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First opening its doors in 1989, Micky’s nightclub and gay bar has established itself as the go-to venue for strong drinks, great music, and delicious eye candy. Micky’s is one of the longest running, most successful, gay owned and operated nightclubs. It continues to please the crowd with top-notch DJs, state of the art audio & visual elements, and a modern atmosphere. Night after night, guests are awed by the experience that Micky’s provides, leaving them with unforgettable memories and new connections. Featuring a variety of themed nights and music genres, Micky’s is the destination for the ultimate nightlife experience.

Micky’s is also famed for their Friday and Saturday night afterhours, being the only nightclub in West Hollywood to stay open after 2am. Because the fun doesn’t have to stop just because it’s after last call.



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DaNasha Williams
05:41 02 May 24
I had fun, but one of the servers were extremely rude. He was giving strawberry shots and “provided” service, but he looked at me in a disgusting way. There was the second guy who also served strawberry shots and he was extremely nice. The first guy with the tattoos was nice to my friend, but not nice to me.
Lexi Watson
22:35 22 Apr 24
My friend got their phone and wallet stolen from here! The bouncers smirked and charged us $20 cover to come scope the place trying to find their missing phone! I am pretty sure the security was in on it and possibly one of the dancers took it bc they were super handsy and kept getting close to my friend!
Brent B.
02:16 21 Apr 24
When did you start charging? The one thing gay bars are/were was inclusive. Now $20 to get in. Just wanted a drink. After 20 years of patronage it was nice...
Adam Rowe
06:20 31 Mar 24
We were walking in the rain and were drawn in my the hot guy dancing on the front stage about 8 pm on a Saturday. The drinks were awesome prices for happy hour. More dancers came out to dance around 9:30 and it was so fun. All the dancers were so hot. Way better than the abbey.Carlos made our night so fun. Thank you to all the staff and dancers who made us feel welcome.
Ash Purcell
01:46 31 Mar 24
I’ve been coming here for years. Super fun bar. Highly recommend doing the drag brunch. It was only $5 per person and we got our own table. Definitely worth it.We ordered food. It comes from a nearby restaurant. Excellent. Hot and fast.Service was amazing. Our server was on it. Made sure my drink was never out. Shout out Kai!Everyone was working hard to make sure you had a great experience. Thanks for a great day out! Had a blast.
Dr. Joseph Boodaghi
23:10 24 Mar 24
I had my wallet stolen here 2 weeks ago, someone barely touched my jeans pocket and wallet was stolen. It was a horrible experience and I will never go back.Drinks are 20 $ and badly made. Security doesn’t respond to my requests to help recover my wallet 30 seconds after it was stolen. Only at this place have had things stolen from the inside of my jeans. And my leather jacket but I chased them and took it back. So much crime at mickeys. Be careful
Dr. Joseph B.
00:15 21 Mar 24
this place is a dump. Full of low class, trashy people who do not have a life.each time I have gone, once someone tried to steal my leather jacket, and I...
Elizabeth A.
16:39 19 Mar 24
Good place nice ambience I love this place its vibe everyone is friendly we went on a friday and idk if it was too early wasn't very crawded compared to...
e p
10:58 17 Mar 24
Your phone gets stolen but I have a huge feeling that security is in it.. Security doesn't allow you go back and check and when you inform them miraculous your phone is off. When I used a friend's phone the location was still inside the club.
Caitlin G.
14:38 02 Mar 24
don't come here if you want to keep your things. It was my first time here and I lost my keys. Staff is extremely unhelpful and won't answer the phone. It...
Daniel R.
18:38 29 Feb 24
I love, love this place!!! Always amazing place to visit. The staff are always super friendly and have amazing attitudes. The food tastes so delicious and...
Adam Brach
09:56 13 Feb 24
great evening at Micky's seeing 2 legendary ru gals. the fem bartender with the short hair was hospitable and friendly, and the Modelo on draft hit the spot.
06:43 13 Feb 24
Great vibe, casual, fun, great music. Drag shows on Monday always busy and fantastic performances.
Daniel A.
16:58 12 Feb 24
Don't come here they will scam you somehow. The whole place is a trap it a whole set up. They stage a busy place but it's not. Beware
Unity C.
11:13 20 Jan 24
First and last time here. My friend got her phone stolen out of her purse last night. Bartenders told us to check with the guy at the front, we did. Another...
Namor Namsix
02:43 08 Jan 24
I have come to this place like 3 times and I have never been turned around because I had a backpack with me and tonight they turned us around because no bags allowed, also the drinks were pricey in the last occasion I went I ordered two Jaegers with Redbull and they where $40, every other place that I've been in the block have the cocktails for around $10 some $8 some $10, I had fun while they were acxepting me with ny backpack now me and my buddies are gonna have fun with their competition cuz theres a lot and more welcoming places
Lavina T.
