Oasis is a cabaret nightclub owned by D’Arcy Drollinger

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Oasis is a renowned nightclub in San Francisco, celebrated for its vibrant LGBTQ+ scene and captivating entertainment. Situated in the heart of the city's SOMA district, Oasis occupies an 8,000 square foot space that was once a gay bathhouse. This unique venue has been transformed into a bustling hub of nightlife, offering a diverse array of programming that caters to a wide audience.

The club is co-owned by prominent drag queens and is famous for its high-energy drag shows, cabaret acts, and dance parties. Oasis provides an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere, making it a favorite among both locals and visitors. The venue's eclectic mix of events includes performances by both local and visiting drag artists, DJs spinning various genres, and themed parties that add to the club's dynamic and festive environment.

Oasis stands out not just for its entertainment but also for its role in fostering a sense of community and celebration of queer identity. It's a place where everyone, regardless of their background, can enjoy a night of fun, freedom, and fabulous performances, making it a cornerstone of San Francisco's LGBTQ+ nightlife.



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Matt Easton
07:53 13 May 24
Classic spot for drag shows. Bathroom is large and, despite the long lines, moves pretty quickly.Has a coat check and two bars. The hidden gem is definitely the rooftop — and they livestream the main stage so you won’t miss any performances! 😂It’s a bit rough around the edges, but that’s part of what makes it so fun. Nothing like a classic grungy SOMA drag club!
Deggy SF Local Guide Doggy
18:25 13 Apr 24
Enjoyed the Production Baloney, it was the most fun I've had in weeks!Cannot recommend enough, this place rocks!!San Francisco Vice at its Finest~
06:49 15 Feb 24
What a fantastic spot. Went for opening night of the 2024 Sqream 90's Drag Show. Outstanding performance! The club is clean and well appointed. The staff were friendly pros. The performers were the cat's meow, baby. Had a great Valentine's Day. Thanks to everyone at OASIS:) Y'all are amazing.
james weinstock
09:28 11 Feb 24
I had a really uncomfortable experience I had at Oasis’s SOPHIE night (2/10/24)The second queen to perform (white queen, green dress, red sophie-style wig) has a section in her performance (to a SOPHIE medley) where she convulsed in front of a projection of the moon. As you might know, SOPHIE died tragically young while slipping on the roof watching the moon. My friend and I both found this incredibly disrespectful to the artist and left a few minutes later. I am very disappointed in OASIS for allowing this performance to do on and in their lack of judgement regarding which acts to allow on stage. Seems like this is very much a Cis Gay bar, which I should have guessed from the 15$ jolly rancher style “Ponyboy” cocktail. Crowd was mostly white gay men or straight women, but the upstairs smoking patio was nice. Probably wouldn’t go back.
rebecca V.
15:31 09 Feb 24
Great venue and show. Rocky horror, scream, sex and the city, baloney......you do have to get tix for popular shows quickly because they will sell out.
Keyth G.
11:43 05 Feb 24
Hot Me gusta connecter con sexynes guys. And hot all was. 415 9006325 call me.when u whna.
Chris W.
01:58 27 Jan 24
The venue is great and so are the drinks but a drag show at Oasis is a must. Sex and the City and 9 to 5 have been my favorites. Box office has also been...
Heath C.
17:52 21 Jan 24
We went to the Naughty Nutcracker Thursday night... What a Great stage and performance. Super friendly staff even the cutie working the door. Great for a...
lizzie c.
14:43 19 Jan 24
Saw a drag show here and it was sooo fun. Great vibes and an awesome show. Be prepared to stand the whole time, there's no where to sit down.
Brad C.
16:39 29 Dec 23
I recently had the pleasure of attending a show at Oasis, and it exceeded all expectations. The VIP section provided a fantastic view, and the overall...
Sarah J.
17:15 08 Dec 23
D'arcy Drolinger's wine program is trash! She is a consummate entertainer, but a sommelier she is not. Mary Vice and a Chardonnay was hardly a...
Fletcher Gross
05:43 30 Oct 23
Beautiful venue!! Awesome bathrooms with safe individual locking stalls, felt super safe as a woman, incredible teching and vibes overall. I was there for a fundraiser drag show and had a great time. Bartenders and clientele were super friendly. Wonderful night
Antonia C.
02:50 22 Oct 23
I honestly didn't want to make this review because I have been a patron since they opened, but It's displeasing to have experienced such poor customer...
