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Classic gay hangout offers piano bar upstairs & a basement level for dancing, music & mingling.



Monster Bar
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Regan Banks
08:36 28 Aug 22
The security guy kicked me out for making out with someone. Literally, JUST for making out with someone (I think?). Yet he didn’t kick the other person out. I didn’t get into an argument with anyone, no fights at all, wasn’t falling all over the place, and as I left all I said was “I don’t understand what happened…?” The only answer they could come up with was “My security guy said you had to go.” It was weird. I have my theory, but I won’t put it out there. Just be careful when you go there…
DC Hull
00:15 18 Jul 22
It’s a fun gay bar. The night I went, it was piano bar night. Many dudes singing. Some were good. Some were ok. 🙂
Truth Set Free
19:05 16 Jul 22
I had a bad experience. I was there on a Friday night and they were letting in rough looking and acting people. I was just standing there with my friend and we were having our drinks and these guys came over and tried to knock our drinks out of our hands. Then we moved to the other side of the dance floor and they followed us throughout the club. It was scary. We informed the security yet nothing happened because they were b and the security was b so they did not throw them out. I do not know why they let obvious trouble makers in.
Nikki C.
08:55 12 Jul 22
Dropped by The Monster to continue my NY bar hopping experience. First and foremost shout out to my insanely gorgeous host. I can always appreciate a good...
Dean Boyce
22:09 11 Jul 22
My friend and I have just returned back to the U.K. following an amazing holiday in New York. To top it all it was Pride which was amazing. We stumbled upon this bar/club and are so glad we did. We went there most evenings of our holiday and loved it. The bar staff were great and very friendly and welcoming. The drag queens and go go dances were all great performers and kept us entertained. A super venue and we are hoping to come back for Pride 2023 and will most definately be coming back to your venue. Thank you to all at Monster for helping to make our holiday memorable 😀😀👏👏
Jonathan Prince
07:53 05 Jul 22
If I could rate this place a zero I would. There are too many homeless drag queens going to the monsters starting trouble with the straight men that is going to the bar trying to have a good time. The monsters need to stop having drag shows that been outdated for years. And get rid of all the drag queens coming to the bar causing trouble for citizens trying to spend their hard earn dollars for a drink at the bar. If the monsters doesn't get rid of the drag queens this bar will definitely end and so will stone wall.
Jamie Berger
18:49 27 Jun 22
I went to this bar yesterday during NYC pride and this was one of my worst experiences in a bar. The cover was $20 which wouldn’t have been a big deal if I wasn’t treated so rudely by the person collecting money at the front of the house. If my friends hadn’t already paid I would have just left before even paying and going in. I understand that working a big event such as pride can be stressful, but I was screamed and snapped at by the person collecting the cover charge when I was just trying to pay my cover. The person in front of me was allowed to pay with Venmo but I was refused and not allowed to pay with Venmo. Upon trying to understand the reason why I was snapped at and spoken to in a VERY rude way. No one should be spoken to like that… especially a paying customer. If I couldn’t pay with Venmo it wasn’t a big deal but what was a big deal was being yelled at when trying to understand why. Completely ruined my experience there. I did not like the treatment I received at this bar yesterday and my friends and I will never be coming back.
Marcel Humes
22:24 19 Jun 22
It's basic. Anti-Intellectual. It reminds me of Florida. If you're into New Jersey / immigrant working class platitudes where nothing is read of a person but the cover/surface then that's your place. A definite 'colonized' vibe.I don't know. I'm perhaps being too harsh. I've had a few good times there. And Thursday nights is very lively. It's just not one of my go-to nyc gay spots of choice. Probably been there 5-6 times in the past 5-6 years. But I prefer scenes that are more avant-garde. Something far and in between these days in the lgbtq space.
Carlos D.
04:36 25 Apr 22
Two floors of pure fun. The drinks were amazing, and they do not go light in the alcohol, they make that sh.t strong. The dancers were amazing. My favorite...
Ciara M.
08:24 24 Apr 22
While bar hopping in the village last Sunday we stumbled into this bar, just in time to see a man in a white tux jacket with a gorgeous crystal encrusted...