13:46 24 Dec 23
Phone got stolen last night. Since reading these reviews, I've realized it's a regular problem and staff doesn't care. If you go here, don't put your phone...
Alex Banx
00:18 08 Dec 23
Restroom Harrassment (by security guard):Sunday, 12/3/2023, at around 1:30 am, I'd just arrived at Micky on Santa Monica Blvd. Upon entering, I went directly to the restroom. While peacefully minding my own business, after I exited the stall and began to was my hands, a security guard (see photo) physically forced me out of the restroom and lashed out threats as I was clearly already leaving.He had absolutely no cause to approach me beyond his bigotries and "power"-tripping.He continued to physically force me out passed the restroom door only stopping his unprovoked harassment of me when someone stepped in and stopped him.I contacted Micky's via Instagram and email to request the guards' name. It has been 4 days, I can only conclude that Micky's management has chosen to ignore the assault in hopes that I would forget and move on.This man is a danger to the LGBTQ+ community, at the very least.I simply asked for the guard's name, and additionally would like to know which security company he works for. I was not holding Micky's accountable for hiring him, but I am holding Micky's accountable for not addressing the issue.It needs to be known that this man is a danger to the LGBTQ+ community and should not be assigned work at locations where he cannot control his insecurities.
Renee D.
12:52 24 Nov 23
We got to Micky's pretty early in the night which was great because we got a good table and I was able to watch the crowd start to grow pretty quickly...
Landon S.
23:18 15 Nov 23
You don't allow people inside with a backpack, even if they allow you to check every compartment? And you don't tell them this until their friend is already...
Morgan B.
17:54 11 Nov 23
The vibe was fantastic but they charge for water which for me I see as a necessity at bars/clubs so I see it as something that shouldn't be charged. Don't...
Nicolas Jacobi
02:30 08 Nov 23
I liked it. The bartender had charisma, people were nice.
vanessa de anda
04:19 02 Nov 23
Micky’s has the worst service ever. Rude security’s and rude bartenders. Absolutely horrible. Don’t come here trust me. I’ll recommend Abby 100 percent better than this place.
Mary P.
03:31 01 Oct 23
Darin is the best bartender! I come in often and visit him during the weekday happy hour. He's always on top of his bar and making sure you're taken care of...
Marcos J.
01:58 30 Sep 23
Johnny was super inattentive, I asked him for more pineapple in my mixed drink and he refused vend though I asked for more juice, not more alcohol. He is...
Wesley Crum
06:06 20 Sep 23
The worst experience I’ve ever had at a bar. Had my phone and wallet stolen. Security and staff are most definitely in on it and especially know reading other reviews! They were completely rude, not friendly at all. I also believe my drink was roofied because I woke up on the other side of the street not remembering anything from the past 2 hours. Didn’t go to police as I was made to believe that I was intoxicated. Do not trust this place and be aware of your surroundings at all times. Also I called for over a week to ask about my wallet and phone and they never picked up their phone. Be cautious. Lesson learned the hard way!
Luwey Rex
10:02 14 Sep 23
Y'all need to give water to your customers. It's so dangerous to not allow people DRINKING ALCOHOL to have free tap water. Get a cooler, put cups by the bathroom sinks for all I care, SOMETHING. To only provide bottled water that you have to pay for is utterly ridiculous. Do better.
Toppy Lee
16:35 10 Sep 23
Horrible. They literally snatch your phone out of your hand. My friend got his phone stolen before and now it’s me. They are like gangsters that will snatch anything you have and follow your phone to mexico.. all that so they can make 20$ out of locked iPhones. Ridiculous
Tim Souza
16:16 11 Aug 23
Was having a great night dancing and taking shots, but a thief stole my wallet, ID and phone out of my front pocket. I approached the staff and they smiled and said “sorry” but after reading all the reviews on here I’m seeing it’s quite normal.I wiped my phone and went to a dmv kiosk and canceled my cards, but my phone is how I accessed and chard my electric vehicle and so I was quite literally stranded in la while hosting friends from Canada. Incredibly frustrating. I went the next day and the guard wouldn’t let me talk to the manager because my items were not on his list.If it helps anyone on here, my phone ended up in Beverly Hills that night, then in Long Beach a couple days later and then up in Puente Hills after that (seen via find my iPhone).
Daniel S.
04:02 11 Aug 23
Just came home from that place on a Thursday night, it was fun , being my first time going to any gay venues ever. Most of the dancers are pretty dapper and...
