to Google Maps, the world's best gay sauna. Well, l haven't been to many, but of those I've visited it is indeed the best one.Compared to average gay saunas, the patrons are a lot more talkative and interested in getting to know each other. They come from all over the globe and vary a lot in age as well. Most aren't Hungarian.It's also very clean, and the steam rooms are of high quality.Spanning across 2 floors, it's also quite spacious.Lots of young, hot guys at the Friday night naked event, as others have noticed.The staff are friendly.
Duck Montréal
14:14 05 Jun 23
Have been there on a Sunday evening. Huge place, a lot of playrooms, good saunas, friendly staff. I had some fun, but stayed only about 2 hours, I felt that some locals (not all) don't tolerate foreigners. They just have to remember that Budapest is a very touristic city or maybe I haven't been lucky being there that day, what I hope so.
shlomo sh.
14:48 31 May 23
The vacation is over, what a shame, my last day at Magnum Sauna after a three-week's time to say goodbye and say thank you to all the staffThe place is very clean in all areas, it is true that the place is a bit small compared to saunas throughout Europe, but for me it is my favorite place with a very pleasant atmosphere.I liked Wednesdays. It is highly recommended to visit the place. Thanks again to all the staff, everyone is kind.I give the place 5 stars.
Manu Manu
12:52 01 May 23
Great huge sauna. Must try the Friday night dark & naked event. Very well organized and clean. It’s so huge that you could get a bit lost on the 1st visit. Friday night after 10pm has really lots of hot guys and mix crowd. Must go for some fun in Budapest. Bring your own lube as it’s not provided in the cabins.
James Bodnarchuk
06:37 20 Mar 23
Fantastic, one of the best gay saunas I've been to, anywhere in the world. Very clean space, lots of lit and lots of dark areas. Steam sauna area is huge. The staff is friendly and professional. I paid for an hour long massage and it was one of the best I've ever had, and great value! It was sexy but not sexual, exactly what I wanted! The guys visiting the bathhouse were diverse, hot, and not pretentious; people were actually having fun not just walking around staring at each other. This place will be on my must-visit list every time I'm in Budapest. Probably going back tonight!
Léo Rousseau
05:00 20 Mar 23
The entrance fees are unfair. It costs less than half the entrance price for locals. I met a Hungarian guy. He had to pay HUF 4,000. I had to pay HUF 8,500. The staff justifies this with the club membership system. The club membership system works in such a way that if you are Hungarian, you are a club member. But if you are a tourist and speak English, you are not a club member. I have no problem paying this amount. The problem is that this is immoral money-making. I do not recommend this place!
Dev Cooper
18:30 04 Mar 23
The owner / at the reception is a very sweet and a humble person assisting you and he is very welcoming. I went on a Friday which also has naked parties where you are without your towel. Best sauna, best dark rooms, best experience of mix crowd and it’s a delight.
Ward Shiban
19:58 27 Feb 23
The owner is the most gracious gentleman I've met since I came to Budapest. The staff are polite and took the time to tell me how things worked since it's my first time. Thank you for a memorable night.Patrons are respectable and there are ppl from everywhere and every age group and body type :)Lots of rooms and different Saunas so you won't get bored.10/10 ... If your looking for a fun time and a hospitable atmosphere this is the place.I'll be coming back soon.
Olie F
21:15 13 Feb 23
Firstly, I would like to thank the good-looking owner, János for his warm hospitality and kindness to ease my anxiety (and shyness ☺️). Thank you for taking the time to show me around the place and sharing some practical tips (and the drinks, of course).The sauna is exceptional. The crews are great, friendly, and very helpful (shout-out to Gabriel!). The crowd was great and friendly as well. With regards to the facility, a clean towel, sandals, and a locker key are provided at the counter. The sauna is modern and has a beautiful interior, well-equipped, clean, and well-maintained. It has a nice sizeable jacuzzi, steam room, relaxing areas, and a well-thought labyrinth (and exciting areas) so that we don't get bored spending hours inside the premise. There are different types of dry saunas on the second floor and a number of seating areas at every corner of the premise.For a first-timer, I felt comfortable and enjoyed my time there. Well done and highly recommended. I'll be back, definitely!😉
Alex crowson
19:02 13 Jan 23
Mostly old creepy men....the 'pool' is not much larger than my bath tub lol...only fits 8! So not ideal on busy times...everywhere else is spacious...
21:59 22 Dec 22
We went there on Tuesday and Thursday close to Christmas time.Price is fair for both entrance and beer, environment is good, clean. Staff are nice and helpful. If you are curious, and like sauna, this is right place.
21:39 20 Dec 22
I liked it so much !The 4* only because such a diverse age , and I cannot tolerate when somebody touch me without my approval, so not respectful … but of course it’s not the place fault just stup* ppl and old ones there mostly
Симеон Симеонов
22:05 26 Nov 22
The staff is great, very friendly and hospitable and warm . The place also, its clean and the beer is good.U can also pay by card there.Keep the good job guys!XoXo
Yven Van Der Wal
19:39 01 Nov 22
The sauna has a lot of facilities which will make the average visitor more than happy. For us, this was a first (visiting Magnum). We got cold feet a couple of minutes after we undressed because some of the other men were a bit overwhelming. The staff can not be responsible for the behaviour of its clients. However, since we did not use the facilities and were only in for 15 minutes (half of this time was undressing and getting dressed again), we did not expect to pay the full price. We paid nonetheless, but we think that the staff missed here an opportunity to show some customer care and understanding. Especially since it was the same person at the front desk who welcomed us.
