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Premiere Video Bar & Lounge Servicing the Castro over 40 years

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Midnight Sun, SF's premier LGBTQIA+ video bar in the heart of the Castro.



Midnight Sun
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Nicolas M.
00:52 24 Mar 24
Saw the DRAG show they hold every 3rd Tuesday here! The performers were very funny and fantastic, especially for a free show! The bar staff was friendly and...
L V.
21:15 13 Mar 24
We got here an hour and a half and put request in on their request papers right before drag hostess showed up and our song weren't first she chose her...
Annabelle R.
00:41 20 Feb 24
House of M's Barrelhouse Drag Brunch was a lot of fun this past Saturday. The performers were lovely and energetic, engaging the audience and filling us...
Samantha C
06:09 30 Jan 24
Lupe the manager and everyone that was working on this Monday night was amazing!!! So attentive and fun to chat with…this is a place to visit in the Castro! I felt so welcomed and the drinks were at a great price! I wasn’t planning on staying for the show and I arrived at 8pm and the show started at 10pm but the vibe kept me and I’m so glad it did!
gilles mooknice
11:24 20 Dec 23
I really love this place! Bartender are really very nice (even with a french guy with is terrible accent) and smilly! The atmosphere is always great; eveyone is welcoming. Music is good and the gogos are sexy and fun! The brunch is really great, fun with great food (hot Johnnie's next door). Thanks See you next time!
Jeff N.
17:37 19 Nov 23
Just dropped in to Midnight Sun for the Boogie Wonderland retro video on a Sunday afternoon and really enjoyed it! After messaging DJ Harston (his name was...
Joao Vitor Squillace Teixeira
03:04 29 Oct 23
I went there last night with a couple of friends and had a great time. The go-go boys, vibe, and music were nice. However, I wasn't a fan of the cocktails; the margaritas were too sweet.
Ed U.
11:24 21 Oct 23
What a difference a bartender makes. That point was made oh-so clear recently at what has long been the prototypical gay bar in the Castro. It's no accident...
Gaines Coleman
03:05 20 Sep 23
Here for a going away party. Hadn't been for years. Definitely worth the visit. Saw some friends there, some in their finery. A good time was had by all. Good drinks
• Jet •
10:51 15 Sep 23
First time here and certainly NOT the last.RUPERT the bartender was amazing. He was friendly, welcoming and VERY approachable.Great drinks and if you wish to have some food, HOT JHONNIES next door have great food brought to you.Definitely will be coming back.-Jet HylandHOT JHONNIES is becoming my to go place in The Castro.Always great superb service by Jonathan and the last two times by Eddy (Eduardo)as well.Plus the food is amazing.Thank You HOT JHONNIES!
• Jet •
03:27 30 Aug 23
First time here and certainly NOT the last.RUPERT the bartender was amazing. He was friendly, welcoming and VERY approachable.Great drinks and if you wish to have some food, HOT JHONNIES next door have great food brought to you.Definitely will be coming back.-Jet Hyland
Justin Hurtado
00:06 16 Aug 23
A Disheartening Night at Midnight Sun: A Drag Race Mexico Watch Party Gone WrongAs a visitor to San Francisco from Guadalajara, Jalisco, I was ecstatic to stumble upon Midnight Sun, a local bar that proudly advertised its watch party for Drag Race Mexico. I eagerly anticipated an evening filled with celebration, camaraderie, and a genuine appreciation for Mexican culture. Unfortunately, my excitement was quickly shattered, and I feel compelled to share my scathing experience.From the moment I entered the bar, it became apparent that something was amiss. The drag queen hosting the event, who should have been a beacon of inclusivity and empowerment, instead chose to engage in despicable behavior. To my dismay, she resorted to fat-shaming, skin tone shaming, and engaging in derogatory remarks regarding the performers on Drag Race Mexico. It was disheartening to witness such blatant disrespect towards individuals who were there to showcase their talents and elevate the art of drag.What struck me even more profoundly was the undertone of racism and classism that permeated the host's comments. Instead of embracing the diversity and beauty of Mexican culture, she spewed offensive stereotypes and derogatory insults, perpetuating harmful narratives. It is utterly unacceptable for anyone, let alone a drag queen who should champion acceptance and understanding, to belittle and demean others based on their race or social standing.To make matters worse, when a fellow Mexican attendee had the courage to confront the drag queen about her racist rants, he was promptly ejected from the bar. This blatant disregard for valid concerns and the silencing of authentic voices only further exemplified the toxic atmosphere that prevailed that night.I implore my fellow Mexicans, as well as any individual who values inclusivity and respect, to steer clear of Midnight Sun. It is painfully evident that this establishment does not welcome us but instead chooses to mock and denigrate us. It is disheartening to witness a bar that claims to celebrate the spirit of Drag Race Mexico exhibit such a lack of understanding and empathy towards the very culture it purports to honor.As a visitor to San Francisco, this experience stands out as one of the lowest moments of my trip. It is a stark reminder that even in spaces where we hope to find acceptance and celebration, prejudice and discrimination can rear their ugly heads. Let us not support establishments that engage in such harmful behavior and instead seek out places that embrace diversity, foster inclusion, and promote the true spirit of drag.We deserve better. Let us stand together and demand respect, both within our own communities and beyond.
