Mother Lode

Mother Lode

A classic dive bar in West Hollywood

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A classic dive bar in West Hollywood with cheap drinks and friendly staff. Great music and go-go dancers throughout the week with karaoke on Thursdays.



Mother Lode
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Kelly Lansen
11:22 03 May 23
Great place - was always able to go into the patio area to get away from the blast of the music. They've now put up big speakers in the patio and so there is no place to get away from the blast and enjoy the drink and talk with friends. Who thought the sound blasting everywhere would be something their kind of relaxed, casual customer would want. They stay away from the other clubs because of the blast. I guess no drink for me and friends - just have to stand outside on the sidewalk.
Paul Petrescu
04:39 03 May 23
It used to be a fun place to hang out, lately the music has been blasting my ear drums out and can't hold conversations with friends and I have to leave. Over past few months many patrons leave intoxicated from the heavy drinks and then security gets involved having to handle the patrons.
Paul P.
21:46 02 May 23
It used to be a fun place to hang out, lately the music has been blasting my ear drums out as the describe have been blasting the music and can't hold...
Mario DeAndré Brooks
09:49 09 Mar 23
I forgot i left it 5 stars, but this has been my favorite nightlife spot during my vacation
Kenny T.
01:19 27 Feb 23
After all these years, this is still a down to earth bar with strong drinks and reasonable prices nestled in between the pretentious bullshit of the Lisa...
Jack L.
07:19 12 Feb 23
Good bar for those who don't live the "clubby" atmosphere. The staff is friendly, the drinks are good and less expensive. Whats not to love?
Nathen Hull
04:48 06 Jan 23
Great place to hangout . Great bartenders and great music . Customer service is pretty good . Some of the people that come to the bar are great but some are toxic that’s what to expect of weho. But the dancers are sexy, and amazing . Relaxing atmosphere. Chris the bartender is the best
Trevor Paul
16:43 27 Dec 22
We went to this place on Christmas Day. I have to say the bartender was so rude with us. I don’t know why. Me and my friends leave after just one drink because we tried to order more drinks but the bartender was trying to avoiding us. I don’t know if he was racist or what, my friends are from Colombia and Mexico. We won’t go again.
Robert B.
18:41 25 Nov 22
I visited Mother Lode Tuesday November 22 ordered 3 Tito's soda , they tasted like gasoline!! I expressed my concern to the bartender, his response " we are...
Brandon L
05:33 11 Nov 22
Nice spot for a cheap stiff drink, I’ve seen it described as “unprestigious” but I wouldn’t necessarily call it that…
Victor Purcell
04:10 01 Nov 22
I love the bartender. Who wears a cross to chase away vampires. Please call me. I’ll make you soup. Call Victor.
David C.
10:11 27 Oct 22
Great bar cheap drinks and very lively I went on a Tuesday night and it was surprisingly very lively. Crowd was great. Bartender was super nice and...
Courtney U.
05:47 25 Oct 22
I just want to thank Nick who was the bartender earlier tonight. There was a customer who was harassing me and he made sure he left the bar. I felt so much...
Dudley B.
01:21 19 Oct 22
Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name. Well, maybe not everybody, but the bartenders do. Motherlode is a tradition, a seasoned bar, and...
Darren Abbott
02:14 30 Sep 22
One of our favourites when we visit LA. Staff are super friendly, people are not pretentious and well priced drinks. It’s our first visit for 5 years today and the new open area out front is great
Craig Percival
02:11 30 Sep 22
Love this place! Friendly attentive service!Now they’ve opened up the front it’s even better!
Isaac A.
20:32 08 Jul 22
A drunk belligerent guy at the bar had his helmet and jacket in the seating area next to the bar. Because I was sitting near it, he threatened to "fuck me...
Stephen Valentino
16:30 07 Jul 22
This is a bar that I first went into on a trip to West Hollywood 40 years ago so I'm not sure how long they have been there but they've remodeled there's a lovely patio in front where you can smoke as well as drink and the drinks are very reasonably priced and simply huge and that is their philosophy about pouring a drink is the owner once said when you pour a drink in my establishment you poor a drink. A very wise philosophy. By Stephen Valentino
Justin Stromberg
14:16 29 Jun 22
Definitely best option to get a stiff drink that won't cost $25 a glass
Jim Hall
12:32 28 Jun 22
Great neighborhood bar. Friendly staff and strong pours. One of my favorite places in West Hollywood!
Crystal G.
00:03 06 Jun 22
My phone was stolen yesterday 6/4/2022 at 9:30 PM. I immediately told the bartender who didn't didn't' seem to care or sympathize and said they are too busy...
Tom R.
00:03 05 Jun 22
On June 4th during pride I witnessed a security guard aggressively approach a trans woman that seemed to be reasonably enjoying herself as a patron. The...
Tony T.
07:24 30 May 22
Pretty lively place here it seems. Lots of down-to-earth folks here at the bar from what I observed. Great cocktails. Pop music were heard every second...
Zulma Aguiar
23:01 23 May 22
I think the coolest little gay bar with lots of STREET view atmosphere, if you can get a booth by the street it might be noisy but a lot of fun
Carlos Zamora
20:37 10 May 22
Funny, great place, is all you can wanted I a funny nite
Joseph M. Strothman
04:27 16 Apr 22
Bartender was cute but it was a quiet night at Motherlode on a Sunday.
Rainbow Flowers LA
06:43 03 Apr 22
This bar used to be good long time ago, used to be a fun place to go with friend and dates, now after the pandemic the place is open again but the atmosphere is total different what it use to be 5 years ago, the pool table is gone and now is more open to the sidewalk but the fun part is missing for some reason.I hope this place comes back to life again.
Keith Smith
07:39 05 Mar 22
Excellent dive bar that welcomes all not just only the typical West Hollywood types
John Hickey (jfhsea)
23:06 23 Feb 22
I have fond memories of going to the Sunday beer bust in the late 80s while living in WeHo. I am so happy the Mother Lode is still around and hope the bar remains for years to come!
William Clark
09:23 13 Feb 22
It was like they had never closed.
Dennis F.
13:08 12 Feb 22
Great place great music great crew and fun time to be enjoyed and glad this place is back again...
Sean S
06:31 30 Jan 22
They never answer about reopening. They blocked messages on Facebook. So sad!!!
Robert M.
22:24 27 Dec 19
Balling on a budget ? Forgot to pregame at home ? This is the perfect bar to start at because the drinks are cheap and strong, and the wait at the bar is...
Alex K.
22:52 16 Oct 19
Classic West Hollywood dive bar that's well known. This place has been here for years. Without the pretentious scene and vibe. The drinks are cheap and the...
Noemi Titsworth
11:02 14 Oct 19
Great collection of drinks. Amazing place. I liked the bar section. Interior was beautiful. Affordable place. Food was good.
Eric Fuentes
00:45 12 Mar 18
This bar is always a part of my bar crawl whenever I'm in West Hollywood. Mark makes my drinks exactly how I like them and has an awesome personality. They are more than doubling the size of their patio, so people watching will be even better. Don't let the construction scare you away. They are open for business!

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