Amy Nicole Stewart
12:08 22 Apr 22
An excellent place to have a drink, belt a tune, and meet good people. Tip your piano player and your bartender, please. Just love this place.
Daniel Oliveira
04:20 22 Apr 22
Had a super fun time. Drinks are a bit pricey but the energy is so great it was all worth it.
Kyle Thomas
13:36 15 Apr 22
Really great bar!! When I came here there were putting on a special performance with Wicked music. It included drag performances, dancing, singing, and a unique mashup/blend of Wicked songs and also pop music. Really an awesome performance and it was free! Then upstairs they had live piano music. I highly recommend this bar! 👏🏻
Kevin Scott
12:34 09 Apr 22
Great bar quite possibly the worst drag performance I’ve ever seen. She @therealegypt did 1 1/2 numbers. The 1/2 number was to her own video and she kept yelling at people to stop taking photos or we will kick you out LOL
Christian D.
08:32 11 Feb 22
I've been going to The Monster for years. It used to be such a great place for gay men to drink, dance, sing, and make friends (some with benefits). That...
Love Sign
03:20 25 Jan 22
I had a bad experience. I was there on a Friday night and they were letting in rough looking and acting people. I was just standing there with my friend and we were having our drinks and these guys came over and tried to knock our drinks out of our hands. Then we moved to the other side of the dance floor and they followed up throughout the club. It was scary. We informed the security yet nothing happened. I do not know why they let obvious trouble makers in.
Aj S.
17:05 12 Jan 22
Love this bar! It's staff & ambiance has been amazing! John has been an amazing bar tender & has definitely made my experience here amazing!
Gary O
12:46 17 Dec 21
Cover charge scam. I called in the afternoon to see when the cover charge began and was told 9pm. When I arrived at 8:30 the cover charge was on and the person at the door was rude about it when questioned. The place is over crowded, the bartenders are fast and the drinks are not well. The place is over priced. The piano bar is excellent and worth the cover --- but they need to be HONEST about it.
Joseph E.
00:04 03 Dec 21
This place exploits its visitors by luring patrons to the bottom bar where there's male 'dancers'. I was last here around 10 years ago when the vibes were...
Kwame S.
18:22 27 Nov 21
I have been visiting the Monster on and off for about 20 years . . . God, I'm old. 😉 As a matter of fact, I think the Monster was the first gay bar that I...
angel rojas
03:12 11 Nov 21
It is my first time in New York and looking for a good place of entertainment to relax, I found this place that from the entrance they do not have a good attention and my surprise did not end even when after paying a ticket and to store our coats we went down to a basement , they took us by force for no reason, the person I spoke told us that we getting out because we where using the mobile device which is totally a lie because it was unloaded I felt super bad for having taken that impression of such a busy place I just spend 10 min and they didn’t let me finish my drink never again and totally no recommend this place
Oscar Cruz
00:02 01 Nov 21
They said is q good place but not. It’s a place,where the white person its more important than other ones. The drinks are ok and the bartender and wasters are rude. They’re very far to aLGBT community guides
PAUL epstein
16:55 14 Sep 21
Awesome juicy Burgers! I had cheddar and bacon! A must to try!!!
Allen Burnham
02:46 12 Sep 21
It was not a fun trip. I was looking forward to the the monster and dancing. I got self vaccined both shots before I came to new york city about 1 week and half ago. I took a lyft from my hotel in time Square area. Cost me 35 plus for trip one way. When I got to door...the security guard didn't want to let me in. Per his words....the CDC guidelines states that you need to be two week clear after from last shot date. I have never heard of that. I knew places can go into places even with one shot...I got two and 1 and half before I fly into New York. I won't come back and support this business.Beware future will be judge at door. I am disappointed with this I have pay another 35 plus to get a ride back to hotel.
00:12 23 Aug 21
The lap dancer JC (jean carlos) scams customers and this club socks too there are better ones in the area I promise you save your money and go find fun elsewhere
efraim torrez (Casper)
17:03 22 Aug 21
Lauren B.