Justin H.
17:12 15 Aug 23
A Disheartening Night at Midnight Sun: A Drag Race Mexico Watch Party Gone WrongAs a visitor to San Francisco from Guadalajara, Jalisco, I was ecstatic to...
Seamus McGeever
07:03 10 Aug 23
Love this place. I come here semi regularly for Wednesday night Karaoke. The bartenders- Summer and Shawn are absolute rockstars!
Jacob Bright
22:30 01 Aug 23
Midnight Sun always finds a way to break my heart every time I visit. First, the bartenders are fantastic and the drinks are exceptional. Second, the ability to order Hot Johnnie’s is very convenient and means you’ll have better food than most Castro bars. Third, the ambiance is usually fun.My two consistent frustrations with the bar are the bouncers and the non-bartending staff. The bouncers can be unnecessarily rude, telling certain customers to not sit on the window ledge, then randomly slamming the windows an hour later. Also, when there are events, like Media Noche, you may be asked to vacate your seat and table with little notice or courtesy.
Haiyang H.
11:33 22 Jun 23
Went to a house party nearby and did some bar hopping after. Dropped by this place on a Wednesday evening. It is a super fun place. Friendly. Good and...
Michael G.
18:02 21 Jun 23
My favorite bar in San Francisco. Drinks, staff and videos are great. i started going there over 30 years ago and spent every Gay Pride Festival there. Met...
Garrett H
22:42 14 Jun 23
Had a really fun time watching Polly's Follies at Midnight Sun. It's a small bar, which meant we were right next to the queens. Very funny and entertaining, and good food/drinks. Polly Amber Ross and Sis Phyllis were my absolute faves!
Hunter Cook
18:33 12 Jun 23
Food was yummy and the drag performers were so good! Definitely a spot you should visit. “Every second Sunday” henny
Jacob D.
17:48 27 May 23
Ordered my signature vodka diet coke (do not like sweet cocktails) & it was awful! Probably cheap vodka plus soda to vodka ratio is off. Drinks are...
Mark C.
01:53 24 Apr 23
Great Castro gay bar, always a decent crowd. The staff are all friendly.Shaun at the bar is terrific. He makes excellent drinks, delivers quick service,...
Katie T.
16:09 25 Mar 23
We had delicious drinks at the bar. The staff was quick and friendly, and the drag show was lively and fun. We only caught the end, but would come back for...
David C.
01:00 17 Mar 23
What lease bring Nico back on Friday nights. I miss her. She is one of the best bartenders at the Midnight Sun and I always enjoy seeing her. She always...
Greg G.
19:39 28 Feb 23
Very poor and rude service! I was here to meet friends and the pony tailed bartender with the attitude problem short poured my drink. The dj told me it was...
David H.
22:55 10 Feb 23
The service is exceptional! The ambiance is unreal due to DJ Lu. The best VJ I've ever experienced. Super amazing. The food from the neighborhood...
Serena Sonoma
15:05 31 Jan 23
It was ok. I kind of stumbled upon it on a whim. The crowd is largely cis gay men however I notice this a lot with bars in the Castro.What surprised me the most was Monday’s drag performance where the host drag performer used transphobic language such as “lady boy” and at one point poked fun at gender affirming surgery. It felt very uncomfortable as the only trans woman in the room that night and somewhat triggering of my gender dysphoria.The one bartender I had was very nice however as he was leaving out for the night there was another one who just straight up ignored me… assumed he was busy until he acknowledged me and went straight to taking men’s drinks.You may have a good time as a woman but it will feel somewhat isolating and if you’re trans it will feel somewhat like you’re the foot of the joke for the night and not very respectful.