Salvatore V.
20:19 24 Jul 23
DJ was playing the hits all night. Came on Saturday night . It was definitely the place to be. Energy was on point. Visiting from east coast so it's nice to...
Daniel Almaguer
07:15 23 Jul 23
Felt pressured to give money during a drag show to one of the performers. Got unwanted physical contact and overall felt uncomfortable during my time there after the fact.
Cristian Brian Cayax
06:24 22 Jun 23
The time I went, the drinks were pretty strong(not a complaint). But I recommend going with a friend(s). The one time I went alone, I blanked out with a shot and a drink; which is odd af. Be extra cautious ⚠️.
Fatouma H.
11:20 19 Jun 23
An amazing experience courtesy of Jason, the bartender . A delightful experience for two out-of-towners from Canada.
Juan Alvarez
08:36 30 May 23
Fantastic musical selection, crowded, exquisite variety of cocktails.Good artistic amenities and formidable drag showsFantastic musical selection, full busy, exquisite variety of cocktails.Good artistic amenities and formidable drag showsFantástica selección musical, concurrida, exquisita variedad de cócteles.Buenos amenities artísticos y formidables drag shows
05:06 30 May 23
Went on a Saturday for drag brunch for my birthday - the queens were incredible, the drinks kept coming, and the food was actually really good! I had the best time. 10/10 incredible service too!!!
Kristen Smith
01:12 28 May 23
Had a great time! Super fun atmosphere! Be smart, people tend to steal from people who are easy targets at bars, clubs, wherever. Don’t carry a big purse, don’t ever put it down, don’t ever pull your wallet out in public, and carry what you need close to your body-always.
20:44 22 May 23
Trashy yet fun. Drinks are expensive but strong. They up-charge you for bottles of water. Not sure about complaints from other reviews about the bartender; she was nice. They do kick out a lot of people and the bouncer is kind of a jerk. There are plenty of better options on that street to visit.
19:16 30 Mar 23
Drag brunch was so much fun! Even though there were some technical difficulties it was a great show with talented performers and unexpectedly great food. Chorizo burrito was enormous. Mimosas come in a pitcher that is pretty soda-Ed down so not sure how potent they really were. Also heard they caught the WeHo pickpockets - so hopefully no future issues but they did have signs that said beware of them!
Jenny Y.
19:31 27 Mar 23
Is it $5 for a water everywhere in WeHo? Bought my friends their round of drinks but figured I should probably be responsible and hydrate and I was met...
Courtni NotLove
10:41 12 Mar 23
A server by the name of Addie(which was the name on my receipts)was very rude and disrespectful to me when I'm asking about 2 transactions on my card that she charged me for. She got an attitude with me and I got one back so she decided to kick me out the club. That's all fine but to work in an establishment where you know you're going to work with people that have been drinking, need to work on her work ethic and know how to talk to people in a crowded environment. She also need to humble herself and realize that she can lose her job at any given moment. I will not be returning for that reason and I know you all are like so? But if y'all keep her there with that discussing and horrible attitude, it's bad business. Peace ✌️
Miles W
19:45 24 Feb 23
Currently travelling internationally and made an error when booking. This establishment refused to open a dialogue to resolve the situation. Bad business practice and does not want me to attend this club with my party.
Yula K.
23:04 17 Feb 23
I HATE to leave a negative review on a queer establishment like this but my god. The worst experience I've ever had in West Hollywood. This place leaves a...
Candy S.
02:36 12 Feb 23
I went there for Asian's night party. All I had to say is the drink is was bad!!! Not the same standard. Different bartenders different tastes and all not...
Gg B.
21:51 27 Jan 23
MY PHONE GOT STOLEN. BE CAREFUL EVERYONE. I went on FIND MY DEVICE APP and it says it's still at the club!!I tried calling them multiple times yet NO...
Lenny L.
12:34 24 Jan 23
Went for Showgirls. The show was amazing. Morgan McMichaels is a wonderful host! The bartender Pablo is fantastic! So fun and friendly and super fast and...
Devin Jeremiahh
01:42 16 Dec 22
Music offers that Main Character in a Netflix series vibes. Was aware of the HEAVY theft problem the strip had and luckily wasn’t a victim. 2 floors of dancing and plenty of room if you come with a medium group size. You’re better off carrying the least amount in your pocket and hold onto you’re phone at all times.
Jason R.
03:24 03 Dec 22
The actual worst bar. They steal your phone, your watch, and then they kick you out. Anyone can say anything about you without basis and you get...
03:24 24 Nov 22
Had a great time! Super fun atmosphere! Be smart, people steal from people who are east targets at bars, clubs, wherever. Don’t carry a big purse, don’t ever put it down, don’t ever pull your wallet out in public, and carry what you need close to your body-always.