Ricardo Amador
21:52 10 Sep 23
Saw Sasha Colby at the Princess show. The venue is very cute and spacious, and the crowd was great. Sasha was absolutely amazing of course and her performances were perfect. I only wish Oasis changed the format of their shows a bit. The show starts really late and it's a bit boring waiting around for the show to start without any performers, outside of gogo dancers who stay in the same place on stage for an uncomfortably long time. The gogo dancers would be more appropriate for a different show that isn't drag related. I came to see dolled up queens turn the party, not watch sweaty naked men jiggle around on stage for half an hour. It was definitely a vibe killer and not what we expected. There were some great queens who performed at some points, though. I wish the entire night was either shorter and ended earlier (as it went really late), or that they fill in that amount of time with more performances from queens.
Margaret Gorlin
20:32 13 Aug 23
I love Oasis! It’s my favorite club/performance venue in SF. They have amazing drag shows with both famous and local drag performers and dance parties, and I always have so much fun here. I’m not queer myself, but am an ally and always feel very welcome here!
Alex Merenkov
01:41 02 Jul 23
We’ve been coming to Oasis since about its second birthday. We really appreciate having such a safe space with access to entertainment from our own community. We regularly come from Berkeley to various shows on Saturday and appreciate the vitality and center that the club brings to the community across the Bay Area. To lose this space would be devastating. So glad to be able to access it again now that the pandemic has subsided.
Dylan Kime
07:54 26 Jun 23
UTAHNS DENIED ENTRY WITH VALID LICENSES. Turned away for having no UV pattern. After being denied, our ID’s were verified at club “Beaux”. We returned with video proof of UV patterns and still denied entry at “Oasis”. Illegitimate security UV lights, unprofessional security staffing. (Photo 1 taken @ “Beaux”. Photo 2 taken @ “Oasis”.)
Daniel Fairbanks
08:40 17 Jun 23
Keri & Jake M. you Made a Horrible Night into a Breath of Fresh Air! If more SF establishments had Assets like you the World would be PERFECT! THANK YOU for being the IDEAL DREAM TEAM in Today's uncertain Times!
Ashley M.
19:20 03 Jun 23
Oasis is a wonderful venue. I mostly attend their Saturday night Princess shows and it always fun. Depending on the theme, it can get pretty crowded, so I...
Jay Berrios
17:51 06 May 23
I had the opportunity to visit Oasis and had an unbelievable time. The place was packed. To my surprise, we got there just in time before the Drag show started. We had two numbers by local queens. One of the queens being Heroine whose bday was May 5th. I was having a great time enjoying the show when by complete happenstance I found myself face to face with Awhora and Crystal Versace from Rupauls drag Uk. I was over the moon! Awhora was super nice and kind. I shared with her that I was there to celebrate an award for work and having her, and Crystal there made my night even better. She replied by saying: “ enjoy your celebratory night! You are here supporting our community. Enjoy yourself! “ I was convinced my night could not get any better! And then, the host announced La Morra Lisa from La Mas Draga season 4. I was so surprised and so overwhelmed I got tears in my eyes. I turned to Awhora and said “ I cannot believe my luck” to which she replied “believe it. This is real. “ To top it all off, Papercut aka PAPELITO took the stage with more energy than a Hurricane. She delivered an incredible high energy performance that made me cry like a baby! What an incredible night! Thank you Awhora for being an absolute enchanting dream! You made my night! Thank you Oasis for a great event. Whenever I return to San Francisco, I will absolutely come back to this place!
Brunella C.
20:08 25 Apr 23
A friend wanted to go out and found this place.I didn't know what to expect to be honest but I'm always down to try new things so we bought tickets online...
Carlos Chavarin Jr.
05:07 15 Apr 23
Thank you, OASIS. Tonight, I was the first time attended, "Baloney" and you did not dissapoint. I am a late middle-aged, disabled man and I appreciate your staff making me feel welcome. I enjoyed "Baloney" and wish everyone involved the very best.
Eliz N
19:03 12 Apr 23
The happiest I've ever been has been watching Star Trek in drag at Oasis ♥️
Nina Z.
15:02 05 Apr 23
Great service, drinks, and show! Came here back in December to support Ryan Patrick Welsh's show "Sex, Camp, Rock & Roll". My sangria was only $10 (not...
Juan L.
23:24 03 Apr 23
I was visiting San Francisco for the first time, and was beyond excited to see the fabulous Pangina perform in the Oasis bar, but little did I know that I...
