Palms on Oxford

Palms on Oxford

Night club in Darlinghurst, Australia

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Gay nightclub with an unpretentious vibe and a tropical theme, playing hits from the 80s and 90s.



Palms on Oxford
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Jimmy Brings
12:21 20 Apr 24
Met Kevin during the week and came back on Saturday night. Rude security guard wouldn’t let my friend and myself in.
Jarred Muscat
02:54 26 Mar 24
Great vibes at palms all night long. Drinks are good and the music is good. It’s a shame the place gets so crowded that you can’t actually move. So you often get shoved near the speaker which is deafening. Otherwise 10/10 😊🌈
Brigitta Sadam
10:59 08 Feb 24
Oh my, new colours on the wall give so much freshness to Palms. As always amazing staff and great atmosphere.
Gizmo Mac
13:52 03 Feb 24
Great place to celebrate and dance. However, the customer service was quite disappointing. I bought a water bottle with me (not an alcohol) and for some reason, the bartender sntached it out from me, and said "Sorry, this is company rules. No water bottle allowed." Now, for me, I am worried about being spiked, hence I bought my own drink (and allergic to alcohol and normal tap water as well). And I questioned the bartender and said "Well, I don't want to get spiked. Do you have like a cover for your cups?" And he replied "No sorry. That's not our problem, that's your responsibility." Like, how. Just how can they care about a person's safety? Like, that's a first thing you do when you run a business. Safety is first. I mean, prior, I did try to check out the site, but nothing has been stated or any policy about not bringing your own water bottle. Then, the same guy came up and touched my back twice without my consent, and really ignored boundaries here, just to tell me and my group some rule announcement (which I felt very, very uncomfortable). And, when I wasn't even at the song selection (DJ crowd tablet), as I was grabbing a cup of water, he came to me and said "No more song selecting, it's gonna be closed." Then, he crosses to the other side where the tablet is, where my other friends were selecting, but didn't tell them off. I wasn't even near the damn tablet! As a result, I had to walk to the tablet side just to tell my friends, before the dude started walking back the other side.For the policies, they honestly, need to put the no-bottle water rule in their page, and any other rules. Otherwise, the atmosphere was great, just needs better policy and customer service.
Chris Anderson
15:12 20 Jan 24
the in house security is creepy to young women in the venue, the in house security is beyond the misogynistic. a male patron dropped in front of us and nothing was done. but one female patron was feeling herself and asked to leave, disgusting plams, do better, disgusting behaviour from the males your employees.
Alan Barnes
13:32 20 Jan 24
A great place to dance the night away, just watch their shot glass size as the night goes on, it gets smaller.
Jarred Muscat
11:20 12 Nov 23
Great vibes at palms all night long. Drinks are good and the music is even better especially they play classical hits. Great reason to put your dancing shoes on 🕺🍺🌈
Tyler Heath
15:08 09 Apr 23
Apparently a gay friendly venue, which we all looked up to and forward to heading to at some point in the night. Yes the door staff don’t want to let drag queens in based on their attire not matching the “dress code” seems very left field for me!
Andy Allison (Hyper-Nova)
21:35 26 Feb 23
Anti Trans bar staff during Mardi Gras is not a good look. Please do better.
Andy Chong
11:03 16 Dec 22
It’s so sad. A real fall from grace. I probably haven’t visited this establishment in over 5 years. I tried to enter at around 9.30 pm after yes perhaps one too many as an Asian person which is 2. I was turned away by surly bouncers when I communicated that my intention was only to perhaps dance for an hour with my friends and be out of there by 12. This is the reason Sydney’s night life is appalling. And management do treat your staff to have some discretion and sensibility. A really horrid experience and I hope this club just dies now for something else to awaken in its ashes.
09:01 27 Nov 22
First time at Palms - what a vibe!!! Couldn't have had a better time if I tried. Note - they won't let you in without enclosed shoes on, however the Tobacconist next door sells Kmart flats for $18 if you're stuck ;)Unfortunately, I can't give 5 stars as both of the female toilets were blocked all night which was a real pain!
Dean Fitzgerald
15:59 03 Sep 22
Hi I left my jacket there. Bomber black on the right side of the dance floor. IG deanofitzz. Cheers
Todd Shepherd