23:19 31 Jul 21
Went to Monster on a Friday night. The drag show was underwhelming. I love my Queens. But you are a performer. Most drag shows I have been to the girls do a...
Jess M.
19:34 27 Jul 21
The guy on the left with glasses was awful! He's not friendly and threatens customers. After I walked out of the bar, he followed me down the block. As a...
Bayardo P.
05:00 20 Jul 21
Terrible place!! Not what it used to be. You are given a seat... you are rushed to drink... they dont let you stay past 2 hours... you cannot really...
Tiffany Elisca
03:34 19 Jul 21
Monster Bar has been such a delightful experience before COVID and after COVID. I have been coming here since 2018 and the people here are unforgettable. The bartenders are attentive, quick, friendly and oh so very handsome. I absolutely love LOVE the piano player in the back that is tucked away in the corner and you get to join in on singing selected songs from: Broadway tunes to classic hits. I get to meet people from all walks of nature, I have made a few friends, enjoyed the amazing performances and most importantly, I have always felt safe here. Thank you for existing. xoxo
Jeanrobert A.
18:55 12 Jul 21
No diversity and disrespectful staff also don't get a lap dance here they scam you (especially some dancer named Jean Carlos)
Emily Wescott
15:34 30 Jun 21
Very inclusive with reasonable prices. Came here on pride and loved every minute of it
Bobby D.
10:28 30 Jun 21
Happy Gay Pride...To Everyone. New York City I'm very impressed with you yet again for bringing life back into your city...and that is because the people...
Phan H.
13:45 14 Jun 21
I'm not gay, but definitely an ally. Wanted to support gay business especially during pride month. This place was definitely popping. Spacious seating...
Boris Dean Howard
20:14 14 May 21
One of my favorite traditional bars in NYC. Recommended!
04:48 27 Mar 21
They are doing the best they can with nyc COVID restrictions. I’m impressed with how nice the staff are from the bouncers to the drag queens, to our waiter!!!
Katz Si
23:09 07 Mar 21
Can recommend to visit! Stuff are very welcome and nice! Thursday is 10$ admission fee and best half-naked dancers!!
Patrick Leahy
02:41 15 Feb 21
Although I love coming to this bar I was a bit disappointed to find that they try to give customers their second drink in a plastic cup which is the same price as a bottle of beer but less beer. They bring it to you with the lid on and no bottle so you don’t know if they gave you a full bottle of beer. The content of a bottle is way more than what fits in the plastic cup, and the cup doesn’t even come full. Shame on you The Monster. I like to support them as they have gone through a hard time with the pandemic but this is not acceptable.
Milena andrade
00:17 15 Feb 21
BE AWARE FOLKS!!! The bar is nice but they try to trick you for their own benefit!! First you order a drink and they bring bottles of the beer you asked for, each beer is a bottle of roughly 12 FL OZ (355 mL). The second round you ask for, turn out to be plastic cups of 250mL maximum!!!! This way they try to trick you that you got the same quantity of beer when you pay for less!!! Shame on you Monster!!! Be aware folks, you can even try to pour the bottle in one of their plastic cups, and it won't be that volume, belive me!
Lord Warg (Steve)
18:29 05 Feb 21
I miss monsters! the pandemic really makes you realize how much you love your gay bar! I can t wait to return!
Jay D.
11:16 03 Jan 21
This is a COVID review, so of the outdoor tent bar scene and not the gay club scene, although from the reviews the gay club vibe was amazing as well. My...
Sia Gilbert
13:40 24 Nov 20
I enjoyed the night that I had from this club. The drinks were so great. Especially, their cocktails were so damn good. The waitress was very attentive in taking orders. It was the best night out that I ever had.
Kenny Gonzalez
08:31 23 Jul 20
Had a blast. Went for the first time last Saturday to see Eric Bellinger perform and decided to do bottle service. Was contacted by Erin and she took care of everything for us. A nice mix of people and no drama. I did notice that they can be very strict especially when it comes to leaving and re-entering. Will be back for sure!!!

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