Neon Boots Dancehall

Neon Boots Dancehall

Houston's LGBT country and Western dancehall

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NEON BOOTS DANCEHALL & SALOON is Houston's Award Winning and Most Diverse Country & Western Dance Bar and Nightclub in the Historic Esquire Ballroom!



Neon Boots Dancehall and Saloon
Based on 490 reviews
Joseph H.
14:55 19 Aug 23
Love this place get your dance on with tejano and country music !! A great place to get rid of your stress from work and family lol
Linda Yates
15:31 31 Jul 23
I have been going to neon boots for many years. I love this place and music. Everyone is welcomed. Nice outdoor patios for those who smoke or just wish to sit drink and relax. Especially when it starts cooling down. So come join. It’s an every body friendly bar. With a great stuff and owner.
Melissa Padilla
01:06 27 Jul 23
Tuesday nights are free dance lessons, if you pay a small fee you get a full hour of dancing lessons and get to meet some friendly folks. Nice and flashy decor. Fast bar. Fresh popcorn! Large parking lot. I'd return for more lessons and stay for a little extra dancing.
Theresa Furgeson
14:41 16 Jul 23
loved the lighting and decor! Big dance floor that had fans on it to keep you cool. No food served besides free popcorn. Great DJ who showed us some line dances.
Aleida lozano-netzel
13:55 12 Jul 23
This was a fun bar but I was disappointed that on Sunday night there wasn’t much country music. I must have misread the website. The drinks were reasonably priced. The bartenders were friendly. Just not the cowboy experience I was hoping for on Sunday.
Lucky Lines
06:44 10 Jul 23
If you like country music and friendly people you’re at the right place! Good music and really nice location. We’ve been here on the last day of our honeymoon before flying back to Germany. Thanks for the good memories!
Virginia S.
17:00 26 Jun 23
Dust off those cowboy boots grab your hat and make it over to Neon Boots it's a big beautiful dance hall and saloon tomorrow night and every Tuesday night...
Anneliese K.
20:11 17 Jun 23
Online/social media they seem to post pictures of t crowded on weekends and that it's a great place to go. While drinks are cheap for Houston, when I went,...
dustin watson
02:31 17 Jun 23
I didn't try any food. Drinks were standard, nothing to write home about but not bad. They have a karaoke room and pool tables plus a mechanical bull. The one down side is that this is one of those country bars that has a line dance for way more songs than anyone else knows line dances to, but they also rotate in other country dancing (two step, polka, waltza, west coast swing). So it's not intolerable. It's also less crowded than other similar bars Whiskey River, Buck Wild). So I'd probably go back.
B C.
11:06 04 Jun 23
This place was awesome. My husband and I were invited by a friend that is a regular here. She said we would have a blast and she was so right. The staff...
Andrea A. Russell
22:29 29 May 23
Soooo fun! I love that it's a historic Houston locale. (Well, musically historic.) So that's interesting. But overall, the music was fun, the crowd was friendly and they have free karaoke. Can't wait to go back.
Ana Raquel (Quel)
16:36 13 May 23
Best choice for those who wants to get in touch with a REAL Texas bar. Great atmosphere, nice music, a diverse schedule with Line dance classes, Latino Nights and so on.The place has a ballroom, a very friendly karaoke and pool tables. Our group had a wonderful time!If it isn't enough, they are loaded with country music history! Some of the greatest old country music artists sang in the place and the telephone cabinet that Elvis Presley used to fire his manager is exposed right there.Highly recommend for those who wants to have a nice time and create special memories of Texas.Ps: you should try their Jelly shot.
Mar Jam
02:55 07 May 23
Had an awesome time. The staff is inviting, the atmosphere is electrifying, the dance instructors encourage participation, and karaoke 🎤is a blast. For a more laid-back ambiance, softer music 🎶 and the opportunity to enjoy your company, visit the beautifully decorated patio. My new go-to for a fun filled evening.
Imelda Medrano
13:55 04 Apr 23
So much fun singing at the karaoke bar and dancing on the beautiful dance floor! Can’t wait to go again.
Michael V.
20:38 25 Mar 23
This place could have been a great experience but when bartenders skip you 5 time while your waiting to order and don't offer itemized receipts seems shady....