Lily H.
03:35 14 Nov 22
Came on a Saturday night for the little Kpop night. My first time clubbing in a while so I checked the reviews and was pretty scared but I ended up having a...
Demolitionman78 ..
12:40 03 Nov 22
$25 for ONE drink and a tiny bottle of water. That's pretty much all that needs to be said. That is VULGAR. There is no place, on earth, where that should...
01:05 17 Oct 22
As an Angeleno it is disheartening to experience discrimination in a city that prides itself on its diversity. To be clear, West Hollywood has not had the best track record for its treatment of people of color. I am writing this review in hopes of raising further attention to the issue.On October 16, 2022, I and a couple of friends were waiting in line to enter Micky’s establishment. At approximately 12:24 AM, my partner and I were front in line to enter the nightclub. I noticed that the bouncer had a laptop with a front facing camera attached to the top of the computer to take photographs of patrons when checking ID. This was a new practice at this establishment for me, presumably for security purposes given the recent string of thefts reported at Micky’s recently.I myself am Latino and my partner is White. I noticed that the couple in front of us was similarly an interracial couple: a White male and a Black male. When the White male had his identification checked at the front door, he did not have his photograph taken. When his Black partner was next to proceed, the bouncer required the Black male to be photographed. When the Black male questioned the bouncer on the disparate treatment between he and his partner, the bouncer alleged that a photograph of the White male was taken. It was very obvious that a photograph was not taken because the White male was never standing within the frame of reference of the laptop camera lens to begin with.Following that encounter it was my turn to proceed. After checking my identification, the bouncer instructed me to stand in front of the camera to have my photograph taken. My White partner was next in line for the ID check. The bouncer did not follow the same protocol with my White partner, and he was able to enter the establishment without requiring to be photographed. When I questioned the bouncer on why I was required to have my photograph taken, when my White partner was not, the bouncer alleged the same set of facts that he shared with the Black male who was in front of me in line. The bouncer claimed that he had “taken” a photograph of the White patron in each circumstance, which was clearly not the case.Mandating that all patrons of color take a photograph to enter the establishment, while White patrons bypass this requirement is a poisonous relic of this country’s sordid history with racial discrimination. This racist and targeted practice perpetuates the dangerous over-policing of people of color.I urge any person of color to think twice before supporting this establishment. Take your dollars elsewhere.
Zamina R
00:17 16 Oct 22
A friend of mine had her phone stolen last night here. We definitely weren’t the only ones. If you’re fond of this bar, have a clutch with a zipper, or a jacket with an inside pocket!!! Just not worth going somewhere where pickpocketing is so common.
Jérémy Siret
05:30 01 Oct 22
Micky’s is really the place to be now. It’s very welcoming and in the WeHo ambiance. Sure the party is at Micky’s!Jason is our favorite bartender, who always make us welcome and super friendly! Always a good moment with him.
Jason Beers
12:59 09 Sep 22
I have had so much fun here for years! Great staff, awesome drinks, and now fantastic food. If your looking for a fun place in Weho, without the Weho attitude, then Mickys is your place. They have promos practically seven days a week, so there’s always something going on. Micky’s is definitely my favorite Weho hangout!
Thomas J.
01:14 06 Sep 22
$17 for one Margarita!?!! don't go to Johnny the bartender because I got my second drink at another one and it was only $12. trying to make a buck.
Alejandro Beltran
05:13 07 Jul 22
Only after hours in town. Nice Go Go Dancers. Free on weekends before 2a.m Open till 4a.m.
Louie S.
21:35 03 Jul 22
Had a horrible experience with this rude bartender. I ordered our drinks and was ready to pay - he handed me my check but never returned my credit card... I...
Justin F.
22:14 26 Jun 22
West Hollywood's latest casualty in the migration of wealth away from West Hollywood. Before you come here ask yourself these questions:Do you make a...
Saba Moradi
17:25 18 Jun 22
It was really fun until my wallet got stolen out of my purse. Now that I’m reading all the other reviews about theft I’m not surprised. There are pickpockets here every weekend apparently. Next time I’m only bringing cash and an ID and putting both in my bra. Already filed a police report about the incident.
Andy Cantwell
16:04 18 Jun 22
THIEF hotspot with Unhelpful security. You might think It’s a kinda fun place to dance but the crowd is hiding pickpocketers and thieves who target you when you’re having fun. Friend got wallet and phone stolen and this is just 1 more story out of countless from here. Their lack of security protocol indoors should be investigated.
Sergio G.