Tony DeYoung
19:20 31 Mar 23
Finally the T-Dance is back in San Francisco! Thank you Oasis. Sunday nights are always challenging for going out because of work the next morning. SF used to have T-dance (4pm to 8pm) spots. It was great! Oasis has revived this. Dancing and shows Sunday afternoon. Hallelujah!
Lisa F.
14:19 08 Mar 23
I went to see the last show of The Hand That Rocks The Cradle. I love the atmosphere of this place; so festive and friendly. My buddy got us a table up at...
Bay G.
15:19 26 Feb 23
Great show, and there was air conditioning / strong ventilation blasting all along the walls of the performance space, so the complaints here about the...
Caesar A.
17:27 04 Jan 23
Back in the day this nightclub was a gay bar with a swimming pool that is most likely under the seating area in front of the stage where burlesque, drag and...
S.I. TL. (Stellaaahhh)
20:03 18 Dec 22
Wow, I remember when this was Hamburger Mary's! I have to go. Who knew this was one of the Bath Houses! I knew the one down the street from me used to be a messenger bar but before that it had a dungeon where boys burned alive at Bloodhound formerly Cassidy's Bar. Long live Folsom Gulch. My 2nd fave neighborhood is SOMA!
Sean Robbins
08:16 12 Nov 22
Not necessarily anything the bar itself can do but I went to “reparations night” which means all black drag. I highly suggest changing the name. I’m from NYC/ATL and this was my first time in SF. I think there may have been 5 black people (minus drag queens) total. And if you’re looking for “black culture” — no. Maybe my hopes were high, but Kesha, lady Gaga, and house music was on the station. A few times they’d thrown in a “culture song”. After starting late (they got CPT time down) the first person wasn’t even black. And she was playing some alternative song that was foreign to me. I was hoping for a black experience but that’s not was there. 95% white/Asian people. (I’m not sure how it is on a non- reparations night).Don’t knock the bar though, just wasn’t what I was expecting.
Annabelle R.
23:09 01 Nov 22
Came here to experience their Halloween event, Hell Hole, and it was sooo fun and a great opportunity to explore the venue. There was a long line when we...
Tashina T.
15:21 26 Oct 22
I had the best time at the Sqream show here last weekend! Whoever wrote this parody is a genius, and you will be thoroughly entertained. This was my first...
Krazkid16 [OFK]
05:28 24 Oct 22
Online says they take Apple Pay but when we went to the bar to order dranks and pay we found out real quick they don’t do Apple Pay.All was good except through our frantic search to find a solution the bartender was getting inpatient and rude about the situation. We were the first few guests at the time so there was no need to feel rushed. Two we were unaware that we wouldn’t be able to use Apple Pay so to make use feel bad for supposedly having to waste $40 on dranks wasn’t helping.We found a wonderful soul that paid for our dranks so all was well. Nobody had to pour $40 worth of drank down the drain 🙄Not a good way to start the night.Everybody else was wonderful and nice.
Fara P.
16:47 14 Oct 22
Sorry wrong restaurant
Emma H.
10:20 02 Oct 22
10/10 wouldn't return to this venue, no matter how big of a fan I might be of the headlining act. The extreme heat, insanely tightly packed crowd and zero...
azadeh v.
22:29 10 Sep 22
We have been going to oasis for some time now and tonight was our last time. The service was awful we had to keepasking for bread 5 times and stillnot get...
Eva C.
14:11 23 Aug 22
I came here with coworkers for a drag show and it was so much fun!! I would highly recommend. I definitely did not come here for the food because that was...
Geoffrey V.
22:19 20 Aug 22
The shows are great but a mocktail and two house vodka and soda was $75 (including the 20% tip). Unbelievable. Not sure I'll be back.
FoodLover F.
23:10 23 Jul 22
This place is fantastic. We got $10 tickets off Goldstar for a Cher Cabaret show. You have to order two drinks (our bill for two wines, one beer, and a...
Eddie Valadez
14:24 20 Jul 22
If you are visiting the 11th Street & Folsom area for a late night party vibe, then Oasis should be on the list. The crowd is always livelier than most and the drag & costumes are Vegas quality. Friday and Saturday are great times to visit.
Eddie Valadez
17:53 28 Jun 22
If you are visiting the 11th Street & Folsom area for a late night party vibe, then Oasis should be on the list. The crowd is always livelier than most and the drag & costumes are Vegas quality. Friday and Saturday are great times to visit.