MrTorstai “MrTorstai”
18:47 26 Sep 22
Mixed crowd, and I had a lot of fun every time I went there. Very friendly staff, looking after the premises all the time, thus it is very clean and tidy. Looking forward to visiting again
19:15 21 Sep 22
The high price reflects that it's not purely hook up place but also is a spa with very hot Finnish sauna, bio/aroma sauna, salt room, and infrared room. They have rain shower and cold basket feature I never seen before (been in bath houses all over Europe and Americas). Music is not too loud and not obnoxious, chill out kind of style. Patrons are friendly and respectful.
Iv Smart
16:54 11 Sep 22
I do not know about the people who complained and what they expect from an establishment like this, but it’s perfectly okay. The guys at the front desk are very polite, service oriented … the prices are clearly displayed … the place is clean and has many possibilities… keep up the good work boys … I will be back 😉
Tomas Chupek
06:45 23 Aug 22
Very clean, friendly, interesting space, good vibe, one of the best gay sauna I've ever been.
Heiliger Satyr
06:07 08 Aug 22
If you are a tourist and you don't speak any Hungarian they will charge you double (around 20$) because you "don't have a membership card". It is nothing unheard of. Except, fun fact: the membership card doesn't even exist. They will decide who is a "member" and who isn't. But they will give foreigners a card with a stamp. If you get three stamps you can enter a fourth time for free. Maybe you really like old and fat guys and want to come back every day during your trip to Budapest, who knows.
Robert Barbora
10:09 14 May 22
The sauna itself is good, the labyrinth is great, however, the servise and atmosphere not so great. The staff tried to charge us double the price. When we asked why they lowered the price without questioning, but still adding few thousands extra. When we asked why they corrected it - a warning to all tourists, be careful. They always try this with tourists. Regarding the atmosphere - very cheap and tacky design, with sport channels playing in the TV. The avarage age is 40+ ... but on a good note, the sauna is clean and the whole area is massive.
Donovan Shave
12:53 01 May 22
great place to have fun and relaxe, recomend to all to visit while stay in budapest, friday and sunday best days. can be little warmer for my taste. Not too much action and when is a lot of people there...
Miloš Mitić
10:40 01 May 22
Good space,not bad atmosphere,need to be a little bit more clean and warm for a sauna…And i had a bad experience, i mean if your work time at Friday until 4a.m do not rush guests starting to turn on lights at 3a.m its just not polite and ok!
Donovan Shave
21:30 27 Apr 22
great place to have fun and relaxe, recomend to all to visit while stay in budapest, friday and sunday best days. can be little warmer for my taste.
Roberto Ramos
09:19 22 Apr 22
Too good to go..the best of the best sauna in the heart of the budapest...
Sergio luque
21:55 17 Apr 22
Service was good so if you're actually looking for sauna experience - go for it. Unfortunately 'party' on Friday was just a rule regarding no towels in most of sauna while the main room with tv is showing random movie aired on public tv at the moment.
Michal Fabrycy
15:14 28 Mar 22
What can you expect from gay sauna?To be clean, to meet nice people, to relax and/or have fun.I believe this sauna fulfills all of above.Price is maybe a bit high but you get towel, clean flip-flops and unlimited access to all saunas, jacuzzi, labyrinths and relax zones.I think I'll visit this place again.
PRess Serbia
12:30 20 Feb 22
Our travel part of company was very satisfy with this sauna.Very huge sauna with a lot of facilities for LGBT .Popular day is friday.
Victor Lilov
19:37 24 Jan 22
One of the best gay saunas in Europe.
Mohamad Ali El Zein
10:46 17 Jan 22
Had fun! Many people!Crowded after 1 am 😉 so don’t go early if u want have funStaff is so friendly and kind
DJ Fragma feat. Zsolt Zoltán Varga
13:32 05 Jan 22
It is very cool place, kind, polite staff.And of course exciting guys😉
Hadi Hadi
17:04 26 Dec 21
I am from Saudi Arabia I will come soon
Vladimirs Konstantinovs (Konstik)
13:25 18 Dec 21
I was there. AMAZING and very sexy
Hüseyin Ali KUDRET
06:00 03 Dec 21
Might be the biggest yee I've been to in budapest! The venue consists of two floors. sauna, steam room, jacuzzi it has everything (of course I can add that they are a little small). other than that, the bar is very large and fun. The employees there are very friendly and helpful people. The average age of the customers is not always the same, I can say that there are people of almost all ages. I also liked the dark rooms. I highly recommend you go!
Wade Wilson
11:39 04 Nov 21
Place is good, saunas are very good. Dark rooms have plenty of space.On Friday night filled with desperate men 😀
Milos Mitic
08:15 31 Jul 21
Stuff is great and very helpful. I was there on Friday night and there were many good looking guys. I recommend the place. 🙂
Baber Khan
12:45 03 Mar 20
Totally discreet, friendly people, reasonable price. Nice clean and hygienic.
Dersite Prince
22:22 07 Jan 20
Amazing place, friendly staff, great music, lots of nice customers. The place is also quite cheap and under 30s get a discount aswell! Strongly recommend it to any gay men visiting Budapest
Brian Morrison
15:52 20 Dec 19
I have to say that this place I is AWESOME! They had everything you would expect from a men's sauna and more. Steam and dry saunas, a cold bath , SALT room, infrared room, nice sized hot tub, a lounge foe drinks and a massage therapist on site.The guy at the reception was really nice... men of all types, ages and interests were there... just a SUPER fun time. I will definitely be back when I return next week! I highly recommend this place if you're ever in Budapest.
Shawn Zhong
22:35 22 Oct 19
I had a great sauna in here. The place is quite clean and tidy. The receptionist is very polite and friendly. I liked the wet sauna on the first floor. Almost at the end, I luckily found that there is dry sauna on the second floor. In summary, it is a fantastic place that is highly recommended for boys/men. Will go back again at the end of this trip.

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