08:59 01 Sep 22
Great stuff. And that floor manger woof
Mariano Blas
22:41 22 Aug 22
Great music and atmosphere. nothing pretentious about it. if you are a poser or a social media queen, this is not the place for you. If you are looking for a fun night, this IS the place
Jason Lee Holcroft
14:26 07 Aug 22
Super fun! Great crowd and great music!
Mario Maradiaga
03:31 29 May 22
Very nice ambience with classic songs! A tad cozy so get there early before it gets too crowded!
Allen Richards
03:57 25 May 22
Palms is a great place to go for a bit of escapism - it's an Oxford Street institution.
Douglas Bell
00:21 15 May 22
Discrimination against girls! They have an absurd rule that girls in open toed shoes can’t enter. Never heard of anything like it anywhere else.
ryan schiff
22:51 17 Apr 22
What a gay club should be - old classics from the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s. Super fun crowd and very friendly.
Rex He
06:26 04 Mar 22
Love this place. Spiritual home.
kyren whelan
12:19 19 Dec 21
Good music,mix of gay an straight,good dance floor,nice vibe.Costly$$$ drinks,good security
Katrina Sammut
10:07 30 Nov 21
I love Palms and have been going for years. You are always guaranteed a great night. The music is consistent which is one of the main reasons I keep returning. The excellent mix of 70s, 80s and 90s retro is a recipe for success. It is a LBGTQIA+ club and most patrons are there to dance and have a fun night. Ladies be warned, Palms takes their "No open toed shoes" policy very seriously, so wear flats or boots.Reasons I can't give a 5 star rating:* The bar is cash only. And although there is an ATM inside it is ridiculous you can't buy drinks with cards. Come on, it's 2018!* The sound system needs replacing. Or at least the treble turned down. Try not to dance near the speakers.* The bathrooms get quite disgusting. A combination of patrons and a lack of cleaning throughout the night.If you can get past the above, Palms is a great night out where you can dance until almost dawn. 😁❤️🎶🏳️‍🌈
Ben McInneny
12:03 28 Aug 21
Good location near the hospital if you need to escape for a while!
Brett Westbury
11:34 17 Apr 21
The music has become to slow with the beat... I’m a HUGE fan of this place... but it’s all slowed down pop music... No one has their hands above their head like they used to. Yes, everyone is having fun.... but I can guarantee it will be empty but 1130
Bart Gale
13:01 22 May 20
I love this place! It’s like my favourite retro bar in the world, yes it’s a little bit seedy but the atmosphere and the fun music make it all worthwhile. ❤️
Emiel van Wegen
12:09 26 Jan 20
As mentioned in their Google listig 👉🏻cash only! Coming from Europe, I've managed 5 days of Sydney as a tourist without touching a single dollar. So I wasn’t really willing to use their ATM here. I spent a little hour without a drink, enjoying the cheesy songs - ABBA Kylie Cher - and simply went back to the other side of Oxford for my next Lomg Island Ice Tea.If I were living here, and would have used cash, I would have come back.
21:32 03 Jan 20
I love the music in Palms... But besides that I find that I always love to see the Bulgarian security guard out front - he's so hot. Any chance I could get his phone number and ask him out? Is he into guys? 🙊
Charlie Fs
17:26 06 Oct 19
Club with retro music! Great place to relax and make new friends. There are cozy separate rooms. The action takes place, you can get a free room for 2 hours and a cocktail, you need to register on site 909gay,com take a screenshot and show the bartender. This should work
01:20 05 Mar 19
This place is WAY to hot. I think they do have air conditioning but it must just be very small and old because it isn’t doing a good enough job.Drinks are very expensive here compared to other clubs on Oxford Street.Speakers on the dance floor are very low and too loud.I think they just have the same list of songs on repeat each night.
Price K.
14:28 16 Nov 18
So we came here at the suggestion of a friend in Sydney. We saw the decent reviews and decided why not?First of all, the atmosphere and bartenders were...
Michael C.
05:38 01 Sep 18
At no point did they say or show they didn't accept credit cards. Welcome to the 21st century. But was kicked out bc I ordered a drink and they wouldn't...
Anthony A.
17:14 04 Nov 16
I love this night club!They play fun 80s music that everyone knows and can sing along to! Drinks are average for club. but THEY DON'T ACCEPT CARD although...
Raph T.
19:56 11 Mar 16
Forget Stonewall, Arq and the rest... Palms is the place to be!It's very unassuming and I have never even heard of it when I was in Sydney. It was only...

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