Olivia Parvin
06:03 28 Jun 22
Incredible queer vibes, inclusive and vibey, fantastic drag and dancers with great bartenders! My partner and I visited from out of town and out of all the LGBTQ places we visited, this was our favorite! Highly recommend if you are looking for a more queer/diverse atmosphere. very edm/house but it depends on the night. We never really waited in a long line to get in but loved the vibes, music, people, and layout. Visit the rooftop if you need air or just want to chat with your date, and head to the main dance floor for shows and dancing!
michelle a.
23:19 27 Jun 22
What a great time. I had the privilege to see Mr. Lady Zen. It was a small gathering but wow were they amazing. The audience was so great and interactive....
Honest B.
12:23 23 Jun 22
Came here to see Dahli! Such a great time and amazing performances!
Sienna Rose
04:48 15 Jun 22
Always a great time! Best Gay bar in the state! ❤️🌈
Justin O.
20:31 30 May 22
Since reaching out to the club, the manager Vanilla has been so kind and generous in helping me sort out this incident. They explained that this situation...
Christopher R.
01:56 30 Apr 22
Exclusionary policies despite being paying customers. It was a bit disappointing given how much money we paid to attend the event.
yeyson castillo
20:57 26 Apr 22
I bought 4 tickets for the meet and greet with Gorgeous, and with no reason they cancelled the event at the last minute. Im been calling and sending emails to get my money back and they are not answering my emails or calls. they are not efficient even though is not our fault that they cancel that event.As an update, after 2 hours of posting this, I got my refund. thank you!!
Javier Pacheco
08:35 10 Apr 22
It was good and entertaining, people were friendly and welcoming
J M.
11:17 05 Apr 22
Amazing, you must go here if you're visiting or live in SF. 11/10 stars for me, and the drinks are tasty
Lydia W.
08:24 20 Mar 22
Really amazing shows with great talent, cheap drinks before 11pm and a clean environment. Coat check person was rude, but bartenders and security were fast...
Kam R (Kam's Kitchen)
03:46 10 Mar 22
A place for drag shows. Fun local talent that also bring in big names also
Jack Sale
05:49 06 Mar 22
Fabulous! One of a kind - GAY, DRAG, NIGHTCLUB! A jewel in the SF nightclub community crown. Quality and SO MUCH FUN. Make sure to wear all your jewels and your heals… you are in for a great night!
Angela Carroll
15:16 23 Jan 22
I've been to the OASIS twice now- both times for corporate events. I can't comment on how easy they are to work with, or the affordability of the space- but I can comment on being a guest of an event in this facility.
Gil V.
09:39 19 Oct 21
So I visited last weekend for my birthday, and loved the drag show, which is why I wanted to come in the first place. However, the bartenders are extremely...
Joseph Blue
12:56 12 Oct 21
It’s a vibe. They always put on a good show.
Isaiah A.
19:38 10 Oct 21
Came here Saturday (10/9/21) for the Krystal Methyd show for my boyfriend's birthday weekend. At first, I enjoyed the establishment and danced and had a...
Ian R.
23:06 11 Sep 21
The people at the door discriminated me. I was yelled at and disrespected. As a latinx POC immigrant; I have never been so offended until now. The bouncer...
Cristiano Alves
02:28 29 Aug 21
best place to go with friend and enjoy the good shows
Neeraj Manthalkar
22:10 28 Aug 21
Great show, vibe and experience. $20 well spent!
Phil T.
17:23 29 Jul 21
Absolutely LOVE that Oasis is now stigmatizing people at the door. It feels like genuine INCLUSIVITY to flick off those in society we deem somehow dirty,...
Sara A.
14:07 29 Jul 21
I've always loved Oasis - D'Arcy Drollinger and team have worked so hard to create a fun, safe, and inclusive space that I have enjoyed for years. I was...
Keesha Bush-Trenerry
18:14 28 Jul 21
Oasis is pretty much the best spot for drag right now. So many awesome shows have found a home here now that things are reopening! Every time I go, the staff are lovely, the drinks are good-- I'm never disappointed.
Lori F.
18:02 28 Jul 21
I've been coming here for years, and it was great in the before times, but it's even better in the after times. You can see the work that was put in...
J Moore
16:55 28 Jul 21
I love this place so much! Best drag performers, Snaxx is my favorite! I feel very safe patronizing this venue because of the COVID precautions they’re taking.