19:17 14 Jun 22
We went on Friday night and it was super fun. It was very difficult to get a drink but the music was great.
12:14 14 Jun 22
One of West Hollywood's most popular bars, it has established itself as the go-to venue for strong drinks, great music, and eye candy.
Diana Lepe
17:08 01 Jun 22
Came fully prepared for my phone to get stolen but nothing happened except a great time. The drag show was INCREDIBLE the bartenders and all the staff were super friendly. I had never been to Mickeys before so the reviews made me nervous but there were 6 of us that night and everyone had a good experience. I would definitely recommend going to see the drag show!
Mark Milton
17:52 15 May 22
Was there for the drag show on Monday. It was fun, Morgan McMicheals read me because I was from Scotland which was a laugh. Cute staff.
Kirsten Floss
01:36 15 May 22
If you want to hang out for brunch on a Saturday there is no place better than Micky’s drag brunch in WeHo. Great show, fantastic drag queens and a perfect atmosphere for a lazy Saturday in L.A. We love it!
Steven Christopher Fernandez
06:04 24 Apr 22
I love Mickey's great dance floor and friendly bar staff. I have t been there for a long time but I always had an awesome time there. I loved the Rage also and a bartender there or at Mickey's named Stacy great bartender iconic bar. 🙂
Wesley Crum
21:37 23 Mar 22
The worst experience I’ve ever had at a bar. Had my phone and wallet stolen. Security and staff are most definitely in on it and especially know reading other reviews! They were completely rude, not friendly at all. I also believe my drink was roofied because I woke up on the other side of the street not remembering anything from the past 2 hours. Didn’t go to police as I was made to believe that I was intoxicated. Do not trust this place and be aware of your surroundings at all times. Lesson learned the hard way!
Sarah M.
11:01 20 Mar 22
would give negative stars if I could. this review will corroborate all the others about stolen items + shitty unhelpful staff = one of the worst...
Andy L.
12:24 19 Mar 22
Go to Micky's they said. It'll be fun they said.Should've listened to my gut before listening to my friends that night. They wanted hip-hop, thotty, shake...
Jacqueline E.
04:11 05 Mar 22
Be very ALERT when coming here. There is a tag team that goes around stealing phones, wallets, or anything else you have in your pockets! They are very...
Emmalie Foti
04:46 21 Feb 22
went here with a friend and my phone was stolen. we asked the bouncers to let us in just to check around to see if my phone was anywhere, but there was a line of eight other people/groups, suspiciously also looking for their phones, none of whom were allowed back in. the bouncers were very mean to one girl, accusing her of being too drunk to understand what was going on, but she was completely coherent, and just looking for her stolen belongings. like a lot of the other reviews say, if you come here, keep a death grip on your belongings or they might be stolen. also, for an lgtbq bar, they're very closed-minded. the women's bathroom was absolutely disgusting and there was no toilet paper, so when people started going into the men's bathroom instead, anyone female presenting was kicked out and told to use the women's bathroom instead. an lgbt bar shouldn't even have gendered bathrooms to begin with! rocco's is right down the street, and its a much more welcoming and safe environment!
Kenny Nelson
10:56 12 Feb 22
Definitely worse less than 1 star actually! If you’re looking for nursery rhymes and a $20 cover fee, this might be the bar for you otherwise PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY. Boring as hell and the worst part is they WILL charge YOU a cover fee and not have ANY alcohol!! Worst place to have a good time in WeHo!
Daniel S.
06:55 05 Feb 22
I wouldn't trust a business that scans your ID and then takes a picture of you. Show your vaxx card , ID, pay the cover charge , and take a dmv picture ....
Ivn G.
03:22 02 Feb 22
PLEASE DO NOT COME HERE!!!I came here a month ago on a Saturday night and I was roofied by one of they're employees on the second floor. Next thing I know...
Johanna O.
18:15 30 Jan 22
BEWARE OF PICK POCKETER! There's a group of them that are going around the whole club stealing everyone phones! I literally saw it happened in front of me...
cam pow
23:51 29 Jan 22
Don’t go here unless you want your things stolen. When asking staff about my stolen phone, they laughed and kept saying “BYE” in my face. Five other phones were stolen, and not a single staff member bat an eye. There’s no way the staff isn’t in on the theft happening in this club. Soooo many reviews in here about phones stolen in particular. Read the reviews. Be safe, keep your stuff close or not on you at all.
Lizeth L.
23:35 27 Jan 22
I have had my iphone stolen twice from my purse. Management does not care. Staff just says that happens all the time. They know it's a problem and think a...
P M.
23:07 24 Jan 22
Pros: the decor, while familiar, is still inviting; generous liquor pours; large patioCons: pre-pandemic, the upstairs used to be lit; those drinks come...
