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OMG Liverpool is a vibrant and popular LGBT+ venue known for its lively atmosphere and diverse range of events, it caters to a wide audience with something happening every night of the week. From cabaret and karaoke to epic student nights, OMG Liverpool offers a dynamic and inclusive space for everyone to enjoy. The club is celebrated for its state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, creating an immersive experience for its guests. With its commitment to the LGBT+ community, OMG Liverpool stands out as a leading destination for fun, entertainment, and inclusivity in Liverpool.



OMG Liverpool
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13:28 02 Mar 24
Amazing place loved it, the bouncers were nice the bar woman was lovely too she was on the ball the whole night the drag queen on was hilarious we went on a friday and she had me in stitches laughing. Loved the deals on for the drinks and how cheap they were. Enjoyed the night so much would definitely recommend. I lost rings and i came back the next day and they had them couldnt thank them enough for being so helpful.
Joni Blanchard
01:11 19 Feb 24
The missus and I came in tonight.The lad giving out the free shot cards was welcoming.Annabelle Lector was just about to start. She was fantastic. I even got a song sang just for me. I obviously stood out as I was the only dude with long hair and a beard.100% coming back.
Richard Carrington
11:07 26 Nov 23
The only place open at 1am, another drag DJ but she looked a bit scarier, although friendly. bar staff friendly quite a small venue. But again a far better venue than the Lisbon.
Patrick Ferris
03:22 20 Nov 23
Had a really good night out here bar staff amazing and door staff so polite and welcoming especially the girl so unreal and hard worker. Will definitely be returning!!
Nina Huge
20:01 04 Nov 23
The best club and gay bar in town! A bit far out from the busier area of Liverpool, but always a great night out nonetheless.
Max Berry
17:06 31 Oct 23
very dirty inside ! Do not recommend. Also a very rude door woman ! I’ve heard others also speaking aboit how she is quite arrogant and unwelcoming! Train your staff better !
James Hornsby
19:27 30 Oct 23
Not good, bar staff just ignore you only to serve the nearest person in front of them, not looking down the bar or remembering who's in turn, very frustrating seeing people served before you, who came to the bar later, and the music for a Saturday was terrible. Never again.
Jacob Campbell
13:33 12 Oct 23
Great music, I adore dancing in the cages with my friends, however I despise the prices of drinks and that every time we go we get touched up by creepy men x
Jacob Turnbull
18:21 08 Oct 23
Sorry about the bad review last night. Had a lovely time there last night!
K “Mik” Rob
11:15 12 Aug 23
Came for a nice night out to find the bar had no wi fi so we couldn’t get drinks. We left and said to the lady at the door we would come back once it was working. We came back and a very rude doorman refused to allow me in saying he’d already told me I couldn’t enter and this was the third time he’d told me no. He was very rude for no reason I have no idea why he treated me like this I found it quite upsetting to be honest
Dylan Birch
21:26 03 Jul 23
Had the misfortune of visiting this 'establishment' music extremely poor overall presentation of the venue was shabby, dirty and in need of a good clean. Staff friendly enough however, prices could not justify the lack of standards! Avoid at all costs.
Mark Thomas
21:23 03 Jul 23
Went in with friends this evening they was only in there music awful and very loud could not even talk as music was so loud and bar prices expensive would not return anytime soon
Aaliyah Thomas
00:13 09 Jun 23
Elle was the most amazing and informative employee had sooo much knowledge about the menu. Really appreciated her help
stuart harrell
22:45 14 Apr 23
Bar staff and door staff very rude and unwelcoming. Would stay away a lot of better places to go to.
Javier Benazco
22:35 12 Apr 23
I just had the most stupid excuse for not letting me in , I WAS ON MY OWN!VERY RUDE SECURITY GUYS.BOY AND GIRL - very arrogant and ridiculous.
alishia corcoran
15:20 29 Dec 22
queen behind the booth was ignorant and rude, she even rolled her eyes at me when i tried to say something, it just wasn’t a good atmosphere at all, i was lead to disappointment after what i had read online it looked really fun, wouldn’t recommend.
zeekay olee
00:04 16 Dec 22
It is literally OMG.Very nice pub/club with smiley friendly staff starting from the aecurity at the door to the bartenders and djs.It has two floors the first is the bar and the second the club which opens later, they also host drag shows and have the most talented Djs including Drag Djs on the decs ( ketona madrave is lovely, talented and simply a "Queen" will never forget her)The music was incredible there was not a single song that I could not dance to in both rooms. I have spent 4 nights in liverpool and I thought I will try one different club each night but ended up going again and again to this place.They have cages, a pole and a podium in the middle of the dance floor for you to stand out from the crowd which is a fun and social crowd.