Stacie P.
11:52 13 Mar 23
The place just did some renovations to their back patio area and it looks amazing, so nice. They also have a karaoke section. If that's your thing you...
J. villa
15:34 11 Mar 23
Fridays latino night but everyone is welcomed. Great music..happy environment..forget about life's stress for a while...lets dance darn it..!!
Iman B.
22:56 04 Mar 23
WOW! This place was so much freaking fun we had an amazing time! The staff was so welcoming and genuinely nice to us! The dancing was so much fun and the...
Charity D.
14:37 26 Feb 23
We had so much fun here...can't wait to come back! Everyone was super friendly and drinks were not overly priced
Allison Leopold
07:05 21 Feb 23
Great music . Great dance classes . Fun times . Karaoke
Theo Dell
00:20 29 Jan 23
Partner and i Stopped in here last night on a visit from pheonix Az after hearing some crazed ravings of some locals. Great atmosphere awseome mixed group of patrons you will find some one to dance with.Drinks were good with exception of a very sassy rude front bartender who turned my margaritas into syrup hell and refused to answer questions about drinks. Pony tail guy I see you.
Tae G
04:09 10 Jan 23
Queer friendly dancehall with latin and country nights!What an absolutely wonderful place! They have karaoke in one room, a vast back patio, and a dance floor with a DJ who plays excellent music (including requests without complaints!)My partner and I will absolutely be back!
Ant G.
22:13 08 Jan 23
Not my crowd (LGBTQ) but the drinks were cheap? Lol pretty empty for a weekend. Seems like it would be cool but Texas doesn’t really like those two together lol but I mean everyone was nice and it was cool. Just not what I thought it would be. It’s NEON. Like that kinda Neon
Andrew Marcinkowska
05:53 08 Jan 23
Can't really call it a honky tonk. It smells too nice 🙂
Frank C.
18:55 14 Dec 22
Fridays Latin nights are not de same after Covid but its a good place to drink a beer
Kearney T.
21:37 06 Dec 22
Awesome place to dance at. Dancefloor is about as good as Guitars and Cadillacs in Ft Worth, or Mavericks in Austin, TX. I'd highly recommend the Gummi Bear...
Denny N.
22:24 19 Nov 22
Its alittle too bright / chuckie cheese vibes in there if they dimmed it alittle more people would feel comfortable going. Idk if its just me that feels that way im alittle on the introvert side lol and the dj this past Friday 11/18 was playing Ying yang twins to the window & some slavadorean afro beats or something wasn't feeling that music but I did Like the cumbias /Tejano/ norteñas.
Ashly D.
02:31 12 Nov 22
Love the vibes! Nice people and bartenders are friendly, recommend good drinks. Owner is so welcoming and fun . I recommend the karaoke section so much fun...
Anna P.
08:59 25 Oct 22
Love love love the vibes here and our favorite part is the karaoke room! We had such an amazing DJ and her voice was a blessing to hear! Definitely made us...
Kathleen Gullion
03:05 19 Sep 22
Neon Boots is the PLACE. The best ambience, best music, best dance floor, best karaoke room. Staff is so kind and welcoming and makes every night feel special. The vibes of the whole place are immaculate. 🥳
Luther Batie
03:51 28 Aug 22
Had a great time dancing. Great DJ.We had fun there with friends and will go back soon.Go there, have a ball!!
Eyelizabeth Davis
21:21 05 Aug 22
They have live bands and plenty of room on the dance floor to cut a rug!!! All staff is top notch and so accommodating a party Eye joined... VIP service with reserved tables and champagne for the birthday Woman!! If you wanna go and scoot across the dance floor, enjoy ice cold libations, and have a great time, THIS IS THE SPOT!!! Oh and they have the coolest wall of fame!!! Longstanding country stars twinkle in the nostalgia of Neon Boots 👢 👢 👢Side note: the popcorn is better than the theater. Oh! annnnnnd the ducks and geese right outside the fence, out back.... Adorable!!!!!! Okay, okay one more thing: karaoke bar is phenomenal!!!!! You're gonna wanna go and keep coming back for the bands!!!!!!
Christine Richard
00:50 05 Aug 22
Love the disco boots, a good size dance floor with different options depending on the day. Karaoke is always fun too
Philip P.
08:59 02 Aug 22
Great fun place to go and hang out and have a bit of a dance of you areof a mind.Staff are nice and friendly also.
Emily Johnson
16:10 29 Jul 22
Such a cool bar, they have karaoke on Thursday and the line dancing here is so fun!
Scott Angell
03:34 22 Jul 22