Martin C.
14:12 31 Jan 23
Rudest bartender on Sunday at 1230pm thinking she all that...just cuz you can't or won't make a hot toddy for someone don't get an attitude...just...
David C.
23:31 08 Jan 23
I've been to the Midnight Sun many times, and one of my favorite bartenders is Niko. She always has a smile to share along with her fast, focused, excellent...
Christian C.
19:41 08 Jan 23
Best bartender ! Look for Shaun ! Super fun guy! Always makes us laugh! Outstanding service Shaun ! See you soon again !
David C.
23:55 01 Jan 23
I love the Midnight Sun. It's a classy place and so queer friendly, so everyone is welcome! My favorite KJ is Luciano. I have a DJ/KJ background from the...
Joe C.
16:41 27 Dec 22
I love this bar! it's gotten even better over the years. Mark, the general manager has really transformed the place. I highly recommend. order from the...
Alyssa G.
23:44 13 Dec 22
Shaun is AMAZING!!!!!!!! Came in on a Tuesday night and it was slow but he made it soooo fun! He is great at his job!!! Definitely come visit any night of...
Kevin L.
18:03 12 Dec 22
I have to share that in addition to the already amazing staff, that Julio, really stands out. He is always customer present and is just an absolute joy to...
Ryan Wagner
16:51 11 Dec 22
Fun atmosphere! The DJ took requests, played great music, and the dancers were gorgeous.
Emily Grace
11:38 20 Nov 22
This place is can make for a very fun night out on Saturday or Sunday. Unfortunately, the culture here is incredibly racist.
Cory Burright
06:46 30 Oct 22
Fun place great music, rude bartenders. Girl dressed up so rude and wouldn’t stop. So come for the nice floor setup and music be ready for rude be bartenders
Cory B.
23:46 29 Oct 22
Fun place great music, rude bartenders. Girl dressed up so rude and wouldn't stop. So come for the nice floor setup and music be ready for rude be bartenders
Justin I.
10:18 26 Oct 22
I've been going to this bar for quite some time now and it has absolutely become my number-one go-to bar. From the TVs and Screens everywhere, the...
20:33 05 Sep 22
I came and I saw. Just moved here from Washington, DC. I love it!!!
Francisco Peláez
15:29 11 Aug 22
I cellebrated my birthday here and was awesome! I came from Mexico City to visit some American friends and one of them suggested us to go to Midnight Sun. They even got me a cake even when its not on the menu. The Manager, Mark, is great. And that night we had latin music and dancers!
Jerry C.
19:38 15 Jul 22
Midnight Sun has a lot of history going back to the early 80s when it was a dark, windowless, black interior watering hole. I know that because I used to go...
Gabrielle S.
10:25 27 Jun 22
Was here a couple days ago for Pride and both my girlfriend and I had our phones stolen when we walked in. When we told the staff member at the front door...
Diana R.
00:44 26 Jun 22
Walked in and my friend immediately had her cell phone and wallet stolen by a pickpocket.Shame that the staff at the door didn't really seem to care...
Johnny F.
15:40 15 Jun 22
First time there recently. There were a group of barflies at the end of the bar, about six older Caucasian men. I sat far away from them and went over to...
McDee M.
16:51 05 Jun 22
I love Midnight Sun! I come here after work often to see Mark and Summer. They make the best cocktails and always entertain! Highly recommend this bar! They...
Rob F.
22:11 20 Mar 22
So sad. An iconic bar in the Castro has turned into nothing. Nothing! No character, no charm, and NO COMMUNITY!
Jonathan Young
05:21 18 Mar 22
I love this place! Great pours and great vibe. I really love Mark the bartender! He makes everyone feel so welcome :)I hope to be back here really soon!I also love the drag brunches and gogo dancers!
22:10 17 Mar 22
I love this place! Great pours and great vibe. I really love Mark the bartender! He makes everyone feel so welcome :)I hope to be back here really...
Daniel B.
16:48 20 Feb 22
Staff is bitchy, and will never ever remember you or what you drink. Good clientele though. The staff wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire.
Tony S.
