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Mineshaft Marseille, nestled at 29 Rue Mazagran, is a vibrant cornerstone of Marseille's gay scene, making waves for its unapologetic celebration of leather culture. This private club enforces a strict dress code, ensuring an immersive experience for those looking to explore or express their leather identities. While Marseille might not boast the extensive gay character of cities like Nice or Montpellier, Mineshaft Marseille stands out as a beacon for leather enthusiasts and the broader LGBTQ+ community, offering a unique space for connection, expression, and nightlife enjoyment.

The club's location in Marseille, a city known for its bold character and Mediterranean charm, adds an extra layer of allure. Despite the city's limited gay scene compared to other European hotspots, with only a handful of gay bars and saunas, Mineshaft Marseille carves out a niche that both locals and visitors cherish. It's a testament to the diversity and resilience of the LGBTQ+ community, proving that even in places with fewer LGBTQ+ venues, spaces like Mineshaft can create a strong sense of belonging and community.



Le Mineshaft
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iarisoana rakotoarivony
01:10 03 Jun 24
This cruising place is not bad but today there are not many young people who go there because people are no longer a fan of this kind of gay bar place the only downside is that you always have people of the same age of heavyweights of forty-year-olds of sixty-year-olds who serve bigger things yet the price is reasonable they want us to drink aperitif alcohol etc to last all one night but hey there is more these places are desperately empty
bilbonx 21
22:25 19 May 24
Nice exploration however I did not find a spawner the loot in the chests was passable, presence of witch, zombie, and skeleton (be careful though baby zombie) in terms of atmosphere it is very successful music is heavy and the atmosphere is stifling. Everything we are looking for in an abandoned mine I give the rating two stars for the lack of hospitality and loot good point for the atmosphere
Christophe Dominguez
04:25 05 Dec 23
Came there 3 years ago we had a great time looking forward to coming back for a good evening
Florian GRARD
18:34 03 Dec 23
good evening I would also like to try the bdcm it is my dream thank you write to me when I can call you florian grard thank you
Urko Torres
02:36 20 Nov 23
Very small! Honestly I didn't like it very much
Matthieu George
23:45 27 Aug 22
It's small but nice if you know why you're coming. The welcome is really nice. There are guys of all ages who know how to have fun. I had a great time there! I'll be back
julien courtois
11:27 24 Apr 22
Great place, first time with a friend, we had a very nice evening, the atmosphere is great, the clientele friendly even if there weren't many people that evening, it was great, the master of the place is there for a few things . to do againGreat place, first time with a friend, we had a very nice evening, the atmosphere is great, the clientele friendly even if there weren't many people there that evening, it was great, the owner had a few things to do with it . to do again. Julian
Serge Arrighi
12:53 28 Feb 22
This place that I have known since its opening has never failed in its reputation.I experienced the most beautiful evenings of my youth there and I met people from all over the world. Friendliness, the desire to have fun and make friends were essential.Thank you Marc for taking up this torch.A little suggestion.Do you think that opening from time to time in the afternoons for married people or seniors who are still edible would not be a good idea. I admit that at 3 a.m. a lot of friends from my generation are snoring in front of the TV.thank you for everything

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