Neon Boots has become my favorite country dance bar in Houston. Sundays and occasionally Tuesdays I come here for their dance lessons, which are just spectacular, or just to dance when there aren't any lessons. I can tell you from experience -- this is probably the best place to come to in the whole city on Sundays, especially for West Coast Swing. Stephanie, Mario, and John are absolutely world-class teachers and fun, wonderful people to boot. You will find some of the best dancing in the city of Houston, right here!
Walter Bautista
20:24 11 Jul 22
It's always a great time. The drinks are not that expensive and the staff is always happy. I only bin Fridays so I'm not sure what it's like any other day. But it's definitely worth trying and enjoying some good vives and good karaoke.
Tamara Williams
11:12 27 Jun 22
Have you ever wanted to try something new in a loving and accepting environment? Look no further! Line dancing Thursday’s are all the rage.
F L.
12:25 27 May 22
Bar is mostly empty except for Latin night. But I also refuse to support a gay bar owned by a far right Trump loving conspiracy theorist. No thank you.
Aram K.
21:06 04 May 22
We've been coming here on Friday nights each week, and let me tell you we fell in love with the place. The music is great, they have two rooms one is...
Venessa Nieto
02:25 15 Apr 22
Great place to go dance and have a good time!! We had no idea how to dance the line dances but we went out and danced either and there was no judgement lol. Instead we had people showing us how to do it. It was so much fun. Can’t wait to go for Latin night.
Maureen Carberry
01:28 24 Mar 22
Girls trip! We went for the free line dancing lessons on Thursday night - it was a blast!! They had a dance lesson at 7:45 and another I think at 8:15. In between there would be other line dances with a variety of songs including pop and country. The people there were from all walks of life, very friendly and safe vibes. No leering people to worry about at least for the Thursday night crowd. Definitely recommend!If you already know how to line dance, this seemed like a good place to do it! Wide range of difficulty level songs throughout the night.
Samantha Seebachan
21:03 04 Mar 22
Great place for Thursday night line dancing. Cute decor and really nice dance floor. Highly recommend this place for line dancers in town.
Jonathan L
08:49 07 Feb 22
It's a great place to go to, especially on Sundays and Tuesdays, when there isn't many mother options for country western dancing. My only complaint is that the times that I've been, after the DJ leaves, the playlist is 100% West Coast Swing type songs with no other variation.
Graviela Ponse
05:04 19 Jan 22
Great place to go country dance. Free before 9. Happy hours from 5pm to 9pm. Clean bathrooms.
Brooke Alana West
14:22 14 Jan 22
Karaoke was awesome last night. I really enjoyed it even if I didn't sing
Michael P.
22:27 30 Dec 21
I visited your bar, tonight December 30th. For the first time since Covid with 7 friends to celebrate our friends 31 st Anniversary! We arrived there...
R.A. Pursell
04:28 21 Dec 21
Good music. Bartender gave premium vodka automatically so I had to pay more AND they think Titos vodka is a premium vodka when it tastes like dirt.Be sure to name your vodka.
Kat Rosario
12:44 23 Nov 21
Wonderful place, very friendly, big dance floor and in a very accessible road. I would recommend it to anyone.
Albert Wei
00:32 22 Oct 21
It's perfectly lovely. Nice place to go but it's usually pretty empty on weekends in my experience. Drinks are cheap and bartenders are kind and chill.
Sammy M.
00:20 01 Aug 21
We had a blast at Neon Boots!! We came for my bachelorette party, as we were looking for some western fun, and this exceeded our expectations! The music was...
Sara S.
18:48 25 Jul 21
Super fun dance hall!The history in the place is amazing, firstly. The old Esquire ballroom was a huge deal in the 20th century. All of the big Country...
Juanita Castelo
00:12 10 Jul 19
Really fun place!!! Amazing decor, good drink specials with friendly bartenders. Great dance floor for two stepping and a good karaoke space if that's your thing. The jewel of this place is the outdoor spaces, those patios are fantastic! Filled with lush plants & pretty lights, it's a wonderful place to chill & chat. There was a good mix of young & old, different races, everyone was welcome. Tejano night on Friday is apparently super popular!

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