Gisell F.
03:25 23 Jan 22
The cover charge is $20 dollars (before 12pm) so already not as advertised ($5-10 online before 2am when it turns $15) and closed earlier than stated at 3...
Drea P.
18:47 10 Jan 22
the security guards don't do shit, don't come here if you want your phone stolen. shitty place and shitty management
Carlos Urbina Pinzon
04:15 03 Jan 22
This place is honestly the worst! Things were going good when we first entered the bar. After a drink or two and walking around we started to notice that we were being followed by security. Out of nowhere one of the security guards grabs my partner and starts forcefully pushing them! When I asked the security why they were being super aggressive I get pushed as well and get told that we are “extremely” intoxicated! Mind you Im very aware of what is happening and telling them we have only had two drinks each. We get thrown out because 1. we apparently my partner was “super” intoxicated 2. I was told I got kicked out for standing up for my partner and because I questioned security. This is super unprofessional, and it brings up a lot of red flags about the staff and management. Once we were out I went up and asked why we were kicked out, one of the other security guards tells me that I “tried” starting a fight with security as soon as I walked in and that a man that’s a regular said he didn’t feel comfortable with me and my partner around due to “personal” reasons. When I told them I would like to speak to management they laughed and said that management doesn’t care about these types of incidents, because regardless of how many complaints they get they know they’ll never get closed down. This is sad to know that we don’t have any safe spaces in WEHO!!!!! Over all super grimy bar and management!!!! This place is definitely not a safe space for people of color!!!
Anthony Bejjani
11:28 01 Jan 22
Great place if you’d like your valuables stolen! Spent NYE 2021-2022 there and my wallet got stolen, while 2 people there (who i never met before) got their phones stolen. Whoever they had at the cashier was rude af and completely insensitive and it took the manager like 30 mins+ to come down only to say that unless i got my cards through a “mattress company”, it’s the bank’s responsibility to deal with the 113$ purchases that were made on my card that night by whoever stole it! The place also was pretty empty considering it was a new year’s party, and the bar smelled like someone threw up there. I definitely do not recommend it and certainly won’t be visiting again. Totally unprofessional from the security, to the receptionist, to the manager/owner. 0/5 stars if i could give that.
Jenna Lee Stevens
18:20 14 Dec 21
My bestie and I had the BEST time at Mickey’s on our girls’ trip to Hollywood. It was a dream come true to stop in this iconic spot for some drinks, dancing, and good company. Everyone was so nice and the music was hype!
Karina Rubi A.
08:52 13 Dec 21
I have been to Micky's numerous times before but this last experience was by far the worst!!!!! My phone was stolen, my friends phone was stolen and my...
miguel romo
06:07 13 Dec 21
This place is well known for pick pocketing and then kicking you out for bringing it up. Most of the guys working there are straight for some odd reason. They jump at any opportunity to sleep with any girl and when they get turn down cause they ugly they get all in their feelings and kick people out. Security whack, drinks whack, guys there whack. Why settle there when you can walk a couple more places down to Rocco’s
Giselle Cruz
20:28 12 Dec 21
It’s a great place and everything but I got my my wallet and phone stolen there. You guys gotta be careful when you guys go!!
Que Sera Sera
18:20 12 Dec 21
Be careful if you decide to go here. My friend had his phone and keys stolen. I hear this happens a lot. Management is not professional at all. Management is so rude.
Gabe Briel
09:08 12 Dec 21
This place used to be fun, last time I went the only one that seemed to have some decency and humanity was the guy selling shooters on the tray. So many bad reviews about theft and rudeness. What really irks me is that management doesn't seem to care or rectify the problem with patrons.
Ingrid R.
08:04 12 Dec 21
Horrible place they will steal your stuff!I had my friend get his phone stolen and they didn't care. Don't go here
Adilene M.
05:38 12 Dec 21
I can't believe this place is still running. How cab there be so much violence, rudeness, racism, etc. Not to mention so much theft. People getting...
Mayra G.
23:45 11 Dec 21
Terrible service from the manager!!!The disrespect for stealing a phone is insane..Basically don't come here if you dnt want your phone stolen...
Mimi R.
12:49 11 Dec 21
Rude manager!!!!, bad service phones are being stolen stay away from this place!!!!
Treven McDonald
12:08 08 Dec 21
Lol I love how all of the bad reviews are from women. 🤣 Love this place!
Rhonda Mott
13:10 01 Dec 21
Stop basing your clientele on willingness to 🪝 hook up 🪝 with employees. I mean is it in a questionnaire upon entering?🤔
Amanda M.