Jack P
22:12 12 Dec 22
Cameron was a star, served all of us single-handedly on a monday evening for a friends birthday!
White Bunny
13:54 20 Nov 22
Phone thieves target OMG it is a regular occurrence. Everyday customers phones are disappearing
Pablo Monroy
03:32 17 Sep 22
eh… decent time. if you’re new don’t expect to be talked to. not in incredibly welcoming but.. maybe playing into who you know is the thing in Liverpool? culture and respect for it is the only reason i won’t give it one star…
Megan Marson
10:15 04 Sep 22
Up until this weekend I’ve had no problems at omg and always had a fun time however my girlfriend and I went for a few drinks there on Saturday night after I had finished work we were stood waiting patiently at the bar for about 15 mins as I work in hospitality and was stood there in my uniform I can completely understand what it’s like to be busy and it is stressful however we were just not getting served. And not getting served to the point where the bar staff were actively serving people behind us and looking over our heads to serve anyone but us as well as serving people that they new/ were regulars before anyone else. After 4 people coming to the bar behind us and getting served a 5th man walked up and got served straight away. I turned to the bar staff and said very respectfully “oh I’m really sorry but I’ve actually been waiting here a while” the older man serving who looked to be in some sort of management position as he was wearing a different uniform responded aggressively with “I’m the one who works here and I’ll decide who gets served and who doesn’t” as he then continues to serve the man that had just come to the a young girl I found this behaviour very intimidating and upsetting so we decided to leave. I wonder how many customers you loose in a night for that kind of treatment especially from one of your managers. I’d love to say that this is a great lgbtq space but as a queer woman I’m not sure I can say that it is the most welcoming environment.
Fabian Smith -Read
16:08 14 Aug 22
I had a really successful night however :Staff need to learn the culture, my partner and I bought two beers and put them on the table, we both went to dance at the same time one of the staff took those glasses and poured those beers we asked why he took them when we were next to the table and saw him take them he didn't even apologise he said he thought they were nobody's, he didn't offer a new beer or at least apologise he announced to us it was our fault.The club was very hot and dirty!!! When someone spilled a drink on the floor and the floor was very slippery Staff didn't even clean it up they were too busy with themselves!!!! Not recommended
Jaxx Carter
13:20 08 May 22
Great atmosphere and friendly staff.
Matthew Ross
17:02 21 Mar 22
By far the best LGBTQ+ venue in Liverpool. Clean and vibrant venue with very friendly staff. Absolutely love Wednesday karaoke nights with Ketona Madrave! Highly recommend.
Chloe Guymer
16:56 21 Mar 22
I personally enjoy ketona on a Wednesday. Music is amazing and the staff are amazing !!!!
Brandon Carpenter
01:40 10 Mar 22
One of the worst places I've been to personally.... karaoke night with the drag queen (ketona madrave) is an absolute joke 😂 30 mins if that.... and not to mention, the drag queen only puts on Rap music so basically what she likes. Get some taste and actually hire decent drag acts! My recommendation miss tissewe or electric blue!
Simon Balaban
20:26 02 Mar 22
Walked in was just ignored by the bar staff she was in deep conversation with a guy and couldn't be bothered to serve us not a good experience for first time in this gay bar
Andrea Simmons
17:08 02 Dec 21
I want violet to punch me in the face and critique my makeup . She was fabulous . Went with my younger sister and had a ball
Vito Spatafore
20:47 23 Oct 21
Hey Sal, Nothin' I was ere, it was a joke.
clare disley
23:56 31 Aug 21
Jordan was amazing tonight felt so at home and haven't been out jn years, looked after everything I needed
Joey Andres
23:25 30 Jun 21
I was rejected, because I was on my own, and just wanted to have one drink, that's it. But they flatly rejected me for being alone, and maybe because I am Asian
Diego Ferreira
00:10 23 May 21
worse music, worse place, worse service. ordered a order with only three ingredients it took 40 min to arrive lol very bad place 👎

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