14:51 29 Dec 21
I enjoyed a fun time last night with friends and great music videos by DJ Sam . Mark the manager deserves a gold star for being the best single and only bar...
Infinity Huang
09:43 19 Dec 21
Good music, its a bit small. If you like seeing lots of people this is it!I like the bathroom though 🙂
Angel A.
20:58 15 Aug 21
I attempted to drink here last week but I did not have my physical vaccination card or ID with me but had pictures of both on my cellphone. I was turned...
Jack B.
15:58 01 Jul 21
I adore this bar! I adore the DJ! Bartender Summer is a sweetheart!!! Love love love this place. And in reference to the other people's reviews, if you're...
Steven Lastname
22:30 31 May 21
If you wanna hang out with tourists over average drinks and lousy pop music played way too high then this is the place for you. Otherwise you’re better off at Moby’s down the block.
Anna Krieg
15:58 09 May 21
Amazing drag show with brunch!
Ada C.
13:31 29 Apr 21
TW: overt ablism & transphobia Ig: @adaachico video evidence Me and my friends decided to go to @midnightsunsf on the 4/23 for some drinks. We were told...
Eddy Gamez
01:21 09 Apr 21
Horrible front door man. He was a little on the heavy side and black. He was very rude initially when we asked about the menu while looking for a place to eat. I ignored it because I don’t want to let it ruin my night. We ended up coming back 10m later to get a tables. First he said that he didn’t have space inside so we asked to sit outside. He wanted to sit us on a table too close to everyone so we requested to sit in the covered patio. He ignored us and when we decided to get a table in the covered patio and he rushed to us and said it was only for people of 4 or 6( or was 2 of us). We told him that we didn’t like that table and he didn’t seem to care at all. His attitude was very apparent. No customer service. Don’t care about what we wanted and what made us comfortable. He was not willing to accommodate us. WILL NEVER EVEN ATTEMP TO GO BACK AGAIN.
Jack B.
20:20 06 Apr 21
Okay for real? Seriously! How on earth could anyone EVER complain about this bar?!?! I hope you all come to terms that this bar and whomever their DJs are,...
Luis Gonzalez
06:49 03 Apr 21
Great experience! Friendly staff and great drinks! Great atmosphere, even during COVID, with safety.
Johnathon C.
19:37 28 Mar 21
They should follow their own rules. Waiter claims that tables are preset and aren't able to be moved but their table rules state otherwise. They...
Carla Marciano
07:35 21 Mar 21
Awesome froze! Love this place! Awesome drinks, great music! Super fun!
ricky Johnsen
06:11 20 Feb 21
One of the only places thats open with Outside dining/visiting.
Leonel R.
18:53 01 Nov 20
Great Parklette for margaritas while social distancing! The mezcal margaritas are the best here. No other bar in the 'Stro has mezcal margaritas this tasty!
Fred Siegel
05:11 05 Jul 20
My partner and I had a bad experience here this afternoon . We are happy they’re having outdoor dining. They have many rules and regulations which I appreciate and understand. However, one of the servers is way out of line with his attitude of enforcement. He reprimanded us yesterday just walking by on the sidewalk. We were caring a beverage and we were not patrons of Midnight Sun. He actually called the sidewalk a restaurant and we weren’t allowed to bring outside beverages in, again we were just passing through on the sidewalk.Tonight, we decided to have a burger and beer at the midnight sun we had a very nice table but the same mean-spirited attitude of the waiter ruined our experience. There is a way to talk to people and still get your point across. He was very mean spirited and made me angry when I was trying to have a nice time. Our waiter had a much kinder attitude and he totally understood what we were saying.BTW, I understand the mean-spirited guy is the GM at Midnight Sun. We also heard customers at another table complain to him about his attitude/service. Our server told us he hopes we come back, but I said not if that DJ is working as a server when we decide to come back. No
Ron GR
06:41 10 Jan 20
This place is so much fun! Friendly people, great happy hour, and super fun Wednesday night karaoke. Had a blast. Loved the margaritas. Definitely going back again next visit to San Francisco!
Diana Tuaty
17:44 07 Dec 19
We went with a group of friends, the place was crowded and there were dancers on the bar, really cool. The price for the beer was good, the thing is that if you’re not male and gay they won’t treat you friendly, at least that happened to me when I was ordering at the bar. But still it’s a nice place to meet people and dance.

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