North End

North End

Chicago's neighborhood bar with a Sporting Attitude For over 30 Years!

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Chicago's neighborhood gay sports bar since 1983! Offering cold drinks, a great beer selection, pool, darts, and all the games on TV.

The North End, located in Chicago, is a celebrated gay sports bar that has been a vibrant part of the community since 1983. Known for its inclusive and welcoming atmosphere, it attracts a diverse crowd of all ages. As a neighborhood staple, The North End offers a unique blend of sports enthusiasm and gay culture, making it a popular spot in the Northalsted area.

This bar stands out for its commitment to providing a space where everyone can enjoy their favorite games on TV, engage in pool or darts, and savor a great selection of beers. The laidback and unpretentious vibe of The North End is a significant draw, offering a comfortable environment for both regulars and newcomers. Its longevity in the community speaks volumes about its ability to adapt and remain relevant to the needs and preferences of the gay community in Chicago.



North End
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23:38 15 Apr 24
Great service, good darts and pool, and lots of street parking.
Eric R.
06:32 29 Mar 24
I wouldn't even consider the North end to be a "sports bar." Yesterday for example University of Illinois is playing in the sweet sixteen ncaa March Madness...
Brittany Holmes
02:24 19 Mar 24
First visit and I will be back! Rob makes the best drinks!
Bowen M.
10:03 17 Mar 24
I have long loved this bar. From the long standing single stall restrooms honoring gender queer and non-binary people, to the darts, to the mad respect for...
Nigel M.
02:15 04 Feb 24
Nice bar. Friendly staff. The space is small and intimate. Great place to go with friends.
Nick M.
17:13 28 Jan 24
My girlfriend and I frequent this bar during the week to grab a drink and play pool. Bartenders are incredibly friendly and attentive. The vibe at this...
Not Applicable
02:32 22 Dec 23
I recently visited North End and felt compelled to share my experience, particularly highlighting the remarkable professionalism of one of your bartenders.On what turned out to be a challenging night, North End team faced an incredibly difficult situation with a patron who displayed unacceptable and disrespectful behavior. Despite being subjected to unwarranted and degrading treatment, [Bartender's Name] handled the ordeal with extraordinary composure and grace.It is rare to witness such strength and patience, and NorthEnd team deserves immense credit for maintaining such a high level of professionalism under pressure. Their demeanor not only de-escalated a potentially volatile situation but also ensured that other guests at the bar continued to enjoy their evening.The management team should be proud to have staff members who uphold the establishment's reputation in such a manner. This experience has shown me the character and values the North End Team stands for, and I have great respect for that.I look forward to returning under better circumstances and enjoying the wonderful atmosphere that I know NorthEnd team usually provides. My heartfelt thanks to North End Team for their exceptional service.
Stefan Bogdanowicz
11:45 26 Sep 23
You wanna go where people go, the troubles are all the same, you wanna go where everybody knows your name…. This is place to just have a beer play pool or darts and just relax. Sports gay bar. Yes we gays play and watch sports. Love the bartenders as they are always sweet and nice and make good drinks.
Hunter Jackson
02:14 08 Sep 23
Great atmosphere, friendly bartenders and a gambit of games.
Joseph Hernandez
09:38 06 Sep 23
Pride 2023. Stopped for a few drinks before the parade, bar was at about 10% capacity. Bar tender was extremely rude and condescending, except to my husband. Second bartender was super nice as he openly hit on my husband but ignored me altogether. Everyone was so great, to my husband. Even on the way out as I tried to say thanks for the drinks while they were talking to the back of my husbands head. I'm the brown one in the marriage so I get this a Wisconsin. There was nothing friendly about this bar. Which is sad because I deleted a good review I left when I used to live around the corner to write this one. If you're a regular here I'm sure you're grandfathered in, but I can't imagine what it's like for people who come from far away seeking a sense of community only to find the same dehumanizing attitudes they could have stayed home for.
Anthony Morse (Shay)
19:11 10 Aug 23
There aren’t a lot of late night options in boys town, and even fewer dive bars. If you’re looking for a place with darts, pool, and touch tunes, this is it