09:09 15 Nov 21
Horrible establishment, horrible management and disgusting staff. Don't waste your time or money here. Kicking out and trying to humiliate paying...
Robyn H.
05:49 15 Nov 21
I'm so shocked at what happened. The disgusting display of sexual harassment has me sick to my stomach. Consent is a human right. And for anyone to feel as...
Maggie J.
02:03 15 Nov 21
Sucks that one star is still an option, when clearly an establishment that refuses service when you don't sleep with an employee deserves ZERO. Apparently...
Porat C.
19:35 04 Oct 21
Terrible terrible terrible!! If I could give 0 starts I would. Was there over the weekend with friends, staff was not friendly at all and very rude, drinks...
Darlin H.
14:09 04 Oct 21
I went to Micky's for the first time on 10/2/21 and got my phone stolen. One of my friends also got her wallet stolen. Security was really RUDE.
Aubree P.
05:19 03 Oct 21
A group of us went to Micky's on a Saturday night. Two people in our group go their phones and wallets stolen. As we're walking out we find out that MANY...
eliza E
21:57 28 Sep 21
Great place to have fun but I’m telling you be careful with your phone they will steal it. Even if you have it on your purse they will open it and take your phone. I’ve had several friends who have had there phone stolen from here.
Gabe Briel
12:19 24 Sep 21
This place used to be fun last time I went the only one that seemed to have some decency and humanity was the guy selling shooters on the tray. So many bad reviews about theft and rudeness. What really irks me is that management doesn't seem to care or rectify the problem with patrons.
Madelyn Teague
09:19 18 Sep 21
Fun place BUT friend got her phone stollen here so be extra careful !!
Samuel S.
21:27 15 Sep 21
Well, let's me start by saying I visited Weho on Sat and Sunday. On Sat, we went to the bar after we got into town. A charming bartender Michael mentioned...
Mike C.
10:08 14 Sep 21
My last review was 11 years ago so a lot has changed of course.Micky's is a popular club for visitors - not so much a local's place. Except some local...
Gabe Briel
00:53 13 Sep 21
This place used to be fun last time I went the only one that seemed to have some decency and humanity was the guy selling shooters on the tray. So many bad reviews about theft and rudeness. What really irks me is that management doesn't seem to care or rectify the problem with patrons.
Bobette Powers
18:18 11 Sep 21
My phone was stolen out of my backpack and I felt it happen. The guy had rubbed up against me before and I told him not to touch me then 5 min later he reached into my backpack while pushing me into the crowd. When I went to security they refused to help me at all. wouldn't let me talk to a manager. Legit ignored me. When I asked them to look at security videos they refused to even though I knew what guy it was. Horrible experience! staff is AWFUL.
Daniel C.
02:53 11 Sep 21
Bad very bad security is untrained and lowest caliber of worker. Drinks are expensive which is normal but the staff are unlikeable and combative.
Krysten P.
03:23 04 Sep 21
Did not like how security discriminated my boyfriend. Called him a " asshole" when he was innocent and did not disrespect anybody. He was just walking a...
Sidow Sobrino
08:36 17 Aug 21
When I think of adventure and fun, I think of Micky's in West Hollywood. Everyone here always made me feel welcome. I performed here countless times, the visitors embraced my talent and with their hands up in the air encouraged me to give them the best of me. I love you all very much, the staff, the visitors, and everyone who contribute to my global success as the world's No.1 superstar.
Cindy Avila Romero
21:12 15 Aug 21
Great place to hang out. They do not water down drinks. The food is good and so is the service. The employees there are always smiling and very pleasant.
Jason R.
01:03 13 Aug 21
Always a Great time at mickeys sexy Alex the security guard is awesome thanks for your help tonight man
Angeles A.
22:30 12 Aug 21
Alex the security guard is so accomodating and was so concern to my friend. A very reccomendable bar in weho
Valerii Lozytskyi
05:51 11 Aug 21
Purchased a drink for $10 and left $2 in tips; checked my online bank account couple days later - turned out I left $37 in tips. Filling a police report with LAPD tomorrow. Since this place is well known for credit card fraud, I will most definitely press charge.
Trey R.
01:42 04 Aug 21
2 Bartenders. This is very disappointing and embarrassing. The 2 they have working can't even work fast or efficiently.
Asia S
07:12 02 Aug 21
So sad! Just because the security is in the bad mood we got kick out! Okay so we played with the curtains no harm just having pure fun but we got kick out because i was a LADY and i am asian maybe!!!!??? I dont know i was waiting for an explanation but they can’t explain either. 😳🤪
Kyle Strodtbeck
10:13 30 Jul 21
I **LOVE** Micky’s. It’s the HAPPIEST place on Earth!!! So many on here wrote about theft and shady behaviors. I have come to Mickys weekly for 4 years (excluding the lockdowns) and I never had a problem. The bartenders are nice. The dancers are fantastic.