Adolpho Dominguez IV
16:44 28 Jul 21
So happy that Oasis is the inclusive queer space that it is 🙂 every time I’ve been there, I’ve felt so welcomed ✨✨
paul f.
15:43 28 Jul 21
I just visited Oasis after lockdown and it is and always will be a magnificent magical place for fun and dancing covid protocols were in place when I...
Ryan H.
11:24 28 Jul 21
First, I LOVE OASIS!!!! The shows, the community, the love! Also, they require proof of vaccination because they care about our community. Those who would...
Lauren L.
11:22 28 Jul 21
Oasis is a wonderful business, great place to have a great time for many years now. Truly appreciate them taking the proper steps to ensure everyone's...
Tommy T.
08:06 28 Jul 21
*The last real gay bar in San Francisco. Literally one of the only gay bars with an actual stage. You come here for drag show and you stay for the awesome...
Amanda C.
23:01 27 Jul 21
Classic San Francisco iconic venue.Fun spot for drinks, laughs and jaw dropping entertainment.The Security is on point, they keep the crowd safe and...
Phil T.
18:11 27 Jul 21
Back in the day this was an alright spot. Good memories. Today-day after day, in the normal course of business (emphasizing that it's an everyday...
Craig W.
12:16 24 Jul 21
Last night they had an event and at half past midnight I left, or tried to. Security had managed to block off EVERY EXIT. I finally had to cross a velvet...
Chris C.
10:37 19 Jul 21
Hadn't been since pre-pandemic. Unorganized frat house vibes. Last call was at 1:20am (which wasn't even called out...it happened silently until the stage...
Barbara B.
11:29 16 Jul 21
Yes! I'm so happy they made it thru the shutdown. It appears Holy Cow, Wish, and Calle 18 Nightclub didn't survive.We didn't make it on the last adventure...
Connie L.
21:36 11 Dec 20
I went to Oasis on a random night and I had a great experience! Staff are friendly, it's spacious, and a great vibe & people. The drag performances are...
Paul B.
20:34 02 Dec 20
My GF wanted to check this spot out as we've never been to a drag show together. We went during COVID and I did like how the staff took extra precaution...
Michelle D.
23:45 19 Nov 20
My BF and I haven't really been out in a while and for that matter on a date in a looooooong time. We went to Oasis and this was our first dine in...
Lawrence Helman
03:57 10 Nov 20
Oasis t=is the club to go too. The best shows, the best vibe, no attitude and makes you feel welcome from the minute you enter the club. It is like the gay clubhouse we all need at this time in SF. Shows and club events very reasonably priced. SIMPLY THE BEST.
Frank Vella
02:36 10 Nov 20
Hands down THE SF destination to see top-notch drag in San Francisco! This is a venue where drag performance is the focus, not an afterthought. True highlights are the one-woman shows by drag legends old and new, the drag TV parodies and of course Darcy's own hilarious original ensemble theater comedy. All that and awesome, friendly staff!
trixxie carr
23:08 09 Nov 20
sf oasis is a wonderful venue full of amazing and supportive staff and featuring (and fostering) incredible talent!!! i have been blessed to be able to perform here as well as attend countless events that have been groundbreaking and immeasurably valuable, not just for myself but for SF as a whole - we are so lucky to have a venue like this one, owned by a queen and run by the fiercest and finest! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED 🖤
Erin Coyne
21:18 09 Nov 20
While not everyone there knows my name, I've always felt like Oasis was my Cheers Bar. It's one of the few bars/clubs that I've never felt weird going to by myself - I know I'll either run into people there I know or I'll meet new people because the atmosphere is so friendly and welcoming. The shows are also always guaranteed to entertain, whether local or national acts. I've never had a bad time at the Oasis.
Clammy Faye - Nancy French
20:21 09 Nov 20
Some of the best nights of my life have been spent here! SF Oasis is the go-to venue for drag, cabaret, comedic live theatre and quality nightlife. Diversity in programming and clientele make this a true "only in San Francisco" destination. Even through the pandemic, Oasis remains committed to its mission of creating quality, queer entertainment and a safe place for everyone. Viva Oasis!!
Bon Manhkong
01:45 09 Jul 19
What a terrible venue! The stage is small and the ceilings are low... On top of that, add a mass packed crowd. I couldn't see a darn thing! Hardly any air-conditioning in the standing room. Go outside to the main bar and the video quality of their TV feeds us awful. If you go to the roof, it's nice and airy until you encounter cigarette smokers.

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