Sara Williams
19:44 14 May 23
Came in for mother's day and was treated like an outsider... heard comments from the bartender and customers that we firmly didn't belong and their negativity and behavior felt aggressive and biased. Still said thanks for service and tipped. I was taught better customer service and personal service
Anthony Viator
22:46 06 Apr 23
Remember to close your tab! I forgot and left, called the very next day and the manager had already cut my card up.
b p
13:29 06 Jul 22
If you want to go to a gay sports bar in Chicago…. This one isn’t it. Tried to go watch a Stanley cup finally game….. only to watch the game while RuPaul Drag race is on the sound system.I get that it’s a Gay sports bar… but when your clientele is excited to watch the game and then half of them leave cause you won’t put the sound on… leaves you wondering why your claiming to be a sports bar in the first place.
Priince Omar
16:23 05 Jul 22
I be so skeptical about going to new places, but not the best service from Zach Or Liam If That's There Name. Let it be the last time you ignore someone for your own convenience it don't make you look good it's your own fault for giving poor service never again this place for sure.Drinks are expensivePlace isnt even that bigBartenders are not even professional Could of handle the situation differently100 Percent Fantasy Nightclub.
Rosemarie Begley
19:53 31 Dec 21
5 Stars for dart
05:40 04 Dec 21
Love North End! Great place to just hang out with some beers and company. Great dive vibe and friendly folks
Christopher A.
19:24 08 Oct 21
The North End, at the end of Boystown and at end of your night, offers a poor selection of drinks at an uncompetitive price. It pairs poor service and low...
Kuki V.
13:08 07 Aug 21
Definitely improved from the last encounter I had with them. Pool table is upgraded music on point and everyone friendly. It was definately a good time....
Brian Cashin
05:35 19 Jun 21
Love this place!
Edward W.
11:36 11 Apr 21
My partner and I went here April 10. Opened a tab on credit card. And was given my card back. Had some drinks. Total came to $105. I left a 20 tip on my...
Candee Samples
05:42 03 Apr 21
This place has no control over their customers. This table, and another across the room, were taking their shirts off and fighting in the middle of the bar. On occasion the staff would ask them to sit down, but as a whole it’s like covid measures do not exist here. Maskless, shirtless, running around. I want to do my part to support local businesses, but I’ll go to a bar that actually enforces the city’s covid ordinances and not put myself at this level of exposure.
Kenneth Jarvis
22:49 12 Feb 21
Thank you Shawn for reaching out to resolve the issue I had:)
Michael Kramer
02:47 14 May 20
Great atmosphere and bartenders are personal, never feel like you're forgotten or only there to tip them a few dollars. Went here a few nights during a trip last year and will definitely be back as soon as I can. Great Place if the clubs are not your favorite place.
Michael Abramowski
05:12 04 Feb 20
My coat was stolen my first time here. It was on a chair right next to the bar, just a few feet away from me. Turned away for a minute and it was gone. When the missing coat was brought up to the nearby bartender, he was not helpful at all. He just seemed annoyed, and had 0 interest in helping.Seemed like a fairly average bar, outside of the above sketchiness.+1 star because when I came back the next day, I talked to a different, far more helpful bartender who actually checked a room in the back to see if my coat was there.
Kuki V.
14:18 20 Jan 20
This place ripped me off with their broken pool table. I tried to tell them that it took my quarters and they had an attitude saying that I'm lying and...
M Paesan
02:34 03 Dec 19
I love the low keyed no attitude atmosphere. Connor (sp?) is a real sweetie behind the bar.
Mark M.
05:54 21 Dec 18
Dishonest bartenders.I've been a member of the Hasted community for more than two decades and this bar has long been one of my favorite "non scene" spots...
Mia P.
08:46 13 Aug 17
Have been here a couple of times now and it's a friendly neighborhood bar in the Boys Town area of a Chicago. Lots of guys here and a handful of women. This...
Robert Gierwatowski
13:07 30 Sep 14
This sports bar is a great place to watch any sports, lot of big screens. Sunday Bear's games are the best with free food. George and Derrick and the rest of the staff there are great to hang out and remember what you ordered to drinks.
Annalee T.
20:15 23 Sep 13
as a queer woman, I was surprised to have such great service at a gay dude girlfriend and I were trying to find a bar where we could watch WNBA...

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