Brian Tucker
04:26 24 Jul 21
Rude service and no drinks or price list so they can scam customers. Also has a horrible reputation for theft.
isabella m
04:19 22 Jul 21
Great music and entertainment but the white neck beard security guard will pickpocket you and then kick you out when you call them on it.Used find my iPhone to see it was still in the club for days after, and when I call they say it’s not there and there’s nothing in lost and found. SUS af. I swear they have a trove of all these “lost” phones and wallets, and lie until people give up looking for them. The bouncers are all in on it.
Taylor B.
20:32 18 Jul 21
This was my first gay bar experience and I loved it. The drinks aren't watered down like some bars can be which was the best part. Before I came in I talked...
Britney C.
16:44 18 Jul 21
Went to Micky's West Hollywood last night, 07/17, with some friends and we had a really great time. The line was packed and the vibe on both floors was...
Maggie M.
22:51 11 Jul 21
This was my first time ever going to a gay bar, with my friends. It was so much fun. I'll definitely be going back again. There was a security guard there,...
Téa M.
20:55 11 Jul 21
This is definitely one of my favorite new bars, they got bomb drinks, great entertainers, and the vibe is always on point. One of their security guards Kat...
07:25 10 Jul 21
teach your ice guys respect and not have them nudge you with the freezing cold ice bucket whenever they need to get though, very rude at least say excuse me.
Efren N.
14:01 09 Jul 21
To whom it might care on Tuesday night July 6 your security staff kicked me out and then one of them pushed me very hard and felt down to floor. My ass,...
Perry M.
00:12 08 Jul 21
I visited Micky's in 2001, Labor Day Weekend just days before Nine Eleven sadly.It was one of the most exhilarating experience I had ever had being from...
Efren N.
16:36 07 Jul 21
Fackkk Micky's look @ what their security staff did to me kicked me out & them pushed me down to the floor... I hope it burns again.
10:09 04 Jul 21
Half full and the people there weren’t even nice I miss this place do just be better boo I mean I guess the employees are the ones who have to step it up
Leticia W.
14:42 02 Jul 21
Mickys is Back and Looking So Awesome! Me and My Friends went out for a few drinks yesterday for their Grand Reopening, We tried a few things from their...
Keema Gillespie
05:17 14 May 21
So has the club reopened or what?
Joshua Dizon
06:02 12 Feb 21
Worst experience a lot of thieves and homeless addict wannabe. I’m out
Lenny Schultz
08:21 07 Oct 20
The food was so good and the service was great! Stay longer (I think after 10pm) and get your dance on!
Deborah Wilson
09:19 23 Aug 20
I took a friend here for a birthday lunch. The food was amazing. If you eat here and do not try the queso dip with chorizo...you are missing out! The chips were delicious and salted just right. It also came with a salsa/quac/sour cream trio. Yum! My friend and I split a chicken burrito and it was tasty and fresh and plentiful. We each had a margarita and they were delicious! The service was great. The vibe was nice. It's a little pricey but worth it for a splurge.
Joyce Anderson
03:50 01 Jul 20
I love the Micky's West HollywoodAre there better tiki bars in L.A. County? Probably.Are there any bars that replicate the Tonga Hut? No.I always have a fun time here.Great staff.Nice crowd.Good jukebox.Decent drink prices.
Dane Peplinski
21:17 28 May 20
Place is okay. The drag shows on Monday are dazzling and fantastic! 😎 the only downside is that it’s not a very welcoming vibe here and pick pocketers roam the place. My phone got stolen on a Sunday night here and a lot of my friends had their phones stolen out of their pockets too.
Fredd M.
19:17 02 Mar 20
So, this place is pretty amazing. Not only does it get wild on the weekends, but the staff is pretty awesome as well. I forgot my card at the bar during a...
Brenda V.
00:36 16 Feb 20
Johnny multitasking at it's finest respect for men and women fast fun friendly yaaas.. music was great. Clean Restrooms. Women restroom's not ready to keep...
Winnie N.
08:40 07 Dec 19
Excuse me!!?I live in Orange County.. and I have been coming here to this place for over 5 years everytime I have people from out of town come to visit or...
James Hill
13:09 10 Oct 19
Reasonable prices. Excellent dancers. You can relax and have fun in the bar. Promotions are passing, I got free drinks and a private room for an hour. To do this, registered on 909gay,com created a profile, and showed it to the administrator. It was very nice for such unexpected gifts.

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